B – Barn Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Baby Dreams

(see Abortion, Adoption, Birth, Embryo, Miscarriage, Orphaned, Toys)

A very common dream for pregnant women. In this case, it needs to further interpretation.

Figuratively, new endeavors, ideals, or the opportunity to develop specific positive characteristics.

Our own inner child, who frequently gets neglected in the hectic adult world. This type of dream often comes to workaholics and overachievers who need to play more and nurture themselves.

A return to innocence. Pure trust and love without expectation.

Immature attitudes, emotions, or spiritual outlooks.

Backwards Movement Dreams

(see Clock)

Bacon Dreams

(see Eating, Meat)

Meats in general, indicate prosperity. In earlier times, meat was an expensive commodity, so anyone who ate it regularly was believed to be wealthy.

Possibly providing for one’s family and needs (e.g. “bringing home the bacon”). Along the same lines, dreaming of curing bacon may represent carefully saving for the proverbial rainy day.

Rancid bacon is considered a negative omen in dream oracles, foretelling ill motivations, bad luck, or financial problems.

Baggage Dreams

(see Clothes, Journey, Travel)

If the baggage is overly heavy, you may be carrying too great a load psychically or emotionally. If the luggage is very old or worn, likely the burden is one from the past that you have never put down.

Review the size, shape, and color of the suitcase. These may be subtle emblems with deeper meanings. For example, round suitcases filled to overflowing might symbolize fertility or abundance.

The desire for movement of some kind. Possibly the need for retreat and rest.

Lost baggage: Releasing a hardship or responsibility.

Baggage left with you: The feeling that someone dumped her/his obligations on your doorstep.

Bail Dreams

(see Judgment, Police)

Baking Dreams

(see Cake, Eating, Fire, Foods by type, Hearth)

Another dream that comes to pregnant women due to the somewhat antiquated phrase “bun in the oven.” Needs to further examination in this situation.

Simmering pots: Ideas that are “slow cooking” to perfection. Watch closely, however, so that your conceptual dish does not burn or boil over from lack of attention.

If something comes out of the oven undercooked, contemplate current plans or ideas to see if they’re well thought out. Otherwise, you may find the whole thing is “half baked.”

Balance – Scales Dreams

(see Dieting, Weight)

How does this tool appear? Is it lopsided? If so, consider if you have been stressing certain things too much in your life, resulting in throwing everything else off-kilter.

An alternative emblem for the Zodiac Sign of Libra, whose name literally means balance. The counsel of this image is using perspective and fairness to reach a harmonious decision in whatever situation lies heavy on your heart.

The quality of living. In ancient Egypt, the souls of the recently departed were weighed for worthiness on a scale against Maat’s feather. Maat was the Mother of All Truth. Similarly, in ancient Greece, Hermes weighed souls at the throne of Zeus, and among Christians, the archangel Michael assumed this role.

Equity especially in legal matters. In the Tarot, the Justice card carries a balance to ensure impartiality.

The amount of figurative weight you carry in terms of responsibility, burdens, etc.

Balcony Dreams

In dreams oracles, a negative sign for lovers, probably stemming from a tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet.

Depending on your feelings during this dream, standing alone on a balcony can be an alternative type of desertion dream.

Because of the height and perspective offered, potentially a type of ascension, mountain, or stair dream in which you have already reached the precipice.

Due to its location, this may be an emblem of the mind or head, so check the balcony’s condition for more meaning.

Baldness Dreams

(see Hair)

Balloon Dreams

(see Ascent, Circle)

A reason for celebration.

In a bundle: An image of childhood joys and blessings.

Being lifted away by: Detachment; a type of ascent dream. Alternatively, burdens easing or an improved perceptive that makes problems seem smaller.

Inflating a balloon represents situations that have been likewise inflated by a lot of hot air and heated words.

Banana Dreams

(see Eating, Fruit)

Traditionally, masculinity or male sexuality.

Banana peel: A slippery situation to which you should be attentive. Caution against overlooking a potential hazard.

Banana cream pie: From the days of slapstick comedy. Developing a good sense of humor as an ally for coping with difficult people or situations.

Protection from negativity. In Hawaii, banana leaves are used as a talisman for this purpose.

Heroic energy. Somewhat connected to the masculine nature. In Polynesia, legend says that bananas were born from the blood of slain champions.

Bandages Dreams

Covering a wound so that healing can begin. The caution here is to make sure the wound is not figuratively infected, in which case the bandage can do more harm than good.

Banishment Dreams

An alternative type of forced desertion or judgment dream.

Ridding yourself of an unwanted or undesirable characteristic, situation, or person.

Feelings of loneliness, displacement, or fatality that stem from others’ disapproval of your lifestyle or ideas.

Bank & Banking Dreams

(see Coins, Gold, Money, Poverty, Silver, Stock Market)

Financial concerns, specifically with regard to savings.

A source of wealth, possibly your own hidden talents and potential.

Robbery of: Feelings of vulnerability and betrayal. Having your hard work or good ideas undermined or usurped by an opportunist.

ATM machines: Quick fixes for, or easy access to, something you need right away.

Look at the condition of the bank or where you’re putting money in the dream to see if what you’re “banking on” is really secure.

Without tellers: Business losses.

Tellers giving out money: An indication of either careless giving of yourself and your resources, or charity and generosity (sometimes to a fault).

If the focus of you dream was on the numbers rather than the money itself, it might be a sign you are being called to learn about Numerology: The sacred meaning and symbolism of numbers.

Baptism Dreams

(see Water)

Barefoot Dreams

(see Clothing, Foot, Nakedness, Shoes)

Consider the context of the dream first. For example, there is nothing unusual about walking barefoot on the beach, but walking barefoot on a roadway might indicate exposing oneself to harm.

Sensitivity: Feeling the grass between your toes, and really experiencing life to the fullest.

Freedom and liberation. Tossing off your shoes is like being released from a cage or other material bonds.

Among ascetics, the ability to walk your path confidently and safely because you know it so intimately.

Fire-walking barefoot reveals an ability within to accomplish any task to which you set your mind, no matter how impossible it may initially seem.

Barn Dreams

(see Animals, Buildings, Farm)

A barn filled with grain is an image of safeguarding resources, especially finances.

A barn with its door open reveals that you have been careless in some matter. This situation needs tending before it totally out of control (e.g., closing the barn door after the horses get out).

Barns painted with hex signs come from the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, each pattern having a specific meaning. Consider the pictograph here as the starting point of your interpretation, then add to it other indicators like the condition of the barn. For example, if you see a circle with a heart and two brooms, this reflects domestic harmony and love. However, if the barn is in disrepair, this may show that your relationships at home are similarly needful of attention.

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