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Cabbage Dreams

(see Eating, Vegetables)

Because of its color and shape, this is an alternative moon or circle emblem.

Moodiness. In earlier days, eating this item was believed to cause sullenness or irritability. However, the Greeks reversed this concept and claimed eating cabbage could cure this problem. The rest of the dream will have to delineate which interpretative outlook is correct.

As an omen, this portends decreasing finances. Historically, cabbage was often the food of peasants.

Cactus Dreams

(see Desert, Sand)

Metaphorically, prickly situations that require careful handling.

Protection and safety. The needles on this plant may speak of your own need for protection, or possibly they represent the armor you place between yourself and the world.

Unexpected refreshment from an equally unexpected source. In the desert, cacti are an alternative source of water.

Because of the cactus’s natural ability to safeguard its nourishment, this symbol can also reflect a wise, frugal attitude.

Cage (Jail) Dreams

Escaping from a jail: Freedom, liberation, and self-expression. Also moving into a new stage in your life.

Punishing yourself or someone else for something you perceive as gong against personal, societal, or divine law.

Cabin fever. Feeling cooped up with no place to really stretch your skills.

Restraint. What’s inside the cage that you’re not letting out? Or, what’s holding you in?

Having your rules set by an authority figure who makes you feel boxed in.

Prisons represent the inability to regain control. Also having limited options or confinement within a specific societal boundary.

An expression of claustrophobia.

Cakes Dreams

(see Baking, Eating, Frosting)

Labors that result in favorable outcomes, especially if the cake rises.

Something that’s easy, possibly too easy (e.g., a “piece of cake”).

Eating cake alone can reveal selfishness, or being out of touch with the needs of others (e.g., “let them eat cake”).

Eating cake with others may be a type of initiation, or another sacred ritual. Specially prepared cakes feature predominantly in many such pagan observances.

Birthday cakes are an emblem of celebrations and wishes. This may be an actual memory surfacing, so look to see who else appears in the dream. Count the candles on the cake for numerical significance, and see who is joining in the festivities.

Calculator Dreams

(see Arithmetic, Numbers)

Accurate determination of the correctness, or incorrectness, of your thoughts and actions (e.g., does everything “add up”?).

Mental determinations and subsequent reckoning either to yourself or a situation.

Dreaming about Numbers can be a sign your higher self is urging you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of Numbers.

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Calendar Dreams

(see Numbers)

Systematic approaches and arrangements that maintain a steady flow of work, creativity, etc.

The date that appears on the calendar is usually of great import. Pay attention to it, and check its numerology meanings, if you don’t immediately recognize the meaning.

Each month and day of the week has special significance, some of which can be discerned by their names or at what time of year they occur. For example, Monday is the Moon’s day, and reveals your intuitive, emotional nature. April occurs in spring, and is a month signifying opportunity knocking (see Seasons). Try looking at a good astrological calendar for other ideas along this line.

Camel Dreams

(see Animals, Desert, Sand)

Being a desert creature, camels often represent a dry spell in our lives when we must have patience. Additionally, there is a subtle caution here not to drink any figurative “water” too quickly during this drought, lest you run out or get sick.

In Africa, a symbol of obedient service.

In Arabia, camels are the guardians of the waters, which in this case reflects the intuitive or emotional nature of the dreamer. Are you safeguarding your heart or throwing caution to the winds?

Some important biblical figures are also associated with this creature. John the Baptist was clothed in camel hair (again relating to water) as a symbol of his temperance, and Magi rode camels to Christ’s birth, making this a creature of dignity and stamina.

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Candle (Lamp) Dreams

(see Fire, Light, Torch)

Fire is one of the 5 Elements. Dreaming about Fire can symbolize the following:

Illumination, understanding, or enlightenment. The quest to understand spiritual matters.

The soul. As the Bible says, “let your light so shine among men.”

A candle being lit represents a new beginning, whereas an extinguished candle symbolizes the passing of the old.

Fear of an early death or growing old (e.g., having your candle “snuffed out”).

Spiritual presences. A winding sheet or blue flame on the candle, according to folklore, speaks of ghostly company. This might be a departed love on, an angel, or even your Higher Self trying to communicate (see Ghost).

Energy levels. Are you burning the candle at both ends?

