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Rabbit/Hare Dreams

(see Animals)

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Dreams about hares (rabbits) can be symbolic of the Chinese Zodiac “Year of the Rabbit”.

Dreaming about Rabbits can also symbolize:

The lunar, feminine aspect of self or the Universe.

Fertility, abundance, and sexuality (e.g., “breeding like rabbits”).

Metaphorically: Prolific energy, as when a writer, musician, or artist overcomes creative blockage and creates a masterpiece.

Potentially sexual obsession that needs to be controlled or examined closely before it becomes destructive.

An overly large white rabbit in American theater represents the fine line between “imaginary” things and reality.

Rabbit’s foot: The ability to move quickly and cleverly, or an omen of improved luck.

Raccoon Dreams

(see Animals)

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Adorable though they may be, Raccoons are notorious and rather adept thieves. So, dreaming about Raccoons could symbolize that you’ve gotten or are going to get into things that you’re not supposed to.

On a more positive note, other personality traits of Raccoons is that they are curious and eager for exploration. So perhaps your higher self is signaling for you to launch your own kind of expedition or venture (new business, relationship, invention, school, etc.)

The raccoon’s mask represents privacy, ambiguity, or secrecy of some type. What’s being hidden and from whom?

Racing Dreams

(see Marathon, Running)

Radio Dreams

(see Amplification, Announcements, Music)

Matters of communication. How well are you “tuning into” the messages from others, yourself, and the Universe?

Static on a radio reflects similarly muddled disclosure. Readjust your manner of conversation so that is can be understood clearly.

A terribly loud radio indicates someone with a strong personality who may try to dominate conversations through boisterous behavior. Frequently this is actually a manifestation of insecurity that needs attention. Alternatively, such amplification can indicate a message from the subconscious or Higher Self that has been trying to get through for some time.

Rain Dreams

(see Clouds, Fog, Snow, Sun, Water)

Fruitfulness. Spring showers nourish the earth, bringing forth flowers and fruits. What positive attributes have you been watering lately?

Possibly symbolic of sadness and grief where you are personified in the clouds.

Mist: Being melancholy or gloomy (e.g., “misty eyed”).

Rain or storm clouds gathering: Increasing troubles, concerns, or despondency that seem to overwhelm all the bright moments.

Water is symbolic of the subconscious. Learn about the Element of Water so you can better understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

Rainbow Dreams

(see Colors)

Biblical symbolism of Rainbows: A promise kept, as well as hope and forgiveness.

Birth, fertility, and creativity. In Africa, the rainbow snake made the world.

The veil between realities: In pre-Vedic traditions, and among the Norse people, the rainbow represents the bridge between this life and the next.

A rainbow appearing over any gathering of people represents divine blessings, unparalleled joy, success, and/or love.

Dreams about Rainbows may also symbolize Auras and Chakras

Learn more about the symbolism and meaning of Rainbow colors so you can delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams!

Raven Dreams

(see Birds, Feathers, Wings)

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Scandinavian: A spiritual messenger. Heed well this bird’s call, and look to the rest of the dream for more meaning.

During the Middle Ages, hearing the call of a raven during battle portended defeat or death. Are you fighting a lost cause?

Your ability to vocalize ideas and opinions. Note Edgar Allan Poe’s use of the raven’s call, highlighting this trait.

Creativity, especially in regards to using what’s available to you. A raven will pick up and employ anything it can as a tool for nest building.

Red Dreams

(see Blood, Colors)

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Vital life, energy and passion, especially bright reds.

Brownish-red: Death, bitterness, or smoldering anger.

Danger! Stop whatever you’re doing and look more closely, just as you would at a traffic light.

Red cape: Used in bull fighting, this is symbolic of controlling the masculine nature.

Red caps: Often worn by mischievous fairies or wizards in fables, this might indicate your own yearning for a little playfulness and knavery.

Bright scarlet: Anger or fury (e.g., “seeing red”).

Red tape: Delays to the point of nearly being halted, often caused by bureaucratic approaches, people, or requirements.

Refuge Dreams

(see Sanctuary)

Relationships Dreams

(see Bride, Engagement, Groom, Marriage, Parents)

These dreams frequently relate to real-life scenarios in which the relationships in the dream mirror those from waking hours. If, however, the relationship takes on different dimensions in the dream, this may reflect your hopes or fears for that association.

Building a relationship with strangers in your dream can indicate building similar bridges between your ego and psyche for self-actualization. It can also reveal a more social attitude developing in which you’re not so shy about extending yourself to others.

Antagonistic relationships in dreams usually divulge your own hostility and conflicts with the persons seen. Alternatively, this may be self-hatred. In either case, the source of the anger needs to be detected and reconciled.

If you have questions about the relationships in your life, learn about the personality, traits and compatibility of the Zodiac Signs. Once you understand the energy of each Star Sign, it’s possible to have healthier and happier relationships because you have a better grasp on where each person in your life is “coming from”.

Religions Dreams

(see Altar, Church, Monastery, Sanctuary, Sacrifice, Temple)

If the religion depicted is the one you currently practice, this dream reveals your feelings toward that faith, its tenets, and your activities within that organization.

The subconscious or Higher Self expressing a need to reconnect with sacred powers and spiritual ideals.

Different religions appearing in dreams may stem from your exposure to recent articles or documentaries on the subject. If this is the case, consider this part of the dream situational.

Each faith has a slightly different focus, which may reflect heavily on your current situation. For example, Buddhism is highly introspective and philosophical, which might reflect too much brooding on your part, or perhaps not enough, depending on the other dream images.

Renting Dreams

(see Apartment)

Transitory conditions in your life that exact a price, but produce no permanent results.

What’s being rented here will improve your dream’s interpretive value. For example, renting a car indicates that you may have a tendency to shuffle responsibility or run with other people’s ideas instead of developing your own.

Wanting creature comforts without having to exert a lot of physical, mental, or emotional effort to keep them.

Repairs Dreams

(see Hammer, Nails, Tools)

Look to see exactly what gets repaired in your dream. This can symbolize your body, mind, or spirit, or alternatively, a situation or relationship that needs mending. Usually repairs on a house equate to the self, whereas repairs to objects may be less personal in meaning.

The quality of the repairs performed here is also important. If, for example, a castle wall is patched with faulty materials and begins immediately to fall apart, this can reveal a halfhearted truce on the home front, or a makeshift cure for a malady that only covers symptoms.

Revolt Dreams

(see Fighting, Uprising)

Rhyme Dreams

(see Conversations, Riddles, Writing)

Something that seems, on the surface nonsensical or baffling (e.g., “not having any rhyme or reason”).

A mnemonic device that the subconscious or Higher Self uses to help you retain a dream key upon awakening. In this case, consider either the whole rhyme or each phrase for more meaning. For example, the children’s rhyme of “thirty days has September, April, June, and November” might have numerical significance, or may equate to the symbolism of the months mentioned.

In poetry, rhyme helps establish a meter to the words, and carries ideas from one line into the next. So, consider how well you have paced yourself lately, or if your line of reasoning has been flowing in the right direction.

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