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So, you’ve discovered your heart longs for a Taurus Woman, hey? Congratulations! You’ve just fallen for one of the most seductive, sensual, and loving creatures in the entire lineup of the 12 Zodiac! She’s exotic, erotic, sexy, and passionate. A Taurus woman is a creature that is not only intoxicating, mesmerizing, and mysterious, but you’ll find her calm, cool presence, and desire for the finer things in life very attractive traits, indeed!

The Taurus Woman Her Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life

Of course, you might fear your Taurean Woman’s Champagne tastes. You might find a preference for the best of all things in life a bit worrisome, especially if you think she’ll be high maintenance. Some may feel the Taurus Woman is impossible to maintain on a KOOL-AID® budget.

Think you can handle that price?

Taurus Woman Table of Contents

Taurus Woman

Ah… and here it is, the explanation for it all and the reason you have fallen for this mysterious beauty. You can’t help it; the love planet Venus rules her! Of course, this reveals why your Taurus Woman has such an eye for all things beautiful. The Love Goddess aspect aligns with sensuality, pleasure, sexuality, eroticism, and yes, take-your-breath-away exceptional sex! The Taurus woman loves being affectionate and will look to find the fastest way to a man’s heart if she finds she him attractive.

If by chance, you happen to be a foodie, well by the grace of the gods and all that is holy, you’ve just found your soulmate. Both of you will enjoy time in the kitchen, sampling foods, trying new cuisines, and tempting each other’s taste bud. (After all, it’s the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his belly, right?)

You’ll find your Taurean Woman a steadfast person. She is one who is responsible and will prove one of the most common sense-rooted, down to earth, well-natured, amiable, and trustworthy people you’ll ever meet. Taurus’ are creatures who love relaxation, peace, quiet, and calmness, and quickly anger when anything threatens the most primal desires of the Bull.

A Taurus Woman doesn’t behave in irresponsible ways unless she and her energetic vibrations are out of harmonious balance. The only other time a Taurus Woman proves difficult is if you are the unlucky fellow who has stirs her wrath! Sensible, sexual, and creative; you can’t ask for more than that, can you?

Taurus Woman In Love & In Bed
(Venus in Taurus)

Taurus is serious about love as serious gets. Once she is in love with someone, she pursues that love hot and heavy, like a bull chasing the matador around the ring! Betray her love via infidelity, and she will show you what it feels like to be the matador, only this time, with horns down heading at you in a full rage. After all, Hell has no fury like a Taurus Woman scorned. Once you invoke the temper of a Taurus’ temper, there’s nothing safe within the arena, especially if you are on the inside of the ring!

There’s nothing a Taurus woman doesn’t do that isn’t just plain classy (except when her temper blinds her). But, she can let her naughty nature out to play too. There’s nowhere she enjoys doing this more in the bedroom. Remember, Taureans are all about what feels good, and the sensation of touch is right on top of the list!

But, she doesn’t just jump in bed with the average Joe for a roll in the hay and call it a day. Nor is she any good at participating in the friends with benefits programs so widely available these days. No, your Taurus lady is one who wants real emotions behind the touch. After all, that’s where you experience real sensuality. She finds commitment so important you can compare it to Pooh bear’s honey jar. When the emotions behind the sex are real, for the Taurean woman, that’s the real sweet spot!

The Taurus Woman
Her Traits, Personality, Characteristics

Maybe you meet your love at an art show or while she was at a public event presenting her artistic creations to the world. You not only find her art absolutely breathtaking, but you find the fact that she was giving it away for free even more amazing. And, why, pray tell would she do that when she could sell her work for hundreds of dollars?

Your Taurus Woman, a fan of art abandonment, makes art for the sheer joy of doing so. Perhaps she chooses to abandon it so someone can experience the joy of discovery and partake of her art as a free gift. This embodies both the giving and artistic nature of the Taurus woman.

Or perhaps it was karaoke night at the local club. After about two of the longest hours of your life listening to some of the most horrific (bordering on terrifying) renditions of your favorite songs, you are longing for, so you never again hear every song you’ve ever loved ripped to pieces by your tone-deaf friends. You pray to the gods, of any pantheon anywhere, for mercy.

