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Well Dreams

Tossing a coin into: Your wishes and hopes

A font of creativity, wisdom, ideas or knowledge that lies within just waiting to be tapped.

Because of the water element here, this can represent your emotions, or possibly the subconscious, into which your dream effectively lowers the bucket.

A source of healing. Sacred wells dotted the land in Old Europe. Sick people would travel to them and bathe in the water hoping the well’s nature spirits would grant rejuvenation.

Falling into a well reflects a sudden force or situation that propels you into deep introspection. Take care, however, in such a journey that you don’t forget where the rope lies so that you can return with your discoveries safe and sound.

Dreams about wells generally include water. Learn all about the symbolism and meaning of the Element of Water so you can delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams!

Werewolf Dreams

(see Lycanthropy, Monsters, Wolf)

West Dreams

(see Directions, Locations)

Whale Dreams

(see Animals, Fish, Water)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

Dreams about whales are super powerful omens because whales are such ancient, intelligent and magical animals.

Dreaming about whales can involve the following symbolism and meanings:

A difficult journey to transformation and enlightenment as in the story of Jonah and the whale. Similar whale myths appear in other cultures too, all of which equate this creature’s belly to a cauldron of change and rebirth, or an initiation.

A whale swimming in deep waters often represents your own search for deeper awareness about yourself or the Universe.

A whale spout is a type of air or wind dream, in which you seek out the breath of life, and perhaps a break from being emotionally or emphatically immersed. Alternatively, this may represent the liberation of positive ideas and energy.

A symbol reflective of the regenerative power of water to refresh your ideas, bring peace and healing, and smooth out the rough spots in life.

Among the Norse, whales have magical power all their own, and would sometimes carry witches to their destination. So, a whale surfacing from the ocean depths may indicate a surfacing interest in, or ability with, the occult arts.

Whales have sonar like that of dolphins, making them an emblem of “sounding things out” and knowing your direction in life.

The humpback whale, specifically, reflects finding your own song; a harmony that mirrors your soul, especially with regard to the way you interact in relationship. The song of the humpback changes every breeding season, reflecting the environmental changes that surround it (see Music).

Wheel Dreams

(see Car, Circle, Seasons)

Time’s cyclical movement, especially the seasons. In India, Kali ruled the Time Wheel that fixed life and death for all things. In ancient Greece, the 12 zodiacal houses are fixed around a wheel.

Native American: The medicine wheel that symbolizes everything’s equality.
If one part of the wheel is ignored or broken, the entire thing doesn’t function right.

A mandala that equates to the cosmic model or pattern that maintains congruity of life-death-rebirth, beginning-middle-end-return on both intimate and universal levels. It is thereby a vital representation of the rede “as within, so without.”

The power of fate and destiny. The Etruscans and Romans both had goddesses whose domain was the wheel of time the fate. In the Tarot, there is also the Wheel of Fortune that marks the succession of human and universal affairs.

A source of control and regulation (see Car).

A cycle that the psyche sets into motion, resulting in internal change, or external events.

Whip Dreams

(see Weapons)

If being used to tame an animal, this dream speaks of bringing your less evolved, more instinctual, characteristics under control.

Quick adjustments that gain approval or help move something ahead (e.g., “whipping it into shape”).

Possibly reflective of a dominatrix fantasy, depending on the other dream components.

Subordination, punishment, or abuse. Is this directed toward you from others, or vice versa? Are you directing such negativity toward yourself?

Generative force. In some ancient cultures, people whipped trees to ensure abundant harvests.

Whistle Dreams

(see Air, Music, Wind)

A signal from within that asks for attention to specifics, just as you might whistle up a taxi, or whistle to stop someone with whom you wish to speak.

Accusing or condemning someone whose responsibility in a situation has not yet been implied (e.g., “blowing the whistle on them”).

A way of lifting burdens, or a reflection of joy (e.g., “whistle a happy tune”).

A release or augmentation of power, specifically spiritual. In ancient times, it was believed that witches could whistle up the wind.

White Dreams

(see Colors)

In Eastern cultures, the color of death and mourning.

Purity, as with the cleansing white light of New Age beliefs, and the blinding light of God in the Bible.

Covering up a mistake or blemish, as is accomplished with white-out and whitewash.

Alchemical: Following white light in a dream is a step that takes the dreamer on the path of ascent toward purity.

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Willow Dreams

(see Forest, Rods, Stick, Trees, Wand)

Symbolic of flexibility and tolerance because of its supple branches.

Wishes and magic. An ancient willow wand, topped in a star, and carried by the Greek goddess Helice was a cosmic emblem connected strongly with the moon, divination, and the Mystery traditions.

Pain’s abate. Herbally, willow bark is a substitute for aspirin.

The weeping willow represents personal mourning or sadness. Remember the lesson of the willow, however, that also shows us how to bend without breaking. Do not let grief break your spirit.

Wind Dreams

(see Air, Fan, Whistle)

Learn all about the spiritual symbolism and meanings of The Element of Air so you can better understand what your dreams about wind are revealing to you.

Dreaming about wind/air can be about the following symbolic meanings:

Strong winds or storm winds reveal powerful forces at work in our life, some of which may cause confusion about your direction and path.

Change and movement, which often meets with some turbulence before positive transformations occur.

A sign of latent psychic abilities developing.

In Christian theology, the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Angry winds are often considered a sign of evil or negativity. Note that Lucifer is called the Prince of the Power of the Air, and in Koran demons control stormy winds (see Monsters).

Howling winds: In folklore, this portends either trouble on the horizon, or an unsettled spirit (see Ghost).

Anciently an emblem of the masculine nature, with the four directions becoming a natural wheel or cross that later became the weather vane.

Weather vanes that show which way the wind blows are an alternative emblem for both a wheel and a cross, indicating the originating source of energy or problems.

Windows Dreams

(see Apartment, Buildings, Castle, Curtains)

Do the windows in your dream appear open, closed, or shuttered? How accessible this opening is indicates how open-minded you are as an individual.

In earlier history, windows were open to let fresh luck in with spring breezes, and bad fortune out. Do you need a change of pace, or some fresh outlooks?

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