Wine – Writing Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Wine Dreams

(see Beverages, Fruit by type)

Drinking fully of life’s nectar; living each moment to its fullest.

Celebration, and reasons for same. Also, hospitality being offered and accepted.

In ancient Greece, wine and the god Bacchus were one and the same. Bacchus was somewhat of a mischievous and randy figure, who may represent unrepressed sexuality, liberation, and the power of nature.

Red wine is an alternative blood emblem, as seen in Christian communion rites.

The spirit of truth, or as the Romans said, “in vino veritas.” It is interesting to note that in Mesopotamia the goddess Saki personified the vine and epitomized the revelation of truths.

Among the Norse, an emblem of taking care of things that you value. The deceased had to drink all the wine they had spilled before being allowed to enter Valhalla, their version of paradise.

Wings Dreams

(see Birds by type, Butterfly, Feathers, Flying, Insects by type)

Freedom and liberation.

The ability to lift your vision above circumstances and see a broader picture.

Flexibility and spontaneity (e.g., “winging it”).

A source of protection and safety, as when an angel covers you with its wings, or when a bird is able to escape a predator through flight.

Dreams about wings also correlate to dreams about wind or air. Learn all about the spiritual symbolism and meanings of The Element of Air so you can better understand what your dreams about wings are revealing to you.

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Wishes (see Stars)

Messages from the Universe or your own subconscious. In ancient times, people often believed such occurrences were divine missives or omens.

Wizard Dreams

(see Authority Figures, Icons)

Wolf Dreams

(see Animals, Lycanthropy)

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Things that you fear about yourself, a situation, or others, and have been unwilling to face directly.

Some type of obscured threat (e.g., the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”). In Freudian analysis, this threat is constructed as sexual intimacy.

The loss of innocence and naive outlooks.

In fables, the emblem of evil craftiness that threatens to devour all goodness.

Alchemically, a symbol of duality; the light and dark aspects of all things.

Howling at the moon: Discovering and announcing a secret alliance or treacherous plan. Alternatively, acknowledging the lunar/feminine aspect of self.

Women Dreams

Dreams about women can be seriously powerful omens that can include the following symbolism:

Three appearing together: During the 1100s and before, writings from Norway, Sweden, and Iceland tell of the Vanir Cult. This was a group of Germanic people who followed fertility goddesses. From writing entitled Flateyjarbok, it seems the manifestation for these goddesses often came through dreams. Specifically, the women would appear as protectors, luck-bringers and counselors. They were also associated with the ancestors and the Three Fates of Greek mythology.

Mother figures: The maternal aspect, and attachments to same. Feeling toward the feminine side of self. Alternatively, the spirit of earth (earth as our mother).

Wife: The literal wish for a wife, or someone in your life who would act as a companion and helpmate (see Bride).

The archetypal Goddess who is maiden, mother and crone combined (see Icons).

An old woman: An emblem of folksy, time-honored wisdom, especially in matter of love and health (this may be also true of an old man). Alternatively, an emblem of the ancestors who act as guides in important life decisions.

Maids represent neatness and an attention to appearances either for yourself, in a situation, or in your home.

Nuns reflect religious dedication and lifelong devotion to an ideal. For those who attended Catholic school, a nun may also be an authority figure stressing the need for discipline.

Waitresses symbolize service to other (see Servant). Do you feel as if people appreciate your time and efforts (for example, does the waitress in the dream receive an acceptable tip)? Are you giving too much of yourself?

Woodpecker Dreams

(see Birds, Feathers, Trees, Wings)

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An alternative emblem of the drum because of its rhythmic pecking.

Among the English, Babylonians, and ancient Greeks, this bird was a weather prophet. What’s gathering on the horizons for you?

Among Native Americans, the woodpecker represents the sacred rhythms of the earth, to which you are learning to listen.

Discrimination in what one accepts as truth. The woodpecker uses its sharp bill to carefully reach the specific foods it wants and needs.

Wool Dreams

(see Fabric, Sheep)

Daydreaming or engaging in too much random thinking (e.g., “wool gathering”).

Being naive about someone or something (e.g., “having the wool pulled over your eyes”).

Soiled wood represents a lack of principle or derailed convictions.

Biblically, white wool reflects spiritual purity.

Work Dreams

(see Jobs, Professions by type)

Workers Dreams

What are these individuals doing? Their actions may reveal the answer to a perplexing questions or problem. For example, if they are building a bridge, this indicates that you are preparing to become more social and traverse the gaps that lie between yourself and others.

Worm Dreams

(see Animals, Dirt)

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Dreaming about worms can include the following symbolism and meanings:

An alternative emblem for dragons and serpents, but on a smaller scale.

Because the worm has no eyes, an alternative type of blindness dream in which you navigate the depths of self or earth with little to guide your way.

A visual pun for someone who cannot be trusted, or whose actions are routinely crass.

Something that appears worm-ridden represents ideas, plans, or beliefs that have bugs which need to be worked out before proceeding further.

Wounds Dreams

(see Blood, Healing, Physician, Salve, Surgery)

Unresolved issues or an open emotional trauma that has not had time to heal.

Infected wounds represent the festering of resentment and bitterness. Remember that these negative emotions produce nothing positive, and only hurt you. Find a constructive outlet for your feelings instead.

Wrapping Paper Dreams

(see Box)

What is the paper covering? This may represent portions of yourself that you have hidden, suppressed, or concealed for whatever reasons. If the paper is being removed in your dream, then you are likewise opening up those aspects for closer examination and eventual integration.

Wrestling Dreams

Your own struggle to survive in life’s never-ending ring.

Conflicts that exists within your own psychological makeup that need to be resolved (e.g., “wrestling with your conscience”).

Playful wrestling may symbolize sexual encounters.

Writing Dreams

(see Books, Billboard, Blackboard, Ink, Punctuation)

Consider what the writing says, and to whom it’s addressed first. Very often the words are a message from your own subconscious or ego that need your attention.

The creative process. Many writers tell me that they dream of writing things before they actually put pen to pad.

Writing with footnotes is a subconscious message to be certain you’re carefully checking your sources of information with regard to a specific person or situation. Don’t believe everything you read and hear without some other confirmation.

If writing appears in a journal, this represents the need to record events carefully. This information will prove useful later.

Writing with a quill pen symbolizes the power and responsibility for your words. Great documents like the Declaration of Independence were scribed with this implement, with due diligence. What declarations are you writing into your life?

Writing a manuscript that never gets finished, or finishing one that gets rejected, portends similar disappoints on the horizon.

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