Dirt – Dynamite Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Dirt (Dust) Dreams

Anything you regard as ugly, foul, or repulsive, especially in a moral sense.

Gossiping (e.g., “having the dirt on something”).

Guilt or negativity that tarnishes an otherwise lovely thing.

Lack of use (something getting dusty, or having to be dusted off, like an artistic talent).

Dirt appearing on a specific part of the body can warn of an undetected malady.

Disasters Dreams

(see Accident, Lightning, Storms)

Warning or fear of danger. Alternatively, consternation over your ability to survive upheavals.

Avalanche: Feeling trapped, frozen, or unable to act. Or, an overwhelming heavy burden that you feel was thrust upon you unwillingly (see Ice, Snow).

Cave in: The crumbling of foundations or an insecure position. Also a type of burial dream.

Earthquake: Something is shaking your foundations, potentially to the core of what you regard as truth. Alternatively, breaking up with, or away from, a person, organization, job, or situation.

Flood: Feeling swept away by uncontrolled emotions or overpowering circumstances. Alternatively, a thorough cleansing before a new start (see Water).

Hurricane or tornado: An alternative symbol of the air element, which relates to the mind, voice, or breath. In this case, however, the element is destructive, probably revealing ill-health or an overly active conscious mind that does not allow the intuitive self through. If related specifically to speech, this symbolizes an individual whose loudmouthed nature destroys much of what it contacts.

Landslide: Backward movement or retreat. Returning to old thought forms and behavior patterns.

Oil spill: A renewed awareness of personal responsibility toward nature. Alternatively, a defiled trust, the adulteration of an ideal, or a slippery situation.

Volcano: These are Earth’s cauldrons that stir up your temper or other hot feelings that have already been building to the point of violent eruptions (see Fire). Find a safe outlet before someone gets hurt. If the volcano exhibits a slow lava flow, this represents a gradual venting of emotions.

Disobedience Dreams

Having an independent, rebellious spirit that may not always express itself positively.

Purposely not heeding the voice of reason, especially your own intuitive nature, Higher Self, or subconscious.

Divination Dreams

(see Arrow, Axe, Crystals, Dice, Feather, Gypsy, Hand, Hazel, Runes, Tea, Writing, Zodiac Signs)

To dream of fortune-telling indicates a dependence on the opinions or ideas of others when making decisions, especially those of a spatial nature.

The reading received in such a dream may be a prognostication of forthcoming developments in your current situation.

Each type of divination system has a specific theme that can add dimension to your interpretation of this dream. For example, Tarot entails dispensing cards and accepting or rejecting the hand fate deals. Dice speaks of taking risks, and crystal balls rely on vision, thereby putting the dreamer on notice to open her or his eyes fully!

Dreams about divination can be a powerful sign that your Higher Self is calling on you to develop your own Divinatory abilities and interests. Divination genres include:

Tarot Reading
Runes Casting
Palm Reading
Tea Leaf Reading

Divorce Dreams

A separation from a negatively influential person or bad situation.

Potentially a dream that considers this option in your current relationship.

Separation from distinct elements of self that you perceive as holding you back, or with which you’ve been unhappy.

Dog Dreams

(see Animals)

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If belligerent or barking, this dream shows personal aggression and hostility.

Sleeping at your feet: Service, good friends, and gentle companions.

Good instincts. Dogs are believed to have a kind of second sight in judging people, or discerning spiritual presences (see Ghost).

Being bitten by a dog reveals quarrels between friends or family members.

Dreaming of a purebred dog, especially at a dog show, indicates a personal love of performance, possibly to the point of putting on airs.

Growling dogs warn of being surrounded by designing or unpleasant people.

A Cerberus (many-headed dog) counsels that you are trying to maintain too many loyalties, interests, or friends. When you spread yourself too thin, quality suffers.

Zoroastrian: Sagacity, vigilance, and fidelity. Consider how the dog is treated and where it’s seen for more interpretative value.

The afterlife: In Babylon, Greece, and Persia, dogs attended aspects of the great Goddess to the underworld where human souls slept, awaiting their next incarnation. This close affinity to death is why dogs are often credited with the ability to see spirits.

The ability to sniff out honesty and good character. In the Tarot, dogs sit at death’s gate to be sure the soul is properly prepared. Similarly, Egyptian mythology speaks of Anubis, the jackal-headed god, waiting in the underworld to judge newcomers with his nose. This is why the Egyptians packed their mummies in sweet spices!

Dreaming about Dogs could indicate the Chinese Zodiac and The Year of the Dog.

Dolphin Dreams

(see Fish)

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According to Pliny, this creature represents the need for swift movement with regard to a decision or opportunity.

A guide. Many fables tell of dolphins aiding shipwrecked sailors. From what reef is this creature offering to liberate your mind, body, or spirit?

In Native American Symbols: The Dolphin is a sacred messenger between the worlds, dancing above and below the waves (see Water). Dolphins are the essence of the Great Spirit and the wind of life itself. Breathe deeply of its symbolic energy for dreams about Dolphins are among the most powerful and profound spiritual messages one can receive while in the dream state.