Admittedly, you are a real trooper though. This was only after the latest rendition of a Beatles song bleated out by your intoxicated male friends like a small, lost herd of sheep struck by a truck. You find a nastier vocal mess never existed. You remember thinking how it sounded a lot more like Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice singing a scarring version of “The Long and Winding Road!”

Just when you thought there would be no one to save you from this fresh hell, your Taurus Woman got up on stage, picked up the microphone and let her voice roll out of her throat like liquid butter. It was then you let loose your clenched jaw, (and pull your fingernails out of the tabletop.

That’s when you crack a genuine smile as you fell in love with her golden, satiny smooth vocals (and her Taurean good looks too!) But guess what my friend; there is still so much to this creature to love! With those words, you can still hear her singing that old Bananarama tune that has never left your head:

“She’s got it,
Yeah, baby, she’s got it,
I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, at your desire…”

Hearth & Home

The Taurus Woman at home is at her most comfortable. Her home is a temple representing all the things she finds important. Everything she owns has some significance and value, whether monetary or emotional. The art decorating the home is often a mixture of genres. Taurus has an eye for so many beautiful things, and some art may be pieces of her own.

The furnishings are welcome, clean, and attractive and promise you comfort no matter where you sit down to relax. She’s likely to have a fridge full of delicious delights or all the materials to cook some amazing meals. She’s also the kind of woman who enjoys everything from sparkling cider to wine. She likes everything from coffee to herbal teas and honey. If it tastes good or feels good, these are the things she covets.

You’re likely to find flowers in the home, and if she owns the property, you can expect a lovely garden, flowers, fruits, and beautiful landscaping. She has the perfect eye and knows where to put every item so that it looks like it has always been part of the visual scenery. You are likely to find considerable comfort in the home of a Taurus, so much so that you might not want to leave at all!

Health & Well-Being

The neck, throat, thyroid, vocal cords, tonsils, tongue, taste buds, jaw, teeth, sinuses (and the inner ears), olfactory senses, and the voice are ruled by the Taurus Sun Sign. Yes… Taurus has connections to the taste buds in a major way, but also olfactory senses because our ability to taste is dependent on our ability to smell. (What? It’s true, and, in fact, cinnamon has no taste. It is the smell that makes it so delicious. But, I digress…).

Taurus is the kind of character who has no trouble experiencing the world through her sense of taste! If she’s not sampling the food she cooks, she’s enjoying it right alongside who she prepares it for; she finds great comfort in the act of giving to others. However, the love of good food can make a Taurus prone to packing on excess pounds. When she ages and become less active or if they live a sedentary lifestyle, problems with weight maintenance arise.

Taurus’ are likely to develop injuries of the next, and to develop a stiff neck as a result. They will sometimes suffer from swollen glands, laryngitis, sore throats, non-productive coughs, colds, and other illnesses affecting the throat and nose areas. Prone to thyroid imbalances, a Taurean would do well to ensure enough iodine consumption. She can do so by eating the right amount of fish each week. If concern about thyroid regulation, it so important for the Taurus to see a doctor or endocrinologist for a checkup.

Career & Finance

Of course, Taureans make excellent artists, drawers, illustrators, painters, sculptors, and architects. Taurus women might end up teaching an art class in high school or in a college setting. With outstanding communication skills, the Taurus Woman does well in the academic setting.

She might pursue a degree in English, which can lead to a career in writing or filmmaking, thereby putting the unique creativity of the Taurus to use in a novel, unique, and innovative ways. Taurus women make great actresses, filmmakers, stage crew members and some might prove to become a best-selling author! There’s little doubt that with an amiable personality and exception communication skills, the Taurus Woman can be successful at any employment she pursues.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman

Be genuine, first and foremost. Make yourself look attractive because you always want to look your best. If you have your own place, make sure it is comfortable, clean, and welcoming. If you can make her comfortable, you’ve won half the battle. Appeal to her by sharing music, read poetry, watch movies, enjoy the arts, and take time to do things she wants to do. Talk to her to find out what she likes and really listen when she speaks. In the bedroom, be gentle with her and to take it slow. The Taurus lady of yours will want to take it slow for the sheer enjoyment of every second!

