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Moon Dreams

Dreams about the moon are powerful omens which can include the following symbolism:

The lunar, feminine, water aspect of the Universe. Water is symbolic of the subconscious. Learn about the Element of Water so you can better understand what your dream about the moon is trying to tell you.

Moon dreams can be about an influence that causes odd behavior, such as the full moon or a blue moon are purported to do.

If being covered by a cloud, a type of eclipse dream.

Each phase of the moon has slightly different associations. The waxing crescent symbolizes new beginnings and growth. A full moon indicates maturity, especially of a more maternal disposition, and a waning moon is the emblem of decline and old age. Note, however, that your ways of thinking can be metaphorically old without physical age.

The phases of the moon have strong associations with Pagan and Wiccan spiritual beliefs and practices.

Howling at the moon: A release of animal instincts and energies. Also possibly a sign of a superstitious person.

Something that is rare, and should be enjoyed while it lasts (e.g., “once in a blue moon”).

In the Tarot, The Moon Card symbolizes the development of psychic awareness.

Moonstone Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Learn all about the Healing Crystal Moonstone so you can delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams!

Moose Dreams

(see Animals)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

A solitary personality with tendencies toward being very territorial.

The ability to camouflage yourself and move quietly behind the scenes.

In metaphysical traditions, the moose is regarded as aligned with the feminine, watery, maternal nature. Allow this to develop in your life.

Alertness. Moose are born with their eyes wide open.

A portent that speaks of a long life lived fully.

Moses Dreams

(see Icons, Men)

Mother Dreams

(see Women)

Mother Teresa Dreams

(see Icons, Women)

Mountain Dreams

(see Ascetic, Ascent, Balcony, Climbing, Ladder, Stairs)

Dreams about mountains can include the following symbolic meanings:

Achievements. Overcoming the odds and getting a second chance. Many heroic figures await their rebirth in a mountainside tomb. Merlin is one such figure.

Doing something you’ve always wanted to do just for yourself (e.g., “climbing the mountain because it was there”).

Transcending perceptions or taking a higher outlook, especially with regards to your own life (which then becomes the mountain).

Retreat. Getting some distance so that you don’t have to be directly involved.

Finding problems where none exist (e.g., making “mountains out of molehills”).

Freudian: An image of female breasts (this goes for hills too). Many earth religions describe their goddess as possessing lush valleys, rounded hills, and tracts of land. Today there are still matriarchal mountain pilgrimage centers in Europe.

A path toward enlightenment and oneness with nature. In Burma (Myanmar), there is a set of stairs up the side of Mt. Popa called the Stairway to Heaven. Buddhists travel here to ascend to the shrine and honor terrestrial spirits that abide throughout the earth.

Mouse Dreams

(see Animals)

Learn all about Spirit, Totem & Power Animals!

Dreams about mice can symbolize The Chinese Zodiac and The Year of the Rat.

Frugality and resourcefulness. Saving and recycling even minute things effectively.

Someone overly soft in voice or who lacks backbone (e.g., being “mousy”).

The size of this creature may reflect an underdeveloped sense of self-worth.

Aesop’s Fables portray the mouse as an emblem that makes weaknesses into strengths.

A secret, well-hidden adversary of whom you should become aware. Note too that this enemy may be within.

Mousetraps have become an emblem of ingenuity and tackling a difficult problem with creative insight (e.g., “building a better mousetrap”). They may also be regarded as an alternative cage emblem, where you get caught by, or caught up in, technology.

Mouth Dreams

Matter of communication and self-expression. If you dream of being gagged, for example, this represents either swallowing your words, or having your speech repressed by societal or situational standards.

An over-exaggerated mouth can reveal a propensity to gossip or to dominate a conversation with your ideas.

Freudian: An alternative vaginal emblem.

With an extended tongue, the mouth becomes an emblem for gender unification, and therefore potent speech that affects all who listen. It is only in recent years that this symbolism transposed into an insult. Depending on the remainder of the dream, this might reflect the need to watch your words, being certain they carry the intended meaning for the most powerful impact on the listener.

A mouth with a forked tongue represents lies, and purposeful misrepresentations with an aim of personal gain or profit.

Movement Dreams

(see Directions, Velocity)

Movies Dreams

(see Costumes, Masks, Theater)

Mud Dreams

(see Dirt, Earth)

Dreams about mud are very representative of The Element of Earth. Learn all about this and all the 5 Elements so you can delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams!

Murderer Dreams

(see Fighting, Weapons)

If the image is that of a young person, this represents having your goals or hopes figuratively “killed” before they could completely manifest.

Your own anger, hatred, fury, or prejudices revealing themselves through a heinous act.

This may be a circumstantial dream in which fears stemming from late night news manifest in the dream vision. Additionally, it may reflect your own abhorrence of such brutality.

Museum Dreams

(see Antiques, Art)

Your own past, or humankind’s collective past.

The foundations of your thoughts, actions, and ideas, some of which can (and should) be dusted off so that understanding, integration, and growth can occur.

Mushrooms Dreams

(see Vegetables)

Eating mushrooms among ancient Egyptians was a sign of rulership, as only the Pharaohs received this treat.

In Rome, an emblem of strength.

Metaphysics and/or the psychic nature coming to the forefront of your awareness. Shamans and medicine people have long known that some mushrooms produce visionary experiences. Additionally, they grow in dark, damp regions, equating with the fertile subconscious or Collective Unconscious.

The lunar aspects of the mushroom combine with fiery energy. Mushrooms are considered the child of lightning in folk tales. This provides a unique balance between conscious/logical thinking and the intuitive self. Consider if you have been heeding both voices equally of late.

Music Dreams

(see by specific instruments)

Inner harmony, or the song of your soul as it mingles with the Universe. Pythagoras believed that celestial objects sing as they move throughout the sky. When you learn that music, as well as your own keynote within the strain, it naturally engenders actualization and awareness.

The universal language that expresses your emotions to those who will listen. In this case, you are likely revealing hidden feelings to yourself.

Discordant: Being in an ill-advised relationship or situation that isn’t healthy spiritually, physically, or mentally.

Note the selection of music, where it is played, the quality, and represented instruments. Each of these facets will add greater dimension to your dream’s interpretation. For example, a mournful opera carries far different emotions from celebratory songs, or religious canticles. So if you dreamt of a church song being performed badly, this could reveal that your spiritual life has somehow gotten “out of tune” and needs your attention.

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