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Air Dreams

(see Fan, Wind)

The significance of air in dreams often varies with its strength and other characteristics. For example, a spring breeze is gentle and refreshing, whereas a wind storm may energize or blow away your foundations.

The world’s soul and breath that gives life to all things. In Sanskrit, the word from which we derive “atmosphere” literally means breath.

In Native American symbolism, dreams that center on the The Element of Air are indicating mental issues that need attending.

Cold Air Dreams

Cold air symbolizes real or perceived chilly feelings, to the point of being emotionless and stoic. Alternatively, this can indicate that a cooling-off period if necessary before reapproaching a problem will prove successful.

Dry Air Dreams

Dry air reveals spiritual, emotional, or intellectual “dryness” manifested as droll words, tedious actions, or an overwhelming feeling of monotony in your life.

Hot Air Dreams

Hot air represents anger and self-importance, especially in the way one speaks (e.g. “being full of hot air”)

Humid Air Dreams

Humid air portends sadness by it damp nature, or a sense of discomfort that comes with nervousness. Alternatively, since humid air often precedes rain, it can reflect a forthcoming release of pain or period of refreshment.

Airplane & Airport Dreams

(see Flying)

Movement and transition, similar to other vehicles (see Car, Horse, Spaceship). Where the plane goes, its logo, or the other passengers on board (if any) may give you more clues here.

If you’re in the plane, en route, this can be considered a type of flying or ascent dream.

Higher ideals, due to this vehicle’s movement toward the heavens. Also the courage to achieve a goal (e.g., “reach new heights”).

A place that sits endlessly on a runaway indicates a life that has somehow become stagnant, or one that is being held back by outside influences. Check to see who, or what, resides in the control tower!

Being lost at the airport, or looking for someone there, characterizes confusion caused by getting one’s signals crossed, or through poor planning. Make sure you have your information straight, get organized, then readdress this situation.

Waiting at the airport, surrounded by strangers, and never being met by the anticipated party is a type of desertion dream.

Aliens Dreams

(see Spaceship, UFO)

If the alien in the dream acts fidgety or ill at ease, ask yourself how comfortable you are with yourself and your appearance. Do you shy away from mirrors and eye contact or feel self-conscious? Also, are you intimately aware of your own inner nature?

Apprehension toward: Sometimes one must reach out and embrace the unknown to overcome fear. This includes welcoming hidden aspects of self and the Universe.

Traveling with aliens by choice: The need for a new beginning, or a wish to retreat far away from the current situation. Alternatively, someone looking for new friends, hoping to relocate, or just wanting some adventure. If so, reach for the stars!

In New Age ideology, potentially an emblem of our kinship with all beings within a very large and vastly unknown Universe.

Alley Dreams

(see Abyss, Dead End, Path)

An unlit alley: Lurking potential for danger (see Darkness).

Being mugged in an alley: Unanticipated misfortune that leaves you feeling violated or out of control (see Banking: robbery).

Light at the end of an alley: Hope. Traversing a dark time to find renewal (see Tunnel).

Almond Dreams

(see Eating, Nuts)

Generally symbolic of love and fertility. This association probably dates back to when almonds were a maternity charm. For example, the Greek god Attis was conceived with the aid of a magical almond.

Ancient mid-Eastern: An emblem of femininity and the womb of the world due to its shape. This effectively carried over into many arts wherein the lozenge (an almond shape) is used to represent the fullness of womanhood.

Folklore relates that dreaming of whole almonds foretells wealth, whereas those broken apart indicate problems in obtaining wishes.

Spiritual sweetness that awaits you. Just get beyond the obstacle or armor represented by its shell to savor the reward!

Aloe Dreams

(see Healing, Herbs)

Soothing your wounds, especially those that have come from heated arguments. Aloe is nearly universally used in treating skin burns.

Fooling yourself or someone else. In Africa, aloe is used by hunters to cover up their human aroma. What are you trying to hide and from whom?

Altar Dreams

(see Carcass, Church, Holy Ground, Monastery, Temple)

The meeting of two worlds: religious and mundane. This is the place where traditionally the gods are honored, offerings get made, and many rituals take place. So, look beyond the altar to see what appears on it, and what occurs around it, for more insight.

If a sacrifice appears before you, ask yourself what things need to be left behind so that you can get a fresh start. Alternatively, consider if you’ve been giving too much of yourself and sacrificing personal needs in the process.

Approaching an altar: Acknowledging an urgent need for outside assistance of some sort. We often go to our image of the Divine when we want answers to, or help with, particularly perplexing problems. If you have hesitated to seek that help from friends or the universe, now is the time for action.

