Chalice – Closet Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Chalice (Cup) Dreams

(see Abyss, Basket, Beverages by type, Bowl, Circle, Cauldron)

Alternative womb and fertility symbol, especially if filled with liquid (see Milk, Juice, Water, Wine).

Arthurian and Druidical lore identity this emblem as the grail, the cup that signifies humankind’s connection with nature and each other.

Christian: The sacredness of life and the quality of forgiveness (the cup of Christ’s blood). In this case, do you drink freely of what’s offered you, or pour it away?

Unity. In Gypsy, pagan, and Hebrew marriage and courtship rites, people drinking from one cup link their destinies and become as one.

Refusing: Wishing to avert a personal trial that is really unavoidable (note the story of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane). Alternatively, rejecting an opportunity for friendship or camaraderie because of suspicious motivations.

In Eastern philosophy, a cup is shaped by what it contains. What metaphorical beverages do you incorporate into yourself by drinking of this cup?

Chameleon Dreams

(see Animals, Color)

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Inconsistency to the point of losing all focus of the self and one’s sense of identity apart from a group or situation.

The ability to change or blend in when necessary for self-preservation.

Pliny attributed this creature to the element of air, saying it lived on this etheric substance.

Because the chameleon’s eyes see independently of each other, it also represents awareness, specifically of the past and future.

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Chanting Dreams

(see Incantation, Language)

Dedicated religious observance. Numerous civilizations recognized chanting as a viable expression of veneration, or a means of communing with greater powers.

The Om chant from Tibet acts as a creative spell that reaffirms the self and the Source. In a dream this reflects the birth of a more aware, actualized person who has discovered the Divine within.

Among the Greeks, Mesopotamians, and Egyptians, sacred sounds and words symbolized the originating force within all things, including you!

Charge Cards Dreams

(see Bank/Banking, Money)

Obtaining something that will carry a very high price over the long term.

Overextension of resources, and being impatient for material things.

What is being paid for? Is it something for which you should work instead of taking the easy road?

Cheese Dreams

(see Eating, Milk)

Matters of love and commitment. In ancient Greece, cheese was used as part of traditional wedding cakes.

As a visual pun, this may reflect a “cheesy” attitude or outlook.

Consider the type of cheese for more potential symbolism. Swiss cheese represents plans that have lots of holes in them, whereas Roquefort stands for something not smelling quite right (see Smells).

In Switzerland, a cheese fondue portends unexpected guests, because the food is so tasty that it inspires visits!

Longevity of your achievements or ideas. According to Pliny, Zoroaster lived for 30 years on cheese alone.

Chicken Dreams

(see Animals)

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Dreaming specifically of a Rooster can symbolize the Chinese Zodiac and The Year of the Rooster.

Dreams about Chickens can mean the following:

Fear or timidity (e.g., being “chicken”).

Running aimlessly around: Lacking personal direction, racing from worries or doing so much that everything loses focus (e.g., “like a chicken with its head cut off”).

An omen or message. Among the Romans, chickens were used to foretell the outcome of battles by observing their movements and clucking.

Health matters (stemming from the idea that chicken soup is a panacea of sorts).

In a roost: Good planning and foresight; preparing for an arrival, sometimes that of a child.

Appearing on a doorstep: A portent that foretells the arrival of guests.

Choking Dreams

Someone who is not being totally candid and honest (e.g., “choking back words”).

Having your own words return to haunt you.

Something that is so sugar coated that it is impossible to swallow. Look further here and uncover the truth.

Christ Dreams

(see Icons)

Church Dreams

(see Altar, Bells, Holy Ground, Monastery, Priest/Priestess, Sanctuary, Temple)

Sanctuary, safety, privacy. A place within which secrets remain concealed except to the Divine. If you entered the church and sat down, this shows a personal need for seclusion or security. Alternatively, perhaps you feel as if someone has betrayed a trust, and seek alternative sources in which to place your faith (see Religions).

Your health. We often hear the aphorism that the “body is the temple of the soul.” In what condition do you find your temple? If the church appears run-down, get some rest and take better care of yourself.

Seeking the sacred powers or a desire to give that portion of your life more attention. It may also mark the beginning of a spiritual ideology unfolding, especially if the church is of a specific tradition with which you feel affinity.

