L – Lettuce Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Labor Dreams

(see Body, Birth, Miscarriage)

For a woman nearing the end of a pregnancy, or her partner, this is a situational dream that needs no further interpretation.

Figuratively laboring over a project or relationship in the hopes of bringing it to fruition.

If a breach birth, ask yourself if you might not be approaching things from the wrong direction, making the obtainment of your goal all the harder.

Induced labor represents feeling like you’re being forced into starting something too soon, for which you may not be totally prepared.

Ladder Dreams

(see Ascent, Climbing, Mountain, Stairs)

Mystically, the ascent to a higher spiritual plane. In ancient Egypt, the ladders of Set had angels on each side that helped the Pharaohs reach heaven.

Communing with spiritual powers (note Jacob’s ladder in the Old Testament).

The quest for, or achievement of, enlightenment in Asia and China.

Going downward on: Deep introspection and internalization.

Getting dizzy on the ascent upward represents intoxicating ambitions that may lead to a hard fall.

Lake Dreams

(see Water)

Water is symbolic of the subconscious. Learn about the Element of Water so you can better understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

Lameness Dreams

A fear of being hampered physically (see Crutch, Paralyzation).

A subconscious concern that you are ineffectual in your present circumstance.

The dread of impotency.

Having an obstacle that slows your progression with a person or situation.

Lamp Dreams

(see Candle, Light, Torch)

Landmarks Dreams

A memory resurfacing of a place or location that you visited before. Ask yourself if there was something about that region or experience that pertains to your present situation.

If you have never traveled to this place before, consider its name, location, and the landmark itself for more interpretive value. For example, seeing “Old Faithful” might speak of your timeliness or dedication (see Water).

Possibly the manifestation of a memory from a past life experience. Even so, there is something important about this experience that directly relates to your circumstances now.

Monuments appearing at the landmark show your loyalties to someone, something, or a situation. Such loyalties can be good or bad influences, so check the condition of the monument for further insight here.

Landslide Dreams

(see Disasters, Earth)

Languages Dreams

The origin of the language, if known, may have import here. For example, if your family originated in Italy and you dream in Italian, this may be a subconscious desire to learn more about your heritage.

The letters in some languages, like the Norse and Germanic runes and certain Hebraic characters, have very specific symbolic values. For more insight, peruse a book on the appropriate language at your local library, or ask someone who is familiar with the tongue (see Pictographs).

If the language is unrecognized, write it phonetically in your journal for future reference. This may be a past life memory, a spiritual message, or a type of glossolalia (speaking in tongues) that can be interpreted later.

Communication difficulties (e.g., someone who is not “speaking your language”).

Lapis Lazuli Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Divine favor, and the God-self within. Kings and queens regularly wore lapis to encourage blessings and as a mark of divine right.

Asserting your independence. In Sumer and other parts of the ancient world, lapis was used as a signature stone not unlike heraldic emblems were later, or our modern seals.

The color of lapis makes it a symbol of the psychic nature, peace, and uplifting emotions.

If worn by lovers in a dream, this portends devotion and fidelity.

Laughter Dreams

(see Clown, Jester, Jokes)

What type of laughter is it? Joyous laughter reflects happy occasions in your life. Mocking laughter, on the other hand, may be that which you perceive as coming from others, or from within yourself.

Figuratively, the best medicine to lift melancholy and aid motivation. If one can remember to laugh with life, almost everything becomes easier.

Lava Dreams

(see Disasters, Fire)

As the child of a volcano, this stone represents creative eruptions of some type. This is a flash of insight, be=ridging artistic obstacles, and resulting in true genius.

Hawaii: Health and well-being, especially if someone is seen in a circle of lava stones. More drastic healing and cleansing is symbolized by being within hot, flowing lava.

Reciprocity with nature. Hawaiian lore claims that the goddess Pele does not allow anyone to take lava stones without leaving a small offering first that acknowledges the gift of the earth.

Flowing lava becomes a river of fire, indicating a similarly fiery course for your life right now. However, lava does cool eventually, as will circumstances. With the settling, new foundations will develop.

Dreams about lava generally include fire. Learn all about the Element of Fire so you can delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams!

Lavender Dreams

(see Flowers, Garden, Herbs)

Read all about the Sacred Symbolism and Meaning of Flowers

Dreams about lavender can include the following symbolism and meanings:

Love and passion. During the Middle Ages, this was commonly used as an aphrodisiac or addition to love potions. Sprigs were also worn by prostitutes to attract business.

Today people use lavender to protect their clothes from moth infestation. What is it that you need to take out of storage and safeguard before it is destroyed?

Cleansing of some type. In Latin, the word for lavender means “to wash,” and Greeks and Romans favored lavender in the bath houses.

Improved moods. In aromatherapy, the scent of lavender is applied to ease melancholy.

Lead Dreams

(see Metals)

Leaves Dreams

(see Field, Forest, Plants by type, Trees)

Raking: Cleaning away something that’s old, but not necessarily without a use. Note that old leaves nourish the land, just as your past makes you who you are today.

Budding on a tree: A fresh beginning (see Fruits, Flowers, Gardens).

Rustling: An omen or portent from the Universe to which you should listen closely. The ancient Greeks used the sound of rustling leaves from the sacred oak tree in Dodona as an oracular method.

Lemon Dreams

(see Fruit, Juice, Trees)

Eating a lemon or drinking lemonade may reflect the need for cleansing and purification of your body. Lemon has a natural purgative quality.

Adoration, commitment, fidelity, and romance. In the Middle Ages, lemons were a common component in love potions.

If a woman dreams of lemons, it portends good luck in relationships.

A sour attitude.

Clever uses of adversity (e.g., “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”).

Leprechaun Dreams

(see Fairy)

Lettuce Dreams

(see Eating, Garden, Vegetables)

The white juice of this vegetable is equated with mother’s milk or semen, thereby symbolizing fertility or productivity.

Among the Greeks, lettuce was used to reflect the fragile nature of life, parts of which can be lost or taken away. On the dream plane, this may equate to losing your pep.

Astrologically, this is a lunar food, and as such may be an alternative moon emblem.

The green color of lettuce and its consistency give it some correlations with money. For example, if something is nibbling up all the lettuce in your dream, perhaps you feel that someone or something is likewise eating up your cash on the material plane.

If the lettuce is being eaten in the dream, this reveals a decrease in sexual appetite.

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