Giraffe – Gypsy Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Giraffe Dreams

(see Animals)

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Because of the giraffe’s extended neck, this animal often symbolizes someone who takes unnecessary risks and puts themselves on the line for other people (e.g., “sticking your neck out”).

The height of the giraffe affords it a unique perspective. The caution here is not to become meddlesome in this investigation. Use your heightened awareness discreetly and wisely.

The long legs of this creature provide swift movement (see Velocity). Just take care where you step along the way.

If gathering water, this represents counsel from the subconscious to keep your eyes on the horizon when it comes to emotional or intuitive matters. Giraffes are most vulnerable when they drink, as it sets them slightly off-balance. Raising your sights back up may avert an unanticipated problem that could likewise set you off-kilter.

Glasses Dreams

(see Eyes)

Globe Dreams

(see Earth)

The World Card of the Tarot, representing fulfillment, a well-rounded outlook, and having the “world” at your doorstep.

A more universal, one-world mind-set developing.

Also, dreams about globes can signal that your higher self is urging you to learn more about the sacred meanings and symbolism of the Earth Element.

Gloves Dreams

(see Clothing, Hand)

Gnomes Dreams

(see Fairy)

Goblin Dreams

(see Fairy)

Gold Dreams

(see Colors, Coins, Sun)

Rulership or leadership. Taking control of your life or a situation. Note that this is the predominant metal historically used for crowns. Similarly, in Incan myth the Sun God gave the first created man and woman a golden staff with which to civilize a savage world (see Rods, Wand).

Financial matters-as such, a type of money or treasure dream.

Pyrite (fool’s gold): A disappointing gamble, or something that looks too good to be true.

New life, renewal, and the happiness that follows same.

An alternative emblem for light. In Hindu beliefs this metal is formed underground by trapped sunlight.

Long lasting happiness and love. The preferred metal for rings at marriage ceremonies is gold because it doesn’t tarnish.

Goldenrod Dreams

(see Flowers)

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Something or someone really getting under your skin and making things itchy or uncomfortable, like hay fever.

Folkloric: Discovering the hidden treasures within yourself. This flower marks underground springs, which on the dream plane equates to creative flow or the subconscious (see Water).

Healing your wounds. In China and among Native Americans, this plant was used regularly as a curative. What’s ailing you?

Growing near a home, goldenrod portends good fortune for the family therein.

Goose Dreams

(see Birds, Swan)

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Goose dreams symbolize the creative principle. In Egypt, a goose laid the cosmic egg from which the Universe sprang.

India: Representatives of freedom, eloquence, and learning.

Easter: A bringer of good news, especially for lovers. Geese mate for life.

An alternative wind emblem, having associations with Boreas in Greek mythology, the god of the north wind.

In the form of Mother Goose, an alternative goddess symbol, or reminder of youthful imagination and fancy.

Modernly, a dreams about a goose or geese is symbolic of foolish behavior (e.g., someone acting like a “silly goose”).

Grain Dreams

(see Corn, Farm, Field)

Grape Dreams

(see Fruit, Vine, Wine)

Eating grapes is supposed to increase the frequency of oracular dreams. Alternatively, according to folklore, eating grapes or raisins aids concentration and conscious alertness. In a dream this may mean improved prophetic abilities or an increased need to focus on studious matters, respectively.

Fertility. The abundance of grapes on the vine shows that the positive energy put toward your goals will reap rewards.

Fortitude shared with those around you. In a garden, grapes strengthen the hardiness of most nearby plants.

An emblem equated with Bacchus or Dionysus, both of whom had rather roguish natures, being fond of wine, song, and laughter. For the dreamer, this can reflect more social times or an improved sense of well-being accompanied by playfulness.

If the grapes are tart, this reflects a similarly caustic attitude (e.g., being full of “sour grapes”).

Grass Dreams

Foundational ideas from which you are either nourished or weakened. Look at the condition of the grass for more indicators.

Mowing grass symbolizes ideas or situations that get cut short before they have the chance to grow naturally into maturity.

Where do you see the grass in your dream, and what color is it? Depending on the answer here, you may discover a yearning for, or jealously of, another’s perceived success, thinking that the “grass is greener on the other side.” In this case, the dream reminds us that what’s “green” and what’s not is purely a matter of personal perspective.

Grave Dreams

(see Bones, Cemetery, Death, Tomb)

Gray Dreams

(see Colors)

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Old age and the sagacity that comes with long life (note the gray hair on elderly people).

Finding yourself in between stages, or having qualms and misgivings (e.g., “gray areas”).

The subconscious or the substance of the mind itself (e.g., “gray matter”).

The Cabalistic color of wisdom.

Green Dreams

(see Color)

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Growth, health, and rejuvenation, as the color most strongly associated with the season of spring. Take care, however, that growth is always tempered with conscientious pruning to yield more fruit.

A need to emphasize, or reconnect with, the natural world regularly in your life.

A manifestation of jealously or spite (e.g., the “green-eyed monster”).

Feeling that it is the right time to move ahead with your plans (e.g., “getting a green light”).

Moldy, rotting green represents the things you’ve neglected in your life.

If a light green color is dreamt of in a stone or crystal, this symbolizes having strong faith and godly devotion.

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Groom Dreams

(see Bride, Engagement, Men, Wedding)

For a man soon to marry, or his partner, a situational dream that needs no further interpretation.

In earlier times, it was the groom’s responsibility to protect his lady. On the dream plane, this may equate to a guardian of some type who watches over you (see Angel, Ghost).

Grove Dreams

(see Field, Forest, Trees)

Guide (Guru) Dreams

(see Angel, Ascetic, Authority Figures, Icon)

Gypsy Dreams

(see Divination, Storyteller, Travel)

Dreams about one Gypsy or a whole Gypsy tribe can symbolize the time has come to awaken your latent psychic abilities or unexplored occult interests (we often equate Gypsies with fortune-telling with cards (tarot reading), crystal balls, psychic development, runes casting, tea leaves and palmistry).

Having a free spirit, adventurous heart, and a slight disdain for definite rules (e.g., having “gypsy blood”).

Matters of sensuality or sexuality may be worked out through the image of a Gypsy, who is stereotyped as being more liberal in such matters.

Possibly a false guide or teacher who gives misleading information to gain adoration or money.

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