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Sacrifice Dreams

(see Altar, Carcass)

Are you the one being sacrificed in the dream? If so, consider if you play the eternal martyr by denying your own needs and wants. Alternatively, for what exactly do you feel you should be punished?

Renouncing or forsaking something so that it can finally die away, especially an outmoded, harsh, or unrealistic self-image.

Feeling that your energy is abused, or efforts unappreciated, by others.

In the ancient world, sacrifices were made in order to gain divine favor. What is it that you must relinquish to achieve something better?

Salamander Dreams

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Salt Dreams

(see Eating, Herbs)

Dreams about salt can have the following symbolic meanings:

Worthiness (e.g., “a man worth his salt”). This saying actually dates back to ancient Rome where soldiers were paid in salt because it was so valuable.

Zest, or spicing things up.

Longevity and endurance. Salt is a natural preservative.

Cleansing. In the Middle Ages, priests commonly consecrated altars with salt, and salt can be used as an effective cleanser because of its gritty nature.

Painful reminders (e.g., “throwing salt in an open wound”).

Being true to self and others, in word and deed (e.g., people who are the “salt of the earth”).

Tossing salt over your shoulder in a dream is a protective gesture, so look to see on what or whom the salt lands.

Arabic: Promises made and kept. In ancient times, travelers in Arabia would take an oath of salt upon entering a home, as a way of saying they wouldn’t harm anyone therein, or overstay their welcome.

Salve Dreams

(see Healing, Medicine, Physician)

A wound that is slowly being healed, within yourself or with others.

If an insect appears in cream, this reveals a temporary holdup in obtaining the restoration you desire (e.g., “a fly in the ointment”).

A means of smoothing out a rough situation, sometimes unusual, that perhaps you haven’t considered before. During the Middle Ages, one type of sympathetic cure was putting salve on the implement of harm (like a knife) instead of on the wound itself. Symbolically, this forgave the weapon for the pain inflicted, thereby aiding the cure. So, salve applied on the dream plane may also help bring peace to this matter.

Sanctuary/Refuge Dreams Dreams

(see Church, Holy Ground, Monastery, Temple)

A place or situation that offers you complete acceptance.

Protection and safety from someone or something perceived as wishing you harm.

Needing to take a retreat from everything to get some perspective (see Desert, Island).

Sand Dreams

(see Desert, Oasis)

Spiritual or emotional dryness.

A self-imposed hermetic retreat for the purpose of delving further into your Higher Self or communing with God.

Being buried in sand, or engulfed in quicksand, equates to a kind of death or burial dream in which you feel completely engulfed by people or circumstances that drain your resources, but never give anything back.

Denial or refusing to see the truth for what it is (e.g., “having one’s head in the sand”).

Sand paintings among Native Americans represent healing and knowledge, especially of a spiritual nature. Observe this dream closely to see if any pictographs appear in the sand for further interpretive value.

Sapphire Dreams

(see Blue, Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Satellite Dish Dreams

(see Radio, Telephone, TV)

Communication. The way you receive other people’s signals. How effectively does the satellite dish work? Is it properly aligned?

Representative of the media’s growing influence on contemporary life.

Tuning into a specific “wavelength” in a situation to improve your understanding.

An alternative circle symbol.

Remaining open and receptive to external ideas and input.

Saturn Dreams

(see Space, Stars, Zodiac Signs – Capricorn, Aquarius)

Astrology-Planet-Symbol-SaturnThe planet Saturn is so named for the Roman god of agriculture hence dreams about Saturn symbolize manifestation, productivity, and abundance. To better understand the symbolism and meaning of your dream about the planet Saturn read about the the Zodiac Signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

Satyr Dreams

(see Animals, Fables)

Depicted as having the head of a man and the lower body of a goat, this creature represents the untamed nature within, especially procreative instincts.

Animalistic impulses and humankind’s greater connection to the animal kingdom.

