Tomb – Two Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Tomb Dreams

(see Cemetery, Death)

An emblem of rebirth, especially if empty. Besides the Christian stories of Christ’s victory over death, the ancient Celts buried people in tombs to await their next existence.

Is something inside the tomb? If so, consider what it represents of yourself that you may have buried or recently uncovered.

Tombs can also represent the collective past of humankind and our link with archetypal ancestors. Have you honored this connection in some manner recently? If not, this dream may be calling you to a figurative graveyard visit where you can explore your past as a member of humanity.

The portions of the self, the subconscious, or the Collective Unconscious that have been ignored so long as to be figuratively dead and buried.

An alternative womb emblem if rounded in shape.

Tongue Dreams

(see Face, Mouth, Teeth)

Tool Dreams

(see Axe, Hammer, Nails)

Something that you are building or destroying. This can refer to personal characteristics, a relationship, a project, and so forth.

Abilities and knowledge that abide within, and can be effectively applied to your present circumstances.

Wisdom, discretion, and education. Having a tool and knowing how to use it correctly are two different things. Likewise, recognizing the right tool for the right job takes training and good judgment. So, what tool are you trying to apply to your life right now? Have your properly developed your skill with it?

Torch Dreams

(see Candle, Fire, Light)

Metaphorically “carrying a torch” for someone or a situation.

Improved light with which to navigate whatever darkness surrounds you.

Does the torch ignite a fire? If so, this can mark any type of momentous beginning, like the opening of the Olympic Games continues to be heralded.

Dreams about torches generally include fire. Learn all about the Element of Fire so you can delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams!

Tornado Dreams

(see Disasters)

To better understand your dreams about a tornado, it can be helpful to understand the symbolism and meaning of The Element of Air.

Tortoise – Turtle Dreams

(see Animal)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

A tortoise that withdraws into its shell is protecting itself (see Armor). From what do you feel the need to hide?

In Chinese and Hindu mythology, the tortoise carries the world on its back, and personifies endurance. What burdens are you carrying for which you need support?

In Taoism, this is the symbol of cosmic and prophetic power. As such, a tortoise appearing in your dream may presage some positive spiritual developments.

From the story of the Hare and the Tortoise, this creature may become an emblem of persistence in your dreams (see Rabbit).

Japanese: A messenger from the gods of the sea, which equates to a bulletin from your subconscious, intuitive self. Watch and listen closely!

Tower Dreams

(see Ascension, Balcony, Climbing, Ladder, Stairs)

Freudian: A phallic symbol.

Being rescued from a tower: Getting long-awaited relief from a constraining or cage-like situation. Frequently this assistance is from someone you regard as noble, or who has your best interest at heart.

Where are you? If at the top of the tower, take care that it is not made of ivory, lest your ideals fall short of the reality.

In the Tarot card meanings, the Tower card marks ruin and destruction, often self-initiated.

Toy Dreams

(see Games)

Dreams about toys could mean your higher self is reminding you to let you inner child come out and play.

Important symbolism in this type of dream is to pay attention to which toy(s) you see while in the dream state and then reflect on what circumstances in your childhood years are connected to the individual toys. These can be memorable toys from your own youth (happy times), or those for which you longed as a child (feelings of scarcity).

Each toy envisioned will likely carry different connotations. For example, seeing a rag doll could indicate that, in this situation, you feel as if you’ve lacked backbone or firmness. A fire truck may act as counsel to put out a figurative fire that’s been raging. Building blocks reflect self-construction and foundation work, and an ABC’s coloring book might symbolize the need to return to the “basics” again, instead of focusing so much on frills.

Train Dreams

Dreams about trains can have the following symbolism and meanings:

Freedom, especially in regard to instinctive drives.

Freudian: An emblem of the male penis, primarily when combined with tunnel imagery.

Similar to other vehicles in terms of movement and transitions (see Bus, Car, Horse).

Each car of the train may represent aspects of yourself, including hidden talents, knowledge, fears, hopes, and memories. So, exploring the train symbolizes introspection and integration of some of these portions. For example, searching the caboose may symbolize routing out your feelings about death or endings.

Transfusion Dreams

(see Blood)

Trapped Dreams

(see Cage, Escape)

Travel Dreams

(see by mode of Transportation, Journey)

Desiring a change of scenery and refreshed perspective. Sometimes in order to truly grow, you have to leave someplace comfortable.

