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Aries and Aquarius Compatibility: Friendship, Love, & Sex

Playful and fun are two words that describe the Aquarius and Aries relationship. They make excellent friends and even better lovers. Erotic and sensual are two more correct descriptors, which makes this couple have a high compatibility factor. Can this affair be amazing beyond all measure? The answer is an undeniable “YES!” Can this couple ride the edge of insanity? Once again, the answer is affirmative.

Will the Aquarius personality and the Aries born ram heads? You had better believe they will! But, as they say, nothing worthwhile is easy to pursue. Such is the case when the Aquarius and Aries personalities come together in friendship, and later, a steamy love affair!

This pairing can result in explosions outside the bedroom doors. When not in bed, the tension comes with opinions belonging to two strong-headed people. The Aquarius and Aries signs are at the top of the most stubborn signs of all the zodiac. Debates are frequent, and both enter an argument with the goal of winning. To win is to have the last word. Yes, this couple will engage in right fighting. This is where the tensions run high.

Of course, with tensions high outside the bedroom, there’s no problem heating up the sheets! The Aquarian is an experimental lover, and the Aries is a real go-getter. This couple makes the most of the tension by channeling into passionate encounters! Making the most of friction increases compatibility. It cannot be any other way with an Aquarius and Aries love match!

Aries and Aquarius Table of Contents

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

The Aquarius-Aries combo is never dull. Adventure is one of the key ingredients that go into the mix of this anything but ordinary pairing. They love spending quiet time together as much as hitting the social scene. When the Aquarius and Aries personalities meet the friendship is near instantaneous. Sexual attraction is not too far off from the first encounter. Conversations stimulate the intellect. Then it’s a matter of time before things heat up between these two energetic personalities.

The Aquarius and Aries combination is one full of good humor and fun. If romance threatens to muddy a platonic relationship, the friendship will plateau. Logical and aware of a good thing, these two individuals try to keep things friendly. They prefer lasting friendship over a relationship tarnished by romance-gone-bad emotions.

For the Aquarius and Aries relationship that forges friendship but can’t stop love’s snowball effect; good things are coming. Sexual chemistry, camaraderie, and acceptance of one another are a few benefits. They will take the romantic part of the relationship slow. If friends with benefits first, the relationship slows down when it becomes romantic. With the Aquarius and Aries combo is a pairing with considerable promise. What limits the relationship is the long-term outlook of each party.

Aries and Aquarius Love

Some Aquarius and Aries affairs never make it past the friendship stage. Those born under these two Sun Signs are appreciative of personal freedom. They like space and do not rush to commit. The Aquarius latches onto to the notion of remaining free. The Aries personality with go-getter style is the partner who pursues commitment first.

This match is a friends-with-benefits relationship versus a committed Aquarius-Aries combo. It’s as if the two are playing a game of Commitment Poker. If the Aries wants a monogamous relationship, they’ll have ante up.

Game on! But who wins in the Aquarius and Aries relationship?

The Aquarian keeps a Poker face like no other. We’re talking World Series of Poker talent! The Aquarius personality’s goal: Avoidance. If there is still air in the lungs of the Aquarius personality, they will hold off on commitment. A win for the Aquarian is a relationship that stays noncommittal.

An Aquarius might place a bet or two to stay in the game. With every “bet” the aloof Aquarius strings the Aries partner along. The question of commitment lingers. The Aries born partner feels their lungs ready to burst from holding it so long. The hesitancy to commit exists no matter how intense the Aquarius and Aries pairing.

The Aquarian’s hesitancy to commit will irritate an Aries. No Aries wants to wait for anything. They don’t have the patience for it. The Aries demands ACTION! Aries calls Aquarius’ bluff. Both romantic players play their cards. But, Aries adds a long-awaited ultimatum. It’s equal to a “commit or get off the pot,” offer.

If this Aquarian-Aries combo has been rewarding, Aquarius commits, and Aries wins! If not, the friendship with fringe benefits comes to an abrupt and unfortunate end. Remember, grass doesn’t grow under the feet of either party in the Aquarius and Aries love match!

Aries and Aquarius Sex

Friendship is a natural result when the Aries and Aquarius personalities meet. A “friends with benefits relationship” might begin before romance enters the scene. It’s the taboo nature of sex without commitment that makes it so enticing.

Once these lovers discover chemistry in and outside of the bedroom, emotions thrive. Still, these two “heady” intellectuals might keep the emotions they feel secret. Playing it cool and being aloof allows for the carpe diem attitude to thrive.

Neither the Aquarian or Aries wants to spoil the “seize the day” attitude toward sex at the beginning of the relationship. Both feel relationships commitment talk puts a damper on the amazing sex. Nothing like a discussion about giving up some freedom long-term to put the fires out on a carpe diem attitude!

There’s little off limits in the Aquarian and Aries bedroom. “Experimental” describes the sexual encounters between the Uranus-ruled Aries and the Mars-ruled Aries. When the first few passionate encounters, the hot sex simmers down to a rolling boil.

