License – Lycanthropy Dream Symbols & Meanings

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License (Permits) Dreams

Rights and privileges; things that we can and cannot do legally or morally. So, the questions here pertain to what type of license is pictured, and what’s happening with the license in the dream. Is it being granted, taken away, torn up?

If you have a driving test or have to attend driving school soon, this is likely a circumstantial dream that requires no further interpretation (see Car).

Light Dreams

(see Candle, Fire, Torch)

Consciousness. The active, aware mind.

Enlightenment of a mental or spiritual nature.

Hope (e.g., “light at the end of the tunnel”).

A spiritual presence (see Angel, Ghost, Icons).

An extension of personal auric energy, viewed from the dream perspective.

Lighthouse Dreams

If you’re about to take a sea voyage, this may indicate some hesitation on your part, especially a fear of trouble at sea or a fear of drowning (see Boat, Water).

If you have been in distress, this dream shows that hope is on the horizon, and recovery will come.

A guiding energy, akin to an angel (see Light).

If someone is standing at the top of a lighthouse, this can be an alternative tower or balcony dream that implies that you are the one sending out a message of hope or help.

Lightning Dreams

(see Clouds, Disasters, Fire, Rain, Storms)

A phallic symbol. In ancient legends, lightning fertilized the womb of the abyss to begin creation.

Destruction and ruin. The Tarot cards depict a tower being torn asunder by lightning. The interpretation of the Tower card is devastation.

The flash and energy of inspiration.

Divine or righteous wrath. In African traditions, a person who survives being struck by lightning is banished because it’s considered a sign of serious divine judgment. Many European cultures depicted the gods’ anger similarly with lightning.

Lilac Dreams

Dreams about lilac flowers call on us to remember that we can’t always believe everything we hear. Take time to investigate the facts when you hear of gossip or even what is supposed to be “real news”.

Dreaming of lilac can also be an omen that an event is coming up which you will not think going to is important because you have so much going on in your life. However, the lilac has showed up in your dreams as a message that you should go to the event as it could be extremely favorable for you.

Lily Dreams

(see Flowers, Garden)

In Christianity, the lily is a symbol for Christ (see Icons).

Domestic happiness and duties. In China, this flower is used regularly to honor the Kitchen God.

Driving away your sadness by replacing it with beauty. In Japan, the Festival of the Cleansing Lily is performed to similarly drive away excess rain.

If the lily is growing in a garden, this symbolizes a desire to keep unwanted visitors out of your private space.

French Symbolism: Lilies are emblems of luck and serendipity.

Mexican Culture: Lilies portend reasons for celebration.

Chinese Symbols: The lily is an emblem that shows welcome and hospitality toward people or ideas.

Lily of the Valley: Someone you would never expect could soon give you some curious proposals.

Lines Dreams

(see Arts, Ink, Writing)

Boundaries you may have marked, or that other people created, delineating personal space and ground rules.

Figuratively, drawing the line on a situation that has gotten out of hand in your opinion, or holding the line with regard to a belief or ideal that you cherish.

Crossing a line: Going beyond a specific stricture, or breaking a taboo.

Consequences of actions or inactions, specifically those reaching into the future (e.g., something happening “down the line”).

Erasing a line reflects a purging of boundaries or limitations that were once important.

Lion Dreams

(see Animals, Cat, Tiger)

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Lion dreams roar into dreams as harbingers to pay special attention to your own aggression or anger, especially if the lion is hunting for prey.

Is it time for you to hunt or are you “the hunted”?

The roar and clamor of a bragging individual, who announces her/his presence to all who will listen.

Rulership or authority. The lion is known as the “king of the beasts” and is a potent solar symbol.

Hindu: The destroyer of demons, which can include bad memories, past experiences, and even addictions. A lion was the fourth incarnation of Vishnu.

Buddhist: Defending the law, but doing so with a soft paw of compassion.

Attentiveness. In folk beliefs it is said that the lion sleeps with its eyes always open.

Lizard Dreams

(see Animals, Dragon, Snake)

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Because of its primitive origins, many psychologists view lizard or snake dream as being symbolic of the Collective Unconscious or wild nature within.

In Egypt or Greece, an omen of luck.

African: Transformation and the ability to adapt to your surroundings. Here the lizard is regarded as a shape-shifter.

Lizards are very sensitive to land vibrations, and have very good hearing and keen eyesight, making them symbolic of awareness, especially psychically.

Impartiality and the ability to break away from various situations. When a predator pounces on a lizard’s tail, it is surprised to discover that the tail breaks off, leaving the lizard free and the alive to grow a new one!

Locations Dreams

(see Directions, Landmarks)

Seeing specific cities, states, or countries in your dream may have some bearing on the overall interpretation. For example, if the region has a symbolic name like Taylor, MI, this could indicate the need to “tailor” your activities or character to fit a specific situation. Areas that have animal names can be interpreted similarly, like Buffalo, NY, revealing a personality that tends to stampede over everyone standing in her/his way.

Locks Dreams

(see Keys)

Safeguarding something that you consider valuable or precious.

Closing away negative portions of yourself, including bad memories, habits, and characteristics.

Blockage or an obstacle. Having your creativity, emotions, or ambitions “locked out.”

Lodestone Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Stones)

Strength and tenacity. This stone has associations with Hercules, and Alexander the Great gave it to his armies to ensure their might.

Personal focus on being attractive or charismatic. As a natural magnet, lodestone was used by prostitutes to increase their business. It was also sometimes painted various colors as a component for magical “drawing” spells, such as green for encouraging prosperity or red to ensure passion or love.

Concerns over being a satisfying sexual partner. In India and Assyria, people rubbed this on the body to ensure potency.

Lotus Dreams

(see Flowers)

Among Hindus, a golden lotus represents the preexistent matter of the Universe. On the dream plane, this symbolizes untapped potential just waiting for your attention.

An alternative emblem for the sun. In Egypt, the Mother Goddess was called the lotus who gave birth to the sun.

In China, a golden lotus embodies a soul’s mystical quest, which is very similar to the more Western idea of the quest for the holy grail.

In India, this flower is sacred to Lakshmi, the goddess of good fortune. As such, it foretells better luck on the horizon.

Lycanthropy Dreams

(see Animal, Wolf)

Changing into any animal form reflects moving backward into more primal ways of thinking and behaving. The type of creature portrayed in the dream will help you to determine what aspect of your personality is returning to this wildness.

Communion with the astral realm. Shamans often transform into animals to travel in the spirit world.

Because folklore portrays this as a lunar phenomenon, this may be an alternative emblem of the moon.

Taking after your family in ways that are not necessarily complimentary. The ancients often believed that lycanthropy was hereditary.

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