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Wagon Dreams

If the wagon is red, this might reflect a childhood wish or toy that was special to you. Alternatively, red wagons can reflect anger toward a person (e.g., “fixing her/his red wagon”).

Falling off of a wagon symbolizes a failure to stick to a promise made to yourself, or moving away from an ideal that you hoped to keep.

Putting yourself or something onto a wagon may represent some type of travel, or the beginning of a new commitment to better living.

Walls Dreams

(see Obstacles)

Wand Dreams

(see Directions, Rods, Stick)

An emblem of rulership over yourself, or being put in a place of respected leadership for a group, as shown by a king’s scepter.

A blossoming wand represents figurative or literal fertility and productivity.

A phallic symbol that combines with an orb or star at the top, thereby illustrating the union of male/female, or Yin/Yang energies, for potent personal transformations. Note that a fairy’s wand is topped in a star to show that a magical creature possesses it.

Wandering Dreams

(see Foot, Highway, Journey, Path, Travel)

Aimless thought patterns that cause problems with maintaining your focus on a current project or goal.

Lacking direction in life, not knowing exactly which path to take, or what choice to make in order to succeed in your objectives.

Introspection and exploration of the various alternatives currently available. Take care, however, that you don’t wander so far off as to lose sight of the primary purpose.

Warrants Dreams

(see Police, Writing)

Warrants allow access into normally “forbidden” or “private” realms. Through what doors does this paper give you the freedom to glimpse? Take care, however, as the discoveries in such a search can be both wonderful and disconcerting.

Water Dreams

(see Flood, Fountain, Ice, River, Rain, Snow)

To better understand the messages your dreams about water are trying to send, learn about the spiritual and sacred meanings for The Element of Water.

Dreams about water are incredibly meaningful and potentially very powerful psychic dreams. Dreaming about water can be contain the following symbolic meanings:

Changing tides: Among the Teutonic people, each tide carried different meanings that may apply to your dream. The tide occurring just before sunup is one of introspection, while the one at dawn bears fertile waves. Noon tides speak of tenacity, dusk tides bring transformation, the night tide edifies, and the one occurring at midnight heals.

An ocean: The earth’s womb and beginnings of all humankind. Also representative of the vast subconscious, superconscious, or Jungian Collective Unconscious (see Abyss).

Among Native Americans, water appearing in dreams indicates your spiritual state. For example, if the water is flowing smoothly, your spirit is calm and moving in a natural direction.

Moving water dreams: The seen and unseen ebb and flow of all energies.

Baptism dreams: New life, forgiveness toward yourself, and renewed purity of thought and actions (see Baby).

Bathing: Getting rid of your figurative “dirt,” like old habits, guilt, anger, and even sexual repression (e.g., feeling “dirty”).

Hot water dreams: Trouble’s afoot, so look for the wellhead (see Temperature).

Drowning in water dreams: Overwhelming circumstances, problems, or emotions that threaten to defeat your efforts or sense of individuality. Esoterically, this may also reflect a memory from a past life experience (see Choking, Suffocation).

Floating upon water dreams: Dependence on your feminine nature or a mother figure. Alternatively, skimming the surface of spiritual potentialities without ever really diving in and experiencing that aspect of self.

Stagnant water dreams: Something, often a situation, that is unhealthy for you to the point where it causes a standstill in personal growth and in your quest for wholeness.

Shallow water represents a similarly frivolous personality that avoids delving into any aspect of life too deeply. Alternatively, this can represent a fear of confronting the depths of your own subconscious.

Tidal waves dreams: Powerful emotions or instincts that you have let build up to a critical mass. This dream reveals the need to express those things before they come crashing over the floodgates.

Surfing on water dreams: Taking control of, and accepting the power in, the feminine aspects of self and the Universe. Also maintaining a rather haphazard balance between the intuitive nature (the water) and the conscious self (the surfer).

A geyser: A sudden, unanticipated outpouring of creativity, goodness, inspiration, spiritual gifts, or whatever.

Wearing a life preserver in the water represents getting a second chance at something. Grab it before it gets away!

Ripples appearing on the water’s surface indicate the waves of energy we send out without even knowing it, similar to a web. This will eventually touch everything and everyone because you are part of the network of life.

Lakes dreams: As the abode of several magical creatures, including the Lady of the Lake and water nymphs, dream lakes reflect the search for the wonders that lie just beyond the surface of reality. What does the surface of the lake cover? Are you fishing here, thereby trying to catch a little magic?

Weapons Dreams

(see Ammunition, Armor, Axe, Knife, Fighting, Sword, Whip)

Taking up a weapon reveals hostility or fear that you may be repressing during waking hours. Turn to look upon the object of your actions. Sometimes just facing your true feeling is enough to begin the healing process.

Guns are violent, but impersonal. These reveal a source of anger or anxiety that you would prefer to keep at arm’s length. How healthy this distance is for you, however, is questionable, or your dreams would not reveal it.

A catapult indicates the ability to circumnavigate an obstacle by ingenious thought and assertive action.

Cannons can fire over a large distance, meaning the perceived threat is not nearby. Additionally, they may symbolize things that you value very little (e.g., something best used as “cannon fodder”). As an omen, cannons portend a struggle that engages powerful forces.

Maces represent blunt realities that are so cold and firm as to nearly knock you off your feet with their realization.

Nuclear devices represent tremendous buildup of frustration to the point that it leaks into your life as a futile attitude that poisons everything.

Web/Net Dreams

(see Knots, Rope, Spider, Spinning)

In the immortal words of Shakespeare, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave.” This dream may represent the web of deception or some other trap of which you need to be aware.

The web of life that interconnects all things, from the smallest grain of sand to the stars. In this case, your subconscious is trying to remind you of your importance in this scheme, and how your life touches everything directly or indirectly.

Attachments and associations. Nets participated in ancient Russian wedding ceremonies to indicate the unity of the couple and ensure fertility (“a teeming catch”).

Being caught in a net can be an alternative type of cage dream, with slightly looser constraints indicated (rope is easier to get out of than steel). Alternatively, in China this is a symbol of protection. Pregnant women were sometimes surrounded by fishing nets to safeguard the baby from any evil influences.

Wedding Dreams

(see Bride, Engagement, Groom, Relationships)

Wishful musing for a long-term commitment from one desired.

Marrying yourself figuratively to an ideal, situation, or group. The caution here is to remember that such commitments, if healthy, do not require the loss of individuality.

Reconciliation and resolution among warring faction within or without. In earlier history marriages were often arranged to bring peace between two tribes or two families.

The harmonious union of opposing energy for a mutually beneficial outcome.

Being the bridesmaid or groomsman at a wedding represents standing on the sidelines of a situation with which you would like to be more intimately involved.

Weeds Dreams

(see Garden, Path)

Negative aspects of your own behavior, or unhealthy ideas, that need to be cleared away before real growth can occur.

Problem growing into a relationship or situation that must be rooted out for any type of positive results.

Overgrown: Something in your life that’s gotten out of control, and now obscures the natural beauty within.

Positive outcomes from annoying situations. Not all weeds are useless. Dandelions, for example, may be made into coffee, salads, and wine. The difference is in how they are viewed and applied. Trying looking at your current circumstances differently for a moment, and see if you can’t make the most of them.

Weight Dreams

Situational: Have you been focused on your own weight loss or gain lately?

Burdens that you are carrying.

Anything you perceive as hindering your movement or growth. What exactly is weighing you down?

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