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Aquarius and Leo Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

When the Aquarius and Leo relationship forms you’ll see a couple that’s having a fantastic time. Love comes easy for these two social bugs, who share an interest in enjoying the social circuit. The compatibility factor is exceptional for this adorable duo! They both love the limelight, and when the two are together, they are a center of attention for sure!

Never have two more compatible partiers been more alike in personality and desires. They make fast friends and exceptional lovers in bed because they love excitement. They make every day of life adventurous. You won’t see these two sitting at home rotting on the couch in front of reruns. No way! Out on the town, at the local club, or hitting all the hot spots is more like it!

Aquarius and Leo Table of Contents

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

When Aquarius and Leo join in a relationship, it’s time to buckle up. The ride has bumps along the way, but otherwise, it’s a smooth and stellar ride! This couple is like bringing two playful kids together. Then you find yourself letting them loose in the old Discovery Zone! The Aquarius and Leo love match is one that’s full of joyous play.

Aquarius runs right in and dives into the pit of toy balls sinking to the bottom. Leo runs in and hits the slide. (Those were the days folks. Until Chuck E. Cheese took over the outlet. Not to worry, these two big kids adapt with ease, as they do in the adult world. Now it’s a large cheese pizza and video games for them). The Aquarius and Leo connection is fun. It’s all about discovery. The relationship is often upbeat and without a care.

As adults, their daring, adventurous style has greater intensity. Aquarius and Leo couples might go Bungee jumping today and skydiving tomorrow. They might play on a local sports team or, even for fun, play on separate sides to spice up the competition. This relationship blossoms because the Aquarian and Leo personalities love to play. They have a lighthearted approach to life. When things get serious, they can tackle problems head-on. It’s as if the play time between them lets them store up enough energy to do battle with reality when the time calls for it. The balance between play and seriousness improves the Aquarius and Leo relationship.

Aquarius is a creature that loves the unusual and eccentric. It must be eye-catching and weirdly-wonderful to appeal to Aquarius. Leo comes walking in, and there’s the eye-catching thing Aquarius is looking for right in front of them. Remember, the Sun is Leo’s influence, so their personality is nothing short of RADIANT.

Aquarius is defenseless. The moth to the solar flame. So, how does Aquarius see this wonderful light? Through Leo’s magnificent confident and high self-esteem. The Leo’s ability to express themselves without fear. The way others draw to their light and magnetism. Leo’s charismatic nature is a powerful magnet for all.

Aquarius appeals to Leo because of their strong socialization skills and witty intellect. The Regal Lion needs someone of equal intelligence to keep them happy and entertained. Aquarius meets the demand. Still, there’s something else between the King of the Jungle and the Aquarian ruler of the vast skies.

It’s an authentic desire to allow each partner full expression. It’s the desire to let each partner be proud of who they are. In the Aquarius and Leo love match, the partners are advocates for individuality. In recognition of this vision, the two become a supportive resource for others. They seek to enable others in the fight for freedom of individual expression.

Aquarius and Leo Love

Despite the compatibility in and out of the bedroom, the factor of trust comes into question. The Aquarius and Leo love affair is one where it is a challenge to develop intense trust. The partnership comes together quick. The fast development of friendship to friends with benefits is like a whirlwind. Keep in mind these two personalities are energetic souls.

Once Leo is ready to settle down they will make it known to the Aquarian partner. The ball is in the court of Aquarius thereafter. Being a noncommittal creature, Aquarius will have a decision to make. Either way, Leo will carry on and find the genuine emotional love affair they want. If that means walking away from an Aquarius who is not ready to commit, so be it.

This relationship has parties that need to learn to play fair. Equal time in the limelight is something Aquarius and Leo will struggle over. The position of power in the relationship is another. If the two of them can keep things light and playful, it can go a long way in getting along. Balance in the Aquarius and Leo relationship allows for mutual respect. The humor between them also ensures a few good laughs along the way.

The Leo personality enjoys sex. The Sun ruled Lion is willing to forgo getting-to-know-you formalities for some fun. If the love bug doesn’t bite the Aquarius and Leo pair, reality sinks in and things become clear. Much to the pairings’ surprise, they might not know a darn thing about their romantic partner.

Aquarius and Leo Sex

Yes, these stellar signs are the epitome of “opposites attract.” The sexual attraction with the Aquarius and Leo love match is heavy. Leo has a regal attitude and one that demands the tentativeness of their loyal subjects. The attentiveness of Aquarius is an expectation the Leo will not forego.

Aquarius will play along for a while, but if doting on Leo strips Aquarius of any independence, the game is over. Leo would do well to give Aquarius equal billing in importance. Every once and while Leo must learn to step down from the throne to allow the partner to have a seat of honor.

Passionate creatures with a serious penchant for erotic sexual encounters: This describes the Aquarius and Leo sexual connection with perfection. Leo is under the influence of the Sun, so their desires run HOT. Aquarius, an experimental creature by nature. They know by instinct how to satiate all that HOT desire. If only the bedroom walls could talk. The stories they would tell!