Freedom, liberation, and self-discovery. Getting away allows you to be free of other people’s images and expectations so that you can build your own foundations for living.

The beginning of a personal quest that requires some type of mental or physical “travel” into the unseen portions of self or to new places, respectively.

Possibly an OBE (Out-of-Body Experience) (see Dreaming, Flying).

Treasure Dreams

(see Antiques, Excavation, Gold, Mine, Silver)

Gifts, talents, and abilities within you that are just waiting for discovery.

Friends, loved ones, and other precious things in life.

Unexpected prosperity that comes through a windfall.

Digging deeper to reconnect with the subconscious, Higher Self, or Collective Unconscious.

Consider each piece of treasure for additional symbolism. For example, unearthing a jeweled crown can represent taking up your rightful role as the ruler of your destiny, and finding a string of pearls can symbolize following the voice of wisdom for successful outcomes.

Tree Dreams

(see by type, Forest, Fruit, Rods, Stick, Wand)

Familial lines (e.g., “the family tree”).

Free will and the ability to choose (note the Garden of Eden).

Life, knowledge, and wisdom. Many cultures have a mythological Tree of Life, including that of the ancient Hebrews, Assyrians, Babylonians, and the Norse.

The tree of self. How do your roots and fruits fare?

A personal branching out, or improving your foundations by putting down firm roots.

Trident Dreams

(see Three, Water, Weapons)

Ancient: The union of the God aspect with that of the triune Goddess. Out of this union, tremendous creative power is born.

Alchemical: An alternative emblem for water. Note that the Greeks and Roman gods Poseidon and Neptune are frequently pictured holding a trident representing their dominion over the waters and all that dwells within. Therefore, this dream may symbolize a new sense of control over your emotions.

Troll Dreams

(see Bridge, Fairy)

Tulip Dreams

Read all about the Sacred Symbolism and Meaning of Flowers

Dreams about tulips can have the following spiritual symbolism and meanings:

In flower symbolism, a tulip represents spiritual rebirth in the best way possible! In this, dreams about tulips are omens that you’re starting a golden era in your life.

Dreaming of tulips is a download from our spirit guides and angels who are letting us know to expect happiness and joy is one the way to fill up our soul.

Tulips are also a symbol of hopeless romantics intertwined with trust and excellence. This also could be alluding to something as simple as a kiss coming your way or something as life changing as a pregnancy.

Tulips could imply you need to be aware of your feelings. If dealing with a sticky situation it’s best to pull back your fire and stay away from any unneeded chaos. Now is the time to do well for yourself, as you will be attracting more admiration and respect by those closest to you. This spiritual journey will be a refreshing one, leaving you feeling energized and “new again”.

Tunnel Dreams

If a light appears at the end of the tunnel, this symbolizes hope.

A voyage toward self-discovery

Freudian: A sexual dream, especially if a train is traveling through the tunnel.

Because tunnels often appear inside a mountain or the earth, they may be an alternative womb emblem, in which the birth process equates to personal transformation.

Turquoise Dreams

(see Blue, Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Maintaining your balance and an emotionally even keel during a difficult situation. In the Middle Ages, turquoise was favored as a talisman to keep riders from falling off horses.

Overcoming negativity from outside sources. Buddha used a turquoise to defeat a terrible monster in Eastern mythology.

Among Turkish people, a lucky omen.

Arabic: A warning of impending danger. This stone supposedly alerts the owner to peril by changing color.

TV Dreams

(see Satellite Dish, Radio, Telephone)

A reflection of your personal views about this media and its representations of reality.

Tuning into a specific “frequency” of ideas, morals, spiritual views, and the like. Look to see what images appear on the TV for more insight.

Perhaps you’ve spent too much time lately being a “couch potato.” Try reading a good book instead.

If the TV screen appears blank, this indicates some sort of problem with connections or receptivity. Are you listening to sound advice from others? Are you figuratively “turned off” by something or someone, and have consequently severed that connection? Are you remaining open to the messages from the Universe?

Twelve Dreams

(see Numbers)

The culmination of forces, processes, and cycles. Many initiations into esoteric mysteries take place a year and a day (for 12 months) after beginning study.

The ever moving wheel of time (note that there are 12 hours marked on a clock face and 12 months in a year).

The number of enlightenment. This can also equate to the mental “ah ha!” that occurs when something elusive is finally understood.

