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Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

The Aquarius and Taurus relationship is a challenge! If these headstrong individuals put their noggins together, it’s worth the effort! Some will find the connection a next to impossible combination. The Aquarian born and Taurean personality have striking differences. Tension runs high and push-comes-to-shove in friendship, love, and in bed!

A pair in constant opposition, Aquarius-Taurus relationships are a real test of patience and compatibility! Bring two magnets together, and the pieces repel each other. The same happens with the Aquarius’ non-committal attitude and the Taurus’ commitment demands!

Friends and family can sense the tension with this couple. Friendships endure with an Aquarius and Taurus combo. Why? Because the duo can take each other in smaller doses. The absence of focus on romantic commitment is not a problem between friends. But, put fickle Aquarius and comfort needing Taurus together, and a problem arises!

There’s little opportunity for a happy medium with the Aquarius and Taurus love match. They either overcome the romantic obstacles or not. An attempt at finding a middle ground ends in a fast fizzle to the romantic chemistry. Why? The Aquarius and Taurus personalities view the world through distinct lenses. Aquarius has a broad, worldview with a focus on humanitarian efforts. Taurus is stubborn and doesn’t care for change. The different attitudes lead to problems in and out of bed!

Aquarius and Taurus Table of Contents

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

This pairing shares an interest in the beauty and wonder of life. The Aquarius and Taurus relationship thrives when they are of equal intellect. Taurus knows how to appeal to the intellectual side of the Aquarius personality. A Taurus will have no trouble discussing the arts from a historical standpoint. The forward-thinking Aquarius can impress a Taurus with their remarkable insights.

Aquarius is a goal-oriented character. Taurus faces a challenge with movability. Aquarius adapts to change with ease. Taurus does not. Aquarius can serve as a teacher and a guide. Taurus can learn from Aquarius’ flexibility and progressive attitude. Then, Taurus’ immovability can prove a lesson for the Aquarian who needs to learn how to settle down.

If these two are open to embracing the quirkiness of the other, the relationship has a chance. Respect for one another is part of the compatibility formula for this pairing. Mutual compassion and understanding is another part of the formula. Love is the glue that will pull it all together on a more permanent basis.

Aquarius and Taurus Love

For the Aquarius and Taurus love affair to last, there will be sacrifices. Taurus will need to let go of its focus on tradition and embrace experimentation. Aquarius will need to let go of some of its freedom. Putting a cap on experimental limits is an excellent idea. Taurus needs someone who is attentive and loving for the relationship to thrive. Aquarius needs that unpredictable energy in the bedroom and freedom outside of it.

When working together, this relationship can thrive and give off positive vibes. Each partner must contribute their personal strengths into the relationship. Where one partner is weak, the other’s strength can take over and vice versa. The balance between powers is the key to the harmony in this unique pairing.

Can this relationship work? Yes, but only if Taurus and Aquarius play their roles right. Taurus needs to take up the Aquarian’s flight of ideas and run with them. Aquarius must stay a dreamy thinker and Taurus a well-grounded “doer.” Then the relationship can work. Aquarians need to sacrifice freedom. Taurus will need to sacrifice the fixed mindset. The couple must set boundaries and agree to them.

Taurus has a worldview with a focus on relationship and family. If Aquarius puts too much attention outside of the relationship, Taurus becomes jealous. If Taurus becomes possessive, Aquarius straps their walking boots on fast!

The expectations of the partners in this relationship do not align. You already know what happens when you mix oil and water. Aquarius is the water-oriented because they are free and like to move according to their own will. Taurus is the oil-oriented partner as they move at a slow pace. Plus, their stubbornness subtracts from their flexibility.

Oil rises to the top of the water. It’s like it weighs down the water, trapping it in place. Yes, the Aquarian personality will begin to feel as if Taurus is trapping them if they become too clingy.

Aquarius and Taurus Sex

Taurus is a conventional soul who appreciates tradition. Through tradition and routine, things become predictable, which decreases Aquarius and Taurus compatibility. Aquarius is anything but predictable. The Aquarian personality can be impractical and distant.

The love in this relationship must run so deep that the couple is ready to defy all the odds. Compatibility is possible, but only if the pair stays on their toes. They need to be ready to do a lot of emotional work. Plenty of compromises will help this couple work out commitment issues.

This remarkable connection can fizzle fast though. This is true when each partner gets a serious taste of the other’s temper! There’s a thin line defining the boundaries of passion and fury. Once frustration enters the relationship, those passionate moments might become passion-fueled fights. Then lots of angry makeup sex results. While the fury of the moment might seem fantastic at the time, it leaves both parties unfulfilled.

When having sex with an Aquarius personality, things must stay lively. The Aquarius is one who tires of routine. Nothing kills the fires of passion faster than boredom. Experimentation is on the menu in the Aquarius and Taurus relationship. To that end, if it is sensual and passionate, the Taurean is on board. But, there is a serious limit to how far a Taurus bed. Limits are fine, but sexual hang-ups will turn the Aquarius personality.