Improved insight or visionary capacity developing. In ancient Greece, a tripodal altar as used in many divinatory efforts (see Divination).

Aluminum Dreams

(see Metals)

Amaryllis Dreams

(see Flowers)

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The meaning of spotting amaryllis flowers in your dreams is a potential indicator you are starting down a deeply spiritual path and will be working toward healing your body, expanding your mind and awakening your spirit.

Dreams of amaryllis flowers can also be an omen to steer clear of any business propositions that may come your way.

Amber Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones)

Learn about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals, rocks, and gemstones!

Irritating situations in which the tension is nearly audible. Amber has a natural ability to pick up static when rubbed.

Health concerns. Because of its capacity to trap insects and plant life, the ancients believed this stone could likewise entrap sickness. Look to see what the amber contains for more symbolism.

An alternative solar emblem, believed by the Greeks to have been formed in the setting sun’s tears.

An alternative fire emblem. Germans called this a burning stone because it catches fire (like any resin).

In dream oracles, an omen of forthcoming voyages.

Feeling concerned or captured by circumstances over which you have no control, like the insect in amber resin.

Ambulance Dreams

(see Accident)

Urgent attention to something is needed, frequently pertaining to matters of personal health.

Amethyst Dreams

(see Crystals, Gems, Jewelry, Stones, Purple)

Maintaining control over yourself and your situation. In the Middle Ages, this stone got the reputation of keeping people from getting drunk because whole goblets were formed from it. When filled with any substance, the effects was like looking at wine.

Religious authority in a specific area of belief. This stone appears in both bishops’ and cardinals’ rings.

Psychic energy and prophetic dreams. Pay particular attention to anything “futuristic” about this dream’s story line.

In dream oracles, an emblem that assures safety from harm, or possibly a turn of events for the better.

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Ammunition Dreams

(see Weapons)

Gathering ammunition indicates the expectation of battle, or an upcoming undertaking that requires a show of strength (see Fighting).

Exhausted ammunition speaks of fruitless struggles against overwhelming odds.

Taking aim at a specific problem or situation with carefully chosen “tools” that might prove harmful if they aren’t used properly.

Amplification Dreams

(see Magnification)

Anything in your dream that emphasizes sound or size should be heeded closely. For example, megaphones or microphones represent the need to communicate and be heard. On the dream place, this can also be a message from the subconscious that is screaming for attention.

Anchor Dreams

An anchor dragging through water or sand represents things that weigh you down, and hold you back.

An anchor holding firm in a torrential sea speaks of your personal need for security and stability. If you haven’t reinforced your foundations lately, do so.

Anchors are also connected to the sea and sailing (see Boats, Water). In earlier times when ships carried valuable goods to port, such an arrival was heartily welcomed. So, sailors and things associated with their trade became “lucky.” Perhaps your ship is soon to “come in” and stay for a while!

Safety or improved vitality. In ancient Egypt, an anchor cross became a variation of the ankh, the emblem of life, around 4-5 C.E. This emblem was used frequently as a seafaring amulet.

A ship that lacks an anchor represents being adrift, going from one idea or goal to another without ever accomplishing anything.

Anemone (Flower) Dreams

(see Flowers)

In Flower Symbolism, seeing an anemone in your dream can represent doubt, disbelief or even be an omen of death.

Dreams about anemone flowers have also been thought to be harbingers that one is entering a new chapter in their life which will include the ability and clear path to securing financial abundance.

Angel Dreams

(see Authority Figures, Icons)

A personal guide or guardian who either safeguards you in times of need or conveys important messages, most likely of a spiritual nature.

Divine blessings and protection, especially if one covers you with its wings. In Christianity, angels are servants and messengers for God, often attending and defending believers in their ministerial tasks.

What is the angel’s attitude toward you? If disapproving, this is a sign that you feel negligent toward important teachings from your youth or faith. This caused guilt and inner conflict over notions of “right” and “wrong.”

Recognition of bravery or honor. In Germany, winged Valkyries took great heroes to Valhalla, their version of heaven. In Persian tradition, similar beings called “houris” took faithful courageous warriors to an erotic paradise for eternity.

Cosmic patterns and energy. In the 6th century, a monk named Cosmas Indicopleustes said that angels pushed and pulled heavenly bodies on their course. Other religious people claimed that the stars themselves were angels in disguise.

Cherubic angels: A type of Cupid, the Roman god of love, whose arrow smites humans with eros and passion.

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