Cards – Chains Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Cards Dreams

(see Games)

A deck of cards: Is the deck complete with 52 cards? If not, you may have fragmentary information about a person or situation.

Playing cards: Consider if you’re gambling on something or someone, or taking an unnecessary risk. Alternatively, having your attention diverted from more legitimate, and worthwhile, endeavors.

Playing an ace: Successfully and confidently making your move, or having an alternative plan of action on which to fall back (e.g., having “an ace in the hole”). In terms of omens and signs, this is considered a very positive dream denoting victory (see One).

Potential mental instability, or lacking thorough information or tools with which to handle a situation (e.g., “not playing with a full deck”).

If the hand you see is filled with jokers, this reflects your own sense of humor. Is it a healthy one, or do you make jokes and laugh to cover up insecurity? Also if you’re the eternal prankster, this dream acts as a gentle warning that someone might get result of ill-conceived shenanigans.

Tarot cards in dreams should be interpreted according to their layout and images. For more information, consult a classical Tarot deck with interpretive guide like the Rider-Waite Tarot.

Business cards may have symbolic words and phrases upon them to consider. The names and phone numbers can also have interpretative value. Consider each separately, and the card as a whole unit, when trying to understand this emblem.

Greeting cards in dreams reflect matters of communication, particularly those missives coming from other people. Look at the card’s message (see Writing) or its art for more meaning here.

Carnation Dreams

(see Colors, Flowers, Gardens)

Dreams about carnations can have varied symbolic meaning and interpretations. When analyzing your dream involving carnations, consider the possibilities below and your own intuition will guide you to know which is right for you.

Additionally, you’ll want to refer to the carnation’s color for more specific details.

Victorian: Carnations were symbols of pride and beauty.

Elizabethan: Preventing an untimely death on a scaffold. If you’ve stuck your neck out lately, you may want to reconsider this course of action.

A Carnation’s Symbolism in a dream could be your higher self reminding you to tap into the energy of your Heart Chakra when you need to lift your spirits; especially as it pertains to relationship issues.

Precognitive & Psychic Dreams: The carnation gets its name from “coronation,” because it was used so often in ancient times as a festival flower. So dreams about carnations may portend of happy celebrations and/or some type of promotion or public recognition.

Carnelian Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

Also, learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Dreaming of the Healing Crystal Carnelian may symbolize the following:

Because of its red color, this is an alternative blood emblem.

Among Moslems, a symbol of perfect happiness, effective speech and depression’s abatement.

In ancient Greece, Carnelian represented having one’s wishes satisfied.

Arabian: Take care, someone is trying to trick or deceive you.

In dream oracles, the Carnelian Stone warns of forthcoming misfortunes for which you should begin to prepare.

Carpet/Rug Dreams

Feeling stepped on or ignored.

Red carpets: Special treatment or well-deserved honor.

Sweeping beneath: Hidden matters or things you’re trying to conceal (see Broom).

Flying carpet: Another type of flying dream, but one that also denotes a sense of rescue, maneuverability, and safety. Aladdin’s carpet aided him in times of great need.

Buying a rug in dreams is a good sign that foretells gains and financial help that’s available from friends.

Wall-to-wall carpeting reflects an attempt to try and cover up some type of flaw in your character instead of fixing it.

Tapestry rugs often have pictographs or whole scenes that reflect prevalent matters in your life. Look at the whole image first, then each object or person shown, for significance (see Fabric).

Castle (House) Dreams

(see Apartment, Buildings by type, Cave)

Physical matters, as with any structure. Note the condition of each portion of the castle and its relationship to your body (see Body, Car).

According to Henry David Thoreau, the image of our highest hopes and aspirations that may or may not have any foundation to uphold them (e.g., building “castles in the air”).

Matters of honor or chivalry, going back to medieval tradition.

A place or situation that seems safe and secure, as if surrounded by an impenetrable mote. The mote, however, may also represent obstacles or armor that you place between yourself and others.

Being locked in the tower or dungeon of a castle: A type of cage dream.

An old, vine-covered castle represents romantic idealism that may not have any footing in reality. Take care not to get locked into this vision without being aware that the “here and low” cannot always meet up to lofty expectations.