Dating a Taurus Woman

Your Taurean female is likely to love the arts. She may be a dancer, singer, actress, or entertainer. She might play an instrument or teach music. She loves drawing, coloring, painting, sculpting, and needlepoint. You might find her busying herself with plastic canvas, crochet, knitting, and anything allowing her to make the most of her creative abilities, even if it involves digital art on a computer. Not much of a risk taker, Taurus Women like to relax and stay at home doing the fun things they enjoy with all the beautiful things they own around them.
People who are cold-hearted, mean, or cruel. People who don’t share or don’t offer to help their fellow man when they need it the most. Anyone making fun of anyone else for any reason enrages a bull. Shallow, insincere people, fair weathered friends, and relatives who don’t do their part in keeping the family circle united and close together. Liars are beyond pet peeve for a Taurus.

Zodiac Compatibility
Best Match for the Taurus Woman

Friends and Family

If you want a loyal friend, you’ll find one in a Taurus female. Taureans are immovable and stubborn, so if you are looking for a steadfast friend, even when the chips are down, the Taurus is the ideal friend to choose. She’ll go to the ends of the earth to help you, especially if you’ve been a loyal and faithful friend to her all along.

She understands the meaning of true friendship and reflects that back to others in her actions. She demands the same loyalty in turn, and if that loyalty falters, so does the friendship as it will lose status in her eyes. If a Taurus woman has your back when things are bad, she expects the same in return from you. Failure to meet this demand makes the Taurus woman look at the existing friendship as suspect in terms of its honorability and veracity.

Taurean women are no-nonsense, down-to-earth moms who dote on their children, her pride and joy. She will give her children everything they need and some of what they want. She tries to spread the messages of appreciation of all things, knowing full well to spoil a child is to rob them of such appreciation.

She gets involved in her children’s lives, hoping to instill precious values in them and to shape them in such a way that when they are older, they will have little difficulty deciding upon a life path to follow when they are older. You can’t get a more loyal and loving spouse than a Taurus Woman. She will commit herself to her husband and will do all she can to pamper the heck out of him too.


Taurus Women fall in love with ease with Taurus Men as they can relate to the world in the same way. When a Taurus Woman finds a man who loves music, the arts, poetry, literature, foods, good conversation, and who is excellent in bed WHOA! Can you say Power Couple! This is no exaggeration either. When two Taurus’ merge together, they long outlast the relationships of others. Ten, even fifteen years down the road when many relationships have failed, these two Taurus’ will still be even more in love than before. They will cause others to wonder how on earth two people can love each other so deeply!

Capricorns are also compatible with Taurus women, and this is another power couple combination. The two love to talk, spend time with friends, enjoy each other’s company, and both are optimistic about life. Likewise, Virgos appeal to the Taurus Woman because they are loyal, dedicated, sensible, and ambitious and the couple works well together mapping out a terrific future.

Look out when you put an Aquarius into a relationship with a Taurus and throw romance into the mix. Here it is like mixing oil and water, or if we consider elements you are bringing an Air creature together with an Earth creature, and while Air and Earth seem to go together in an environment that creates life, keep in mind the sky is separate from the earth for a reason!

Air is flighty, innovative, sometimes fickle, fleeting, and moving–these characteristics apply to Aquarius. Earth is fixed, unmoving, still, stubborn, cool, calm, or collected (until disrupted that is!). You are pushing two opposites together. Now, opposites attract, but, when the relationship hits a rough patch or two, and it will, you are bringing together the power of a hurricane and a volcanic eruption into one situation! At least two Taureans who are on equal ground and can battle out differences with a few clashes of the horns!

Leo and Taurus are a similar combination. Leos are lions and therefore expect a Taurus to treat them like a king. A Taurus Woman loves to pamper her mate. What a Taurus is not capable of doing is being treated as if she is subservient. She too will want equal respect and treatment. Unfortunately, both signs have a great gradient of becoming a bit lackadaisical, especially when in a relationship as they get too comfortable. Both Taurus and Leo are extremely stubborn as well, which can reach a stalemate in situations instead of a resolution.