When the nuisance of the new relationship wears down, then talk of commitment happens. The Aquarian personality is not the one to bring up the topic first though. Aries, the action-seeker, and go-getter of the zodiac is the person who is apt to bring up the topic. The Aquarius and Aries compatibility intensifies when the couple is ready to commit.

The slight cool down allows for intermittent encounters that are loving and emotional. Whether it’s crazy sex or lovemaking, Aquarius-Aries combo bedroom encounters are unforgettable. Oh, and the bedroom is better off with some special interior design elements. These lovers might do well to consider blackout currents and soundproofing the room. Otherwise, the neighbors WILL get a shocking earful.

Aries and Aquarius Communication

When it comes to the Aquarius and Aries pairing, both parties will find their partner laid back. These two souls are easy going and not in a rush to marry. Aquarius is a futuristic soul, despite their distaste for commitment. Innovators, Aquarians are people with a remarkable amount of knowledge. Aries enjoys the knowledge the Aquarius shares. Aries likes lofty conversations.

The couple’s craving for knowledge and learning intensifies the attraction between them. Since the people in this relationship are intellectual, there are few fights. Yes, they can argue, but the ability to communicate helps prevent a lot of troubles. The intellectual arsenal this romantic pair relies on keeps communication pathways smooth. Creative means of resolving conflicts intensify the level of trust and openness.

Understanding and a good deal of empathy are relationship cornerstones. When issues arise, the cool-headed Aquarian handles problems with a calm demeanor (Well, most of the time anyway). The action-oriented Aries taps into their warrior energy. It doesn’t mean they start a battle with the Aquarian. But, it does mean the Aries rolls up their sleeves and tackles the problem!

Chattiness is a feature contributing to Aquarius and Aries compatibility. New friendships form as the couple is willing to stay social. They grow a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Each partner respects the freedoms and socialization needs of the other. Jealousy over the limelight is not an issue in this Aquarius and Aries partnership. Yes, Aquarius loves to be the center of attention sometimes, but Aries could care less. The Aries partner sits back and enjoys the show.

Aries and Aquarius Clashes

When it comes down to it, the Aquarius is one who needs a bit more personal space than the Arian personality. The carefree attitude of the Aquarian begins to rub Aries the wrong way. The Aries personality has the desire to move forward and progress. They don’t like roadblocks standing in the way of what they most desire.

Aquarius doesn’t know how to handle the occasional moodiness of the Mars-ruled Aries. When something irks Aries, everyone in the room (and the nearby vicinity) will know about it. They have no problem expressing irritation. Aries is impossible to deal with until the person returns to an amiable position. Aquarius is cool-headed but can lose their temper while becoming impossible as well.

Aquarius can dream big, and the person is one who has a creative imagination. They are someone who gets plenty of great ideas but never seems to muster up the action. The lack of action-oriented behaviors might strike a sour chord with the Aries. If the Aries isn’t supportive, Aquarius might not follow through on ideas. This might leave the Aries resentful of the Aquarian’s carefree attitude about goals.

The Aquarius and Aries love match has some striking similarities. They can either lift each other up or drive each other crazy. If the Aquarian sees in the Aries born attributes of the self they do not like, it can cause negative feelings. The same goes for Aries when viewing Aquarian characteristics. Understanding a partner’s flaws a will help increase the Aquarius and Aries connection.

Aries and Aquarius Polarity

Another thing the Aquarius and Aries have in common is they share the same polarity. Both Sun Signs are yin or masculine energies. They are both projective and aggressive. This means two things: they can get along like a dream or clash like fire and ice.

With both signs being aggressive, it means they are the opposite of passive. They are signs that prefer action and movement. This couple can serve to inspire one another throughout their lives. But the opposite side of this coin shows them vying against one another for a position of power.

It is all too easy to step on each other’s toes when in an Aquarius and Aries pairing. If each partner doesn’t tune into the other, hurt feelings will arise often. Exceptional communication and listening skills increase Aquarius and Aries compatibility. Each partner needs to listen with care to the other’s needs. Sharing who takes the lead in the relationship can put an end to any potential struggles for power.

Aries and Aquarius Aspects

The Aquarius and Aries signs are sextile. This means the signs are two positions apart on the zodiac wheel. When two signs end up in the sextile position, it means the relationship is one that’s easy going. When zodiac signs are in position two places apart, they are compatible. In in the Aquarius and Aries relationship you’ll soon see the compatibility of the elements (read on!).

Sextile zodiac signs also tend to have similar ideas or preferences. You might have a similar motto for life, or you might approach life in identical ways. Here, the theme of action is a common factor with this dynamic duo. The heavy masculine energies in this pairing call for embracing feminine energies. Listening and inspiring are traits that can balance out the aggressive masculine forces. Nurturing one another and empathic actions will also help keep the love affair alive.

Aries and Aquarius Elements

In the Aquarius and Aries relationship, there are the fires of inspiration and the intellect that fuels them. Aquarius is all intellect which corresponds to the element of air. Aries is a warrior soul demanding action so fire aligns with this creature’s Sun Sign.

