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Machinery Dreams

An alternative type of body dream, in which the machine’s state of repair represents your physical condition.

The general working mechanism of a relationship or situation, what makes it run smoothly (or not). For example, machinery where the parts stop moving due to lack of lubrication may symbolize the halting of a project because some necessary components or steps are lacking.

Squeaky: The need to oil a situation with fresh, innovative ideas.

Rusty: Talents or knowledge that have fallen into disuse. Alternatively, things that you regard as old, antiquated, or outmoded.

Figuratively going through life very mechanically, without real emotion or attachments.

Magic Dreams

(see Circle, Divination, Incantation, Knots)

A power greater than yourself, but one that you seek to control.

The creative spark that unites the self to the ego, the masculine aspects to the feminine, etc.

Black magic: Using manipulation and exploitation to obtain your goals.

Magnet Dreams

(see Lodestone)

Something that draws or repels you. In magnetism, opposite polarities attract, while things too similar repel. So, if the magnet repels something, it can reveal a characteristic in yourself that you see in others and do not like.

Magnification Dreams

Items that amplify or magnify, like eye glasses, microscopes, and telescopes, instruct the dreamer to look closely at something. Scrutinize and analyze any information that comes your way right now. Alternatively, these may be a counsel to examine your way of life more closely, taking care that each element is in its right place.

Items that get magnified out of proportion in a dream are meant for stressing a specific point. Anything overly large is something you likewise perceive as big to the point of overwhelming. Small items are those you consider more trivial (see Size).

Malachite Dreams

(see Crystals, Stones)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of Malachite so you can delve more deeply into the symbolism and meanings of your dreams!

Mandala Dreams

An image or symbol usually featured within a circle or oval shape as a map of the cosmos used for meditation. In dreams, this is usually more personal, being an emblematic expression of your feelings or a growing awareness. Here, the circle represents a natural cycle or possibly fate’s web, within which you’re presently operating. The emblem contained therein becomes the prevalent dream key.

Marathon Dreams

(see Olympics, Running)

A physically trying situation that has gone on seemingly forever.

Finishing a marathon reflects your ability to endure physical stress as long as you prepare yourself properly.

Handing off to someone in a marathon symbolizes placing your goal or responsibilities in someone else’s care or trust, hoping they can complete something which you could not.

Marching Dreams

Marching to an odd beat represents assertion of independence (e.g., “walking to a different drummer”).

Marching to a military beat reflects the desire to fight for a specific cause or possibly wishing to attain a public office.

Marching within a group reflects structure, or wishing to belong and fit in.

Marriage Dreams

(see Bride, Engagement, Groom, Relationship, Wedding)

Mars Dreams

(see Space, Stars, Zodiac Signs – Aries, Scorpio)

Astrology-Planet-Symbol-MarsThe planet Mars is so named for the Roman god of war hence dreams about Mars symbolize justice, anger, and the warrior spirit.

Dreams about Mars or any planets which correspond to the 12 Zodiac Signs can be a sign for you to delve more deeply into astrology. By learning about the traits, personality and compatibility the Zodiac Signs you can gain a greater understanding of yourself and others.

Mary Dreams

(see Icons)

Mask Dreams

(see Clothes, Costumes)

Dreams about costumes or clothes can hold the following symbolism:

Facades. Things not being what they seem. Or, the image you present to the world being only a partial truth.

Adapting to difficult circumstances. Ancient people wore masks to help them commune with specific energies. Today, we don figurative masks and temporary personas when faced with new, unfamiliar, or demanding situations. This results in stressing particular characteristics that help us cope in these new settings.

The element of surprise and mystery, like at a costumed dance where you wonder what’s behind the mask.

Emotions or ideas that abide in your subconscious may manifest through a dream mask’s color, shape, or depiction. For example, a red mask that looks angry can reveal your own outrage that was either subdued or silenced.

Jungian: The dreamer’s connection to the archetypes in the Collective Unconscious, mediating therein between two distinct factions, such as the mundane and the supernatural aspects of self.

Maze Dreams

(see Puzzles, Riddles)

Meadow Dreams

(see Garden, Field, Flowers, Grove, Trees)

Peace, growth, and nourishment, specifically if someone is lounging in, or eating, the grass.

Repose with danger. Just like a fawn being hunted, take care that you’re not getting reckless at the wrong time.

A parched meadow reflects a wanting spirit. Consider what caused the dryness, and then water the grasses of your soul.

Measurements Dreams

Focus on outward appearances, specifically your weight, size, and proportion.

How does everything “measure up” in the dream, and what’s being measured? Equate this to a prevalent situation in your life.

Check the numerical significance of whatever measurements you get for further interpretive value.

Meat Dreams

(see Cow, Eating)

Needing more hearty mental and spiritual sustenance in your life, instead of living on milky concepts alone.

An omen of improved finances, or an abundance of personal energy, especially if the meat is being consumed.

Medicine Dreams

(see Healing, Physician)

Dreams about medicine can include the following symbolism:

Advice, ideas, rules, or taboos that you don’t necessarily want to heed, but which are in your own best interest (e.g., “a hard pill to swallow”).

Bad tasting: How are you doling out the recommendations and counsel you give others? Is it harsh, or do you remember to add a little sweetness to make it easier to accept?

Injections represent protection against those things that threaten our well-being. Alternatively, these can indicate a sudden increase in energy that comes at just the right time (e.g., a “shot in the arm”).

Melon Dreams

(see Fruit)

Metaphysically aligned with the moon, water, and positive energies for healing.

Among Gypsies, a fruit of love.

From contemporary jargon, an alternative symbol for a woman’s breasts.

Moslem: Verdicts and decisions. In the Koran, this is one of the foods served on the day of judgment.

Melting Dreams

(see Ice, Snow)

Transformations that lead to liberation.

Warming affections, improved compassion and benevolence (e.g., the “melting of a hardened heart”).

Flow, freedom, and forgiveness. What’s melting here has great significance. For example, metals in a forge speak directly to a personal change that liberates you from old structures.

Men Dreams

Father figures.

Your conscious mind, especially in men’s dreams.

The voice of logic, discipline, and rationality.

A protector, guide, or advocate (see Angel, Icon).

The masculine aspect of the self or Universe.

Boys, especially when dreamed of by a man, reflect youthful memories or the child within.

Menu Dreams

(see Eating, Food by type, Prices)

Mercury Dreams

(see Space, Stars, Zodiac Signs – Gemini, Virgo)

Astrology-Planet-Symbol-MercuryThe planet Mercury is so named for the Roman messenger of the gods hence dreaming about Mercury symbolizes communication and speedy action.

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