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Galaxy Dreams

(see Space)

Gambling Dreams

(see Cards, Games)

Games Dreams

Each game envisioned in a dream has different meanings, depending on its focus. For example, chess stresses logic, forethought, and strategy as a key for victory, roulette wheels reflect gambles and uncertainty, word jumbles symbolize the need for ordered communications, and Monopoly might represent cautious use of money.

Figuratively, playing games with people instead of being forthright.

Garbage Dreams

Having too much mental clutter, or scattering attention in too many directions.

In a dump: Feeling literally “dumped on” by others or circumstances. Alternatively, being surrounded by scandal.

A desire for orderliness and organization that’s generated by having your sense of structure dismantled.

Things in your life of which you need to rid yourself.

Counsel from your subconscious that you figuratively need to socially, mentally, or physically clean up your act. What exactly needs to be thrown away so that you can grow and change?

A poor self-image that manifests in treating yourself like worthless garbage.

Ecological concerns displaying themselves through your dream.

Garbage trucks represent personality types that tend to accumulate possessions to assert their security, instead of developing personal qualities.

Finding something valuable in: An alternative type of treasure dream (“one person’s trash is another’s treasure”). Also, an optimistic outlook.

Compost heaps represent the need to nurture and fertilize your ambitions. A compost heap is also an emblem of taking a negative and finding a creative means of making it a positive (e.g., recycling garbage so that it nourishes the land).

Garden Dreams

(see Farm, Flowers, Fruit, Herbs, Seeds, Vegetables, Weeds)

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The condition of the garden can indicate the condition of many things, including your health, a relationship, or a business venture. So, a weedy or barren garden isn’t a good sign, whereas a flourishing garden is very positive.

Planting a garden: Seeding the soil of self with specific virtues that you hope will grow to fullness.

Weeding a garden: Ridding yourself of things that entangle and deter real maturation.

Tilling a garden: Preparation and readiness. Putting things in order so that your goals have good ground on which to develop.

An alternative type of island or oasis dream in which a blossoming garden equates to your image of paradise, or the attainment of some spiritual goal portrayed by what’s growing.

Garlic Dreams

(see Herbs)

Talmudic: Am emblem of increased fecundity. Among Hebrew men, it was customary to eat garlic before intercourse to ensure fertility.

Protection: Garlic was used regularly in spells and charms for safety, especially against spirits and evil creatures like vampires. You may want to consider this dream more metaphorically, like safeguarding yourself against the spirit of the vine, or people who “suck” your energy dry.

Vows, commitments, and promises. The ancient Egyptians swore oaths on garlic, rather like we swear on the Bible.

Strength during trying times. Ancient Egyptians, Israelites, and Romans ate garlic for this purpose, especially before battle.

The pungent flavor and small of garlic makes it an alternative fire symbol.

Passing through a field of garlic portends increased prominence and a better financial outlook.

Eating garlic represents having sensible views of life, and well-rounded ideals.

Being able to endure a time of difficulty and still land on your feet. Seamen and mountaineers alike carry fresh garlic to protect them against wreckage and foul weather, respectively.

Garnet Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

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Gas Station Dreams

A strong indication of your energy level. Are you filling up the tank regularly? If not, consider taking some time to rest and recoup your inner resources.

If the vehicle at the gas station has its gas gauge on empty, you’ve probably felt unproductive lately due to overextending yourself. Conversely, an overfilled tank can reveal a hyperactive personality who never seems to run out of energy (see Bus, Car).

Gate Dreams

Gates have associations similar to doors and archways with some minor variations. For example, if the gate has a keeper, this person may symbolize your Higher Self or a guardian figure (see Angel) waiting to help you traverse this obstacle.

Gates have strong correlations with fertility and productivity, being that the womb is sometimes referred to as the “gate of all life.”

The barrier between worlds, in this case the conscious and the subconscious. Many mythologies speak of the gate that leads to paradise in the afterlife. Once the spirit passes this juncture, there can be no return to morality.

Gems Dreams

(see by type, Crystals, Jewelry, Stones)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of gemstones and crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Something precious, to be cared for and guarded with due diligence.

The gem of truth. Facts revealing themselves.

Commitments and devotion. Precious gems, especially diamonds, are exchanged as part of engagement or wedding rites.

In a ring: Authority. Popes, kings, and other authority figures often wear gold rings mounted with precious gems as a sign of office.

Metaphysically: Assisted health, protection, or improved personal characteristics. People in nearly every ancient culture carried or wore precious gems as amulets, charms, and talismans for a variety of positive purposes.

Each precious or semiprecious gem carries different meanings within a dream. Amber equates to feelings trapped, diamonds are for love, emeralds represent resourcefulness, and garnets portend the end to a period of questioning. Additionally, jade indicates health, moonstone stands for foresight and all things feminine, opal represents financial situations, ruby is a type of fire dream, and sapphire shows faithfulness on your part.

Faceted gems represent different aspects in something or someone, including the Divine and yourself.

Ghost (Spirit) Dreams

(see Death, Séance)

Residual feelings or uncertainties that you haven’t totally dealt with honestly or recognized.

Esoterically, the disembodied spirit of a person who has returned with a message for you, or to ask for your aid.

Something perceived as remote or unlikely (e.g., “ghost of a chance”).

Memories of deceased friends, parents, and loved ones.

Undiscovered talents or portions of the self, especially those of a psychic nature.

Jungian: Uncontrolled psychic forces or complexes.

Being possessed by a spirit: A neurosis or psychosis that overrides your normal actions and reactions. Alternatively, this dream may occur to someone who has a drinking problem as a warning not to let this spirit possess them.

A ghost town: This symbolizes a penchant for living in the past instead of fully handling the present. The counsel here is to keep the good memories, let go of the rest, and start living fully again.

An omen of unexpected confrontation or trouble.

Ginger Dreams

(see Herbs)

If you’ve dreamt of ginger recently, you may discover that your zest for life and passionate interests are increasing.

Faithfulness: In the Koran, only the steadfast believers enjoy ginger-flavored beverages in paradise.

Honoring the gods. In China ginger was used as part of offerings, and in the Middle East it was favored for communing with the Divine.

Affection. When consumed, ginger generates a warm, cozy feeling within.

Assimilating new ideas or becoming more comfortable with a situation. Medicinally, ginger is an excellent aid to digestion.

If the ginger is consumed in the dream, this may represent purging figurative poisons from your system. Pythagoras recommended ginger for similar medicinal uses long ago.

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