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Ice Dreams

(see Snow)

Dreams about ice can have a variety of meanings:

  • Because ice is slippery, dreaming of ice can foreshadow potentially hazardous situations. This precognitive dream is warning you to “watch your footing”.
  • The cooling of emotions or a relationship. Frigidity.
  • Halted movement, feeling frozen and unable to act. Alternatively, an ice dream maybe be telling you to put your words and deeds “on ice”.
  • Being frozen in ice: A type of death or cage dream.

Icicles are phallic in form and, so, symbolize the masculine.

Making an ice carving: Chipping away at the walls that disguise the true self. Alternatively, a subliminal wish that the object portrayed (or its symbolic meaning) would either manifest or halt completely.

Hail: This ice falls from the sky and barrages the dreamer’s landscape, symbolizing a torrent of personal, social, political, or religious dogma that seems to overshadow simple, straightforward faith.

Water is symbolic of the subconscious. Learn about the Element of Water so you can better understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

Icons Dreams

(see Ascetic, Authority Figures, Parents, Religions)

Dreams about icons can be extremely powerful omens. Those who seek the meanings of seeing icons in their dreams can rest assured that if any, all or even part of the deities/saints?magickal & mythical beings listed below have visited them in the dream state, the messages these icons seek to deliver are important and should not be brushed aside as a weird, random dream.

A God or Goddess Dreams: Each varies here by the specific visage seen, but ecumenically any such appearance indicates a higher consciousness, morality, and the divine spark within each of us.

Christ Dreams: An image of healing, forgiveness, protection, and renewal. If crucified, an emblem of martyrdom, or giving too much of yourself (see Cross, Sacrifice).

Buddha Dreams: Introspection. The path of positive speech and acting in accord.

Gandhi Dreams: Empowerment that comes from knowing your own mind. A just cause fought for without violence. Peaceful negotiations.

Guru Dreams: Looking for, and dependence upon, spiritual insights from other people. Remember that your own heart is the best guru to guide your life.

Mother Teresa Dreams: The highly underestimated power of gentility, kindness, and compassion.

Moses Dreams: Redemption that first requires the trying of your beliefs.

Wizard Dreams: Mastery over the elements, and the ability to foresee the consequences of actions. Alternatively, a stage magician represents trickery and illusion meant to fool people.

King Arthur Dreams: Wise and peaceful leadership. Having a real understanding of equity.

Merlin Dreams: A tutorial image from your Higher Self who helps you see things differently, from a more metaphysical perspective.

King and Queen Dreams: People, situations, or ideals in your life that have some authority over you. The questions to ponder here are how much control do they have and how healthy is it for you? Look at other elements in the dream to determine this. Alternatively, these may be reflections of your own Higher Self, and self-rulership.

Virgin (Mother) Mary Dreams: An alternative image of the primordial goddess, who through obedience and faith gave birth to the Messiah.

Immobility Dreams

(see Lameness, Paralyzation)

Incantations/Invocations Dreams

Dreams about incantations or invocations denote using a type of magic that employs spoken words to express and manifest personal will, or words to encourage divine assistance, like a prayer. In a dream, this can reflect your desire to reconnect with metaphysical energies, or your own Higher Nature, and take greater control over your fate.

If you dream that someone is naming you in their incantation or invocation, be sure to make mental note whether the incantation/invocation has a negative energy or light energy.

If it is a light energy, send a prayer of thanks to that person/entity.

If it is negative or dark, make sure and take steps to protect yourself on the energetic and astral planes.

Incense Dreams

(see Fire, Perfume, Smells, Smoke)

Because of its nearly universal use in ancient temples, dreams about incense have strong correlations with life’s rituals and conventions, especially of a religious nature. If you have recently reached a special crossroad in your life (like engagement, pregnancy, or retirement), consider honoring and better integrating this new experience through a ceremony shared with family and friends.

Religiously symbolic of the sweet prayers of the faithful rising to the gods. How long has it been since you reconnected with those sacred powers?

Overwhelming potent incense represents unnecessary trappings and embellishments to your faith. This dream acts as a counsel to get back to the core of your beliefs, instead of focusing on the externals. No amount of dressing can hide your heart and motivations from the Divine.

