Clothes – Copper Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Clothes Dreams

(see Apron, Closet, Costume, Hat, Jewelry, Mask, Shoes, Tie, Veil)

How do the clothes feel? Are they itchy or uncomfortable? If so, this reveals discomfort with yourself or a situation in which you’ve been placed.

Old or tattered clothing indicates self-neglect or feelings of inferiority.

Changing clothes: A transition in status, jobs, relationships, and the like.

A statement of individuality and how you see yourself (e.g., “clothes make the man”).

Rejecting or throwing away out-of-date clothing: New enterprises, loves, characteristics. Forsaking outmoded ways of thinking and living.

Each color of clothing has different oracular value. Yellow indicates financial progress, blue portends success from tenacious efforts, red reveals a timely deliverance from a difficult situation, green is prosperity and happiness, and mixed hues foretell swift changes.

Each item of clothing also has slightly different meaning, much of which is dependent on your perception. For example, a businessman dreaming about tying his tie again and again might interpret this as too much attention to his appearance at work instead of the work quality. Dreaming of tightening your belt probably relates to financial struggles.

Dirty clothing sometimes represents the soiling of someone’s virtues.

Cross-dressing represents a figurative “trying on” of masculine or feminine attributes that you wish to develop. This can also reveal a greater balance of the Yin-Yang energies within you (see Hermaphrodite, Homosexuality).

Clouds Dreams

(see Ascent, Fog, Rain, Snow)

Storm clouds gathering equate to similarly stormy times, especially on an emotional level.

Dark clouds reveal depression, melancholy, and sadness. Alternatively, dark clouds moving toward you may be some type of warning.

Moods and feelings. Does your cloud have a silver lining?

Obscuration of a situation. Clouds can hide the sun and moon, temporarily removing them from sight. What are your clouds concealing?

Youthful imagination. Remember finding shapes in fluffy white clouds as a child? Try it again and see what meanings those shapes have for you.

In China, an emblem of sexual union and fertility, especially gently pouring rain clouds.

Clover Dreams

(see Flowers)

Much depends here on how many petals the clover has, or what color it is in the dream. Two portends love and good partnerships, three is a protective emblem, four means luck and money, five represents prosperity, white cloves safeguard you from negative magic, and red ones indicate lust and passion.

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Clown Dreams

Insincere or immature emotions, specifically false gaiety (see Costumes).

Imprudent beliefs or foolish ideas disguised by amusing wrappings.

Hiding your feelings behind a smiling mask.

A reflection of the quality of your sense of humor especially as perceived by others. How funny is the clown?

Cock (Rooster) Dreams

(see Birds)

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As the greeter of dawn, this was an alternative symbol of the sun in many cultures, especially that of Greece and Rome where many central gods were associated with solar imagery. Therefore, a cock crowing at dawn in a dream is a very fortunate sign of new beginnings and renewed hope.

The vigilance and courage necessary to experience a real awakening of mind or spirit.

In Japan, the cock represents a call to prayer. Perhaps this is a message to focus on spiritual matters for a while.

Buddhist: Passion and pride.

Dreaming specifically of a Rooster can symbolize the Chinese Zodiac and The Year of the Rooster.

Cockroach Dreams

(see Insects)

Hiding yourself to survive.

The presence of cockroaches can reveal physical or psychological dirt that needs to be cleaned up.

Durability. These insects have the capacity to mutate against many poisons. Metaphorically, this may relate to societal poisons to your self-image.

Cocoon Dreams

(see Butterfly)

Coffee Dreams

(see Beverages)

Perky, energetic attitudes.

The need to be more alert (e.g., “wake up and smell the coffee”). In Arabia, this beverage is revered because it allows people to stay awake during long prayers. It is often served to guests with toasts honoring the name of God.

Something important that’s currently brewing in your life, which must also be watched so that it doesn’t boil over.

Coins Dreams

(see Bank/Banking, Circle, Gold, Silver)

In the Tarot, coins are represented by the Suit of Pentacles and symbolize earthly concerns-e.g., money, jobs, possessions.

