Merlin – Monster Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Merlin Dreams

(see Icons)

Mermaid Dreams

(see Fairies-Undines)

Metals Dreams

(see Copper, Gold, Iron Ore, Silver)

Strength and resiliency.

How is the metal used in the dream? Are you building with it, and if so, what? For example, building a wall out of metal represents a very strong obstacle to intimacy.

As with crystals and gems, each specific metal has different symbolism:

Aluminum: flexibility
Copper: guidance and control
Flint: durability and utility
Iron Ore: love, safety, and willpower
Lead: foundations or delays
Quicksilver: quick responses
Steel: rigidity, hard-heartedness
Tin: improved luck

Meteorite Dreams

(see Iron Ore, Stones, Sky, Space, Gems)

Microphone Dreams

(see Amplification)

Milk Dreams

Dreams about milk can include the following symbolic meanings and messages:

A beverage symbolizing the maternal nature and love (see Cow).

If you are drinking the milk, this may represent the fulfillment of your inner child.

If poured on the skin, a dream that confronts self-images or prejudicial feelings. For hundred of years in Europe, milky-white skin was considered the height of beauty and comeliness (see Color).

Spilled milk represents worrying over things which you cannot change (e.g., “crying over spilt milk”).

In Hindu, Egyptian, Japanese, and Greek civilizations, this substance also represented the primordial cosmic matter of creation itself. In a personal setting, this may mean the development of a more intuitive, inventive spirit that can “tune in” and transmit the frequency of universal truths through a specific medium.

Sour milk symbolizes negativity toward your mother, or toward becoming a mother.

Warm milk is a positive omen, reflective of renewed peace and a sense of well-being.

Mine Dreams

(see Excavation, Gems, Metals)

Something valuable within for which you should continue digging. This may be a characteristic, memory, ideal, talent, or a sense of the truth.

Mint Dreams

(see Herbs)

Paying your dues in a situation, or making a gift to a worthy cause. The Pharisees paid their tithes in mint.

Effective communications. The ancient Greeks used mint to clear the voice.

Revitalization and/or hospitality. This was one of the favorite strewing herbs of the Middle Ages, believed to refresh those who smelled it.

A sense of peace and tranquility. The folk names for this plant include heart mint and lamb’s mint, because of its serene nature.

Mirror Dreams

Self-images, for boon or bane, as with the story of Snow White (see Fun House).

The mirror of truth that reflects genuine motivations, feelings, and fears. In ancient times, the mirror was thought to be able to reveal a soul within.

Metaphorical reflections and pondering, often of a personal nature about the essential questions of existence. There is an old fable about someone who sought the book of all knowledge and wisdom. When at least the book was uncovered, the person was amazed to discover it held but one page: a mirror.

The way you wish to be seen, or the way you portray yourself outwardly.

A broken or cracked mirror reveals total transformation in self-perceptions and distorted self-images. It also acts as an omen of ill fortune.

A cloudy mirror indicates unclear or uncertain outlooks, especially about yourself.

A door to other aspects of self or the Universe. People in both ancient Eastern and Western societies covered or turned mirrors after death, believing the ghost of a person could travel through the reflective surface and cause no end of trouble.

Miscarriage Dreams

(see Baby, Birth, Pregnancy)

Something that you hoped for suddenly being waylaid or totally called off.

Metaphorically feeling that there has been a miscarriage of justice or other honorable qualities in a specific situation or relationship.

For a pregnant woman, a reflection of fear that probably needs no further interpretation.

Mist Dreams

(see Cloud, Fog, Rain)

Mistletoe Dreams

(see Herbs, Oak)

Invincibility. Teutonic warriors carried mistletoe into battle as protective amulets.

Setting aside bad feelings out of respect for a common belief or need. In Scandinavian regions, warring groups who met underneath this plant put away their weapons for the day.

Among Druids, a plant that heals all wounds and protects the bearer. What is it in your life that needs healing?

Romantic advances. A favored holiday tradition is to kiss anyone caught beneath the mistletoe.

A dream key to unlocking a specific door in your life. The German philosopher and theologian Albertus Magnus recommended this plant as a magical key that could open any locked door, including doors to the hidden realms of the earth.

Monastery Dreams

(see Church, Holy Ground, Sanctuary, Temple)

Religious or spiritual confines and strictures that have distinct tenets and taboos.

The attempt or desire to maintain total religious autonomy through sequestration. The counsel here is caution, being certain that seclusion is the right answer to your questions or problems.

Reclusiveness that may or not may not be in our best interest. Remember that by trying to avoid something, we often end up running right into it!

Money Dreams

(see Bank/Banking, Coins, Gold, Poverty, Silver, Stock Market)

Financial worries, or the wish for prosperity.

Inaccessible funds: Something pent up within yourself, often an ability.

Corruption (e.g., “money is the root of all evil” or “dirty money”).

Turning down, or turning away from, money: A change in personal priorities toward less material pursuits.

Clutching money tightly: A frugal nature, sometimes to the point of greed.

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Monkey (Ape) Dreams

(see Animals)

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Dreams about monkeys can represent the following symbolic meanings:

The Chinese Zodiac and The Year of the Monkey.

Anthropologically, a less evolved state. Slipping backward into more animalistic tendencies.

Darwinian: An ancestral dream in which the monkey, ape, or gorilla symbolizes your ancient roots.

Foolish behavior (acting like a “monkey’s uncle”).

The mischievous and playful aspects of self (e.g., “monkey shines”).

Being deceived by flattery or amusing actions that hide other motivations.

Sagacious justice. Four apes attended the judgment hall of Osiris, and apes were also sacred to Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom.

Prudent speech, accurate vision, and good listening skills (the three monkeys who represent seeing, hearing, and saying no to evil).

Hindu: Bravery and swift action, being associated with the god of wind.

Monster Dreams

(see Bed, Closet, Dreams, Dragon, Evil, Fables)

The feared or unexplored aspects of your own nature.

Slaying a monster: Becoming a hero for your life; transforming fear into victory and creativity (see Sword).

Repressed drives and ambitions that need to be expressed.

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