Y – Youth Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Yelling Dreams

(see Amplification, Conversation, Fighting)

A dream expression of anger or frustration that you could not exhibit during waking hours.

A way for the subconscious or Higher Self to get your attention. What message is being shouted?

Yelling that has no discernible words represents making such a fuss over a situation that people just don’t want to hear about it anymore. Alternatively, this can reflect pointless arguments that cannot be won.

Echoes symbolize those thoughts, actions, or words that inevitably return in some manner: anger breeding anger, love rendering love. What types of echoes are you hearing, and what types of energy can you expect to return from them?

Yellow Dreams

(see Colors, Gold, Sun)

A color strongly associated with the element of air, this represents the mind and your ideals.

Bright: An extroverted personality who gains much energy from being around people and is very upbeat.

Depending on the shade observed, this may also symbolize cowardice.

Jaundiced yellow reflects the need to get some sun, metaphorically stressing a re-connection with one’s masculine, logical nature.

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Yew Dreams

(see Forest, Trees)

Norse mythology portrays the yew as Yggdrasil, or the World Tree. As such, this is a great symbol of security and firm roots.

Folkloric: Protection, specifically against magic meant to charm or beguile.

For someone who has been sick, this is a good omen. It foretells long life.

Celtic: A hunt or search. This was a favored wood for bows because of its flexible strength. What is it that you’re hunting?

Among the Druids, yew wood was used to foretell the future. If you accept this interpretation, look at the rest of the images in the dream as potentially prophetic in content.

Yggdrasil (The World Tree or Tree of Life) Dreams

(see Trees)

Creation and subsequent nourishment or support of what was created. In many myths, including Mayan, Norse, Indian, and Saxon, a special tree was part of humankind’s origins and the world’s beginning, its roots reaching out and feeding the earth.

The ability to communicate effectively. This is especially true if the tree’s leaves are rustling. In India specifically, the gift of language was provided to humankind through the World Tree’s leaves, each of which had a mantra written upon it.

Renewed life, health, wisdom, and knowledge. In Eden, the central tree bore the fruit of knowledge. In Celtic tradition, the Goddess’s trees in Avalon bore apples that granted longevity. Finally, in Asia, the Tree of Life has mantras that must be gathered by the souls of the dead to assure their reincarnation.

Youth Dreams

(see Age, Baby)

Having optimistic, Utopian outlooks that may or may not have any practical applications.

Abundant energy welling from within.

A playful spirit, renewed health, and innocent happiness.

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