Playfulness. Dolphins speak directly to the child within and urge it to come out more regularly.

Doors Dreams

(see Buildings, Windows).

An invitation to explore aspects of the self from the past, present, or those reaching to the future.

Revolving doors: Going in circles and getting nowhere. Being stuck in a pattern or cycle and not knowing how to break it.

Glowing doors: Spiritual opportunities.

Back door: Hidden things, sneaky motivations.

New phases or openings. If the door remains firmly locked, you might not be ready to take this step.

An entryway into the subconscious.

Hospitality offered or given.

Standing in front of, but not entering. A reluctance to actively pursue present options.

A missing door reveals tremendous openness on your part, or that of another person or situation.

Stone doors often stand in front of important revelations or bits of knowledge, like those that were frequently used in tombs (note the story of Christ’s resurrection).

Doorbells: A sign of forthcoming unexpected news, guests, or messages.

Dove Dreams

(see Animals, Birds)

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Someone with gentle, loving words.

Dreams about doves often symbolize peaceful offerings and reconciliation, as in the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark.

A common emblem of the Holy Spirit among Christians.

Cooing: A Victorian emblem of love or romance.

In Asia Minor, these birds represent the fertile, feminine aspect of our personality or the Universe.

Among Slavic peoples, doves bear the souls of the departed. As such, this may be an alternative ghost dream.

Dragon Dreams

(see Animals, Fables, Lizard, Monsters, Snake)

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The guardian of great power, magic, and wisdom. If you can befriend this aspect of yourself, many new talents and abilities will open to you.

Among Taoists, the dragon represents eternal change, and the part of the path that we cannot as yet see. Consequently, you must perfect the spirit and trust that your road is sure.

In China, the highest spiritual Yang (masculine) power attainable. On Earth, this was embodied by the power of the Chinese emperor. Also, the Chinese Zodiac and The Year of the Dragon.

Slaying a dragon: Overcoming negative traits. Alternatively, cutting off the feminine aspects of self (see Sword).

Fire-breathing dragon: An overbearing person with strong words.

Procreative power of nature. In Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, Tiamat was a half-dragon, half-human (to show higher and lower self) Goddess who gave birth to all things.

Archetypal: The primordial consciousness and psychic transformation.

The ongoing struggle of light versus darkness, and the good versus evil, that is always with us. Here you become the hero who preserves your vision of virtue.

Dragonfly Dreams

(see Insects)

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If hovering near water, this represents the cooperation between your mental/conscious self and your emotional nature.

Dragonflies are very adaptable, but also territorial. Have you been hovering around your domain too much? Or perhaps you’ve been too flexible in a specific situation.

Dragonflies need warmth and sunlight. On the dream plane, this may represent a similar physical need that manifests as depression or restlessness. Alternatively, it may symbolize the need to be more aware of the conscious, masculine, solar self.

In Japan, these are emblems of happiness and good fortune.

Among Native Americans, the souls of the departed may reside in these creatures. As such, they may be messengers from other realms communicating through your dream (see Ghost).

Dreaming Dreams

Dreams about dreams are really something to pay attention to.

A type of lucid experience or an OBE (Out of Body Experience), Programmed and Lucid Dreaming

A memory: Dreaming that you’re dreaming can be an alternative way of recalling images from past dreams. Watch, and let this vision play itself out like a good movie, then recall the details like any ordinary dream.

Drum Dreams

(see Music)

Communication. Among tribal cultures, drums were not just used for rhythmic accompaniment, but to send messages across long distances.

Intense emotions like passion (the drumming of your heart).

Imminent war (or quarrels) being fought on a personal front.

A spiritual summoning to native or shamanic ideals.

Muffled: Missing an important call for aid from yourself, a situation, or another person.

Ducks Dreams

(see Birds)

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Chattering: Deceitful conversations.

Flocking: Moving with a group mind toward a common goal.

In China and Japan, an emblem of conjugal joy, and a fortuitous omen for young couples.

The seasonal movement of these creatures speaks to us of learning to listen to our instincts for well-being and safety.

Possibly an alternative type of swimming dream.

What are the ducks doing and how safe do they appear in their habitat? If there is a hunter nearby, consider if you have likewise become a proverbial sitting duck for someone’s aim. If so, then duck!

Dungeon Dreams

(see Cage, Castle, Underground)

Dynamite Dreams

A sudden, and rarely pleasant, revelation or shaking of your foundations.

Anger or other emotions that threaten to blow up if not properly redirected.

What does the dynamite demolish? This may be a symbol of something within of which you wish to rid yourself. Due to the potency of dynamite, however, caution is indicated here. Don’t go after this ideal or characteristic so forcefully that you destroy something valuable in the process.

Do the initials TNT mean anything to you? This abbreviation for dynamite has been used for a long enough time that the subconscious may use the abbreviation as a vehicle for its message.

Unanticipated personal expansion or exposure.

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