Astrology & Zodiac Gifts
Taurus Gifts

Food, chocolate, fruits, and sweets are on the short list of gifts. Want to give her something unique? Instead of jewelry or clothing, which she will also appreciate, what about art supplies or the tools she needs to partake of her favorite hobby? It is these kinds of gifts that show you put a lot of thought into the purchase.

Taurus Woman
Facts, Mythology, & Metaphysics

For centuries, the bull has appeared in myth, and various ancient cultures consider the creature as sacred. In the “Epic of Gilgamesh,” there is the Bull of Heaven. In Egyptian cultures, there is the festival of the bull. In Minoan cultures, there was the practice of bull-leaping. In Greek myth, there is the Minotaur, with the head of a bull, and the creature links to several deities in different pantheons.

A few cards in the Tarot correspond to this Sun Sign. The Hierophant is one, which is a priest or holy man bringing down blessings from the heavens; and Yes, your Taurus Lady knows a good blessing when she sees one. Sharing the planetary influence of Venus, The Empress also relates to the Taurus sign, depicting a female deeply intuitive and connected to nature.

The Wheel of Fortune depicts a winged bull or ox in one corner, and Taurus corresponds to the Earth-centered pentacles or coins suit of the Tarot as well. This symbol is associated with the root chakra which is also of the Earth element. Taurus and Venus resonate with the number six, representing balance, calm, harmony, and peace.

Taurus Dates: April 21–May 20

Sign: The Bull

Icon Description: Head and horns of the bull.

Additional Colors: Fuchsia, Purple, Royal Blue, Orange, and Brown.

Agreeable Signs: Libra, Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces.

Alchemy: Congelation.

Angelic Being: Anael: The Rose Angel.

Animals: Bull, cattle, and rabbit.

Birds: Swan, Magpie, Robin, or Sparrow

Birthstones: Emerald, Diamond, Turquoise, and Sapphire.

Celtic Tree Symbolism: The Observer and The Illusionist

Celtic Tree: Willow (April 15–May 12) or Hawthorn (May 13–June 9)

Chinese Zodiac Twin: Snake

Crystal Work: Topaz, Sapphire, Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Crystal Quartz, Coral, Carnelian, Azurite, and Agate.

Detriment: Pluto or Mars

Dream Archetype: Mother Nature

Energy Wheel/Chakra: Root, or Muladhara

Fall: Uranus

Feminine Deities: Aphrodite, Venus, Hathor, Ishtar, Isis

Four Airts: Earth

Gender: Feminine, Receptive, Positive

Herbals: Wild Rose, Violet, Elder, Mallow, Jimsonweed, Clover, and Burdock.

Incense/Perfumes: Violet, Vanilla, Rose, and Bitter Almond.

Key Phrase: “I have.”

Keyword: “Acquisition.”

Male Deities: Geb, Dakini, Brahma, Osiris, Ganesh, Cupid, and Eros

Metal: Copper (Associated with Venus)

Music Note: A

Necessary for Balance: Flexibility

Numeric Resonance: 6

Oils: Frankincense, Sage, Vervain, Strawberry, Vanilla, Jasmine, Lavender, Honeysuckle, and Egyptian Musk.

Physical Rulership: Throat, thyroid, vocal cords, and voice.

Planet’s Exaltation: Sun

Plants/Flowers: All lilies, but Tiger and Lily of the Valley

Primal Need: To acquire support and comfort for the mind, body, and soul.

Quality: Fixed, and therefore resistant to change.

Ruling Planet: Venus

Sanskrit: Vrishabha, translating as, “The Bull.”

Seasons: Spring

Tarot Cards: The Hierophant, Empress, and King of Pentacles

Top Colors: Earth tones and all shades of green.

Tree: Myrtle, Cherry, Ash, and Almond.

Weekday: Friday

Female Celebrities: Megan Fox, Adele, Queen Elizabeth II, Andie MacDowell, and Shirley Temple.