Cinnamon Dreams

(see Herbs)

Prosperity, or something for which you would pay highly. In ancient Rome, this was one of the most highly valued imports.

The expanding of human consciousness to more universal horizons. Cinnamon was one of the spices that helped spur world exploration in humankind’s early history.

Cleansing and purification. Cinnamon has natural astringent properties.

Circle Dreams

(see Abyss, Balloon, Basket, Bowl, Cauldron, Chalice, Coins, Satellite, Dish, Zero)

Wholeness, totality, centering. Halos, for example, symbolize spiritual wholeness and focus (see Light).

Pictorially, an alternative emblem for either the sun or moon.

Freudian: A vaginal emblem or symbol of femininity due to its shape.

Equality and unity. The round table of King Arthur’s court gave everyone an equal voice and symbolized the solidarity of Britain.

Protected or sacred space. In the first century B.C.E., magicians were sometimes called “circle drawers” because ritual magic uses this emblem to contain power. Similarly, a fairy ring safeguards its residents from mortals.

Going around in circles: Being trapped in progressively worse cycles, outmoded ideas, or a static lifestyle with little achievement.

A circle with a point in the center is a type of mandala emblem representing personal wholeness, order, harmony, and healing.

God or divine influences and protection. There is a Hindu saying that God is an unbroken circle without a circumference, being nowhere and everywhere.

Circuit Breaker Dreams

Being overloaded with too much information or too many ideas, and consequently unable to integrate them effectively.

Advice from your subconscious to take a break from the potent forces around you before you burn out (see Electricity).

Self-regulation, especially with regard to personal energy.

Cities Dreams

(see Locations)

Clay Dreams

The loam of creation from which characteristics can be formed and molded. In Genesis, Adam was formed from clay in God’s image (see Earth). Similarly, the Mesopotamian Armaiti and Sumerian Nammu created humankind from clay.

Too much emphasis on trying to change yourself just for the sake of appearances and fitting in.

Flexibility. The ability to temporarily remold yourself to fit into different situations and settings.

Cliff Dreams

(see Abyss)

A crucial turning point in life that requires a decision, especially one pertaining to polarities, such as “good” versus “evil” or action versus waiting.

Real or perceived danger that exists in your current situation. Are you about to dive into something without really looking first?

Falling off of: A type of falling dream in which it’s important to figure out exactly what the cliff represents.

Climbing Dreams

(see Ascent, Ladder, Mountain, Stairs)

Ambitions and the desire for success.

If you dream of a very long climb, potentially the desire to retreat or escape. Alternatively, this can portend a lengthy period of hard work before you reach your goals.

To a platform: A type of ivory tower from which it is easy to fall. Alternatively, a place where you can get a better outlook.

Over a wall: Anxiousness, or the need to escape from a restrictive situation imposed by your family, society, religion, or whatever. Alternatively, overcoming an obstacle.

Clock Dreams

(see Bells, Hourglass, Numbers, Time)

Standing still: Impatience for some event soon to come, or feeling spiritually, emotionally, or mentally paralyzed.

Hands or numbers moving counterclockwise: Ask yourself if you’re going against a personal taboo or taking a step backward toward obsolete habits and thought patterns.

Punching a time clock: The danger of becoming a slave to schedules and the agendas of other people.

Is the clock digital, electric, a wristwatch, wind-up, a cuckoo clock, or perhaps even a sundial? Each of these has different associations. Digital clocks show that you are living in the present. Electric clocks and wind-up versions are more antiquated, revealing a stronger focus on times past. The cuckoo clock expresses craftsmanship. Have you been giving enough time to your arts lately? Lastly, the sundial represents our ancient roots when humans were more intimately aware of nature. How much time do you spend outdoors just appreciating the Earth?

Look at what time the clock gives, and check its Numerology meaning.

Dreaming about Numbers can be a sign your higher self is urging you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of Numbers.

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Closet Dreams

(see Box, Clothes)

In children, often a reflection of their fears. What exactly is the closet hiding?

If the door is ajar, perhaps you are thinking of coming out of the closet with some controversial aspect of your life or beliefs.

If a skeleton is in the closet, consider what you might be hiding from others, or even from yourself (see Bones).

How does the closet appear? Is it orderly or messy? This organization, or lack thereof, can be a reflection of your own thought processes, or the orderliness of your lifestyle in general.

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