An alternative circle symbol due to their shape.

Improved luck or finances. Found pennies, and coins with the date of your birth are tokens of good fortune. Similarly, in Old Europe turning a pocketed coin by the light of a crescent moon or burying a silver coin beneath your doorstep encourages fortuity and prosperity.

A positive change in the weather (literal or figurative). When sailing ships were a predominant mode of transportation, found coins would be tossed on deck or imbedded in the masthead to ensure fair weather and good winds.

Spiritual protection and well-being. Ancient Egyptians placed coins on a mummy’s eyes so that the deceased could pay the ferryman and move safely into the next life.

Each coin may have more than one connotation. For example, pennies are lucky, but in modern society they are also regarded as somewhat worthless. So, a dirty old penny bearing the year of your birth being passed by in your dream could expose poor self-images, for example.

Flipping coins: Choices to make, or the interaction of fate and “chance” in your life.

Cold Dreams

(see Ice, Snow)

Color Dreams

(see by specific hue, Clothes)

Generally, dark or murky colors indicate somber feelings, seriousness, or depression, while lighter, sharper ones are upbeat, positive, and cheerful.

Mixed hues, especially those that swirl without form, reveal confusion, a lack of direction, or mixed feelings.

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Column Dreams

(see Pillars)

Comb Dreams

(see Hair)

Having the proper tools or wherewithal to smooth out a tangled situation.

Magical control, especially over the elements. Hair combing was once used as a spell component, predominantly for bringing rain.

Motherly concern and protection.

Comet Dreams

(see Stars, Space, Meteorite)

Compact Discs Dreams

(see Computer, Music)

Because of its shape, a compact disc may be interpreted as an alternative circle emblem.

Information crunching. Perhaps you’ve been studying too much, or trying to integrate too much data too quickly.

Technological advances and their influence in your life.

Having a lot of talents or knowledge right at your fingertips-all you need to do is access it!

Compass Dreams

(see Directions)

Compost Dreams

(see Garbage)

Computer Dreams

The logical, analytical, rational, conscious self (see Calculator).

Technology and how much of a role it plays in your life.

Problems with: Disorientation, confusion, or communication difficulties.

Blank computer screen: The need to exercise your mind and get some “brain food.” Alternatively, hitting a dry period in the creative process in which your mind feel blank.

Concrete Dreams

(see Dam, or other objects formed from)

Foundations and security. Is the concrete fresh-or crumbling?

If your feet or other body parts are encased in concrete, this is a partial cage or other burden that needs to be released so that you can move freely.

Connecting Devices (Staples, Paperclips, etc.) Dreams

(see Knots, Ties)

Security and safety. Tying up loose ends and knowing that everything is in its place.

Connections and networks. Maintaining those ties you perceive as important.

Relationships. Binding yourself to someone or something (e.g., the “ties that bind”).

Note that if the connecting device is being taken off or opened, the above symbolism is reversed.

Control Tower Dreams

(see Airplane/Airport)

Because of its location and function, this may be the workings of your mind in symbolic form, especially the higher functions (see Attic, Balcony).

Carefully controlling the evaluating ideals, and integrating them one at a time so that they are properly understood and applied.

Conversations Dreams

(see Counseling)

A dialogue between the subconscious and conscious, or Higher Self and conscious, either of which should be closely heeded.

Communications from other beings, such as spirits, Devic entities, angels, icons, or divine figures. Again, take careful note of what gets said.

A discussion within your own mind examining various options through the dialogue.

Copper Dreams

(see Metals)

The emblem for copper is the same as that for the planet Venus, giving this metal strong associations with love and passion.

The use of cooper wire for electrical purposes endows copper with conductive symbolism. In this case, what it forms and to what it’s connected will provide more clues for interpretation.

Improved balance. This substance is sometimes used in polarity healing to bring the energy patterns in the body back into symmetry.

An omen of prosperity soon to come. In Victorian days, copper pennies were placed in kitchens for just such a purpose (see Coins).

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