Stick – Sylph Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Stick Dreams

(see Trees, Rods, Wand)

Depending on its size and shape, this can be an emblem of leadership (e.g., “speak softy and carry a big stick”).

Freudian: An alternative phallic symbol.

A metaphorical message to perk up and stop being a “stick-in-the-mud.”

The type of wood, its shape, and how it is used or seen in the dream will further delineate this image for you. For example, a piece of hazel wood with a forked end may symbolize improved divinatory talents or the ability to empathically “douse” out a situation (see Divination), as this wood was traditionally used for water witching.

Stiffness Dreams

(see Lameness, Numbness, Paralyzation)

A circumstantial dream that comes from sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

Arrogant, strict, and uncompromising attitudes exhibited by yourself or others.

Because stiffness impedes your ability to move, this can be an alternative type of obstacle dream.

Stock Market Dreams

(see Bank/Banking, Money)

Things in which you place your trust, but which may not be very secure.

Closely reviewing your assets and resources (e.g., “taking stock”).

If the stock market crashes, this represents having the rug pulled out from under your hopes and dreams to the point of despondency.

If specific stocks appear in your dream, consider their names or abbreviations for alternative symbolic value. For example, a company with a name like Environmental Design may equate to needing to make changes in your surroundings, specifically those that will be more healthful.

Stones Dreams

(see Crystals, Excavation, Gems, Jewelry, Mine, Minerals)

Learn all about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Dreams about stones are among the most meaningful and symbolically charged dreams in that they represent the central self; the core of your being.

Being hard-hearted or having a stony disposition.

A place of origin; beginnings with foundation. Ancient beliefs contended that humankind was born of stone, which is one of the reasons why uniquely shaped stones or those with unusual markings were worshipped as goddesses.

Rolling Stone Dreams: By gathering no moss, the stone (representative of self) keeps progressing along its path. The caution here is not moving so fast that valuable lessons get left by the wayside.

Standing Stone Dreams: Indicative of nature worship and earth religions. This may reveal an interest in same, or an urge to get closer to the land. This can also be an alternative circle, cross, or wheel emblem, depending on the stones’ configuration.

Holed stones formed from water are considered harbingers of improved luck. Similarly, small stones called saivo in Finland were carried as talismans, being gathered from the same region as the standing stones.

Throwing Stones Dreams: Casting aspersions that may or may not be accurate. Placing the blame on others without seeing your own faults.

Birthstone Dreams: Dreaming of your own birth stone is very serendipitous.

Boulder Dreams: An alternative type of obstacle dream, where going around this issue is not the answer. You must find a way to clear this path, or go over the boulder instead of avoiding the issues. Alternatively, the boulder may block your path for a good reason, such as one balanced at the edge of an abyss.

Geode Dreams: A hidden treasure. Don’t always judge a book by its cover alone-look a little further than the superficials in this situation. The effort will yield life’s intangible riches, all of which are well worth your time.

Fossil Dreams: Evolutionary states in ourselves, others, or situations. Alternatively, a historical connection with the greater chronicles of earth and humankind.

Patience. In the East, wise people will often instruct their students to learn diligence by watching rocks grow.

Skipping Stones Dreams: A kind of childhood release that allows the mind to wander. Count the number of times the stone skips and consider its numerological value. Or, take this as a simple treat from your inner child, that gently reminds us that leisure does not have to equate to being lazy.

Stork Dreams

(see Birds, Feathers, Wings)

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The dance of a stork represents the ability to make the right moves to ensure your success.

Due to children’s stories, this is an emblem of fertility, especially physical.

Maternal instincts toward people or special projects and goals. Storks are fiercely dedicated to their young.

Storm Dreams

(see Disasters, Lightning, Rain, Snow, Wind)

Internal or external conflict.

Emotional buildup that threatens to rage freely if you don’t find a constructive outlet for that energy.

An emotional release that leads to liberation (like a good cry), just as rain is figuratively “released” from clouds to nourish the land.

Storytellers Dreams

(see Books, Fables)

The preservation of history, culture, religion, or central truths. Among many civilizations, this person equated to the medieval bard, or Hebrew cantor, who by their talents kept an oral legacy for a specific group alive. In interpreting such a dream, consider what story is told, by and to whom, and how it is received for more meaning. For example, the rejection of a Bible story from your youth in a dream might likewise symbolize your personal rejection of that idea or belief system.

Morals or lessons from the subconscious or Higher Self, neatly disguised in a more enjoyable construct. Storytelling has always been an effective teaching tool because it draws our attention away from the chore to something we perceive as fun.

Potentially, a personal creation that should find its way into a tape or book, if only for your own enjoyment. Inventive energies are much more fluid when we sleep, and many excellent artists have received inspiration for a story, song, or painting this way.

Religious stories denote a change in perspectives from mundane to more devout matters, whereas hearing things like fables reveals a romantic nature prone to daydreaming.

Strangers Dreams

(see Crowd, Men, Women)

Freudian: Unsatisfied or unrecognized libido; repressed emotions.

Situational: Think back to see if you met someone recently who made a stronger impression than initially realized.

A part of yourself with which you have remained unfamiliar.

Does the stranger say something? This may be an important observation, insight, or question to ponder. Strangers are sometimes easier to talk to because they have no personal involvement in our situations, so your subconscious may personify itself through such images.

Suffocation Dreams

The inability to express yourself as freely or honestly as you might wish (see Choking).

Being unsatisfied and unfulfilled by your present situation to the point where this slowly “kills” creativity or individuality.

Being overwhelmed by restrictions imposed upon you by others, your culture, society, or religion.

If you see yourself suffocating someone else, this either expresses aggression toward that person, or something so morally or ethically offensive that you want to stifle it.

