Soda – Steel Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Soda – Pop Dreams

(see Beverages)

The bubbles in this drink reflect an upbeat, happy attitude that can lift the spirits of those around you.

Health: In the Victorian era, soda was only available by prescription, and used to help overcome sickness.

Refreshed energy, zest, or outlooks.

South Dreams

(see Directions)

Space Dreams

(see Astronaut, Meteorite, Planets, Sky, Stars, UFO)

An abyss that seems vast and untouchable, but one that was the wonders of human technology are slowly making accessible. What new parts of yourself lie just beyond your reach that might likewise soon open up?

A more universal mind-set that ponders many potentialities and dimensions to any situation before making a decision or drawing a conclusion.

If you are toward, or flying in, space, likely a type of ascension dream.

Metaphorically representative of the immense potential of the mind.

Spaceship Dreams

(see Airplane/Airport, Alien, Flying, UFO)

As a symbol of the future, this ship may take you forward in time to see where your current course of action leads.

Because of its otherworldly nature, this may represent the Universal Mind, and missives from same.

If approached expectantly, this dream expresses a strong desire for travel and adventure, especially to exotic places.

Like other vehicles, an emblem denoting movement, transition, and change (see Airplane, Bus, Car, Horse).

If the vision makes you apprehensive, this reveals some anxiety over experiencing new things, unfamiliar circumstances or places, and rapid change.

Speeds Dreams

(see Velocity)

Spider Dreams

(see Insects, Web)

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In men, this is frequently a maternal image (see Woman).

Ancient Grecian and Egyptian, and Native American: Fate and our ties to all times and all peoples. In Greece, Arachne spun the thread of people’s lives. Egyptians had Neith, who wove the world, and the Pueblo Indians have Spider Woman, who created the world from two strands of thread (see Web).

Feeling trapped in someone’s well-executed snare.

Creating connections that help you to finish a goal. Note that the line of networking here may not be direct, even as the spider’s web may take unexpected turns.

Spinning – Weaving Dreams

(see Fabric, Needle, Sewing, Web)

The passage of time.

A creative process that sometimes seems as long and arduous as spinning gold into straw.

Spiral Dreams

(see Pictographs)

Throughout all cultures spirals symbolize the swirling powers of creation. Hence, dreams about spirals are powerful omens which can have a variety of symbolic meanings.

Dreams about spirals can represent the very essence of individuality (note the shape of DNA molecules).

Additionally, the spiral was a very sacred symbol in the Celtic culture in that it represented evolution, surrender and release, revolutions of time and space. Depending on the other symbols surrounding the spirals, this dream could be a remembrance of or literal astral travel trip to a past life wherein you were a Celt.

Depending on its direction of movement, dreaming of spirals can indicate a type of ascension into higher thought patterns, or a descent into self and introspection (see Sinking). Downward spirals can indicate a strong focus on the less evolved animal nature within.

Stationary spirals can be an alternative type of stair or circle dream.

Matters of love and caring. Sacred geometry depicts the Heart Chakra as a spiral flame.

The cycle of death and rebirth, in a literal or figurative sense. This is why many ancient sacred dances (see Dancing) had circular patterns.

Psychic Ability: The ancient Roman augurs carried a staff called a littus which was often capped with a spiral pattern, likely acting as a focus for the seer (see Rods, Sticks, Wand).

Sport Dreams

(see Acrobatics, Jumping, Marathon, Olympics, Running)

Each sport depicted in a dream reveals different dynamic emotions or actions on your part. For example, seeing an acrobat is far different from dreaming of a football player. The first likely symbolizes a recognized need for flexibility in your current situation, whereas the second might reveal aggressive action needed to achieve your goals. Consider each vision separately, as well as how the athlete (s) performs, for more insight.

Team sports speak of the ability to act in concert with others. How well does the team play together? Does one person seem to dominate the field, or is it a cooperative effort?

Extreme sports like windsurfing and skateboarding reflect the need to push yourself to the limits of excellence, but sometimes with tremendous risks involved. Start considering the price you may pay for trying to obtain that proverbial brass ring.

Square Dreams

(see Four, Pictographs)

Metaphorically, the inability to fit in due to social awkwardness (e.g., being “square”).

Trying to adapt to an impossible situation, like putting a square peg in a round hole.

Boundaries. Like the outlines in a coloring book, the lines of a square may contain something, or keep something out. Look to the rest of the dream for more information to see if this fits. For example, if a house sits amid a high square fence, this probably shows that you’re very private and keep a strong wall between yourself and others.

If a square frame, highlighting a perspective.

Staples Dreams

(see Connecting Devices)

Star Dreams

(see Darkness, Sky, Space)

Your unrealized wishes. The tradition of wishing on stars is very ancient, going back to Northern peoples who wished on the first star (Venus) as a type of supplication to that goddess. This custom also tied into astrology and the belief that the heavens influence life on earth (see Zodiac Signs).

What constellation or portrait do the stars form? Draw the pattern that you saw in the dream, then play connect the dots and see what appears. Use this image to help interpret the dream further.

Being overly romantic or idealistic (e.g., “starry eyed”).

Dreams, hopes, and goals (e.g., “reaching for the stars”).

Deliverance or help in a time of great need. A star heralded Christ’s birth, and the Good Fairy of fables carries a powerful magic wand topped with a star.

Falling stars and comets are usually some type of warning or announcement (see Meteorite). Historically people believed they presaged important events or disasters.

The direction the star is moving, if or where it lands, and other scenery in this dream may qualify it more for you.

Star fish dramatically reflect the New Age precept of “as above, so below.” Nothing exists in the heavens that is not likewise on the Earth or within you. They are also an alternative pentacle emblem.

Your soul, or matters of spirit. In ancient times, people often believed that their soul was tied to a specific star, and when that star was low in the sky it represented peril to their life.

States Dreams

(see Locations)

Static Dreams

(see Radio, TV)

Tension or friction that develops between people, or in situations, due to different outlooks and approaches.

Not communicating ideas and concepts clearly, or having your communications interrupted by external sources.

The inability to “tune into” other people or circumstances effectively so that tolerance and understanding can ensue.

Stealing Dreams

(see Bank/Banking, Money)

Having something or someone you don’t feel you deserve, whether or not this feeling has any foundation.

Someone taking credit for an idea or accomplishment, instead of sharing the recognition with those who deserve it.

Look to see what is taken in the dream, as this can provide more meaning. For example, seeing someone rob a house symbolizes a person or situation threatening your personal space or possessions.

Steel Dreams

(see Metals)

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