Cat Dreams

(see Animals, Lion, Tiger)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

Dreams about Cats are P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. omens!

Cat Dreams can have the following symbolic meanings:

With a mouse: The power of good over evil. In ancient Egypt, the great God Ra was sometimes depicted as a cat slaying a snake with similar connotations.

The ability to land on your feet, even in difficult circumstances, and remain independent.

An emblem of rebirth and new beginnings. Cats have nine lives, upon which are you now embarking?

If seen on a sailing vessel, very good luck and health (see Boat). Cats eliminated mice from ships on long journeys, thereby decreasing disease.

Magical or mystical energy. The cat was a sacred creature to the Greek goddess Hecate, and the Roman goddess Diana, both patronesses of witches. Additionally, it was the most commonly mentioned familiar for witches in old Grimoires, medieval books of practical magic that included spells, herbals, and folk wisdom.

An alternative symbol of feminine, lunar characteristics.

Hissing and scratching: A “catty” nature rearing its ugly head, or withheld aggression toward women.

The Cheshire Cat is an emblem of haughty or arrogant attitudes (see Laughter).

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Cauldron Dreams

(see Abyss, basket, Bowl, Chalice, Circle, Forge, Water)

The symbol of the triune, primordial Goddess and birth giver (because of its shape and having three legs).

Fertility, femininity, and procreativity.

Magical power. In Indian mythos, Indra drank from three cauldrons to empower himself with mystical energy.

Wisdom, insight, and knowledge. According to Teutonic stories, there are three great cauldrons in the earth’s center containing beverages that impart these beneficial characteristics. Odin, the ruler of the gods, was believed to have drunk from all three.

Creativity. Among the Celts, the Cauldron of Cerridwen dispensed the muse to any who partook of it.

Cave (Cellar) Dreams

(see Darkness, Underground)

The subconscious or hidden nature within.

Archetypal: The worth of the earth-e.g., Earth as our mother who gave all humankind birth and nourishment. Also an emblem for a women’s womb. In Hebrew tradition, Abraham was born in a sacred cave, as was the Persian savior Mithra.

Fears: If monsters or other terrible things lurk within the cave, this reveals unresolved phobias and apprehensions.

A retreat, sanctuary, or place of hiding. Many notable figures went to secluded areas to find themselves or the Divine. In this instance, what you seek is probably more intuitive in nature (see Desert).

Damp caves represent fertility.

An archetypal sanctuary eluding to humankind’s earliest dwelling places where communities began to form. Here the subconscious may be relating your need for a safe haven, or joining a friendly group within which you feel comfortable.

Cave In Dreams

(see Disaster)

Cellar Dreams

(see Cave, Underground)

Cemetery Dreams

(see Burial, Death, Holy Ground, Tomb)

Death, endings or conclusions, in literal or figurative terms.

If any of the headstones had writing, what did they say? Any messages here could prove quite helpful with your interpretation.

Being lost in, or terrified by: The fear of death, or the unknown.

Being buried in: Symbolic opportunity in disguise for resurrection and a new beginning. Burying in soil or mud was used in folk medicine as a sympathetic cure that fooled the spirits of sickness and death into believing they’d won.

Dreaming of a tomb represents a metaphorical opportunity for rebirth and a fresh start. The word tomb actually means “tummy,” being the womb of the earth from which we are all born and return. Alternatively, a well-kept, elaborate tomb may reflect achievements and honors accumulated during your life.

Censoring Dreams

(see Movies, TV)

Limits or boundaries that are set by an outside source, some of which may hamper free expression of ideals or beliefs.

Oppressive moralism from others with regard to your lifestyle and its outward representations.

Not getting complete information; having the truth clouded for the sake of political correctness.

Chains Dreams

Restraint or control. Dependency or addictions. What exactly is being chained and by whom or what?

Alternative type of cage dream.

Rattling: Ghosts of a figurative nature. What are you trying to hide or avoid?

Security: Chains can be protective, keeping safe something or someone you perceive as being in peril.

Restrictive relationships (e.g., “the old ball ‘n’ chain”).

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