Sun Dreams

(see Candle, Gold, Fire, Hearth, Red, Torch)

The masculine nature. Many ancient gods were affiliated with, or represented as, the sun, including Apollo in Greece and Ra in Egypt (see Icons, Men).

Noontime: A fullness of conscious awareness or rationality. You can trust that your current course of reasoning is “right on” (see Time).

Sunrise or Sunset Dreams: Beginnings or endings, respectively. Each stage of the sun equates to phases in our own life, situations, or relationships, sunrise being birth, and sunset representing death.

Increasing physical energy or mental activity.

An omen of good fortune. Many cultures regarded the sun’s presence at special occasions as a sign of divine favor and blessings.

The egoic, conscious, intelligent aspect of your mind, versus the intuitive, feeling portion, which is lunar (see Moon).

Sunburn Dreams: Getting figuratively “burned” by a man, or feeling resentment toward men in general. Alternatively, too much use of the logical mind causes neglect of the instinct, leading to fiery times.

Sunflower Dreams

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Seeing a sunflower represents glowing warm feelings for your soul and good fortune. A sunflower is representation of a spirit steering you towards your correct path (perhaps a spiritual one given that sunflowers are flowers representing the presence of advanced psychic abilities), giving your ‘self’ confidence you will always continue to move forward in the face of adversity.

Psychic and Prophetic Dreams: Sunflowers are sometimes messages that someone will shock you by asking you to meet them in secrecy. Curiosity will drive you to meet this person and you will leave surprisingly happy.

On the other hand, a sunflower could symbolize arrogance. Be sure to see people for whom they really are and not whom they want to be seen for.

Swallow Dreams (Bird)

(see Birds, Feathers, Wings)

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The arrival of this bird in spring makes it an envoy of hope and new opportunities.

In heraldry, the swallow represents conscientious attention to duty.

China: A symbol for daring and fearlessness. Also a stern protector of marital fidelity.

Biblical (Old Testament): Communications, sometimes those with little meaning. In this setting, the swallow is called a chatterer.

Swamp Dreams

(see Sinking, Water)

The current situation you’re encountering has a weak foundation that simply won’t endure over time. Rethink your approach here, and rebuild on sturdier ground.

The situation around you is murky and confusing, and there seems to be little if any insight on which to draw. In this instance, taking yourself away to fresher water is recommended.

Memories are either being dredged up, or those you would prefer to bury. Look to see what else is in and around the swamp for more interpretive insight here.

Swan Dreams

(see Birds, Feathers, Wings)

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A recognition of finality and ending (e.g., “singing one’s swan song”).

Among Hindus, this bird is interchangeable with the goose, representing creative origination and the breath of life.

The Celts regarded the swan as a solar bird that was beneficent and a shape-shifter. In a dream, this can relate to your ability to adapt to a new situation gracefully.

Native American: An emblem of trust and forgiveness.

Swans are also representative of love interests, being sacred to Aphrodite, Venus, and Zeus, the latter of whom changed himself into a swan to pursue the affection of Leda.

Dreaming of two swans together portends very devoted relationships. Swans mate for life.

Because of the story of the Ugly Duckling, swans also represent positive transformations in self-image. It can also reflect spending time with the wrong groups of people who engender lower self-esteem.

Sweet Pea Dreams

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Just like the endearing nickname would imply, dreams about the flower sweet peas symbolize genuine affection and warmth.

Dreaming of this flower often foretells that a loving and long term relationship will grow between you and someone you deeply care for. Don’t force anything but continue to let everything come effortlessly for you two, trusting in the knowledge it was meant to be.

Swelling Dreams

Having an over-inflated ego on a specific matter. The exact location of the swelling will delineate this dream further.

Self-originated obstacles that slow down any progress you hope to make.

Any matter that gets out of control, especially those things caused by emotional poisons like anger, bitterness, and jealousy.

Something or someone that has infected you physically, mentally, or spiritually, from which you are beginning to see the negative effects and consequences.

Swimming Dreams

(see Sports, Water)

Water represents the intuitive nature and the subconscious. The movement through this liquid indicates either a willingness to traverse hidden portions of the self, or focusing on a defined aspect of subconsciousness as the goal of your swim.

Success in a situation in which you were asked effectively to “sink or swim.”

Regulation of the feminine aspects of self so that instincts or emotions do not overcome rationality.

A balance between the spiritual and mundane, leaning slightly more toward spiritual matters depending on the amount of the body shown as immersed.

Water is symbolic of the subconscious. Learn about the Element of Water so you can better understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

Sword Dreams

(see Knife, Weapons)

Jung felt that this represented the conscious ego seeking freedom and singularity, separate from one’s place of origin or core group.

A tool that can help or harm. Just as the sword Excalibur could inflict wounds or keep a nation strong, swords represent all the things we have at our disposal-talents, knowledge, resources-that we have the responsibility to use wisely.

Truthfulness. Edged weapons cut through deceit in our dreams to the heart of any situation, even those things in which we deceive ourselves.

Feudal Japan: The emblem of a warrior’s soul. The Katana is a long sword that represents a samurai’s soul and will, while the Wagasahi was shorter and the implement of honor and defense.

Honorably fighting for a just cause, often taking an integral leadership role in that fight (e.g., “taking up a sword”). Note that kings used a sword to bestow knighthood, and knights in turn regularly swore oaths upon swords.

A masculine emblem and alternative phallus. In pagan Europe, swords were owned by men, and often buried with them, whereas women held the house and land.

Breaking or misplacing a sword reflects the loss of authority or heroic mettle, or falling from an honored position in the eyes of those you respect.

An ancient emblem of the Sacred King, which may equate to your own masculine nature or the God aspect of the universe (see Men).

In the Tarot, The Suit of Swords can be an emblem of trouble and conflict.

Sylph Dreams

(see Fairy)

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