Fire and Air are compatible elements. Air feeds fire. Fire grows because of air. How does this translate into the attributes in the Aquarius-Aries combo? The intellect of Aquarius can help the action-focused Aries to progress and grow. The action-demanding Aries can inspire the intellect of Aquarius while offering motivating support.

Those who are under the influence of fire and air need to keep things fresh and lively. Stagnation will put out a fire and pollute air. It’s a good idea to keep this relationship hopping. Planning dates in advance and several spontaneous encounters should keep things lively.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

An Aquarius man is someone who the Aries woman find irresistible. His sense of humor and adventurous soul are like a beacon of light drawing her to him. He couldn’t be more attractive if he was a teleporter and she was screaming, “Beam me up, Scottie!”

The elements of fire and air define Aquarius Man and Aries love match. Fire can suck air in as if it is its very breath! The Aquarius Man finds the Aries woman one who inspires him to do more and to be a better person. The Aries woman looks to the Aquarian male for his wit and intellect. She approves of his attractive and energetic traits. When she is around him, she feels alive. He leaves her longing for that feeling with every encounter.

The Aquarius Man and Aries Woman combination come with some excellent chemistry. But, no relationship is without its flaws. The Aquarius Man is casual, sometimes too much so. He may take serious matters or not serious enough. An Aquarius man is an innovator and a rebel. He might rebel against convention.

When it comes to affection, Aries women love it! They crave affection and expect the Aquarius Man to meet their high demands. The Aquarius Man appreciates affectionate behavior. His demand for it is nowhere near as high as the Aries woman. In the Aquarius and Aries pairing, the couple develops trust with ease. The open expression of mutual affection makes the Aquarius and Aries compatible factor high.

Aries women will tolerate only so much of the carefree and detached attitude. It will get her in an uproar soon enough. She needs a bit of time to calm down that ram-like temper too. So, it’s best if the Aquarius Man avoids her until she does.

Air-influenced Aries Women have the gift of eloquence. They can have the “gift” of poison words too. This happens when anger fuels their thoughts and speech. She’ll know the precise words to say to stir anger in the Aquarius who has a temper that the Aries fire can fuel.

With air and fire filling the atmosphere, arguments might end fast. Or, arguments can turn into an uncontrolled fire tornado. It all depends on the topic of discussion and the level of the passions each partner is giving voice to at the time. It’s a good thing the Aquarius male and Aries woman have a friendly attitude toward one another. Most of the time it makes for fewer arguments over the long-haul.

Aquarius Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

It is no surprise, love is not the first thing on the mind of the Aquarius Woman and Aries Man. When the relationship begins, it’s all about enjoying the each other’s company. These two personalities have common characteristics that serve to attract one another. The common attributes between Aquarius and Aries are enough for a friendship to grow.

The Aquarius woman finds the Aries Man someone who is attractive and romantic. The Aquarius and Aries relationship is one where there is a mutual draw to one another. The friendship that ignites this connection is full of excitement and enthusiasm. This duo enjoys spending hours together doing adventurous things. They can talk the night away. The Aquarius woman craves intellectual nourishment. The Aries Man seems to sense the Aquarius female’s need for mental stimulation.

Aries men can prove temperamental beasts. Aquarians are born under the sign of the ram so when angered, they “ram” through things. They can be “pushy” or a bully. The Aquarius woman might fuel the fires of his anger without intent. Or, her gift of eloquence might be the thing to sooth the soul of the out-of-control fury stemming from her Aries man.

The Aquarius woman will love the warrior-like nature and attitude of Mars-ruled Aries. She’s one who expects her man to step up and fight for what’s right. The Aries man will need to be one who defends her honor and who protects her.

When he proves he’s an alpha male, it will make her fall for him hard. The Aquarius woman is one who will push commitment off the table. She needs to know she’s got herself a strong and honorable man. If the Aries Man shows his affections for her and becomes protective, then commitment is an option again.

What improves the Aquarius and Aries love match is their passion for life. This passion translates into the bedroom. It is here that this duo is not only experimental but a bit competitive. The Aquarius Woman enjoys pleasing the Aries male. The Aries man will try every way possible to ensure he satisfies his Aquarius partner.

The Aquarius Woman and Aries Man pairing is one that’s active and social. They will have plenty of friends and will spend a lot of time at social events. The couple enjoys helping others through a common interest in humanitarian endeavors.

The high intellect of this duo gives them a full arsenal of conflict resolution tools. A resolution is not far off when all parties keep their cool. The communication between the Aquarius and Aries lovers gets its strength from offering each other mutual support. Aquarius appreciates the Arian spontaneity. Aries embraces the imaginative and creative problem-solving skills of Aquarius.

Aries and Aquarius Love Match Wrap-Up

In the Aquarius and Aries combo, there is the promise of a positive relationship. These two make for a perfect pair as they complement each other. The fire and air elements corresponding to the Sun Signs are compatible. The fire and air mix give the couple few minor things to deal with to keep balance in the relationship. The key to happiness is temper control and balancing any power struggle. Aquarius and Aries compatibility makes this pair an excellent match.

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