Restrictions on sexual preferences are a bone of contention for Aquarius. The shift from passion to dust is akin to the minute a small, frightened child knocks the bedroom door! You know the moment when parents hear, “Mommy, I’m scared? Can I sleep with you and Daddy?” There stands a child all chubby and cherub-faced hoping to hop in bed with Mom and Dad!

Even if you are not a parent, you can almost hear the THUD of a heavyweight hitting the bedroom floor. That, my friends, is the hefty weight of sexual frustration! It’s the same thing Aquarius hears if the Taurus partner says, “No way, no how, not happening!”

The Aquarius personality demands new positions or even new locations for sexual encounters. The kink factor runs high when you pair up with an Aquarian. You might even question if there’s a limit of how far the Aquarian will go. Is there anything they consider unacceptable in the bedroom? Taboo is a word the Aquarian type doesn’t acknowledge. Taurus will need to draw a line in the sand. It will let their partner know what they are comfortable with when in the bedroom.

Aquarius and Taurus Communication

An opinionated nature is something the diminishes the Aquarius and Taurus compatibility rating. When the conversation is smooth, and both agree on things, these two can talk for hours. The Taurus loves the unique way Aquarius views the world. The Aquarian enjoys the artistic and beautiful slant the Taurean puts on everything. Of equal intellect, this romantic pairing can come up with some ingenious ideas.

When opinions clash, things can get a bit tough in the communication department. Opinions can lead to heated debates. It then leads to the fizzle of any romantic connection. The Aquarian will shut down and find a reason to step out for a while.

The Taurus will hold on to an opinion for dear-life and refuse to let go, even in the face of real opposition. Stubborn to a fault, the Taurus’ attitude pushes the Aquarius away, and fast. In the heat of a debate or argument, the Aquarius runs while the Taurus charges forward. The chase can prove everlasting if the disagreement is strong enough!

Aquarius and Taurus Clashes

Clashes? You’re joking, right? Oh … where to begin? The conflict between these two personalities screams out from the highest of hills! The Mount Rushmore presidential faces’ stand with jaws gaping at the mere question! Come on now! Of course, there are clashes in the Aquarius and Taurus love match!

The Aquarius personality is heady and aloof. They are free like a thought carried off on the breeze. They live an almost surreal, stream of consciousness lifestyle. Aquarius is a mover and a go-getter. Movement and progression are key desires for the person born under the sign of the water bearer.

Taurus has a fixed mentality. Earthy influence makes Taureans slow and methodical. Every step is about planning. Comfort is vital in the life of a Taurus. Inertia is a significant issue for this personality. Sometimes a Taurus cannot even get out of their own way. The Aquarius takes flight, and the Taurus drags along the ground resisting change!

Aquarius and Taurus Polarity

Aquarius is yang, masculine energy. Taurus is a yin feminine energy. With opposing polarities, you might think there’s some serious harmony in this relationship. Aquarius is projective and assertive. Taurus is receptive and passive.

If the relationship steps into the polarized area, all bets are off. If yin becomes passive to the extreme, they can become a martyr in the relationship. Taurus can be so stubborn and change-resistant that they are passive-aggressive. Aquarius can turn hostile, especially when their personal freedom is on the line.

The yin and yang energies influence the Aquarius and Taurus compatibility factor. The signs of excess yang energy in Aquarius include anger and a domineering attitude. It is best for these two to learn the art of compromise from day one in this challenging connection. The constant focus on keeping a balance: That’s the art of the Aquarius and Taurus combo. Will it work for everybody? It’s not likely. One couple might be singing “I’m crazy for you,” the other might be singing, “I hate myself for lovin’ you.”

Aquarius and Taurus Aspects

The aspect of Aquarius and Taurus reveals the position of each sign on the zodiac wheel. It is a measure of the distance between them. These signs have two signs nestled between them. Thus, in term of aspect, Aquarius and Taurus square one another.

The square configuration creates this position where it is a 90-degree, hard angle. When one sign squares another, the dynamic in the relationship is oppositional. This kind of aspect makes it so there may be arguments or misunderstandings. In Aquarius and Taurus pairing, there’s some head butting and undesirable debates. What you can expect from this challenging relationship is no rest whatsoever!

If they want it to work, it will take every bit of effort to make it happen. The main lesson in the Aquarius and Taurus relationship is the art of compromise. If they can get their acts together, nothing will ever be able to stop them from finding happiness.

Aquarius and Taurus Elements

When it comes to the elements, Air rules over the heady Aquarius. Earth is the element corresponding with Taurus. These two elements are as different as night and day. With Aquarius, the air makes the person intellectual and free.

Air-influenced Aquarius has the gift of invention and creativity. Taurus, the earthy soul, is well grounded but challenging to motivate. Yes, there are differences in motivation so this couple will clash. But, if Aquarius helps Taurus sharpen self-motivation, Taurus teaches Aquarius to slow down.

Conversational wise, Aquarius can talk your ear clean off. Taurus loves the sound of a voice but can enjoy perfect silence too. At least in conversation, this combo joins together with ease. But, if the Aquarius personality is out of balance, they make promises they don’t stick too often. This is not a becoming feature to Taurus who insists on adhering to one’s word like iron.

