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Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

“Let’s make the world beautiful!” That’s the motto of the Aquarius and Virgo relationship! The Virgo and Aquarius born are those who are natural humanitarians. They love helping others and being of service to humanity. Their generosity is beyond remarkable; Virgo has the desire to do things honest and pure. Aquarius is the innovators of the Zodiac who might dream of someday bringing all the world to peace.

The Aquarius and Virgo affair is one where both parties have exceptional intelligence. Already it’s easy to see great compatibility in friendship and love! They adore long conversations that flow like a stream of consciousness. What can they be talking about for so long, you ask? Everything from human history to alien visitation is on the table for discussion. Sometimes, the more bizarre the topic, the better. The latter statement is more accurate if the Aquarian takes the lead in the conversation.

It’s funny to say these two stubborn beings can ram heads. It’s like you put two Taureans, Aries, or Scorpios in the same pen and waved the red flag! Both can be all too stubborn. Virgo, the stickler for perfection, might find the lofty-thinking Aquarius a bit unsettling. Aquarius might discover the Virgo way too controlling or over-focused on the smallest of details.

Never mind the minor disputes that might arise between the Aquarius and Virgo love match. Even when conflicts do occur, they are something both parties are quick to settle. Their gift of stimulating gab also translates as a gift of compromise. These two headstrong folks might stand a shot at creating a hot love affair, in and out of bed. But, count on enormous challenges ahead.

Aquarius and Virgo Table of Contents

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

Take out romance or sex from the equation. Now we’re talking some good Aquarius and Virgo vibes. Serving the community is Virgo’s specialty. The humanitarian heart is at the core of the Aquarian persona. Within the Aquarius and Virgo couple are two remarkable people. These individuals commit themselves to helping those in need. Those born under these two signs find their most common interest in the mission of saving the world.

On a friendship level, the Aquarian and Virgo personas have no trouble getting along. They can chat up the day and share some interests in the arts. Even going out on social dates as friends can prove enjoyable. It’s rare if love ever pops up as a consideration. These two people are so different that there must be a strong physical connection. Otherwise, it’s some intense common bond to stir up feelings of love.

It’s rare for the loving feelings to survive for long in the Aquarius and Virgo relationship. Still, if these two can find some romantic feelings and pursue humanitarian works, it can work. Aquarius will have to sacrifice some independence and tone down the spontaneous behavior. Virgo might be able to teach Aquarius the comfort one can find in the predictable. Virgo will have to tone down the demand for perfection in all things. Aquarius can teach Virgo how to relax and breathe.

Aquarius and Virgo Love

The Aquarius partner is smart. They are charming and charismatic. But, none of that matters to the Virgo partner more than finding a stable, reliable partner. Aquarius doesn’t fit the bill. The Aquarius persona is one that is fickle and capricious. The impulsive action that makes Aquarius oh-so-exciting will make Virgo resentful.

It goes both ways with the Aquarius and Virgo couple. Virgo needs a conventional partner to find happiness inside and outside the bedroom. Their sex style might see humdrum and banal to the Aquarius persona who needs lots of action. Some of Virgo’s “slow down and smell the roses” demands will seem stale to the naughty-but-nice Aquarian.

The Aquarius and Virgo personas together in a relationship is a rough emotional mix. Aquarians are aloof and distant. They’ll have Virgo going crazy looking for a safe port in an emotional storm. This relationship is equal to the futile effort of marrying non-conformity to conformity. When romantic love is in the Aquarius and Virgo relationship, this pairing is a nightmare.

Yes, it’s true that opposites attract. But, it doesn’t mean it’s a lasting or reasonable love match. The Aquarius and Virgo couple is the definition of opposites. Virgo plans, organizes, and demand a minute-by-minute-designed routine. Aquarians are out the door and hooking up with their social circle. The Aquarian partner is gone before Virgo puts pen to their daily planner.