Dreaming about Numbers can be a sign your higher self is urging you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of Numbers.

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Two Dreams

(see Numbers)

Division or unity that results in improved strength or accented weakness.

Duality, adversity, ambivalence, or insincerity (e.g., being “two faced”).

Partnership; two forces joining to improve each and create a stronger oneness (as in marriage or business).

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Dreaming about Numbers can be a sign your higher self is urging you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of Numbers.

Also, make sure to use our Numerology Calculator and discover your Life Path, Destiny, Personality, Soul and Career Numbers!

1 thoughts on “Tomb – Two Dreams

  1. Angela says:

    7 August 2018

    Tortoise and the Hare

    I am actually writing this dream a whole day later after I had it.

    I dreamed about a tortoise and a hare. Some background on that theme: Way-way back when—in March 1994, when I first became bipolar—I had heard the Voice and was given a vision of myself as being the tortoise from Aesop’s Fable. I knew that I was entering a spiritual race wherein everyone was hundreds and even thousands of years ahead of me. They were hares. I was the tortoise. I felt so stressed out; but the Voice kept saying, “Just remember tortoise is the winner!”

    Along the way throughout the race, I could hear the Voice saying, “Go blind man, go blind man, go blind man, go!”

    So here I am 24-years later, with a tortoise and hare themed-dream.

    In May around about the time I began to experience mental turbulence again, I had bought a glass figurine of a tortoise and a hare. They were so beautifully handcrafted. I placed them outside the doors of The Aten Mansion; deliberately arranged so that the hare was far ahead in the race and the tortoise was far behind in the race. In my mind, at that time, I was racing against the hare. I placed those figurines outside so that the spirits… evil spirits and rulers of darkness… could know that I knew we were in a race. It was my way of say… Ready, Set, Go!… cause you are losing.

    {During the course of mental turbulence, the hare got thrown away. I still have the tortoise. (Hope I can find another hare to complete my set again; but that is beside the point)}.

    On the night of the 6th before I had gone to bed, I prayed to my God: Pharaoh Akhenaton-in-His-new name-The Lord God AlphaKhenOmega about my understanding of the “Mother/Father womb penis coitus dream.” It means “guerilla war!”

    That’s when I dreamed about the tortoise and the hare. I prayed about it on the 6th but because midnight begins another day, when I write my dreams, I date them according to the new day that begins at midnight.

    I cannot describe the tortoise. By that I simply mean that it was not distinctly defined in the dream. I just knew it was the tortoise. I was that tortoise. I was fearful and intimidated to the point of falling apart and weeping. I was my human self; yet, a tortoise at the same time. Not like an anamorph! More like I was viewing a tortoise and knew it represented me and it was me; but I was view it; so it seemed I was in two places at once.

    The tortoise looked way-way down the road at the race track. The hare was just a step away from crossing the finishing line. The tortoise was helpless. It wanted to cry and feel fear; but it could only feel though me. What I felt it felt! So the fear and weeping state it felt came from me. I was really going to wail it out. But then, fearfully… timidly…. I took one step!

    After I took the one step, I became the hare!

    I was at the finishing line!

    I knew I was the hare and the hare knew it was me! Sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? It was the same kind of physical/spiritual interchange as with the tortoise.

    I looked backed at the tortoise, and knew I was going to beat the tortoise. I saw my one foot just about to cross the finishing line. It was the hare’s foot, but it was also my real own physical foot. I saw the tortoise way-way back there on the track. So, I said, “Awww,” taking a deep breath.

    The hare sat down an ate a very ripen red apple.

    It was eating the whole apple… juicy bite-by-bite! I was trying to hurry the hare because I was thinking, Hare don’t you know you lost the race because you thought you won and you went to sleep. Hurry hare! Hurry!
    I could taste each bit of the apple. It was so juicy and sweet. The more of the apple that I ate the sweeter the apple became until it began to taste almost… almost, I say,… rotten. I looked at the apple to see if it were rotten. There was just one small bite left. It was really brown. I could not determine if it were a rotten spot or just a really really ripe spot. I decided it was just overly ripe and I plopped it into my mouth. It had that distinct taste of being soft, too ripe and almost rotten… but sweet.

    I cannot remember any more of the dream. I believe after I ate the last bite that is when I awakened. I prayed about the dream to my God.

    What are your thoughts?

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