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Daffodil Dreams

The meaning of seeing daffodil flowers in your dreams represents a spiritual rebirth! Positive growth and conscious awakening are blossoming in your spirit.

The daffodil brings messages of unconditional love for self and others.

Dreams about handing someone daffodils can symbolize that your love for the person is not reciprocated and your soul is gently urging you to cut the Golden Threads move on so that you can create sacred space for the true love of your life to come in.

Prophetic & Psychic Dreams: You may soon meet with someone who is extremely excited to see you. You two will hit it off and click instantly. Potentially, your soul mate is just around the corner.

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Dagger Dreams

(see Knife, Weapons)

Daisy Dreams

(see Flowers, Garden, Sun)

Daisy dreams are reminders of innocence and fidelity, especially when covering a field or lawn. This dream could be a message from your higher self calling on you to recall the blissful simplicity of your youth.

The daisy got its name as a combination of “day’s eye,” making this an alternative sun emblem.

In flower symbolism, if you’ve envisioned daisies this signifies pureness, allure, rejuvenation, clarity, camaraderie, and neatness. A loyal romance is indicative of the one holding petals in this vision if they’ve been plucked.

Psychic or Precognitive Dreams: Dreaming about Daisies could also denote that a person whose been distant lately will make more of an effort to make things right. Either a bouquet or a nice outing will be extended to make a remorseful effort as that person has been preoccupied lately. This will have a unifying closure to your relationship with this particular individual.

If the Daisy is worn, it could portend love.

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Dam Dreams

(see Concrete, Water)

Pent-up emotions or energy that need some form of release.

Holding back information, or refraining from a course of action.

Putting a finger in a leaky dam: Temporary solution for a very big problem that threatens to overwhelm you.

Steady control over your spiritual or emotional nature, as represented by the regulated flow of water.

A person or situation you find invigorating and refreshing.

Dreams about dams generally involve Water, which is symbolic of the subconscious. Learn about the Element of Water so you can better understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

Dancing Dreams

(see Drum, Foot, Music)

A type of passionate, sexual dream, like the Dance of the Veils in Arabia.

The act of courtship.

Joining a dance equates to integrating with a new group of situation. Watch to see how smoothly this dance progresses.

The dance of life. Consider if you are standing at the sidelines here, being a wallflower, or if you participate fully in what the music offers.

Ecstatic dance: In places like Africa and Arabia, this type of dancing reflects religious zeal and acts as a vehicle for divine possession. So, ask yourself how much you wish to be controlled by faith, lead by convictions, and influenced by creeds.

Dancing without a partner: Either reveling in self-fulfillment, or wishing for someone with whom to share the dance floor of your life.

A representation of the universal feminine aspect through movement. In many ancient cultures, dance was part of fertility rites. In Asia, specifically, the art of belly dancing developed from this idea.

Each form of dance has specific implied or symbolic interpretative value. For example, tap dancing can equate to side stepping the issues, whereas ballet reflects either a graceful demeanor in difficult situation or walking on tiptoe around people.

Dandelion Dreams

(see Field, Flowers)

The meaning of seeing a Dandelion in your dream means you’re happy with where your spiritual path has led you. You’re surrounded by nothing but bliss and delight. Nostalgic memories will be flooding your spirit as you re-experience happy times from your past, specifically your youth.

Folkloric: Hospitality. It was once believed that rubbing your body with the juice of a dandelion would ensure your welcome anywhere.

Victorian: In the language of flowers, this blossom represents ancient oracles and messages. Review the missives you’ve received lately. They may have greater meaning than you suspected.

Male fertility: The white juice of this planet was often used to represent abundant semen.

The amazing potential in simplicity. This pesky weed has a variety of uses, including salads from the leaves, coffee from the roots, and wine from the flowers!

Psychic and Precognitive Dreams: Dreams about Dandelions can be messages that in order to be successful in your current, chosen goal or path, you need to combine two different issues you’re currently enduring. Meaning, find a way to balance the Yin and Yang of the situation/opportunity.

Before doing this though, be sure to do your research. Cross all your t’s and dot all you i’s before moving ahead. In doing so, your future will continue to look as bright as your present.

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Darkness Dreams

(see Black, Blindness, Night)

Mysteries, the unknown, hidden matters, elusive truths, and the subconscious.

Oppressive darkness: Depression, gloom, or despair.

Being lost in: Frustration from the lack of direction, or a fear of death.

An alternative womb emblem (see Abyss, Space).

A light in the darkness: Hope, troubles coming to an end, truth being revealed.

Dead End Dreams

(see Alley, Corners, Highway, Path)

A futile path, which, if pursued will only result in wasted energy.

Feeling trapped and unable to move. As such, an alternative type of cage emblem that offers at least one way out, namely, the way by which you came.

Death Dreams

(see Bones, Burials, Butterfly, Cemetery, Ghost, Tomb)

Endings and beginnings of a literal or figurative nature. This may indicate death of the “old self,” or a relationship, for example.