One would be hard-pressed to say the Aquarius and Virgo match isn’t challenging. Yes, there’s a common interest in helping others, but a romantic pairing is difficult. The Aquarius and Virgo couple makes better friends than they do lovers. They can share interests and conversational gifts absent of sex and romance.

Aquarius and Virgo Sex

When it comes to the Aquarius and Virgo sex combination things don’t look so good. The sexual attraction is not something that starts out hot and heavy only to fade. In fact, the sex connection has a bit of trouble getting off the ground, to begin with at all. Yes, they both have heady natures and love being smart and analytical.

But, they both have intellects that are quite different from one another. Where Aquarius finds on the fringe topics enjoyable, Virgo likes down-to-earth facts. This analogy describes what happens in the bedroom too. Virgo is a vanilla lover, and Aquarius is, well … a dark chocolate lover! Yes, Aquarius is the Fifty Shades Darker fan, and Virgo hasn’t even picked up the book.

The reason these two have trouble getting things to heat up in the bedroom is that they think too hard about it. Since the bedroom is hotter with a lot of spontaneous action, planning things takes away the heat. Over analysis and a like for different sexual flavors has an adverse effect. It will diminish the intensity of Aquarius and Virgo compatibility. The sparks don’t ignite.

Virgo might take their time before entering a sexual relationship. Aquarius often has no problem with casual sex. They assume it’s time to move on to a willing partner then wait around for Virgo to loosen up a bit. For the bedroom meetup to work at all, you’ll need a mellow Aquarius or a forward and fast thinking Virgo in this mix.

Aquarius and Virgo Communication

Virgo dots all the “Is” and crosses all the “Ts.” Perfection is their ideal. Aquarius understands the perfection paradox where the imperfect is part of perfection. (Yes, it leaves smoke coming from the brain to think about it. But, that’s how Aquarians think!). So, the Aquarian finds Virgo’s pursuit of perfection frivolous. To Aquarius, it’s like watching a dog chase its own tail!

Aquarius and Virgo love match have no trouble whatsoever in the communication department. But, this rule only applies if love and sex are not part of the mix. The planet holding influence over the Virgo persona is Mercury. Virgo’s conversational and writing skills are well-beyond stellar. Virgo is flexible and accommodating.

Aquarius finds the flexibility of the Virgo appealing. Since Aquarius is at ease with Mercurial energies, they appreciate a Virgo partner. Don’t assume a gift for gabbing and the love of conversation improves relationship odds. Yes, they have no problem discussing a wide range of topics. Yes, the subjects they discuss stem from a shared interest the topics under debate. But, let us not forget we are bringing together two personas with extreme differences. Aquarians have a flair for the eccentric, bizarre, and unusual. Virgos have a need for routine, mundane subject matters.

Consider the conversation starters when this couple starts chatting.

Virgo says, “let’s talk about the latest findings in National Geographic!” Aquarius questions, “Hey, did you see the latest headlines in the paranormal news?” It’s not unusual for Aquarius to see a Virgo personality as someone who’s a bit of a drag. On that note, many Virgos think Aquarians are clean out of their minds! It’s easy to see the Aquarius and Virgo compatibility rating is low. The lack of compatibility is due to significant differences in their natures.

While the communication between this couple proves challenging, the relationship is worth it. The innovative and clever Aquarius has exceptional ideas. Virgo has the organizational skills to help put them into action.

Aquarius and Virgo Clashes

You can expect there are clashes between the Aquarian and Virgo souls for sure. It is possible a lucky few Aquarius and Virgo pairings will get along well. If you find this couple and they’ve made a success of the match, question them to find out their secret. An Aquarius and Virgo match might give their eye teeth to discover a way to make the relationship work!

The most common scenario for the Aquarius and Virgo pairing starts out with a haphazard attempt at sex. After attempts at bringing things together in the bedroom, the relationship crashes. The connection doesn’t fade away like a dying star. Instead, it ends abrupt, sudden, and with hard feelings remaining. Virgo walks away with regrets and irritation. Aquarius walks away feeling relief.

