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Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility: Friendship, Sex, & Love

The Aquarius and Scorpio relationship is one that can endure. But, only if the pair is ready to work their fannies off. There’s no letting this relationship evolve or happen. The couple will have to make every step in this relationship work. It is all arduous work, and it’s all uphill. Still, the result of all the demanding work is exquisite enough to make every struggle worth it.

Some people look at this couple and wonder about compatibility regarding friendship and love. It seems like an impossible mix both in and out of bed. It’s as if Aquarius and Scorpio are parts from different equations. Now they are sitting in a formula that through a miracle alone works. Still, there’s loads of excitement, challenges, and adventure in this pairing. They don’t ever let things get dull. Either the movements are full of adventure and fun things to do, or they are full of heated battles and sharp words.

Amplification is one of the keywords in this relationship. Words, actions, and emotions are all subject to amplification. Everything has an intensity that goes up another notch. That’s how Aquarius and Scorpio like it too. Love is the result if the relationship lasts. It’s never love at first sight for Aquarius and Scorpio love match. That is an impossibility.

Aquarius and Scorpio Table of Contents

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

When looking at this romantic pairing one might wonder if there is compatibility. The personalities making up this couple seems to come from different worlds with unique mindsets. Stubbornness seems like an impossible roadblock to overcome. Still, both signs represent people with compassionate hearts and warm souls. Scorpio mirrors back to Aquarius attributes they lack. Aquarius reflects characteristics that Scorpio can learn from as well. If they open their minds, both partners can learn from one another the delicate art of balance.

Scorpio can teach Aquarius a thing or two about commitment and how it doesn’t have to be a bore. They can also teach Aquarius that being in touch with one’s emotions doesn’t mean their doom as a social being. Scorpio will have to respect the Aquarian need for independence though. Mutual respect increases Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility.

Aquarius can teach Scorpio that passion and love are far more flavorful when you take your time. There’s no need to rush to commitment. The journey to it can be a blast. Aquarius will need to be a bit sensitive to the softer emotional needs of the Scorpio partner. Aquarius can also teach Scorpio the art of socialization. They can also teach Scorpio about the blessings that stem from friendships.

Aquarius and Scorpio Love

To love one another trust must exist. When it comes to Scorpio and Aquarius both are on the slow boat to trust. Scorpio has no problem expressing emotions. But the aloof Aquarian might have Scorpio shutting down the affections quick. This is true when Aquarius doesn’t return the same depth of emotion. Scorpio seeks to tame the needs of the Aquarian who is fickle and independent. This need makes Aquarius cringe and pulls away.

In the Aquarius and Scorpio relationship, they don’t fall in love at the same time. Scorpio is the one who falls in love first. Then Scorpio is stuck waiting around for Aquarius to figure out what’s going on at the time. Aquarius is slow to trust, even slower to love. Say the word commitment and watch Aquarius take off like a tumbleweed in a sandstorm.

Aquarius and Scorpio Sex

Despite any clashes or incompatibilities, Scorpio appreciates the Aquarius persona. Aquarius might seem distant and nonchalant. But, they would be lying if they said they didn’t love the attention Scorpio gives them. Yes, Aquarius will run to the ends of the earth from commitment. But, the Aquarius born will run out of energy at some point. They must then turn and face the true love looking them in the face. They might see the Scorpio born standing there in the wings. These two share rebellious traits and are both outcasts. There’s a deep understanding and acceptance between the pair.

Love is possible for Aquarius and Scorpio, but not like it falls right into the couple’s lap. It will be work from beginning to end. Love is the gift of those who are patient enough for it to arrive. When hooking up with an Aquarius, you can count on waiting.

The bedroom will need blackout curtains and soundproof walls. The neighbors don’t’ need to know when Aquarius and Scorpio enter the room. Nothing is off limits and experimentation is on the table. It increases Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility. Taboo is a word escaping this couple’s vocabulary and understanding. Hot is not even a word that begins to describe the passion and heat these two stir up between the satin sheets.
The attraction between the Aquarius and Scorpio is impossible to ignore. They both love the freedom of expression in the bedroom. Since neither of them is shy, they have no trouble exploring and getting to know one another. Each time they join for sexual pursuits, it is an opportunity.
Now, while there is sexual freedom, it doesn’t mean there are not bound to Scorpio. As it goes, Scorpio is the one who looks to latch a leash on Aquarius and fast, while demanding commitment. Aquarius, independent hungry and a free spirit, isn’t having any of that nonsenses. When freedom moves to repression the connection is in real trouble.

Aquarius and Scorpio Communication

The Aquarius and Scorpio pairing love change and excitement. It keeps things hopping. Neither appreciates the staleness of stagnation. Spontaneity rules, but Scorpio does long for the occasional evenings home too.

Aquarius will need to bend a bit and be flexible. It allows a balance between socialization and private affections. Both partners love the physical aspects of sex. But, Scorpio will scream for emotional depth. Scorpio might need to slow the horses a bit for the relationship to remain in good standing.

