Elephant – Eyes Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Elephant Dreams

(see Animals)

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Elephants exhibit many positive attributes, including affection and loyalty. Consider how much of both you have given to yourself, or to those around you, and vice versa.

These creatures also have a strong sense of smell that affords discernment. How does your present situation smell? Is something amiss?

An affinity for nature worship. According to Pliny, this creature worships the sun and stars, and invokes the heavens.

In ancient Rome, this image appeared on coins representing the power of charity. Does someone around you have a need that you’ve overlooked?

Among Hindus, the elephant symbolizes wisdom. Ganesha, the god of sagacity, is an elephant, often portrayed dancing.

Buddhists regard the white elephant as emblematic of compassion, love, kindness, self-restraint, and patient endurance, revealing the emergence of such positive traits within you. Note, however, the Western society transforms this image’s meaning to that of useless decoration (e.g., a “white elephant sale”), which might reflect a lack of self-worth or feeling ineffectual in a specific situation.

Chinese: Prudence and independent authority over self, others, or a situation. Don’t be afraid to take charge!

In modern aphorisms, a pink elephant represents being deluded by your own senses. Such delusion usually comes by your own hand (as happens when one drinks too much alcohol).

Elevator Dreams

(see Ascent, Ladder, Stairs)

Elves Dreams

(see Fairy)

Embroidery Dreams

(see Fabric, Needle)

Embryo Dreams

(see Baby, Birth, Miscarriage, Pregnancy)

For a pregnant woman, or her partner, a situational dream that requires no further interpretation.

A period of gestation and waiting that may actually span 40 weeks. This is not a situation that can be rushed or forced.

A new beginning or opportunity that has just been recognized, or is just starting to develop.

Engagement Dreams

(see Bride, Groom, Relationships, Wedding)

A commitment of some nature, but it’s not permanent yet. This is a good time to reexamine your thinking and make sure this is a good decision about which you feel confident.

As a play on words, social commitments that you may, or may not, have any time to enjoy (e.g., “pressing engagements”).

What are your feelings in this dream? Are you happy and content about the pledge made? If not, this can reflect anxiety or anger over someone else’s upcoming nuptials, or second thoughts about a responsibility you’ve recently taken on.

Eraser Dreams

(see Writing)

Wishing to negate something as if it never existed, or correct a mistake totally.

Your own ability to rectify a situation that has been haunting you. Look to see what words or pictographs get erased for more interpretive value.

Escape Dreams

(see Cage, Separation)

A very favorable omen marking the beginning of better times.

Feeling trapped, but not without some course of action that will lead to liberation. Pay close attention to the details of this dream to see if it offers the solution you have sought.

Distraction that allows temporary escape from whatever’s on your mind.

Purposefully separating yourself from a situation that you perceived as unhealthy or unhappy.

Evil Dreams

(see Black, Darkness, Monsters)

For those who walk in the light, dreams about evil are no fun and could certainly be labeled “nightmare” or “night terror”. Even those whose karmic path or whose sacred contract involves walking in the dark may find that the symbolic meaning of a dream about evil can leave them shaken and disturbed for days.

Your personal shadow; negatives to overcome within.

Metaphysically, the dark forces that exist in all things, maintaining the balance (see Hell).

Demons and other malevolent creatures represent fears and anxiety that manifest through these images. If very threatening toward the dreamer, this can reflect self-hatred or guilt. Alternatively, this can indicate dangerous companions whose immorality is disguised by flattery.

Excavation Dreams

Hunting for something that seems elusive or hidden from direct view. Due to the soil involved, this may have something to down with personal foundations.

Metaphorically, digging up the dirt on someone or a situation.

Uncovering treasures that are just waiting for your persistent efforts to discover them.

Digging through your own past to discover the worth of experiences, and how they have made you what and who you are today.

Explosion Dreams

(see Disasters, Dynamite)

Disapproval or dissatisfaction with a particular idea, person, or situation that is reaching a critical point.

Indiscreet action or abused confidences that resulted in very explosive emotions.

An alternative symbol for an extremely passionate sexual encounter.

Destroying obstacles that threaten to impede your path or goals.

Eyes Dreams

(see Body, Face)

As the window of the soul, these reveal truth to us. So, how do the eyes appear? Are they fully open to see things as they are really?

Judgment from others, or judging yourself for specific actions or words. In Hindu tradition, the Goddess could create or destroy the Universe with a blink of her eye. Similarly, in Syria and Mediterranean regions, the all-seeing eyes of the Goddess symbolized truth and the universal laws from which no one could hide.

The shape and size of the eyes may hold import. For example, very small eyes that appear closed in the dream indicate someone who is small-minded and unwilling to look at alternative viewpoints.

Various conditions in eyesight also have specific meanings. Being nearsighted indicates the need to extend your perspective, whereas farsightedness suggests that you should take a closer look at things. Tunnel vision equates to being so focused on a goal that you neglect to see other potential opportunities and angles through which you might succeed. Finally, having cataracts is a kind of blindness dream, where vision is partially or totally impeded.

Eye of Horus: Wisdom within the mind, and the power of knowledge to help us see and understand things more clearly.

Third Eye (center of the forehead): The psychic nature and transcendent universal awareness (i.e. psychic or clairvoyant abilities)

If you see only the right eye in your dream, this represents the sun, whereas seeing only the left represents the moon (as is seen in the eyes of Mithras).

Squinted Eyes: Represents avoiding the sun-the logical, rational, conscious mind and thought processes. Alternatively, this can symbolize looking at something very closely.

Pop-eyed visages: Abundant surprise, excitement, or fear.

Two Different-Colored Eyes: This symbolism hearkens back to earlier times in history when a person with two differently colored pupils was thought to be able to administer the evil eye. Is there someone looking at you with malicious intent, or perhaps selfish motivations?

Wearing glasses in your dream indicates impaired vision that has somehow been corrected. However, if the glasses are tinted, check to see if you aren’t looking at a situation or person through “rose-colored glasses.”

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