Bone – Buzzard Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Bones Dreams

(see Animal by type, Burial, Carcass, Cemetery, Death)

Breaking something down into the most simple, forthright form (e.g., the “bare bones”).

A large pile of bones indicates contaminating circumstances that threaten to pollute your morals or ideals.

Skeletal remains often represent those things we hide from others, or even from ourselves (e.g., the “skeleton in the closet”).

Foundational attitudes that give form and structure to all other thoughts and actions.

Bookkeeping Dreams

(see Arithmetic, Books)

The tallying of your life or actions against a pre-specified guideline. For example, many religions speak of a divine book wherein deeds are recorded to determine the soul’s fate after death.

A type of money dream

If the numbers in the dream won’t add up, then there is something in your life that likewise doesn’t quite make sense…all the pieces don’t reckon.

Dreaming of Numbers can also be a call for you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of numbers.

Books Dreams

(see Writing)

Sacred texts: Higher ideals and beliefs. Spiritual development and your relationship with sacred powers. The state of your spiritual path may be noted by the condition in which this book appears.

Matters of learning and study. Check the title for a more complete picture. Please note, however, that education can equate to “life’s lessons” too.

On a bookcase: Accumulated knowledge that you have readily accessible.

A library: On the etheric plane this may represent the Akashic records that keep track of each soul and its incarnations, and all the knowledge of the Universe. If you feel this interpretation is correct, then what you read in such a book is very important-it is part of your spirit’s birthright.

Closed with a bookmark inside: A momentary pause in learning that is vital so that you don’t burn out or overload.

Bookstore: Acquired knowledge in a specific area. The type of bookstore or the section of the store reveals the genre after which you’re seeking, or that which you already possess.

A dictionary reveals overdependence on other people’s opinions and suggestions for management matters, especially in business. Give your own insight an opportunity to prove itself!

Shutting a book: Closing off a chapter of your life. Resolution of an issue, the end of a belief system, or conclusion of business dealings.

Bottle (Vase) Dreams

(see Beverages, Canning)

With a note inside: A message from your heart, someone close to you, or your Higher Self that you’ve been trying to ignore.

Empty: feeling drained and depleted of energy, creativity, or compassion.

Jinni in a bottle: From Arabic folklore, a potential ally or terrible adversary, which may also originate within you.

What does the bottle hold? If it is filled with fire, this could symbolize bottled-up anger or passion that’s reaching an explosive state.

Rounded bottles and vases are an alternative emblem of the womb.

Bowl Dreams

(see Abyss, Basket, Cauldron, Chalice)

Womanhood. In ancient Egypt, a symbol of the divine feminine principle and womb of origination.

Generative force and creativity. Babylonians regarded the cosmos as the mixing bowl of the great Goddess.

Cosmic powers and influences. Native Americans use an inverted bowl to represent the heavens, which are indirectly linked to the ancestors (see Space, Stars).

Consider the type of bowl for more meaning. For example, a mixing bowl might represent your need to better blend the various components of your life into balance.

Box Dreams

(see Closet, Wrapping Paper)

Unexpected surprises, good or bad. For example, birthday gifts are usually pleasant, whereas what awaited inside Pandora’s box was not.

Gifts, talents, and abilities that exist within you, but have thus far remained “wrapped up.”

Freudian: An alternative vaginal emblem.

A sense of uncertainty, source of reservation, or seed of doubt. We don’t know what boxes contain until they’re opened, and by that time it’s too late to leave the proverbial wrappings on.

Being contained in a box is an alternative type of cage dream.

Bread Dreams

(see Butter, Eating)

The essence or “manna” of life. In this interpretation, eating bread becomes a way of accepting spiritual gifts.

Financial concerns. In most culture, bread is a symbol of providence.

Kinship, especially if shared with another (e.g., “breaking bread together”).

Miracles and divine providence: Besides the story of Jesus with the loaves and fishes, Moses in the wilderness, and the Christian host, bread was involved in many types of ancient spells for continued sustenance.

