Potato – Pyrite Dream Symbols & Meanings

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Potato Dreams

(see Garden, Farm, Vegetables)

An alternative earth emblem. Learn all about the Element of Earth so you can delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams!

Because of its broad ranging use in folk remedies, a symbol for the return to health, usually in a physical sense.

Provision and the staples of life. Potatoes were an essential crop to many communities.

In a more negative sense, sitting on the side lines of life, getting sucked in by non-active pastimes (e.g., “being a couch potato”).

Poverty Dreams

(see Money, Slum)

A beggar: Expecting to experience a loss, and anxiety that comes from this expectation. Alternatively, bad management and the need for improved frugality.

Starvation: An aspect of your personality or talents that is inadequately developed, or needs some type of infusion (see Hunger).

Things in your life that you have blatantly neglected. For example, seeing rags covering your head might coincide with needing to study more tenaciously so that your mind is not “poor.”

Negative self-images. Feeling as if you deserve no better than rags.

An illustrative lesson in charity. If we turn to the pages of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, we can see how dream images of poverty can help improve a miserly disposition.

Pregnancy Dreams

(see Adoption, Baby, Birth, Miscarriage)

For a woman (or her partner) who is pregnant, or wishing to be so, a situational dream that needs no further interpretation.

Being figuratively fertile with ideas, energy, and creative insight.

A very good seed has been planted for a project near and dear to your hear, but now patience is required. It will take time for this effort to manifest, and it cannot be rushed without endangering your groundwork.

Prices Dreams

(see Bank/Banking, Menu, Money, Numbers, Shopping)

The prices on objects in our dreams reflect their value to us. For example, seeing someone buy an expensive designer outfit instead of an identical brand-name one illustrates a superficial personality, someone interested only in impressing others and looking more important. Or, paying an exorbitant price on a heart-shaped pillow could represent having given too much of yourself to a relationship, or valuing love as precious.

Dreaming about Numbers can be a sign your higher self is urging you to learn about Numerology and the sacred meaning of Numbers.

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Priest – Priestess Dreams

(see Authority Figures, Church, Temple, Monastery)

An emblem of religious law, prohibitions, or taboos. In this case, the priest’s or priestess’s attitude in the dream will be very revealing (see Religions).

The Higher Self or a spiritual guide who may convey a message of a moral nature, or act as the voice of your conscience (see Angel, Icons).

What ritual or service is the priest or priestess performing? This might prove even more important to the dream’s meaning. For example, if this person is setting up the altar, you may likewise be starting to settle on specific spiritual precepts. If the priest or priestess is performing a baptism, this might reflect a new beginning for you, in which your slate is wiped clean for a fresh start.

Prison Dreams

(see Cage)

Professions Dreams

(see by type, Jobs, Workers)

Each profession illustrated in dreams carries specific meaning, commonly the attribute that first comes to mind when you think of that profession. For example, an astronaut is adventurous and highly trained, bartenders are thought to be good listeners, and secretaries exhibit strong organizational skills. So, dreaming of all three of these individuals together might indicate the need to hone your personal listening skills for greater effectiveness.

Note that if you cannot find the specific profession dreamt of in the main listings, review that profession’s central goal, location, and/or tools for possible meaning. For example, look up nurse under healing or women, and construction workers under hammer, nails, or tools.

Professor Dreams

(see Authority Figures, Blackboard, School)

The conscious, logical mind and matters of learning. What subject is the professor teaching, and how does this affect or reflect upon your current situation?

Someone in your life whose knowledge you admire, especially in one specific field.

Your own faculty for self-learning, specifically from life’s lessons.

Promises Dreams

(see Oath, Notarization)

Prophylactics Dreams

(see Orgasm, Sexual Encounters)

Concerns or thoughts centering around “safe sex.”

Metaphorical protection, probably concerning vulnerability in relationships.

Prostitute Dreams

(see Men, Orgasm, Sexual Encounters, Women)

Feeling as if you’ve highly undervalued yourself, your work, or your art.

A sexual desire or drive that may not be healthy.

Illicit, immoral, or underhanded activities going on behind your back (although not necessarily pertaining to physicality).

Selling a service or idea to others that is not socially, religiously, legally, or culturally accepted.

Pumpkin Dreams

(see Eating, Garden)

A carved pumpkin often represents the specific emotions in the depicted face, so consider if it is happy, sad, angry, frightened, or whatever.

Traditionally an emblem of protection because of its use on Halloween to scare away mischievous spirits.

Made into bread or pie, this represents a positive transformation in either your finances or ability to act justly, respectively.

Punctuation Dreams

Quotation marks especially are the subconscious’s way of drawing your attention to a specific key phrase in your dream. Make sure to remember this and ponder it. Each word, or the entire phrase, may have significant importance for your present situation or in the days ahead.

Each type of punctuation stresses something slightly different, even as it does in written form. The period denotes finality and completion, a question mark is uncertainty or inquiry, three dots (ellipses) reflect something that is unfinished or in progress, and an exclamation point indicates surprise or shock.

Purple Dreams

(see Colors)

Dark: Mental storms and disorientation.

Royal purple: Personal rulership, self-control, and mastery.

Amethyst: Wisdom, especially of a spiritual nature (see Crystals, Gems).

Pale pastel purple: A spring color, often equated with Easter and rebirth.

Read all about Color Psychology and The Meaning of Colors

Puzzles Dreams

(see Riddles)

The solution to problems in your life slowly piecing itself together. Look to see what’s appearing in the pattern for more interpretive value.

Self-created confusion that comes from complicating simple matters. Go back to the basics and reevaluate this situation.

Brainteasers represent matters that you find confusing or overwhelmingly complex.

Word jumbles symbolize problems with communication, or difficulty in ordering your thoughts (see Writing).

A labyrinth is a type of three-dimensional puzzle that represents complex paths or situations that require patience and wisdom to traverse without losing you way.

Maze: Similar to a labyrinth, a maze reflects a situation through which is it difficult to navigate due to trickery or confusion that stems from external sources.

Pyramids Dreams

(see Landmarks, Locations)

Esoteric wisdom shared from the Collective Unconscious.

A good omen that portends achievement and financial gains.

Precision is needed in your evaluations to assure success. Scientists have shown the tremendous accuracy used in designing and building these great edifices; no less care should be taken with things you value.

In India, an alternative fire emblem. Similarly, in ancient Greece the pictograph of a pyramid could represent an idea or spirit that had fiery characteristics.

Mesopotamian: The meeting place between the gods and mortals. Edifices similar to pyramids were seen in Babylon at the core of the city around 300 B.C.E. These buildings were called the Gate of the Gods. In your dream, such structures may represent a personally designed astral temple, where you can commune with your subconscious, your Higher Self, or the Divine.

Pyrite Dreams

(see Gold)

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