If the Aquarius and Taurus love match is out of balance, Aquarius might say a slew of mean things during an argument. Taurus might do the same if they reach the peak of their patience. Then what? Hell, on earth. Plain and simple!

Aquarius needs have a willingness to commit to finishing what they start. Yes, Aquarius dislikes anything ordinary or routine. But, this relationship will call for some minor sacrifices from both parties. The same goes for Taurus who will need to be a bit more social and flexible with personal plans.

Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

The Aquarius man and the Taurus woman are quite the mix. There will be a whole lot of lovin’ going on if they can meet eye to eye. If not, a lot of forgiveness (and a few bandages for the bumps and bruises) will be necessary instead. Success for this love affair is dependent on both parties and their level of flexibility.

The level of stubbornness each person has influences Aquarius and Taurus compatibility. The couple begins to split hairs when sharing perspectives and philosophies. The couple sees problems when bringing an unbendable attitude to the table. To conquer the challenge, each partner needs to bend a bit. Compromise is achievable through a willingness to embracing a partner’s eccentricities.

There are some positive things in this relationship though. A Taurus woman knows what it takes to make a super comfortable home. Everything in a Taurus’ house is earthy and posh. With a creative flair and an eye for beauty, the Taurus makes the home environment inviting. This is how the Taurus woman will keep her Aquarian man: By creating a place of absolute comfort.

With the sensual and erotic Taurus, an Aquarius man will find full sexual satisfaction. The Taurus female has no trouble staying active in the sex department. Aquarius appreciates the Taurus woman’s lusty and desirous nature. She’ll meet most of his demand as far as experimentation too if he doesn’t step over the boundaries she sets. Not to worry, the Taurus woman has no problem putting her foot down. She also has no problem expressing what she will and will not accept in the way of behavior.

The Aquarius and Taurus relationship needs clear boundaries if it is to succeed. Taurus is a creature who wants the relationship defined in clear black and white lines. No blurry areas. No watered-down colors. No over or underexposed corners. An Aquarius man presents their relationship stance like an artist experimenting with shades of gray. Of course, in the bedroom, the Aquarian attitude leans more on the side of Fifty Shades of Grey!

Real commitment is what’s called for here. Aquarius needs to give up being fickle if this relationship is to succeed. When letting go of the noncommittal stance, this love affair can soar to new heights. Aquarius will be loyal once committed, which pleases a Taurus to no end! All Taureans demand supreme loyalty. If they don’t get it, their jealous rage will unleash itself upon the world!

What a strange and wonderful mix this love affair can be! Taurus’ focus on the simple and practical contradicts the Aquarian’s extravagant lifestyle. The Aquarius man must sacrifice his free time a bit by staying home with his Taurean lover. Likewise, Taurus will need to learn to get out of her own way and step out for a night on the town. The Aquarius and Taurus love match is successful when positions of power are equal.

Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

The Taurus male will love the first few connections he makes with his Aquarian woman! They will spark a relationship based on mutual interests in the arts and music. When seeing her home for the first time, he might be a bit taken aback by the eccentric interior style.

The Aquarius woman has set up her décor based on what each piece means to her on a personal level. She might have a glass menagerie of animals in one corner of the living room. Look across the room and see replicas of Frank Frazetta’s fantasy works throughout the house too. Hey, it’s her favorite artist so why not!

A Taurus male will appeal to the Aquarius woman right from the start. Why? She’s so comfortable with the eccentric and living on the fringe. The Taurus male is all about stability and comfort. The things that are foreign to her are enticing early on in this fragile relationship. An emphasis on fragile is important here. The practical stability attracting the Aquarius woman turns to disdain and boredom fast!

What does this mean? The ever-oppositional nature of this couple makes for low Aquarius and Taurus compatibility. It means the Taurus man will have no choice but to step up his game! He will need to plan dates and mix in plenty of spontaneity. Keeping the Aquarius woman on her toes will ensure she keeps her eyes on the ball. Otherwise, boredom will drive her outside the boundaries of the relationship.

When it comes to a disagreement, both parties will need to learn methods for backing down in an argument. In the middle of an argument, the fires of fury fuel the moment. There will be no winner here. Compromise and understanding are necessary. But, Taurus and Aquarius temperaments stem from stubbornness. Two strong headed people tend to make compromise impossible.

A Taurus male will find the Aquarius’ woman’s eccentric behaviors tantalizing for a while. But her lack of orthodoxy will become an eventual sore spot. The Aquarius woman has a radical mind. The Taurus man is practical. Mix these two mindsets together you’ll invoke chaos without question!

The impracticality versus practical issue will arise in the Aquarius and Taurus relationship. One major issue relates to money. Taurus saves and craves financial security. The Aquarius woman loves to be spontaneous and spends money like its water. The constant outflow of money will drive the saving-savvy Taurus insane. The spend-thrift Aquarius will find the Taurus’ tight-fisted hold on cash an irritation.

Aquarius and Taurus Love Match Wrap-Up

The Aquarius and Taurus couple faces a battle that’s all uphill. The compatibility factor of those born under these Sun Signs is low. So, pairing up is already an act that defies the odds. Vigilance and attentiveness to each other’s needs will ensure the relationship’s survival.

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