One night it’s all about experimentation and nothing is off the menu. The next night it’s all about warm and tender coddling for a bit of romantic balance. Each partner in the relationship pairing sees sex as a chance to push the boundaries. They want to see how far their pleasure can soar. The desire to please one another intensifies Aquarius and Leo compatibility.

Aquarius and Leo Communication

Aquarius and Leo personas are intelligent. They are both blessed with remarkable communication skills. Such skills improve fast with all the social interacting they do. Yes, the Aquarius and Leo combo can be the life of the party. Everyone who sees them together experiences a mild spark of jealousy. Why? The Aquarius and Leo love match is one with an undeniable attraction! They are the center of attention in a room full of people. Yet, they can still close out the entire world and focus in on each other as if they are the only people in the world. The electric charge between them seems tangible.

When Leo and Aquarius learn the art of communication, they are an unstoppable force. Leo needs to step down from the throne from time to time and recognize the value of the Aquarian input. Aquarius is superb at communication. The gift of conversation is a tool that empowers those born under the sign. The Visionary Aquarius might have a few things to teach the wise Leo. Leo can teach Aquarius how to add fuel to projects that go yet uncompleted.

Leo needs to learn to listen to the wild words of Aquarius. While they may seem to drift from topic to topic, Aquarius knows how to weave a thread through subjects. At the end of the thread is some ingenious innovation or novel idea. Leo has the power to help Aquarius bring the innovation into manifestation. Aquarius and Leo compatibility allows the team to work on anything they dream. They’ll have little to no problem making it happen.

Aquarius and Leo Clashes

Aquarius and Leo are social beings. Each partner in this pairing enjoys socializing with a large circle of friends. Here lies the problem. These two popular beings might spend far too much time giving attention to others. They then neglect their partner’s needs for attention. This partying pair might spend too much time being the life of the party. Downtime and cuddle time is also something they’ll want to invest in on occasion. The balance between socialization and one-on-one time is necessary for relationship survival.

All is well in the Aquarius and Leo love match if the commitment word stays a distant idea. Aquarius won’t be the first to bring up the notion of a monogamous relationship. Leo will enjoy the freedom of a non-committal relationship for a while. Then the “commitment” bug bites. Anytime commitment is something a partner introduces to Aquarius, it’s too soon. Talking about taking the relationship to the next level sometimes scares Aquarius off.

Whether romantic or friends-with-benefits, the arguments in this relationship are painful. Leo’s Sun influence lends fiery power to their words. Aquarius is a right fighter. Both parties will look to win the argument even if there’s no winning it. The destructive action follows. Compromise about power play is the way to improving Aquarius and Leo compatibility.

Aquarius and Leo Polarity

The Aquarius and Leo compatibility factor increases when one considers polarity. The sign of Aquarius and Leo share the same polarity. Both are yang or masculine energies. This also means they need to seek yin or feminine energies for balance.

With Yang influencing Aquarius and Leo, both zodiac signs correspond with light. This couple has brilliant and active energies. Yang is projective and all about action. Both Aquarian and Leo personas are all about being social and happy. They are active and seek out opportunities to interact with others. These two popular characters will seek to expand their circle of friends. The expansion they seek is endless. They experience some of life’s wonders through the experiences of others.

At the same time, two zodiac signs sharing this yang energy can clash. Difficulties arise when either partner asserts dominance. The Aquarius and Leo temperaments are near identical. These people are amiable and hide well a fiery temper. Power struggles are common in this pairing. When it comes to being the center of attention, Aquarius and Leo need to learn about sharing.

Aquarius and Leo Aspects

The aspect of the Aquarius and Leo relationship reveals the signs on the zodiac wheel. Aspect defines the distance between signs. Since these signs are six spaces apart, the aspect is opposite. Don’t let the word opposite fool you. Yes, Leo is the opposite of Aquarius, but it doesn’t mean there’s not a whole lot in common. Even if someone comes up opposing on the wheel of the zodiac, that person can be a soulmate. A zodiac sign’s opposite is a person who has a prominent role in the life of the person they oppose.

It’s possible to work well with an opposite aspect in the Aquarius and Leo love match. With Leo opposing Aquarius, it is like Leo LIGHTS up the life of Aquarius. Leo serves as an amplifier here. The Leo persona will help bring a clear picture to Aquarius of who they are. With a solid image of their life, the Aquarian persona can now find issues in need of resolution. By mirroring Aquarius, Leo uplifts the person born under the sign. It gives them a bird’s eye view or the bigger picture.

Aquarius and Leo Elements

Each zodiac sign aligns with one of the four elements. Air influences the Aquarian mind and behaviors. Fire is the driving element behind Leo. Air and Fire elements blend well together. Fire feeds on the inspiration and intellect corresponding with Air. The Air element draws comfort from being able to nurture and nourish the Fire element. How does this translate into the Aquarius and Leo love affair?

Aquarius and Leo compatibility increases with what they have in common. The air and fire elements allow these personas to be social and expressive. Both love adventure and their actions are often inspiring to others. These two beacons of soul light seem to light the path for others seeking the way. When people see the Aquarius and Leo couple together, they dream of being as ALIVE and happy.