Various types of bread may have specific significance as well. For example, pretzels are a solar wheel, unleavened bread represents haste, and hot cross buns symbolize the spring equinox, a time of renewed hope.

Brewing Dreams

(see Beverages by type)

Dreaming about brewing may indicate the need to rise above your circumstances, like the bubbles in the wine.

Temporary anxiety over a situation that will have a successful outcome.

The blending of ideas (e.g., the ingredients) from two different facets of life. For example, mingling the spiritual with the mundane effectively.

Waiting for a beverage to mature symbolizes the personal development that comes only with time and patience. You cannot rush this process without damaging the quality of learning.

Bride Dreams

(see Groom, Wedding, Woman)

For a woman, a straightforward dream revealing the desire to marry. For a man, wishing for a bride.

Kissing the bride in a dream foretells the reconciliation of a friendship (see Kiss).

Making a figurative commitment to a partnership of some nature. Note that this does not necessarily have to be between people. It can symbolize a promissory business arrangement in which the final papers haven’t been signed yet.

Bridge Dreams

(see Archway)

Transitions, especially if you are moving from one side to the other (see Abyss).

Standing in the middle of: A critical decision that is very difficult. Look to see what lies on each side of the bridge for greater detail.

Birth and death: Bridges span a gulf, and by doing so allow a soul to move freely from one state to the next.

Connections and communication. If the bridge reaches to someone who is far away, or someone with whom communication has been severed, this may indicate a longing or need to reconnect to that individual.

Is the bridge on fire? If so, be absolutely certain that whatever this overpass represents is a bridge that you really want to burn.

Broom Dreams

(see Dirt, Organizing)

An ancient emblem of womanhood that was later turned into a phallic symbol by the Church.

Having a bad case of the cleaning or organizational bug wither at home, or toward a specific project or goal. What exactly does the broom sweep away?

Luck and friendship. According to folk beliefs, brooms found in new homes may be used to sweep out bad fortune, and sweep in good energy and warm feelings.

Jumping over a broom handle is a symbol of fertility and transition into a new life. This was part of many rural European and Gypsy wedding rituals.

Flying on a broom: Potentially a sexual dream in which the broom handle equates to the penis.

Woman’s magic: Witches were sometimes called broom amazons in the Middle Ages.

Brown Dreams

(see Colors)

Depression and foreboding, especially if hovering around you in the dream.

An earthy color that can indicate good foundations, practicality, and the potential for growth (e.g., “being down to earth”). Much depends on where or how the color appears in the dream.

The color of late fall, indicating decreased initiative and ambition (see Seasons).

Read all about Color Psychology and The Meaning of Colors

Brownies Dreams

(see Fairy)

Bucket Dreams

Important information or truth you need to gather up (see Water). Remember, however, that one must go to the well and lower the bucket for it to be useful.

An alternative cup emblem that indicates more profuse quantities.

Buddha Dreams

(see Icons)

Buildings Dreams

(see Apartments, Barn, Castle, Church, Monastery, Temple)

The condition of the building can reveal the condition of your health, a relationship, or a situation.

What does the building hold? If it is just an empty shell, consider if you’re living superficially, without gaining any real spiritual substance.

Of what is the building constructed? Just like the story of “The Three Little Pigs,” you want your hopes to be based on good foundational material if they’re ever going to materialize in reality.

Are the doors and windows of this building open and accessible? If so, this shows a very open-minded person who may be too exposed. Similarly, a building that appears locked up tight indicates narrow views and large obstacles to intimacy.

What type of building is it? Certain structures carry fairly direct meanings. For example, hotels, motels, and mobile homes represent temporary conditions, change, movement, and transition, sometimes literally in our living space.

Bull Dreams

(see Animal)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

Dreams about a Bull can symbolize the Zodiac Sign of Taurus.

Additional Bull Dream Meanings:

A potent masculine nature evidencing itself.

Stubbornness (e.g., being “bull headed”).

Fertility. The Sumerians believed that the stomping hooves of a bull could bring nourishing rain to the land. Minoans also used bulls as a fertility emblem.