Biblically: An emblem of destruction and barrenness (Is 13:21), probably due to the connection between this image and various frolicsome pagan deities, including Faunus and Pan.

Scales Dreams

(see Balance)

Dreams about Scales are obvious calls to consider what areas of your life need better or more balance. When dreaming about Scales, it can be helpful to meditate on what areas of your mind, body and spirit are not as balanced as you would like. If you keep a dream journal, make a list of what is out of balance and how you intend to experience more harmony in these areas.

Dreaming about Scales can also symbolize the Zodiac Sign of Libra.

Scent Dreams

(see Incense, Perfume, Smells)

Schematics Dreams

Seeing any type of plans or blueprints in your dream often reveals symbolic or literal representations of your future hopes, what you are currently working toward, cycles that have repeated themselves in your life, or the patterns of fate currently at work in your reality.

The need to develop a solid outline for your life, including obtainable goals, so that growth can begin or continue.

School Dreams

(see Blackboard, Professor)

The classroom of life itself. What are you learning in this dream, and how can you apply it to your present situation?

Matters of education and training. What level of schooling is shown in the dream? Elementary school reflects the need to get back to basics, whereas college symbolizes preparation and learning as a key to success in our endeavors.

An unvoiced desire to return to school and achieve a specific personal goal, manifesting through the dream. If this is the case, check with your local institutions and see if you can’t make this dream a reality!

Scissors Dreams

(see Knife, Sword)

Seahorse Dreams

(see Horse)

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Learn more about Horse symbolism and meaning so you can delve deeper into the messages being brought to you by the Universe.

Séance Dreams

(see Death, Divination, Ghost)

Dreaming about a Seance is an incredibly powerful dream.

Missing someone who has passed over, and wishing that person was nearby to provide advice or companionship.

Getting in touch with your own feelings regarding death and the afterlife.

Potential missives from beyond. The subconscious may choose this type of dream to convey ghostly messages because it is a familiar, less frightening apparition.

Matters of communication between yourself and the realms of spirit, including the Divine. How well does the séance progress? Does there seem to be an obstacle to effective mediumship? If so, consider what that obstacle is within your own life that likewise hinders your ability to accept or commune with the sacred.

Searching Dreams

For what exactly are you looking in the dream? This symbol will help you interpret the internal search that’s going on. For example, seeking a missing coin might represent a longing to recapture financial security after a loss, and looking for a person can represent the desire for a mate.

How does the search feel? Is it futile or hopeful? If the former, perhaps your present focus is in the wrong place. What we think we need and what’s best for us are not always in sync.

Seashell Dreams

(see Oyster, Pearl, Water)

An alternative symbol for, and more ancient type of, a cup.

The voice of the water, the emotional, intuitive nature, reaching out to us from the swell of busy thoughts.

For some sea creatures, a type of armor that also becomes a home when necessary. Are you becoming too reclusive, or too picky about your personal space?

Water is symbolic of the subconscious. Learn about the Element of Water so you can better understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

Seasons Dreams

Seasons in flux: Transformation of some sort, often age or activity related.

Autumn: The realization of maturity, and harvest from hard labors. Potentially also the need to conserve despite bounty; putting things in order before inclement “weather” (literally or figuratively) puts everything on hold.

Winter: A time of rest, or a cooling-off period when things can be reevaluated (see Ice, Snow).

Spring: A new beginning, refreshed hope, and the first signs of progress or growth with regard to a specific circumstance. Also, fertility (see Rain).

Summer: Warm feelings, potentially becoming “hot” (like a tiff turning to an all-out argument, or simple flirtation becoming passion). Alternatively, profuseness of energy and increased social activity (see Fire).

Seduction Dreams

(see Prostitute, Sexual Encounters)

Straightforward desires and passions.

A revealing dream that may indicate unhealthy relationships, like the siren who lures the sailor to doom and destruction.

Sensing that you’ve succumbed to a faulty bill of goods, sold by sweet words and pretty pictures that won’t hold up under close examination.

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