The elemental influences on this pair make it so the couple understands one another. Leo needs the feedback of Air-influenced Aquarius. The constant doting and ego stroking feeds the Fire influenced Leo. Pampering and continuous acknowledgment are what the persona needs to thrive. Leo knows the flighty Aquarius needs freedom. Like a butterfly flying about in the air and landing here or there, that’s Aquarius. The Aquarian personality flits about from flower to flower while loving their independence. Leo inspires Aquarius to stay wild and free. The inspiration lasts during the first stages of the Aquarius and Leo relationship.

Fire aligns with emotions, so Leo is the more emotive person in the relationship. Air aligns with things of the mind, so Aquarius is all about heavy intellect. In the event there are feuds in the Aquarius and Leo relationship, they have trouble agreeing. Leo argues from emotion and Aquarius responds with cold, unemotional intellect. The detached and aloof nature of Aquarius irritates Leo. With the irritation present, Leo gets angrier. The fiery temper ensues.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Make no mistake, with these two high intellects, the Aquarius man and Leo woman have moments of drama. Especially when emotions become a part of the bigger picture. The Aquarius and Leo mindset shares similarities. Both are carefree and a bit child-like in nature. To that end, the child-like jealousies and tantrums can arise out of nowhere. It’s a definite part of making the relationship a tad unpredictable. If the Leo and Aquarius partners stay patient, there’s nothing to thwart happiness.

It’s a time for the Aquarius man and Leo woman to explore each other’s physicality. Each becomes an expert on the sexual triggers of the other. This pairing knows what buttons to push to bring their partner to the brink of ecstasy and back. The Aquarius and Leo love match is confident in the bedroom. There’s nothing sexier than sheer confidence between the sheets. Their regular sensual and erotic interactions lead to a fiery, emotional connection. Planets move in the bedroom of this pair. Stars fall from the sky. Hot sex to romance, the heavens dance when an Aquarius man and Leo woman connect.

Everything in their life is on fast-forward. Everything moves fast in the Aquarius and Leo relationship. Of course, except for trust. Why? Trust is slow to develop, so it doesn’t form as quickly as this couple’s willingness to hop in the sack! The Aquarius persona has no problem jumping into bed with someone they do not know on an emotional level.

In the Aquarius man and Leo woman relationship, Leo is more expressive. With the Sun influencing the Leo sign, it is easy for Leo to express emotions. Aquarius has difficulty naming and expressing emotions with any clarity. Leo makes their feelings clear to the Aquarius partner. Anyone looking on at the two knows how Leo feels. Aquarius will struggle with expression. If love blooms, the Aquarius man will find a way to explain their feelings to their Leo partner. Aquarius will discover the Leo woman is someone they can trust. In that trust, there will be great comfort in emotional expression.

Real power is in this pairing. If working together, the Aquarius and Leo compatibility factor intensifies. It will only work if they can put the struggle for power to bed though. They can waste all their energy battling one another for relationship power. If they do, there’s no room left for growth in the Aquarius and Leo love affair. Each partner should get equal time in a position of power. Power issues aside, now the couple can face the world as a force in unison.

Those outside looking in might wonder how these two influential people make things work. How is it there are no clashes between these bold, bright personalities? Conflicts happen. But, they know how to handle problems. Fast resolutions take place before causing relationship damage.

Aquarius Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

The Aquarius woman and Leo man have an immediate attraction. The Sun makes the personality of Leo shine. Aquarius can sense and feel the extreme confidence Leo carries. It is this confident energy that draws Aquarius ever closer. When hooking up with Leo for the first few times, Aquarius will see the massive power of the Leo man’s charisma. People tend to flock around the Leo personality.

The Aquarius woman and Leo man play like children. They can fight like children too. Cruelty ensues, and sharp words slash the air. The exchange of sharp words stays. What one party says is regretful but unchangeable. Some hurtful arguments plant the seeds for future disagreements.

The disagreeable attitudes of both partners can slip into a vicious cycle. Then the couple passes insults and cutting words back and forth. Egos and hearts hurt.

Opposites do attract in the Aquarius and Leo relationship. There are differences in these personas that strengthen the pair. Aquarius’ air element makes the person cool and detached. They are all in the head and cerebral. Aquarius struggles with grounding. The fire fueling Leo’s behavior makes the person impulsive and quick to action. They challenge one another for life improvement.

There may be karmic matters to deal with as well. The inner children in Aquarius and Leo start the relationship out as light and fun. Every day is playtime, right? Of course, the hidden agenda is that both “children” know that to evolve one must grow up.

Aquarius and Leo Love Match Wrap-Up

What’s nice is Aquarius and Leo compatibility increases as they grow up together. When Aquarius and Leo combinations happen, it’s a ticket out of Neverland. Growth comes with self-acceptance and acceptance of one’s partner. Growth reaches its zenith when the couple commits. The Aquarius and Leo love affair is one that acts as a beacon of light leading to the couple’s evolution.

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