The Aquarius and Scorpio pairing love change and excitement. Neither appreciates the staleness of stagnation. Spontaneity rules in this relationship. But, Scorpio does long for the occasional evenings home snuggling in private. Aquarius will need to bend a bit and be flexible. It allows a balance between socialization and private affections. The Aquarius and Scorpio love match appreciate the physical aspects of sex. But, Scorpio will scream for emotional depth. Scorpio might need to slow the horses a bit for the relationship to remain in good standing.

Gambling at the local casinos is on the fun things to do list. Bungie jumping or adventure trails all appeal to this couple. Both partners are natural born risk takers. This keeps the relationship enticing and date night is never dull. A healthy taste for competition makes them the lover of challenges and puzzles too.

Aquarius and Scorpio Clashes

Aquarius is a social creature by nature. If Scorpio doesn’t have this understanding, things go downhill. Tolerance is necessary here. Aquarius does not take kindly to a threat to their freedom. If they have an extensive network of friends, all are important. When Scorpio comes between friends, the jealousy hurts Aquarius.

Likewise, Aquarius has its own issues with jealousy. It’s a double standard, yes, but Aquarius doesn’t care about that. Scorpio uses their sugary sweet conversational method to talk the opposite sex. Aquarius gets bent fast. Now the Aquarius isn’t big on emotional expression. The Scorpio partner is guessing why Aquarius is cold and aloof and angry.

Should either partner start to question the loyalties of the other, then things get bad. Scorpio holds loyalty as important at all costs. So, when Aquarius accuses them of the opposite, it is infuriating. Aquarius is more prone to breaking commitments. Yet, they are still loyal until the relationship has nothing left in meaning. Questioning the loyalties of Aquarius makes them run cold.

Aquarius and Scorpio Polarity

All signs in astrology correspond to a polarity of Yin or Yang. Yin is female energy. Yang is masculine energy. Scorpio is Yin and Aquarius is Yang. This makes Aquarius the projective or aggressive sign. Scorpio is passive and receptive. The Yin and Yang aspects give the couple an element of balance, but only if they allow this balance to work. The Aquarius and Scorpio relationship runs into issues when partners go to extremes.

If Aquarius becomes extreme, they are domineering. That will earn them a free sting from Scorpio’s temper. If Scorpio is out of balance, passive aggressiveness results. This will push Aquarius away and in the opposite direction as they run from commitment. Scorpio might take on the role of martyr in hopes of the Aquarius turning themselves around. When it doesn’t happen as they dream it, Scorpio becomes bitter and resentful. Aquarius resents the impositions Scorpio puts on their freedom.

To regain a sense of energetic balance, Scorpio needs to be confident and secure. It also helps to be while direct with expression. Aquarius needs to be accepting, sensitive, and tolerant of Scorpio’s needs.

Aquarius and Scorpio Aspects

When discussing the subject of aspect, it explains the distance between zodiacs. Since Scorpio and Aquarius are three signs apart, they are square. The square creates a 90-degree angle. The angle is sharp. This means there are power plays and a constant push and pull between this pair. They will need to learn how to share the positions of power in this relationship. Relaxation and smooth sailing through this relationship only happen in works of fiction.

But, there’s enough friction in the Aquarius and Scorpio love match to keep things spicy. The square aspect between these zodiacs promises the lessons of balance and compromise. When the lessons are behind them, this couple proves inseparable.

Aquarius and Scorpio Elements

These two have different elemental influences. Scorpio corresponds with water. Aquarius is an Air sign. The mingling of the water and fire joins together the dreamy and innovative mind. Both signs are high in intellect. But, their temperaments differ as do their reign over emotions. Scorpio likes a small circle of trusting and loyal friends. Aquarius loves to socialize with anyone engaging. Trust comes difficult to Scorpio. Aquarius doesn’t let relationships go deep enough to make trust a big concern.

Scorpio dives deep into the waters of emotions and swims through them like a master. Emotional expression is essential to the Scorpion partner. They will take their approach to love and relationships with an edge of seriousness. Aquarius is more an intellectual and less an emotional character. They are like the wind as they are ever-changing, fickle and finicky. They are flighty and haphazard in their approach to love and relationships. Already these two standing points are proving problematic for the two signs.

Do these signs meet on any level to increase Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility? Intellectual pursuits are something both have in common. The Aquarius loves anything that stimulates the mind. Scorpios know how to cater to that stimulation. They also meet in the bedroom with a willingness to try new things and experiment. But they begin to part ways when the word “emotion” crops up. If this relationship is going to work both parties must want it in a bad way.

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

With the Aquarius man and Scorpio woman, relationship challenges are ahead. When this couple meets, they find themselves attracted to unique attributes. Aquarius makes friends with ease, and he is a social magnet. The Scorpio woman finds the Aquarian born male’s charisma sexy. She’s not so social, but she is one who has no problem asserting her power in a situation. The Aquarius man finds the Scorpio woman’s confidences, and power plays attractive. It’s as if curiosity is what brings these two together. But, is it a curiosity that ends in good things or a morbid curiosity between them?

