Rice – Rust Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Rice Dreams

(see Eating)

In Eastern lands, the emblem of providence and prosperity. Alternatively, this indicates the development of patience, as experienced when trying to pick up a single grain of rice with chopsticks.

If tossed at newlyweds in a dream, the symbolism is abundant joy and fertility (see Wedding).

Riddles Dreams

(see Puzzles, Rhyme)

Some type of complexity that requires sound, creative thinking to solve. Unless time is of the essence, don’t rush this answer.

Lacking clarity in the way you present something, or purposefully hiding your true motivations and feelings in a matter (e.g., “talking in riddles).

A lesson in disguise. In many fables, riddles are used to teach the main characters something specific about themselves or life. Similarly in ancient Japan, priests used riddles as a way of teaching seekers spiritual truths.

Something or someone who tries your patience by presenting everything in seemingly incongruous or incomprehensible terms.

Ring Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Gold, Jewelry, Metals, Silver, Stones)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

An alternative circle emblem denoting eternity, repeated cycles, or longevity.

Binding relationships. In written history, wedding rings were exchanged as early as ancient Rome, and probably before. If depicted as a nose ring, this relationship may be very manipulative.

A symbol of authority or belonging. For example, high school rings indicate your place among that group, whereas a bishop’s ring denotes a position of leadership.

A brass ring speaks of goals and hopes (e.g., “reaching for the brass ring”). Consider where this ring appears in your dream to see how close you are to obtaining those desires.

An acrobat on a set of rings reveals someone who has an excellent grip on a difficult situation in which they’re in the spotlight.

A ring appearing around the collar of a shirt either indicates that you are paying too much attention to superficials, or that you need to clean up your act (probably the way you talk considering where a collar lies).

River Dreams

(see Water)

ater is symbolic of the subconscious. Learn about the Element of Water so you can better understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

Dreams about water can have the following symbolic meanings

Free-flowing thoughts and actions.

Time’s passage. The beginning of the river is the past, and where it goes represents the future. This is especially true if you dream of yourself traveling on the river.

If you see yourself in the water, being conveyed by an overwhelming current, this reflects either relinquishing yourself to your instinctive, emotional nature or having your individuality washed away by circumstances.

Traversing a river in a small water craft is an alternative type of path dream in which the current reflects your direction of personal growth.

Healing. Rivers figure heavily into folk medicine in which healers used the water’s movement to convey sickness visually away from a patient. If this is the case, what is the water taking away? This item will give more meaning to the dream.

Robin Dreams

(see Birds, Feathers, Wings)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

As a harbinger of spring, the robin nearly universally represents renewed hope, fresh beginnings, reversals in negative attitudes, and a dawning light being shed on difficult situations.

In England, an emblem of fertility, especially if one comes pecking at a window.

Rod Dreams

(see Divination, Sticks, Trees, Wand)

Traditionally an emblem of discipline, being applied to the backsides of ill-behaved children. If you have been acting childish lately, or found yourself lacking real restraint, this dream comes to make you more aware of how these things appear to, and affect, others.

Biblically: A divine tool that offers serenity (e.g., “thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me”).

A fishing rod represents an augmented ability to use what’s at your disposal to begin reaching a goal.

Authority (e.g., “the rod of rulership”).

Roller Coaster Dreams

Testing yourself by facing fear head-on.

Emotional ups and downs.

The thrill from dangerous adventures or liaisons. The question here is whether or not the danger is worth the excitement.

Anxiety over sexual encounters, or tension created by nonsexual relationships that constantly vacillate between love and hate, passion and passivity.

Rope Dreams

(see Knot, Ties, Web)

A surprising escape (e.g., the “rope trick”).

Climbing a rope can be a type of ascent dream, whereas descending a rope reflects movement into the lower self-matters of a more physical or primal nature.

Walking a tightrope reflects finding yourself on a very fine edge between what’s expected of you, and what you feel you can accomplish effectively. Alternatively, this can represent balancing fact and faith, or the beliefs of others against your own conscience.

A jumping rope may symbolize the voice of your inner child. Alternatively, it can reflect a restless spirit who finds that wanderlust often leads nowhere.

Being tied up by a rope may be a type of obstacle or cage dream.

Rose Dreams

(see Flowers, Gardens)

Read all about the Sacred Symbolism and Meaning of Flowers

Rose dreams are among the most meaningful of spiritual messages one can receive while in the dream state. Roses have long been a giver and receiver’s blossom of choice because of all the symbolism ascribed to these fragrant flowers.

Roses represent the loveliness of nature, or life itself.

A nearly timeless symbol of love, passion, and the spirit of beauty in all its many forms, having been originally associated with the goddess Venus. The color of the rose here provides more meaning. For example, purple roses are exotic emotions, red is for passionate love, and yellow is for friendship.

Thorny roses speak of the difficulties in all relationships. Native American shamans believe that nature hides its greatest treasures beneath such painful traps so that we have to work to receive the prize.

A rose with its bud just opening represents the blossoming of your highest conscious awareness.

Alchemically, the rose symbolizes wisdom; blue roses represent impossible tasks, and gold ones are an emblem for achievement.

Jung believed that in dreams a rose became a mandala representing an integrated person and wholeness.

In Babylonia and ancient Arabia, the rose became an alternative emblem for Paradise with strong sexual connotations of this also equating to a woman’s vulva. Consequently, this can be a dream figure for women, and your feelings towards women.

White Rose Dreams: Symbolizes innocence, secretiveness and chasteness.
Yellow Rose Dreams: Warnings of deception, disloyalty, or companionship.
Pink Rose Dreams: New relationships and love in the air!

Learn more about Rose symbolism and meaning so you can better understand the meaning of your powerful dream about Roses.

Rug Dreams

(see Carpet)

Ruins Dreams

(see Archway, Buildings, Landmarks, Locations, Pillars)

The crumbling of a situation, relationship, or system of belief.

A reminder of transience. Even the greatest civilizations succumb to the hand of time. Therefore, live life to the fullest while you have the opportunity.

Falling from a place of glory, achievement, and respect, if only in your own eyes.

Runes Dreams

(see Divination, Languages, Pictographs)

Running Dreams

(see Acrobatics, Marathon, Olympics)

Something that’s gotten out of control circumstantially or personally.

What’s chasing you, or from what are you trying to escape? Perhaps the past or an unpleasant experience?

Hurrying, without necessarily having a defined goal.

Rust Dreams

Disappointment in something or someone that, at first appeared shiny and perfect.

Disuse of skills, knowledge, or talents. Check the meanings behind the item upon which the rust appears.

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