E – Electricity Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Eagle Dreams

(see Animals, Birds, Wings)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

American: Freedoms and liberties in which everyone deserves to share.

Soaring with an eagle: A type of flying dream.

Many solar gods are equated with this symbol (see Sun), giving the eagle associations with the lifting of depression or a more conscious awareness.

Lofty ambitions that require great skill to achieve.

Jungian: Your father or another masculine authority figure.

Leadership skills. Among the Romans, this bird became a kind of totem for the emperor, who was thought to reincarnate as an eagle. Alternatively, this may also symbolize traditionally masculine characteristics like pride and fierceness developing.

An alternative lightning emblem. In ancient Greece, people placed eagles on temple rooftops to protect the building from lightning, as they felt this creature controlled the fire from the sky.

Riding on the back of an eagle represents a spiritual voyage, possibly an astral journey or OBE (Out of Body Experience).

Ears Dreams

(see Body, Face)

A direct reflection of your listening skills, or lack thereof. The size of the ears here might help interpret the dream further, large ones being more open but also less discreet.

The need to listen more closely to your inner self, or the messages from those who care about you.

Earrings represent decorating or exaggerating the facts of a story to make yourself look better (see Jewelry). Alternatively, this may be a warning from your own conscience to stop listening in on private conversations. In folklore, the ear originally got pierced as a chastisement for such impropriety.

Earth Dreams

(see Clay, Globe)

Being grounded or having solid foundations (e.g., being “down to earth”).

Earthly or mundane matters. The physical plane.

Plowing and planting: Efforts toward acquiring or accentuating positive attributes (see Garden, Farm).

A place of emergence, especially for magical power. In the Middle Ages, it was widely believed that witches gained energy from the earth, and could disappear if they touched soil. Alternatively, this can imply positive energy directed toward developing personal traits and characteristics.

A period of peacefulness. Teutonic tribes would often put down their weapons of war during the season of the Earth Goddess.

Groveling in earth: Debased morals or ideals, or possibly begging for forgiveness.

Mud: Ambiguous circumstances; things getting botched (see Dirt). Alternatively, malicious gossip meant specifically to make a perceived opponent look bad (e.g., “mud slinging”).

Among Native Americans, the Element of Earth represents the physical nature, so if the land in your dreams is rich and fruitful, you are likely quite healthy, as is any effort that requires “hands-on” attention.

Earthquake Dreams

(see Disasters)

East Dreams

(see Directions)

Learn all about the sacred symbolism of the 4 Cardinal Directions as well all the metaphysical meaning of the Direction East.

Eating Dreams

(see Food by type, Beverages, Candy, Fasting, Hunger)

If you have been dieting lately, this is likely a circumstantial dream that needs no further explanation.

The ideas, concepts, or beliefs currently being internalized (e.g., “you are what you eat”).

In esoteric traditions, eating is a way to ground energy and reestablish foundations in the material world. Consider if both feet have been on terra firma lately.

Metaphorically, is there something for which you hunger in your life, physically, mentally, or spiritually? If so, find the right food to fill out that hunger so that strong, healthy growth may begin (or continue).

A representation of your current eating habits. Are you eating well-rounded meals-or too much junk food? Consider what the dream shows you in terms of how you’ve been feeling lately, and make appropriate adjustments in your diet.

Eating a celebratory feast represents sampling a little from many different aspects of life, and enjoying each fully. It may also portend a period of abundance and pleasant surprises soon to follow.

Arriving late for a feast indicates the presence of many pressing personal matters that often detain social interactions.

Reviewing a menu in a dream signifies life’s decisions and how metaphorically “good” they are for you. Consider what types of foods were chosen, and if the choices were costly, for more specific symbolism.

Leaving a table hungry represents being dissatisfied by the results of an effort, the answer received from a question, or a situation that is less fulfilling than you might wish.

Eclipse Dreams

(see Moon, Sun)

Being in between two phases; a momentary limbo.

Temporary concealment of the truth.

Lunar eclipse: Hiding from, or trying to ignore, the feminine aspect of self (see Women).

Solar eclipse: Hiding from, or trying to ignore, the masculine aspect of self (see Men).

Being devoured or obscured by something or someone that seems larger than life. Several myths from various lands tell of great creatures, like dragons, who eat the sun or moon, thereby causing its disappearance.

If you are developing your psychic abilities or tarot reading skills, dreaming of The Moon could be a sign your clairvoyant powers are greatly expanding.

Alternately, if you see a Moon inverted, upside down or reversed, it could be an omen you’re not paying enough attention to your intuition.

Egg Dreams

(see Basket, Chicken, Eating)

Dreams about eggs are big omens that require extra attention paid to them.

Cracking open: Coming out of a shell and enjoying a more social existence. Alternatively, the birth of new ideals or abilities.

Potential and fertility just waiting to be liberated from within.

Rotten: Something about this predicament “smells” bad, even though it may outwardly appear quite good.

A fragile or delicate situation requiring diplomacy (e.g., “walking on egg shells”).

The creative force of the Universe becoming actively expressed in and through your life. In several mythological cycles including those of Egypt and Greece, the primordial cosmic matter is represented by an egg.

Folk medicine: If placed in the ground or broken into soil, this represents the waning of sickness.

If the meaning and symbolism of eggs is speaking to your soul, it can help to keep a stone egg in your energy field.

Eight Dreams

(see Numbers)

The number of integration and eternity, indicating that whatever you put effort into right now will have lasting effect. Note that the number eight turned on its side becomes the infinity symbol.

In Egypt, the number symbolizing rebirth. Watch for a window of opportunity to open, offering you a new beginning.

Natural cycles (see Seasons). The wheel of the year is generally depicted as having eight spokes. What cycle or season are you in now?

Dreaming about Numbers can be a sign your higher self is urging you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of Numbers.

Also, make sure to use our Numerology Calculator and discover your Life Path, Destiny, Personality, Soul and Career Numbers!

Elder Tree Dreams

(see Field, Forest, Trees)

Increasing personal energy and zeal for a goal or project. Frequently elder is used to bolster fires because it has hollow branches that catch well.

Some type of ending or death. Elder is a traditional funerary wood.

In Serbia, this is a symbol of fortune and luck smiling upon you.

Carrying an elder branch in a dream represents devotion in your relationships.

Among Celtic tribes, elderberry wine was used to inspire divinatory visions, and was only drunk by the initiated. As such, this dream may reflect a personal initiation into the psychic realms (see Beverages).

Elections Dreams

In an election year, this is a situational dream wherein you mull over the present candidates from a new vantage point.

Choices that we all must make, especially those that affect your interaction with the community or those associated with legal matters.

Political game playing at the office or in other circumstances.

Electricity Dreams

(see Circuit Breaker, Light, Lightning)

Shocking changes.

A sudden increase in personal energy. Look to see what the source of power is for further insight.

The driving force within the dreamer. Where the electricity originates should shed more light on the meanings here.

Being a “live wire” or knowing someone who fits this description. The counsel here is to maintain a good sense of grounding so that the energy doesn’t go to waste or become harmful.

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