It is their time together that proves telling. There is plenty of room for the chaos factor. It starts in the bedroom. With these two high-sexed creatures, the bedroom might be a good place for a smoke alarm. Come to think of it, a few fire extinguishers might be beneficial. A phone number to the local fire department pinned to the headboard of the bed too. Hot doesn’t begin to describe the Aquarius and Scorpio relationship when it comes to moves in the bed.

But here is where problems begin: The motives behind those moves differ to the extreme. The Aquarius man is looking for a good romp in the hay. The Scorpio female is seeking emotional and meaning behind every touch. The minute the Aquarius man discovers the Scorpio woman’s intentions, he begins to pull back. It is as if the idea of romantic love mingling with the act of sex is repulsive. If she keeps her senses and doesn’t make it known she’s looking to feed emotion, the Aquarius male is none the wiser. Then it’s too late for him. Once he’s got feelings for her, she’s got him good:It’s a successful sting of the Scorpion.

Aquarius and Scorpio share some attributes. Stubbornness is one of them. This stubborn streak might hold them together if they use it as an asset. If they wield it like a weapon, it will tear them apart. Even worse is the fact that these two share the undesirable trait of always having to be right. That makes them right fighters who want the last word. Power plays and struggles are in the future. Throw in a few jealous tendencies of the Scorpio female and feel the Scorpion’s poison run!

Challenges exist for the Aquarius and Scorpio love match. Scorpio must be less critical and demanding. Aquarius needs to be far more attentive to the female’s needs. The Scorpio woman does not accept the casual approach to love. The Aquarius male needs to learn how to understand the depth of emotion the Scorpio woman shares.

He will have to also learn to be more in touch with his own emotions because she’ll expect him to express himself. The Scorpio woman will have to learn the lesson of patience: One most assured is difficult for her to master. If this couple puts their head together, they can make the relationship work. A willingness to do relationship work is also a need for success.

Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

The Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man bring together the elements of Air and Water. What does this mean for their compatibility? It means you’re either dealing with lovely skies or some of the darkest storms imaginable. The success of the relationship is in the hands of the pair and depends on how they interact. If both parties are in balance, this relationship has some dreamy possibilities. If at odds, they make better frenemies than lovers. But, being at odds lowers Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility.

The Aquarius woman is friendly, amiable, and kind. She loves to socialize. How does the Aquarius female discover her manly-man of a Scorpio? She’s apt to encounter the Scorpio man at a party or social gathering. Here she has no problem winning him over with her charms. She’ll wink, smile, chat and flirt until the well-protected Scorpio man’s heart starts to melt a little bit.

He’s apt to be drawing every eye to him in a room full of people. She’s feeling a pull to him she cannot explain as if his charisma and good lucks are magnetic. Despite being a draw to most in the room, Scorpio will be hanging out with his choice of the elite. His choice of select friends doesn’t bother the Aquarius woman who now has Scorpio in her sights. No turning back now!

Scorpio reveals the intensity of his persona. In doing so, he draws in the Aquarian female like a spider who has woven a web fresh and anew. The Aquarius woman will find the Scorpio man an enticement for sure. She wants to know more about him, but that protective wall remains intact. It covers the real emotions he’s feeling inside. Aquarius sees this as no obstacle. It is a simple challenge, and she’s up for the task. They become a couple with a big question mark over what commitment means.

Togetherness is a mix of bliss and confusion within the Aquarius and Scorpio relationship. Scorpio has an uncanny means of seeing straight through people. Although, this is not the same as the Aquarius. Hard as he might try, he cannot seem to get her to settle down, and he cannot figure out her motives. One minute she wants him, and the next she’s running the other way. Scorpio finds her exciting and stimulating. But, her unpredictability is starting to freak him out.

In the bedroom, things get hot but threaten to go cold quick. Scorpio is all emotion behind the heated moves. Aquarius is about mental and physical stimulation while emotions stay outside the bedroom. Affectionate is the Aquarius woman who enjoys the casualness of the encounter. Passionate is Scorpio who wants more than a casual affair. The bedroom becomes a place of confusion and mind games.

Outside the bedroom, the challenges continue. Aquarius takes the mundane world with an air of casualness. Bills and everyday responsibilities are a drag and nothing to fret over. Scorpio is the ultra-responsible partner. They are looking to deal with household chores and money management fast. The Aquarius woman starts to irritate Scorpio. Reaching unbearable heights of irritation, Scorpio strikes out with biting words. Aquarius’ response is cool and detached or equal in bitterness. Chaos ensues within the Aquarius and Scorpio love match.

For this relationship to work, Aquarius needs to be more sensitive. Scorpio needs to be less. The Scorpio man needs to have patience as he waits for the Aquarius female to like the idea of commitment. Aquarius needs to be honest knowing Scorpio expects it. Both need mountains of patience to make the relationship work.

Aquarius and Scorpio Love Match Wrap-Up

Aquarius is the innovative thinker. Scorpio is the manager of darker emotions. Together, these two take relationships to a level no one else can understand.

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