Indigestion Dreams

Dreams about indigestion symbolize the inability to internalize or accept what’s been presented to you, at least in its present form. What causes the digestive trouble here will provide more meaning.

A line of reasoning that you just can’t swallow (see Eating).

A situation, person, or belief system that causes a negative reaction within, once you’ve taken your first taste.

Initials Dreams

(see Abbreviations, Names)

Ink Dreams

Dreams about ink denote the power of words (e.g., “the pen is mightier than the sword”).

Permanency of a decision (e.g., “putting it in writing”).


Red ink symbolizes harsh, critical language, like that delivered by a “poison-pen press.”

Inking something out represents corrections, alterations, and revisions of a permanent nature (see Eraser).

In today’s society, the term “getting inked” means “getting a tattoo” so seeing ink in your dreams could mean that you are being called to express your personal style in a more courageous and true to your own style manner.

Insect Dreams

(see by specific Insect, Wings)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

Dreams about insects can have the following connotations:

Single Insect Dreams: this may be a communication from your inner self. Bees were considered divine messengers by several ancient civilizations.

Revulsion: Sickness, decay, corruption, or filth. What the insects are flying around should provide more insight as to the source of these feelings.

If you are an insect with wings: possibly a type of flying dream.

Feeling as small and insignificant as an insect.

Petty annoyances. Usually manifested in the dream as buzzing or flying insects from which you cannot rid yourself.

Iris (Flower) Dreams

(see Flowers)

Read all about the Sacred Symbolism and Meaning of Flowers

An iris represents intelligence and bravery. Iris flowers are also symbols of tranquility and purity.

Dreaming about iris flowers may be a warning you need to see the most real (pure) version of a person or situation and summon up the bravery it takes to handle what needs to be handled.

Iron – Ironing Dreams

(see Clothes, Fabric)

Dreams about irons or ironing generally symbolize working out a difficult situation by diligently applying a little pressure.

If the iron appears at a dry cleaners, this indicates that you’re hoping for someone else to straighten things out. The advice here is not to pass the buck on a problem that is best handled yourself.

An unattended iron symbolizes a potential hazard resulting from misapplied energy, often of an emotionally heated nature. Take care right now that you’re paying attention to those who care about you, and their feelings. If something’s amiss, iron it out!

Iron Ore Dreams

(see Metals)

Since meteorites often supply one of the few sources of pure iron, this is sometimes called the sky stone and, so, dreams about iron ore can herald a reconnection with more “cosmic” awareness.

Everyday life, and how effectively you use the simple tools you have available. In ancient times, iron was rarely used magically or religiously. People believed the metal would hinder metaphysical energy. Instead, iron became a favored metal in hand tools.

Because of its metaphysical neutrality, iron did find its way into amulets and talismans to protect people against fairies, jinni, ghosts, and dragons (China). Consequently, dreaming of it may portend a visitation from or the need to safeguard oneself from the Devic realms.

Roman Symbols: To the Romans, iron was a symbols of strength and health. Athletes carried iron for endurance, and if worn as a ring or bracelet, they believed it could draw out maladies (see Jewelry).

Have you been daydreaming a lot, or are your goals too lofty? Iron reminds us to keep at least one foot in reality.

Island Dreams

(see Desertion)

Dreams about islands can be about subconscious feelings of isolation and solitude; even if you are alone by choice. In these moments remember that even Moses had to spend time alone to find his destiny (see Desert).

Being shipwrecked by, or stranded in, life’s storms, without emotional support (see Boat, Water).

An archetypal Paradise or Eden where one strives for wholeness. In the myths of the Russians, Norse, Danes, and Hindus, islands are places filled with magical creatures and idyllic peace (see Garden).

Unshakable resolve and strength (e.g., being the “island in the storm”).

Ivy Dreams

Ivy leaves on or near your head reflect being overly intoxicated by an idea or dream without any firm foundations upon which to build.

Ivy is an emblem of striving for notoriety and honor, such as the “ivy leagues.”

Among Druids and the ancient Greeks, this symbolized blessings for a union, specifically used during weddings.

The evergreen nature of ivy implies that dreaming about ivy is a psychic message letting you know that your efforts will be long lasting.

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