Hope and protection. In the Middle Ages candles were not only a source of light, but were placed near beds to safeguard the sleeper from wandering spirits.

Ideas or ideals. Suddenly experiencing comprehension (having the proverbial “light bulb” go on).

An alternative phallic symbol. Pagan folk dances often included candle jumping for fertility.

A clear burning flame on a candle indicates the presence of devoted friends, or constancy in yourself.

Candy Dreams

(see Eating, Food)

If you’ve been dieting lately, this is likely a circumstantial dream that requires no further examination.

Things in life perceived as sweet to obtain, even though not necessarily good for you. For example, success can be quite sweet, but at what cost?

Because candy is strongly connected with dental work, this may be an indicator that your words are either too sugary, or not amiable enough, depending on what’s happening to the candy in the dream (see Teeth).

A happy portent of social pleasures on the horizon.

Canning Dreams

(see Eating, Fruits, Vegetables)

Setting aside some type of resource for a time when you feel it will be needed.

Hiding something; what’s getting locked away in that can?

Alchemical: Canning as an art mythologically owes some of its beginnings to Hermes Trismegistus, a legendary author of alchemical doctrines sometime in the first three centuries C.E. (e.g., Hermetic seals), and the god of communication. The implied symbolism here is that something is “bottled up” or “airtight”, often pertaining to disclosure.

Can Opener Dreams

Opening up yourself and letting out all the accumulated knowledge and experience stored within.

Getting past a tough barrier to gain something with substantial sustenance. This includes breaching any obstacles you’ve placed between yourself and the world, or those behind which other people hide (see Armor).

Canvas Dreams

(see Art)

This represents the blank slate of life upon which our experiences, cultures, families, and personal dispositions paint the mural of our being. Look at the images closely. It will tell you how you perceive yourself. Also check the easel on which the painting rests to be sure your foundations are secure.

Car Dreams

(see Airplane, Horse, Spaceship)

If you are behind the wheel of the car, this shows self-control and the ability to steer your own fate.

If someone else is steering, and you’re in the passenger sear, consider if you allow other people to manipulate your decisions too much. Alternatively, there may be parts of yourself over which you have little mastery.

Travel, movement, and activity, as common to many vehicle emblems (see Highway).

A literal reflection of your current driving habits.

Parked: Halted momentum, or temporary waylay of plans, usually of your own making, whereas a traffic jam indicates external forces stopping your progress.

Your body’s condition: According to Edgar Cayce, each part of the car may correspond to a body part. For example, wheels are legs, and therefore a flat tire may indicate regional circulation problems. Note that this is also true of buildings and other vehicles (windows=eyes, paint=skin, roof=hair or head, engine=heart or emotions, etc.). In this case, seeing a mechanic in your dream might be a gentle nudge to go to a doctor.

Speeding: Reacting quickly without real thought. Slow down, then decide the best avenue for approaching this situation.

Slow moving vehicles: The propensity for procrastination or delaying the inevitable.

Driving a standard in your dream shows how well you handle the constant changes that life hands you. Consider whether the gears grind or if the clutch sticks. If so, get out some elbow grease and work on being more flexible and prepared.

Missing your ride indicates a failed attempt to forward current prospects. It may be necessary to wait a while before trying again (see Bus).

Carcass Dreams

(see Altar, Bones, Animals, Death)

Appearing on an altar: The hope of blessings from a “higher” power, including authority figures. The Mesopotamians, Babylonians, and Hebrews all had religious sects that offered animals to their gods and goddesses to gain favor. Alternatively, guilt feelings related to something perceived as a sin, for which you wish to atone through an offering.

Partially eaten flesh: Exposure; feeling like you’re at the whims of some predator in your “territory.” Also a painfully blunt reminder of mortal limitations. Likely, your emotional slate is jagged, torn, and overly agitated by these sensations. You need to regain some stability.

If more than one animal devours the carcass, this signifies someone being pulled in two distinct directions both of which seem unhealthy. Two or more forces are fighting for dominion in your life, and none has your best interest at heart.

For people considering becoming vegetarian, a disgusting carcass may signal your readiness to start heading in that direction.

Turning away from a carcass signals a change from mundane outlooks to an increased focus on metaphysical or religious matters.

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