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Fables Dreams

(see Dragon, Monsters, Phoenix, Storytellers)

Characters or themes from the fables of our youth commonly appear in dreams as archetypes of personality traits or prevalent situations. Normally, the subconscious tries to illustrate a key that will help you develop those traits, overcome negative habits, or succeed in your present circumstances. For example, the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears could be counseling you to be less selfish or bearish in the way you act toward strangers.

The hero or heroine reflects your Higher Self, and the best personal characteristics you hope to eventually develop. Pay close attention to what those people do (see Icons, Men, Women).

Kings and queens reflect authority figures (or situations, belief systems, etc.) to whom you subjugate yourself. The question here is whether such service is beneficial to you as a whole person. Alternatively, these can be icons of gods and goddesses.

Fantastic creatures represent your ability to imagine and reach beyond surface reality. Each creature also has a unique symbolic message to consider. For example, dreaming of a Lilliputian might indicate that you feel very “small” about something right now, or that you lack self-confidence.

Fabric Dreams

(see Clothes, Needle, Sewing, Wool)

The metaphorical fabric of time, space, and dimensions in which your life represents one strand. Note, however, that each strand touches the others within this web directly or indirectly.

The substance of your foundational belief system. How does this fabric appear? Is it finely woven or full of holes?

Patterns in the fabric represent the cycles and patterns within your own life. For example, regular geometric imprints can indicate a personality that is very ordered and constant.

Frayed fabric is symbolic of something coming apart, but you still have time to stop this progression. Find the loose ends and sew them up!

Faces Dreams

(see Body, Masks)

People you know, or with whom you interact regularly.

Different facets of the self.

Reflective of prevalent moods and emotions. A smiling face indicates joy, for example, while a scowling one reveals worries or anger.

Two faces or heads on one body indicates either a split personality or betrayal (e.g., being “two faced”). Alternatively, if one face is male and the other female, this represents an integrated balance between the sexes (see Hermaphrodite).

Fairies Dreams

Dreams about Fairies or Faeries are some of the most magical/magickal dreams you can have!

Dreaming of fairies symbolizes the unseen world, our imagination, and the spirit of the inner child that awaits acknowledgement or expression (see Fables).

Brownies: Tiny, ragged men who symbolize matters of hearth and home, especially keeping things orderly and well run.

Elves: Thin, fair-skinned, pointed-eared, forest-dwelling Devas, these represent your magical or mischievous side.

Gnomes: As squat earth-dwellers, these creatures symbolize earth-related concerns.

Goblins: Green-skinned impish creatures that usually equate to our fears, malevolent prankishness, and potentially, thievery.

Leprechauns: Shoe makers and the eternal gypsies of the fairy folk, these represent good luck, improved wealth, and a rogue-like personality.

Pixies: Being lead astray by something that looks quite innocent.

Salamander: A spirit who embodies a single flame, this Being knows how to live life to its fullest, and suggests you do the same (see Fire).

Sylph: Joy, laughter, carefree existence. Possibly a type of flying dream, as these fairies have gossamer wings (see Air).

Troll: Something or someone that prohibits a change or movement that you’re trying to make (see Bridge), at least not without exacting a price.

Undines (Merpeople): Essential emotions, and things you regard as wholly lovely (see Water). Alternatively, your idealized image of masculinity or femininity, depending on the sex of the creature (see Men, Women).

Falling Dreams

(see Abyss, Cliff, Climbing, Ladder, Stairs)

The need for improved balance and control; feeling helpless.

Going beyond safe boundaries and losing yourself; overextension.

A phobia: The fear of falling (or fear of heights) may manifest in a dream to help you overcome the anxiety.

Letting go of something you perceived as an important foothold can cause falling dreams, like the first time a young person moves into her/his own apartment.

Lost status or the proverbial “fall from grace.”

Fan Dreams

(see Air, Wind)

A type of air or wind dream that offers more personal control because you know where the “off” switch lies.

Handheld fans many symbolize secret communications. In the Victorians era, when propriety would not allow lovers to outwardly speak of their feelings, fans were used to convey those desires. Also, handheld fans placed before the face obscure the words or expressions behind them.

Causing trouble (e.g., “fanning the flames”).

Attempting to keep yourself cool despite heated emotional, physical, or spiritual matters.

Farm Dreams

Rural life, simplicity, and a strong connection to nature. Farmers live by the land and nature’s whims.

Figurative death (e.g., “it bought the farm”).

The type of farming shown in the dream may also have meaning; consider the animals and crops that reside thereon to expand your interpretation. For example, farming corn can represent your tenacious efforts to improve finances, and how well the efforts are faring.

Fasting Dreams

A dream that sometimes marks the beginning of a vision quest or other important religious sojourn. Muslims, Christians, Native Americans, and Jews alike use fasting as expressions of faith, or in the hopes of receiving divine missives.

An unsatisfied hunger within. The question then becomes for what are you hungering?

A temporary abstinence from something meaningful in order to obtain something even more precious.

Feast Dreams

(see Eating, Food and Beverages by type)

Feathers Dreams

(see by type, Birds, Flying, Wings)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

Spiritual purity and truth: In ancient Egypt, the soul was weighed upon death against the Plume of Maat, whose name means truth. Similarly, the Hopi regard the gift of an owl’s feather as a means of helping the recipients be true to themselves. Less directly this may pertain to honesty in communications.

Lifting of guilt or burdens, or someone who is a truly free spirit (e.g., being “light as a feather”).

Changeability: Feathers equate to the air element that shifts directions without any forewarning.

A prognostication: In ancient Greece, people used found bird feathers as portents of their travels and the future. Consider the feather’s color, where it lands, and the type of bird from which it comes for expanded interpretations.

“Feather Medicine” plays a big role in the Native American belief system and spirituality.

Fence Dreams

(see Obstacles)

Fennel Dreams

(see Herbs)

An alternative emblem for fire. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus bore a burning fennel stalk to earth when presenting humankind with this gift.

Clear vision and defined goals. In folk remedies, this herb is being used to aid eyesight.

Folkloric: The natural cycle of death and rebirth that may be allegorical or situational. Snakes are said to shed their skin after eating this herb.

The ongoing battle between dark and light, good and evil within or without. In the Strega tradition (the Witches of Italy), symbolic battles are fought between good and evil sorcerers using fennel stalks for weapons. The goal of this enactment is to ward off negativity and ensure a good crop.

Digesting recently received information. Historically, fennel was favored to aid indigestion.

Field Dreams

(see Animals and Flowers by type, Forest, Trees)

If this is an open meadow, it can represent the open expanses of the mind. Alternatively, it can also represent exposure and unseen hazards that lurk just beyond the peaceful greenery, like a hunter watching for deer.

A field of daisies reflects youthful, innocent, and carefree outlooks.

Consider other fields according to what they contain, like a barren field equating to emotional or spiritual dryness, or one filled with seedlings as emblematic of fresh growth or new beginnings.

Fig Dreams

(see Fruit, Tree)

Ancient Greeks considered this a fruit that offers strength and endurance during trying times.

In Egypt, the fig was sacred to Thoth, making it an emblem of wisdom, learning, and the moon.

Spiritual awakening. Buddha is said to have been enlightened while meditating beneath this tree.

Dreaming of a fig plant growing in a kitchen is an omen that you will never want for food or, more figuratively, spiritual sustenance.

Fertility. Women used to carry figs to ensure conception. In a figurative sense, this may mean conceiving good ideas or receiving bountiful inspiration that spreads into something remarkable.

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