Birds – Body Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Birds Dreams

(see by type, Nest, Flying, Wings)

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A type of flying dream, especially if you have sprouted wings.
If the bird is carrying something to you, or away from you, what it bears is significant to meaning. For example, a bird carrying an olive branch would traditionally symbolize forgiveness and peace.

If the birds are scavengers preying on something (see Buzzard, Carcass), this indicates that you, or someone you know, have taken unfair advantage of a situation. Alternatively, if the birds are picking relentlessly, this may reveal inner trauma over teasing from those in your peer group.

According to Edgar Cayce, transcendental joy and beauty, especially if a bluebird. Parakeets equate to relationships on the same level. However, if the bird is confined, this is another type of cage dream that can reveal an inability to freely verbalize your thoughts, or a relationship in which you feel confined.

Love birds in a cage reveal a love that isn’t totally mature or trusting, so it resorts to manipulation to keep the two parties together.

A bird singing sweetly reveals pleasure, honor, and success. Alternatively, it can indicate someone who always has something nice to say.

Birds chattering represent matters of communication, especially gossip or secrets (e.g., “a little bird told me”).

Bird of Paradise (Flower) Dreams

(see Flowers)

In Flower Meanings, seeing the bird of paradise in your dreams is a call to let go of the wall you’ve built up around your heart and soul. Surrender your control issues and allow yourself to be given the love and adoration you seek and deserve.

Dreams about the Bird of Paradise flower is also a reminder to step back from the chaos of life every once in awhile and treat yourself to peace and tranquility.

Precognitive and psychic dreams: This dream may be prompting you to follow through with vows and pledges that you’ve made to others as no good can come of broken promises.

Birth Dreams

(see Adoption, Baby, Miscarriage, Pregnancy)

The desire to have a child, or to have something important develop in your life, be it a project or characteristic.

Memory of one’s own birth, and/or unsettled psychological issues that stem from this transition, especially births that are particularly difficult. The technique of rebirthing through guided visualization and hypnosis sometimes resolves the latter matter.

Awakening potentials and opportunity. A new start.

Necessary pain or difficulties that result in something positive.

Black Dreams

(see Color, Blindness, Darkness)

Mourning or depression.

Feeling lost, obstructed, blinded, or overwhelmed by fear.

In some beliefs, the color of evil or negativity. The source is something that you must determine here. Is it within or without?

The subconscious, or the other side of self that we have trouble facing (see Shadow).

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Blackboard Dreams

(see School, Signage, Writing)

Life’s important lessons-the ones that we return to regularly to determine our actions and reactions.

Structured learning and accumulated knowledge. A common dream appearing to students during exam time. In this case, what’s on the blackboard is likely a reflection of those studies.

A formula appearing on a blackboard often refers to the solution to some conflict or problem. Try to find a way to translate the pictographs into positive actions.

Blindness Dreams

(see Black, Darkness, Eyes)

Entering a situation in which impartiality is nothing less than essential. In the Tarot, Justice is blinded so that she may render a fair judgment.

Not seeing something that’s important, a refusal to face reality, or overlooking the obvious (e.g., “wearing blinders”).

A sense of helplessness. A type of desertion dream.

Turning your back on the issues due to overt romanticism (e.g., “love is blind).

Wearing a blindfold: Self-imposed inattentiveness or ignorance, refusal to see things for what they are truly.

Blood Dreams

(see Beet, Red)

The energy and power of life, especially if taken internally somehow (see Vampire).

If blood courses quickly, without regulation, this may indicate passion or other intense situations raging out of control.

If due to a sacrifice, see altar and carcass.

Female mysteries, power, and transitions. Some young women dream of blood right before their first menses.

Close ties (e.g., “blood brothers”).

Christian: Sacrifice or forgiveness. The question here is what needs to be relinquished to achieve forgiveness, or who needs to be absolved and at what cost?

If the blood appears soiled in some manner, this shows that negative feelings (e.g., “bad blood”) exists internally, or between you and another.

Blood appearing as covering you, or a part of the body, denotes guilt directly relating to an action, as with Lady Macbeth who could not wash the blood of murder from her hands.

Transfusions represent the need for change and cleansing. Get rid of any bad blood between yourself and others, and start fresh.

Kinship and family. It was common among Gypsies during their marriage rites to eat bread with a drop of their partner’s blood upon it to symbolize the union.

Bloodstone Dreams

(see Crystals)

Dreaming of crystals can be a sign you need to connect with the healing energy of the crystal(s) shown to you in the dreamstate.

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Blue Dreams

(see Color)

Peace and happiness, especially in the form of a bird approaching you.

Light (sky) blue: The color of awakening, promise, spirituality, sincerity, hope, and new beginnings.

Dark, murky blue: Depression or weariness.

Indicative of a type of hands-on labor (e.g., “blue-collar worker”).

Sea blue: Insight, emotions, and the ability to flow smoothly from one situation to another (see Water).

Faithfulness (e.g., being “true blue”).

In Yoga, this is the color of the Throat Chakra, indicating matters of communication.

Among Hindus, the color that represents divine energy, especially that of Vishnu. Similarly, the abode of the gods is often depicted as blue.

Egyptian: The color of truth.

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Blueprints Dreams

(see Schematics)

An outline of your goals and plans for the future.

The patterns of your life, the image shown being your conception of what you have built thus far, or that which you hope to build.

Directional guidance for knowing how to proceed with a specific project or concern. Look to the rest of the dream for details that delineate this further, like any symbol key that appears on the blueprints.

Boat Dreams

(see Anchor, Water)

Potential and opportunity. The proximity of the ship indicates either how aware you are of the possibilities, or how long it will be before they manifest.

Your health. Like other vehicles (see by type), the condition of the boat may inform you about your physical status. For example, the lack of wind could equate to lung problems like asthma.

Adventure, and the yearning for same. In Arabia, the Corsairs were people who lived and died by the sea, and reveled in the freedom and challenges the open water offered.

Transitions and movement. This could indicate concern over a forthcoming change in residence or status.

Stagnant or anchored: Worry that your life isn’t moving the way you feel it should. The feeling that everything is at a standstill.

Sailing without you: Either missed opportunity, or a type of desertion dream.

Life’s voyage and new horizons. Like Columbus locating America, you are embarking on a voyage of self-discovery.

Taking a journey by boat may equate to literal or figurative death, as ferries and boats figure heavily into myths of how the spirit goes from one existence to the next.

Body Dreams

Each part of the body symbolizes something different. Fingers indicate blame or direction, arms stand for effective use of skills, and legs are grounding or support.

The nose reveals your instincts and level of honesty (being able to “smell out” a lie); the mouth indicates communicative ability or more metaphorically, tastes and preferences. Eyes represent your spiritual state (the window of the soul) and perspectives. Ears appear as a reminder to listen and hear, the abdomen has to do with birth, fertility, and nervousness (e.g., “having butterflies in your stomach”), and the back is an emblem of support or strength.

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