A wish for, or fear of, death. An awareness of your morality.

Closing off your feelings from someone, thereby killing the relationship. Also, becoming reclusive or introverted.

Repressed hostility or wrath, especially if someone living is presented as dying in the dream. Note that this includes anger toward yourself.

Paracelsus felt that dreaming of people who have been dead for 50 years was a way of receiving knowledge from the other world, and that any messages received in those dreams should be closely heeded (see Ghost).

Deer Dreams

(see Animals)

Swift, agile movement. The deer is an excellent animal spirit guide through any figurative forests in your life.

Buddhist: A representation of the Wheel of Law in action. Also symbolizes meditation and gentility.

A stag specifically is regarded as solar and masculine in aspect, banishing evil by symbolically trampling snakes under its swift, strong hooves.

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Delphinium Dreams

(see Field, Flowers)

Dreams about Delphinium are precognitive in that they urge you to be aware of your words and actions. Timing is everything so be sure to choose your words carefully. If you don’t, this could ultimately backfire and your feelings will end up being the one’s who are hurt.

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Desert Dreams

(see Camel, Oasis, Sand)

Spiritual dryness.

A retreat to find and understand the sacred, as both Moses and Jesus did in the wilderness.

If you are alone or lost in the desert, a type of desertion dream.

A very dry abyss wherein one may either lose or find oneself.

An unforgiving situation over which you’ll have little control once you’ve entered into that domain.

Desertion Dreams

(see Banishment, Desert, Island, Separation)

Recent emotional traumas like divorce or the death of a loved one. In this case, the dream expresses repressed sadness and fear.

Childhood fears. Latchkey children who came home to an empty house, for example, sometimes have residual apprehension about finding themselves alone.

A sense of loneliness or emptiness. Feeling lost in a sea of humanity, or neglecting to care for yourself properly due to poor self-images.

A portion of self that you’ve outcast or rejected for boon or bane. For example, it’s not healthy to push your emotions aside regularly, whereas rejecting prejudicial outlooks is a positive thing.

Devil/Demon Dreams

(see Evil, Hell)

Diamond Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

The diamond’s durability makes it a natural symbol of tenacity and strength through trying times. It takes tremendous pressure to turn coal into a diamond-perhaps you are the diamond in the rough here!

Among Hindus, an omen of success and youthful energy.

In Arabia, Persia, and Egypt, the diamond foretells a period of good luck.

Diamonds can also be symbolic of greed’s curse that slowly eats away the beauty and goodness within. Many famous diamonds were thought to carry curses, probably because of the number of times robbery was attempted, with often deadly results.

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Dice Dreams

The laws of probability, or the powers of chance and fate.

The numbers shown on a roll of the dice may prove more significant than the dice themselves. Check the resulting numbers herein. Also consider common gambler’s symbols. For example, snake eyes can be considered an ill omen of trouble or loss ahead.

Taking a risk or a gamble where the stakes may be quite high.

Dictionary Dreams

(see Books)

Dieting Dreams

Dreams about dieting which come to those who feel they need to lose weight, or who are already dieting most likely need no interpretation as they are considered situational.

A metaphorical representation of other types of intake, including emotional and spiritual “foods.” Is your body-mind-spirit receiving the nutrients it deserves and needs?

Dill Dreams

(see Herbs)

Heroic energy. This herb was hung in Greek and Roman feast halls to welcome back victorious heroes.

A period of well-deserved rest, or a temporary decrease in activities. Dill takes its name from the Norse word dilla, which means to lull.

Protection and safety especially against magic and negativity.

Directions Dreams

Movement or guidance to the left, in most cultures, is regarded as a negative sign. In medieval times, for the purpose of heraldry, left was called “sinister,” reflecting the overall negative feelings toward this side of the body. Similarly, in crystal gazing, wisps of color moving to the left indicate a negative answer. This feeling may have developed because left-handedness is recessive, and therefore an oddity not easily explained by earlier peoples.

Right is a beneficial direction (note the term righteous), generally revealing positive actions and motivations.

Movement upward may be a type of ascension dream that shows your personal progress, hopes, and improvement.

Downward movement may show dissension, fatality, or pessimism that leads to feeling literally “down.” Alternatively, this can signify a new focus on your internal nature-an exploration that often proves very useful to personal growth.

When two directions are featured at the same time, this symbolizes harmony and balance between opposites (see Cross). Conversely, this can also indicate an internal tug of war between two facets of your being.

Being shown directions by a compass or a map reveals feelings of being somewhat lost or out of place in your current situation (see Blueprints, Schematics).

Each direction on a compass has slightly different meanings. North is cool, denoting frozen movement and frosty emotions. East is the point of the rising sun, bringing hope and a new beginning. South is for fire, which can warm, energize, or consume depending on its potency, and West is the water or emotional center where fountains of creativity or floods of feeling may originate.

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