Arrow – Axe Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Arrow Dreams

(see Weapons)

Directional guidance, like a subliminal road map showing you the way to go. Watch where the arrow lands to see if you’re making or missing your mark.

Power over, or empathy with, animals. In Greek mythology, Artemis carried arrows representing her domination over the animal kingdom.

Potentially a phallic symbol. The cherub carries arrows that inspire passion.

An omen or message. Arrows were used in Tibet and in the Bible (Ez. 21:21) as harbingers of truth or the future. Therefore if an arrow lands off its mark in the dream, the truth may be only partially revealed to you, or the future uncertain.

Power, strength, and possibly war. The Scandinavian god Tyr and the Roman god Mars, both of whom presided over battles, are often featured with arrows.

Being shot by an arrow: Either a betrayal of confidence or forced love.

Broken arrow: A broken vow or promise, or plans that got disengaged.

Art Dreams

(see Canvas)

A reflection of what you hope to create with your artistic talents.

What medium does the art use, and is it one that you’ve tried? If not, it may be worth exploring that avenue.

In many cases, the art portrays feelings about a specific person or scenario. For example, dreaming of the Venus de Milo may reveal that while you find your current situation very attractive, it somehow leaves you feeling out of control, as if you have no arms with which to act, react, and interact.

Framed art represents your personal perception of a person or situation, whether or not that perception is accurate.

Ascent Dreams

(see Airplanes, Balloon, Clouds, Ladder, Mountain, Stairs, Wings)

Broader perspectives and higher outlooks on any situation. If on the journey up, your head literally reaches into the clouds, put those flights of fancy in check and come back down to earth.

Emotions or memories surfacing from deep within.

Spiritually, the quest for enlightenment and reconnection with the sacred. If you climb alone, you have accepted the role of spiritual leader for your life. If climbing toward a guru or master figure, the teacher you’ve long awaited will soon appear.

Ascetic Dreams

(see Monastery, Mountain, Temple)

A life or period of serious contemplation.

Someone who denies her-/himself and worldly needs, possibly to a dangerous extreme.

A renewed religious focus growing in your life.

The need to evaluate what things or possessions are, and are not, truly important.

Ashes Dreams

Ashes are generally a negative emblem, being all that remains of a devastating fire. Bitter changes, unsuccessful deals, heated emotions, and nonproductive arguments are all examples of what the ashes may represent.

Victorian: Ashes from one’s hearth could be used to fertilize the land or bring love into the home. What in your life needs feeding or love?

Ash Trees Dreams

Ancient Druids regarded ash as a tree of well-being and perspicacity, and they used it for making their magical wands. Dreaming of sitting beneath or near an ash tree can symbolize growing intuition, or perhaps a calling to follow a Druidical path spiritually.

The Norse honored the ash as being the World Tree in their mythology. If you are of Norse decent, this tree may represent your own familial lines and ties (see Trees, Yggdrasil).

Assistance Dreams

This often indicates exactly what it appears to be: help freely given or offered.

Helpful hands, of which you may be unaware. Consider the source of aid shown in the dream for its literal or figurative meaning, then find a correlation in your life.

Aster (Flower) Dreams

(see Flowers)

An aster’s meaning is just as beautiful as they are, symbolizing a beacon of hope for your aspirations; keeping your warm soul full of ambition and desire.

The meaning of seeing an aster in your dreams could also be to remind you that during times of struggle the support need will always appear, sometimes as if by magic!

Learn all about the sacred symbolism and meaning of Flowers!

Astronaut Dreams

(see Space, Spaceship)

The desire for adventures, especially those into totally new frontiers.

Stretching yourself or your spirit to literally reach for the stars.

Atom Dreams

A basic building block around which your life is currently revolving.

A very simple thing, person, or situation that holds tremendous potential for both good and ill.

Pay attention to minute details; look closely and see what you discover (see Magnification).

Attic Dreams

(see Building)

Edgar Cayce and several other dream interpreters believed this portion of a house represents your head of the mind. So, the condition of the attic is important to the dream’s overall meaning. For example, an orderly attic symbolizes well-ordered thoughts and hopes. One cluttered with antiques may reveal someone whose thoughts are too focused on the past. A dirty attic metaphorically indicates immoral views, or a mind that is not being used to its fullest potential (see Balcony).

Auction Dreams

Winning a bid at an auction portends fair treatment in your business endeavors. It also shows that you feel confident about the value of something (symbolized by what you bid on). This item can represent anything from a personal characteristic to a person.

Exchanging money at an auction foretells plenty and luck.

Losing a bid can signify the loss of something (or someone) important in real life. Examples include an object that you treasured, a personal conviction that gets impeded or a vision or goal being waylaid.

Authority Figures Dreams

(see Angel, Icons, Professor, Priest/Priestess)

Your relationship to your boss or anyone in authority, as you perceive it.

The Higher Self or embodiment of your conscious self, and your interactions with same (or lack thereof).

How is this individual acting? If overbearing, perhaps you or someone you know is being too “bossy.”

A person or situation that makes you feel childlike or out of control.

Something or someone to which or to whom you subjugate yourself. This includes belief systems.

Authorship Dreams

(see Books, Writing)

Autumn Dreams

(see Leaves, Seasons)

Avalanche Dreams

(see Disasters)

Avatar Dreams

(see Authority Figures, Icons)

Awards Dreams

Recognition or acceptance that you deserve to be honored for special efforts that you’ve made.

A nudge from the subconscious reminding you to award yourself for hard work and unselfish deeds. Many people are hesitant to give themselves that pat on the back, but it’s very healthy.

Axe Dreams

(see Weapons)

Cutting yourself off or away from someone or something (see Knife).

Fear of losing one’s job (e.g., “getting the axe”).

Two-headed axe (the Labrys): Duality. A choice or situation that has two distinct edges, one of which may not be known. It can also be a symbol of feminine power.

Being executed by: Punishment or judgment for something about which you feel morally awkward or ashamed.

In ancient Israel, people used axes in divinatory rights. This may be how the phrase “see where the axe falls” originated. In this context, if the axe lands at your feet, or you take one in hand, it reveals a latent prophetic ability or, on a less lofty level, good instincts.

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