Yes, the Aquarius and Virgo love match is unusual. Think for a moment what might send Aquarius running for the hills. At the bottom of those hills stands a Virgo. An excessive focus on the mundane, trivial, and practical annoy Aquarius. An obsession with cleanliness, to-do lists, and routines are alien practices. Think for a moment what rubs Virgo the wrong way. Volatile action, unexpected surprises, and the inability to foresee what’s coming ahead. Guess what … The Aquarian is the one making the Virgo’s hair stand on end.

Aquarius and Virgo Polarity

When referencing polarity in astrology, the term refers to energies. The type of energy is masculine or feminine. These same energies are the yin and yang or projective and receptive polarities. Yin is the feminine energy. Yin equals passive, receptive, and yielding energy. Yang is masculine. It is projective, active, and unyielding. The Yang and Yin polarities influencing the couple plays a role in compatibility.

The yin yang symbol has a small circle in each half presenting with the opposing color. So, there’s a white dot in the black half of the circle and vice versa. This is because each energy has a bit of the opposing energy. If these energies are out of balance, they are then “polarized energies.” With the presence of polarized energies, there are extremes in attributes and manifestations.

Yin and Yang energies will influence Aquarius and Virgo compatibility. Aquarius can be a bit aggressive or domineering when out of balance. Virgo proves passive aggressive, trite, and sardonic. Virgo extremes result in martyr-like behaviors.

Virgo is indirect, oversensitive, and submissive. The Virgo personality is shy rather than confident. Go to the school dance and Virgos are the wallflowers. But, Virgos, while inhibited, are quite friendly.

Aquarius is the yang energy in this equation. The Aquarian persona is direct and sensitive. They are talkative, generous, and seem to have an endless amount of energy. The Aquarian persona presents with a confident public image.

Aquarius and Virgo Aspects

When discussing astrology, the distance between the two signs is important. It helps determine compatibility. Aspects make clear what a couple share in the way of ideas, feelings, and attributes. On the Zodiac Wheel, the distance between to signs is the aspect. The signs of Aquarius and Virgo are a full five houses apart. When signs are five spaces apart, they are quincunx.

The quincunx aspect will reveal an Aquarius and Virgo couple at odds. Think Felix and Oscar of the Odd Couple: That’s the Aquarius and Virgo relationship. The Aquarian and Virgo-born will have to manage to defy all odds and make love work. This pairing faces hefty challenges. Virgo might end up look at Aquarius like they paired off with Satan. Aquarius might wonder if Virgo is shooting for a chance at sainthood. Both parties look at the other wondering “Where’s the pod?”

Aquarius and Virgo Elements

Each zodiac sign corresponds to an element and all that the element influences. The Aquarian soul is a child of the Air. The Virgo born is an Earth child. Already, we can see the opposition here. Virgo’s earthy nature makes them crave predictable events and calmness. Virgo needs to feel comfortable with a predictable routine in place. Change is unsettling to Virgo’s earthy nature.

Aquarius loves change, craves it, and seeks it out. The Air element makes the Aquarian soul prone to flightiness and fickleness. Think of the expression, “Change is in the air.” It reflects the near constant nature of the social and busy Aquarian persona.

If either of the partners is out of balance, the relationship problems can and will multiply fast. In a practical sense, Virgo brings realism and self-discipline. The Virgo works hard, remains committed, and is persistent. The willingness to see things through makes the Virgo dependable. Still, if Virgo has an excess influence of the earth element, problems can and do arise.

The Aquarius brings to the relationship the ability to articulate feelings. But, they tend to keep deep feelings private anyway. They are clear-headed, adept, and understanding to a degree. But, excess air influences can make the Aquarian cold-hearted and even glib. The more excessive the elements in this pairing, the odder a combination.

Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

There’s a bucket load of work ahead for the Aquarius Man and the Virgo Woman. This couple will have a fair shot at making it if they find balance in themselves and the relationship. Any excess in opposing attributes and the work becomes more difficult.

Both partners are smart, and they come together with an attraction to intelligence. Good friends they make. Building a love relationship out of friendship is possible. Still, the compatibility factor runs low due to a lack of action and passion. Without a bit of fire and desire in the bedroom, Aquarius and Virgo compatibility fades.

The Virgo woman takes a long time to heat up to sexual encounters. Shy and introverted by nature, it takes time to turn up the passion. Trust allows the passion to flow free, but the Aquarius man is not the type to wait around. The lack of sexual tensions makes the bedroom an awkward environment for this couple.

There’s no doubt the Aquarius man and Virgo woman have compassionate natures. They love helping others. They are wonderful when they join because of an appreciation of their intellect. But it seems that a miracle must come down from the heavens for this couple to remain romantic. Love is not something the stars promise. It’s as if they couple must defy the constellations themselves to make it happen.

Friendly yes, and sardonic too, so the Aquarius man and Virgo woman know how to argue. A biting nature is born out of anger, and these two know how to through around some verbal arrows. Both parties in this pairing are right fighters. The last word must be theirs.

Aquarius likes having verbal power so the last word is something he covets. Here is where things start to go south for the Aquarius and Virgo relationship. The perfection obsessing Virgo female feels warring with words needs the perfect finish. It equals chaos and longer disagreements than necessary.

Clashes occur when the homebody Virgo woman discovers the Aquarian need to run free. It’s is cavalier and nonchalant nature that will irk the Virgo female to the point of distraction. She starts to complain. The Aquarius man’s attitude translates complaining into nagging, and the troubles begin.

Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

Aquarius woman and the Virgo man: Do they have a chance at romance? Well, we can’t say it won’t be without a huge question mark hanging in the air. They do have a lot going against their success.

Two opposing elements, two distinct attitudes, and opposite personalities make this combination strange. But, with a mile-long stubborn streak, and prayers might promise romantic success! They will need blessings raining down from the heavens too.

The Aquarius woman is rational, cool, and a bit detached. The Virgo man is smart. But, his sensitivity might clash with the cool-headed Aquarian female’s need for space. He’ll need to have a lot of patience. She’ll need to be compassionate and a bit more empathetic than is in her nature. The Aquarius and Virgo love match have a greater chance of working if each partner knows what to expect.

The Virgo man takes things a bit too serious right from the start. Long-term commitment, fidelity, and eventual marriage are on his list. Little does he know he is now in a relationship with a potential commitment-phobe. She’ll take forever to commit.

A Virgo man will have to pass a series of tests to prove he’s worthy of her. He has no idea what he’s up against. It will be an uphill battle with the Aquarius female. Her independence is her greatest fortune.

The expectations are something to express upfront. If the partners agree to work together on the relationship, they might keep love alive. They must understand each party’s idiosyncrasies, so the pairing has a chance.

Aquarius and Virgo Love Match Wrap-Up

Aquarius, the freedom and independence lover, is one who will irritate Virgo to the core. Virgo won’t deal well with the nonchalant and cavalier Aquarius. Virgo is one who demands consistency, routine, and hates the unpredictable. The latter attributes are the basic embodiment of our Aquarius lover. In this case, love must be blind. The truth of it is simple. It’s time to gouge our eyes clean out so the common incompatibility between this pair remains unseen.

But, real love is miraculous, isn’t it? Let us hope it rains down some miracles on this pairing! It will improve Aquarius and Virgo compatibility!

Thanks for checking out the compatibility information at Building Beautiful Souls! I encourage you to learn what you can from astrology and the zodiac signs. It will improve the way you relate to others. Don’t go away yet! There’s lots of info on compatibility and the zodiacs for you to explore. I invite you to discover the teachings of the stars! Why not? It’s free wisdom at your fingertips! Knowledge of the Sun Signs what makes people tick awaits!

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