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Tattoo Dreams

(see Body, Ink, Pictographs)

Taking pride in something specific. For example, many people put the name of a wife or husband on a tattoo, or the flag of their nation to honor that affiliation. What does the one in your dream depict?

Allegorically, the marks that life leaves upon us. People in some tribal cultures tattoo their personal history on their bodies for the world to read. What types of markings has your life’s experiences left behind?

Taxes Dreams

(see Bank/Banking, Money)

Feeling financially burdened by someone or something over whom or which you have little control.

Paying exorbitant taxes can reflect oppression from a specific source (the payee in the dream).

A situational dream caused by aggravation over recent tax increases or issues.

Tea Dreams

(see Beverages, Herbs)

In the East, this beverage is sacred to Buddha, making it one of tranquility and meditation. This symbol expresses that actions and words are in accord.

An ability to see beyond the surface of a situation and discern hidden truths. Tea leaf reading is still a popular form of divination.

Universal ideals and community. In Japan, the tea ceremony becomes a group meditation on the higher truths common to all humankind.

Two people pouring out of the same teapot in your dream portends arguments.

Teeth Dreams

(see Body, Mouth)

Hostility or an attack, such as when dream figures deliver “biting words” or “bare their teeth.”

Losing teeth in a dream may reflect words said in haste, or losing the ability to speak candidly.

Because this bony part of the body endures long after death, it has some associations with the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. In this context, losing teeth might equate to losing the will to live or having your personal power taken away.

Rotten teeth equate either to the fear of old age, or someone whose words are filled with so much insincere sweetness that decay in that relationship is inevitable.

Having teeth pulled out represents an end to suffering that is aided by an external force.

Telephone Dreams

(see Answering Machine, Conversations)

Matters of communication and effective speech.

News or messages from your Higher Self, others, or the Universe.

Endlessly ringing: Overlooking or misconstruing the signals you’re receiving.

Out of order: Closing yourself off from communication or socialization with a large group of people. This situation may have been by personal choice, or something that was caused circumstantially.

A telephone left off its hook indicates not wishing to listen, often to a specific person. The question here is whether or not turning a deaf ear is the right solution to your problem.

Dialing a phone in your dream and always getting a busy signal implies that other people always seem too busy to listen to your ideas or problems.

Being put on hold represents people or situations inhibiting free discourse in some way, including the constraints caused by propriety and societal expectations.

Temperature Dreams

(see Fire, Hearth, Ice, Snow, Sun)

Blisteringly hot: A similarly heated situation exists in the waking hours, from which you need to protect yourself or you will get hurt.

Frigid: Emotional apathy or distance. Whether this pertains to you or someone else will become more clear by examining the rest of the dream.

Warmth: Kindness, compassion, friendship, and other warm feelings that are not forced or coerced.

Lukewarm: Indifference or nonchalance with regard to a specific person, situation, activity, or goal.

Temple Dreams

(see Church, Holy Ground, Monastery, Sanctuary)

Temples have connections with ancient ideas, history, sacred beliefs, and rituals. While similar in meaning to a church, the theme indicated by a temple is not one linked to Christian ideals. What type of temple appears in your dream? A Japanese shrine, for example, has strong ties with Buddhist teachings regarding proper speech and action. A Grecian temple, on the other hand, might relate to the development of oracular senses.

According to both Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung, this building, like other structures, may be an emblem for your body. Take special notice of the condition of each portion of the building for more interpretive information on your physical condition.

Esoterically, this edifice represents a personal astral temple, a place of safety, and learning on a higher plane. The Templars, older Masonic mysteries, and other similar teachings tell of developing or finding such a place through meditation.

Ten Dreams

(see Numbers/Numerology)

Manifestation; an alternative type of one numerologically.

Cabalistic: Alternations in your spiritual goals or path.

Divine or mundane law. In the Old Testament, Moses received 10 commandments that were to be obeyed by the Israelites (see Stones).

The muse: David, the great bard of the Old Testament, had a harp with 10 strings (see Music).

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Tent Dreams

Transitions and movement, or an actual shift in residence. Tents are temporary shelters, easily relocated.

Inviting someone into a tent is akin to welcoming them into your family and/or sharing your house with them. Please note, however, that these people can represent principles and beliefs that you can accept into yourself.

Theater Dreams

(see Acting, Costumes, Masks)

Unrealistic fantasies; the desire to escape to a personal imaginary realm instead of facing reality.

Glamorizing or romanticizing aspects of yourself or a situation.