Inventive inception. Zoroastrian priests (the Magi) taught that a slain bull’s soul became the germ of creation.

Leadership skills, or their development. In Egypt, the kings and Pharaohs were often called bulls. Among the ancient Israelites, Yahweh was called the Bull of Israel.

Buddhist: The ego and mortal self.

Taming a bull: Bringing your anger or masculine side under control, or taking control of a situation (e.g., “seize the bull by the horns”).

A situation that was handled clumsily (e.g., a “bull in a china shop”).

Sacrifice of one valued thing in the hopes of obtaining another. Bulls were regularly used as offerings to the gods, like El in Phoenicia, Attis and Mithras in Rome, and the Oak god of the Druids (see Altar, Carcass).

Burial Dreams

(see Bones, Cemetery, Death, Dirt, Holy Ground, Tomb)

Some type of cover-up, or a hidden matter. Look closely at what’s being buried here for more interpretive value.

Putting something totally to rest and leaving the past behind where it belongs. Again, what’s being buried will provide more clues.

Seeing someone walk on a new grave reflects feeling ill at ease with your own or someone else’s actions to the point of anxiety.

Digging your own grave represents being your own worst enemy in the current situation. Try another approach.

If you believe in reincarnation, this might symbolize the chance for a totally fresh start.

Bus Dreams

(see Vehicles by type, Highway, Travel)

Taking indirect routes with frequent stops to obtain your goal (see Velocity).

Choosing a course of action that you perceive as safe and fairly dependable.

Depending on an authority figure to determine the best course of action in a situation, especially scheduling.

Butter Dreams

(see Bread, Eating)

A favorable sign of accomplishing your goals and having continued good health.

Selling butter portends small gains in business (e.g., making your “bread and butter”).

Spreading butter may indicate that you are somehow trying to “butter someone up” instead of taking a more direct tact.

Worship and sacrifice given to the Divine. In Mesopotamia, Tibet, and India, butter is considered a seemly offering.

Among Tibetans, also an emblem of prosperity soon to follow.

Butterfly Dreams

(see Flying, Insects, Wings)

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Personal growth, especially spiritual. In classical Greek and Roman philosophy, the butterfly’s transformation mirrored that of the ever evolving soul.

Esoterically: Reincarnation, which may be literal or figurative. If you see yourself emerging from the cocoon, this speaks of a new, beautiful beginning, and astounding positive changes.

The question of personal identity and uniqueness. In China, there is a story of the sage Hsuang Chou who dreamt of being a butterfly. During the dream, he had no awareness of Hsuang Chou, only the butterfly. When he awoke, this experience left him wondering. Was he really Hsuang Chou, or actually a butterfly dreaming of being Hsuang Chou?

In China, the butterfly also symbolizes a happy union, usually a marriage. An excellent portent for any type of partnership, especially if the butterfly is formed out of jade (see Gems, Jewelry, Stones).

Missives from beyond: The Hopi Indians believe that butterflies carry the souls of the departed.

Swallowing a butterfly: In Ireland and ancient Greece, this signified pregnancy.

The ability to rebound and rejuvenate after a major setback.

If seen in its caterpillar form, it means you’re entering a state of positive transformation.

If the creature is flying, you may soon receive news from friends afar.

For a young woman, this foretells happy love.

Buzzard Dreams

(see Birds)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

A negative emblem, being that this is a scavenger bird. Often it reveals gossip or scandal afoot.

If the bird is sitting nearby, it portends some type of loss caused by an opportunist.

If the buzzard flies away from you, then you will be able to avoid reproach in the matter lying heavily on your mind.

A buzzard picking at a carcass reveals incessant needling form those around you, to the point where the sacredness of self seems lost. Alternatively, some type of violation of your body (see Abuse, Sexual Encounters).

Among certain Arizonian, Mexican, and Californian Indian tribes, the feathers from this bird create the clothing for their medicine man. In this setting, consider if you are being called to a healing vocation, or perhaps are yourself in need of seeing a “medicine man.”

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