Animals – Arrested Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Animals Dreams

(see by specific creature or habitat, Carcass, Fur, Zoo)

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The primitive wildness within and a yearning to return to nature.

A threatening animal reveals hidden aggression or unexpressed anger toward something or someone. Alternatively, this may mean that you personally feel threatened by someone perceived as predatory.

Taming an animal: Bringing (or wishing to bring) yourself under greater control, especially characteristics like a hot temper or overly intense passion (see Whip).

Native Americans believe that the spirits of animals appear in our dreams as teachers and guides. In this case, read that animal’s entry for more insight into its lessons.

Killing an animal: Consider what the creature itself symbolizes. For example, killing a bird signals a fear that you are somehow stifling personal freedom or vision (see Carcass).

Jung felt that the central self was often represented in dreams as an animal, specifically the elephant, horse, bear, bull, fish, or snake.

Consider the creature’s positive and negative characteristics or integral qualities as they reflect upon the way you behave. For example, are you being bull-headed or figuratively bearish?

Ankh Dreams

(see Anchor, Jewelry)

Announcements Dreams

(see Amplification)

Closely heed the instructions or information given in a dream announcement. This is often a direct communication from your subconscious or Higher Self that needs immediate attention. Other factors in this dream may also prove important. Where does the announcement take place? Do other people stop to listen to it?

Answering Machine Dreams

(see Telephone)

Avoiding direct communication with others.

Screening or carefully recording the input you’re getting from various sources.

Ant Dreams

(see Insects)

Business concerns. What is the ant pulling or walking upon?

Tenacity. The ability to overcome insurmountable odds (note Aesop’s Fables).

Community and solidarity. Ants live and work as a unit.

Being bitten by an ant: A Victorian symbol of quarrels or bad feelings that came out as biting words.

Divinatory insight: The ancients believed because these creatures traverse both worlds (the above and below) that they were excellent prognosticators, especially of the weather.

Moslem: A teacher of wisdom. What lesson does the ant offer you in your dream?

Chinese: A symbol of patriotism, virtue, and orderliness.

Antiques Dreams

Outmoded concepts, or overemphasizing the past instead of living in the “now.”

If these are treasured possessions, this indicates you truly value your traditions, or history in general.

The question of personal value. Perhaps you are feeling old, worn, and useless, instead of cherishing the experiences life has provided over the years.

Apartments Dreams

(see Buildings, Castle)

Compartmentalization. Each door here represents a different aspect of self and your experiences.

Alternatives. Every door is another option waiting for examination.

Being lost in an apartment complex symbolizes having too many options from which to choose, and finding yourself overwhelmed by those options. Narrow down the field a little, then reapproach this situation.

Ape Dreams

(see Monkey)

Apple Dreams

(see Eating, Fruit, Juice, Trees)

Temptation to break personal taboos, or divine or societal laws.

Responsible use of knowledge, skills, or wisdom.

Matters of health: How the apple looks may have a direct bearing on how you’re feeling.

Appearing abundantly on a tree: A propitious sign that speaks of realizing your hopes.

Only at the top of a tree: High ambitions that you may not be able to safely or effectively reach.

Worm ridden: If you bite into an apple to discover a worm, this means that something isn’t as good as it outwardly appears, especially someone’s ethical codes.

Arthurian: Longevity. King Arthur was taken to Avalon, the Isle of Apples, to live forever. Similarly, in Norse legends apples are used as a resurrection charm, and Hera’s Tree of Life is filled with golden apples.

Apron Dreams

(see Clothes)

A feminine emblem that pertains to domesticity.

A man wearing a chef’s or barbecue apron signals acceptance of certain traits considered feminine, resulting in a more complete person.

Taking off: Breaking the proverbial “apron strings.” This may pertain to your parents, or to any situation that has restricted you to obsolete images and thought patterns.

Turning an apron: Taking your life in hand and making a change for the better.

Aquarium Dreams

(see Fish, Water)

The clear glass of the aquarium allows you to see through into your subconscious or matters of spirit. So, what’s gong on in the fish tank, and what creatures live there? A healthy carp, for example, symbolizes an optimistic outlook, whereas dark, murky waters indicate a soul in need of a good housecleaning.

Archway Dreams

Victory and distinction. Archways were often built in ancient Rome to welcome back conquering heroes.

Crumbled: The destruction of hopes with little warning.

An alternative type of bridge dream, in which movement from one side of the archway to the other marks a tradition (see Directions).

A guidepost to follow. Just as we use important buildings for landmarks when giving directions, our ancestors used archways as meeting and business places, often at crossroads (see Cross). In this case, what’s below the archway or what’s happening there will give you more insight.

Arithmetic Dreams

(see Calculator, Numbers)

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The conscious, logical self in full swing.

Look to see if the mathematics make sense. If not, check your current situation to see if things around you likewise don’t “add up.”

Someone with a designing, detailed personality.

Armor Dreams

(see Obstacles, Weapons)

Vulnerability, or the need for protection.

Being distant and unfeeling. Putting up barriers between yourself and the world so as not to get hurt. Please note that this can pertain to anything appearing in the dream that is armored, like a truck or tank.

In Christianity, the armor of God that provides the believer with all the tools necessary for righteous living. Similarly in Judaism, a special breastplate was worn by early high priests, symbolizing their authority and connection with the Divine.

Psychically, wearing a helmet reveals the potential need for psychic or mental protection of any nature. You may be studying too hard, or be under some kind of psychic attack.

Knight in shining armor: Being rescued, or hoping for aid in time of need. Alternatively, the desire to venture forth on a quest for personal honor, or fight for a just cause.

Aroma Dreams

(see Incense, Perfume, Smells)

Arrested Dreams

(see Cage, Police, Warrants)

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