The stage of life itself. Shakespeare once said that all the world’s a stage. So, the movie or show that is playing at this theater is very important to the interpretive value of the dream. For example, seeing a production of Arsenic and Old Lace might indicate some treachery afoot, whereas seeing Die Hard reveals the development of tenacity and courage.

Thread Dreams

(see Fabric, Needle, Sewing, Spinning)

Three Dreams

(see Numbers/Numerology, Trident)

The triune nature of humankind as body-mind-soul; and the triune nature of many divine figures (Father-Son-Holy Spirit; Maiden-Mother-Crone).

Stability. Three legs gives the tripod or cauldron greater strength.

In ancient Greece, the numbers representing fate. External, powerful forces are at work here, whose source is wholly or partially unknown to you.

If the number appears on a die in the dream, this portends excellent luck (e.g., “three is a charm”).

Oracular experts claim any dream that repeats itself three times will come true.

Jung felt this number represented some type of incompleteness, like a table that’s missing one leg.

To better understand your dream about the Number 3, read all about its Numerology meanings and metaphysical properties.

Dreaming about Numbers can be a sign your higher self is urging you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of Numbers.

Also, make sure to use our Numerology Calculator and discover your Life Path, Destiny, Personality, Soul and Career Numbers!

Threshold Dreams

(see Archway, Door)

Breakthroughs or setbacks, depending on the direction of movement.

Changing your basic values, or status as is shown by the groom carrying the bride over a threshold.

Birth and death, depending again on the direction of movement. Generally, coming into a threshold marks a beginning, while leaving one indicates an ending.

Thunder Dreams

(see Storms)

Reverberations or waves of emotion, especially ire, that goes much further than expected or intended.

Vocalized wrath.

Some type of omen. In the 14th century, an entire manual detailing the interpretation of thunder portents was written.

Inner altercations with yourself, or heated disagreements with other people, like the thunder caused in Greek legend by Zeus and Hera’s arguments.

Similar to lightning in indicating divine displeasure. Here, however, the chastisement may be coming from your own conscience.

Tickets Dreams

Traffic tickets are a message from the subconscious that something you’re doing is going to get you into trouble. If the ticket in your dream is for speeding, for example, definitely slow down and become more observant (see Velocity).

Theater tickets represent a brief respite from your normal focus. If you’ve been thinking about taking a break, do so! It’s exactly what you need.

Lottery tickets may reflect a wish for prosperity or improved good fortune. This is perfectly normal and healthy, as long as you’re willing to back up that wish with practical actions for manifestation. While some people try to dream of their lucky lottery numbers, getting those numbers is very rare. Don’t count on your dreams to bring about our future realities-begin manifesting them yourself today!

Dry cleaning tickets indicate that you recently trusted someone to clean up a problem. Now it’s time to check and see if the work got done.

Ties/Tying Dreams

(see Connecting Devices, Knots, Rope, Web)

Our connection to other portions of the self.

Ties to other people or situations that may or may not be desirable.

The network of life that goes beyond time, space and dimensions. This type of dream helps you to recognize your place in the greater scheme of things, and the importance of each individual.

Too much attachment, the need to loosen binding ties.

A necktie represents business matters, protocol, and attention to the social graces. It is worn when we wish to present a specific image of ourselves to others, or as a recognition of a societal expectation (see Clothes).

Bow ties speak of old-fashioned formality. Possibly you are trying to be too conventional or reserved with regard to a project, person, or situation.

Tiger Dreams

(see Animals, Cat, Lion)

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In India, an emblem of divine wrath being unleashed.

China: The Lord of Animals, who embodies the attributes of authority, courage, passion, adventure, and prowess. Similar symbolism exists in Japan where the tiger represents heroic energy and self-regulation. In this, dreams about tigers can symbolize The Year of the Tiger in The Chinese Zodiac.

Riding a tiger: Confronting dangerous elemental powers that might get quickly out of control without constant monitoring.

Learning patience and the value of silence in achieving your goals. Tigers are slow, meticulous, and silent hunters.

Time Dreams

(see Clock, Hourglass)

An awareness that life sometimes passes you by unnoticed, or far more quickly than you might wish (e.g., “seeing time fly”).

Recognizing your mortality (e.g., “time waits for no man”).

Seeing a clock that is not moving represents a wish that time would momentarily stand still so that you can enjoy it more fully, or catch up on things that you feel you’ve missed.

Transformations that take a while to achieve (e.g., “time for a change”).

Knowing when to act, when to wait, when to speak, and when to remain silent for success (e.g., “timing is everything”).

Seeing a stop watching in a dream represents effective time management, and making every second count. Alternatively, feeling under time constraints.

Tin Dreams

(see Metals)

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