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You think you are ready to give your heart to a Capricorn Woman, huh? And why not… after all, she is the epitome of self-control, discipline, responsibility, and she is all about family, traditions, and establishing a genuine family bond like no other. She is someone you can be proud to take home to mom; her traditional interests and moral compass will make your mother grin with sheer delight at the “winner” you have found… heck, she even looks great too!

The Capricorn Woman
Her Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life

She dresses for success; she is independent, ambitious, and a real go-getter, and Her motto, “I USE,” is indicative of her impeccable and incredible resourcefulness. You just know if she gives you a chance you can make a real go of it at a tried and true committed relationship!

But, do you think you can break through the barrier the Capricorn woman uses to protect herself?

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Capricorn Woman

The planetary influence associated with Capricorn is Saturn: A planet aligning with mystery but also maleficent. The energies of this planet call for the reemergence of emotion from the deep subconscious. The stirring of emotions is necessary. Why? It allows the Capricorn Woman a chance to address the conscious mind with High Self wisdom, which stems from the subconscious regions of her mind. Imagine the rings of Saturn, which are rocky, watery, icy fragments and debris (being deeply hidden emotions embedded or frozen in the subconscious), as they circle around the body of the planet.

Then you can understand why a Capricorn Woman is more apt revisit parts or fragments of her past. She rummages through memories to bring closure to different or uncomfortable life events or situations. In fact, the influence of her ruling planet will urge her throughout her life. It will cause her to be reflective, return to past events in her mind, and to seek clarity or learn life lessons from things that have occurred. Upon dealing with said issues, the negative influence Saturn brings will end.

Capricorn Woman In Love & In Bed
(Venus in Capricorn)

If you are looking for a partner who will settle down and make a long-term commitment, the Capricorn Woman fits the bill. But, only once you break through her protective barrier and she allows you into her world. She is an intense lover, a loyal partner, and she will be your lifelong friend once you have become intimate with her if you remain loyal. As the beginning of the relationship unravels, the Capricorn Woman takes a methodical in her approach to love. You will find her easy to please as she’s not all one to consider on the scale of high maintenance.

But she is one who will demand an authentic partner. The Capricorn Woman will not accept any level of mediocrity. To woo her, a simple date on the town, with some dancing, dinner, and maybe a movie will do. Once you become intimate, she’ll have no problem expressing her love and affection during lovemaking sessions. She’s devoted, honest, and her intimacy and passion levels run deep. She is even willing to go the experimental route when things get truly intimate.

The Capricorn Woman
Her Traits, Personality, Characteristics

The Capricorn Woman will present herself as a tough cookie to crack; you will see this in the way she expresses herself and keeps romantic interests at bay until she decides it is time to allow the person entry into her domain. Her reality is a kingdom, and she is the Queen of it where she rules with a firm hand.

She makes plain both her tough attitude and her endless strength. She, thereby, suggests she is so independent she need not rely on anyone else for anything at all ever. Then, beneath this thin veneer is the real Capricorn Woman, one who is sensitive, romantic, soft, gentle, and compassionate.

She protects herself with a strong, tough presentation. The Capricorn Woman shows the world, and this allows her to move forward all while preventing circumstances that may arise where someone might victimize her. She is so compassionate that she has the tendency to take on the problems of others. In doing so, she ends up consuming a lot of her time helping others out.

She fears what is risky, and that includes love, and this may send her running the other way when real intimacy comes into play in a relationship. While she wants love, it is also something terrifies her. Falling in love will cause her to have to give up her tough facade and to open herself up to the potential risk of getting a broken heart.

Hearth & Home

The Capricorn Woman’s home has a practical design, but that does not mean her taste for simplicity does not come across as posh and ultra-modern. Yes, she likes straight lines rather than curves and the practical over the posh, but she still has a home that exudes with its own kind of elegance. Her home is well-organized and designed. When you walk into the home of the Capricorn Woman, you will get the immediate sense of something pristine, clean, vibrant, and well-cared for; she likes to feel comfortable and cannot do that successfully in an otherwise unorganized environment.

She will appreciate the more expensive pieces of art as she is somewhat of an art connoisseur. Some ocean scenes make for the just right kind of artwork for this woman who falls under the sign of Capricorn, the half sea-goat, and half human. She will want a kitchen with all the latest accessories, technologies, and niceties as this is the room she can demonstrate her remarkable cooking skills.

The home of a Capricorn is most often in a mountainous region or deep in the country; you may find they live in an old farmhouse overflowing with modern conveniences and with all the advanced amenities. The home is spacious inside, giving the Capricorn Woman plenty of room to move about freely without feeling confined; it is likely to be a bi-level location too, as everything has its proper place in her home and she requires plenty of storage space for her belongings. Plus, she loves the added wall space which she can use to display her favorite pieces of art. She will have a sprawling garden as this puts her in control of the planting and planning when things will grow and bloom.

Health & Well-Being

The Capricorn sign corresponds to the hair, skin, genitals, bones, skeletons, and the knees. So, the latter body parts are the parts of the body the Capricorn Woman will most need to keep an eye on the future as she can develop potential health issues with them if she is out of balance. She can avoid some problems with a clear health regimen involving a good diet and exercises as both are good for the skeleton and skin.

She will need to set practical fitness goals to achieve her desires regarding body shape and weight limit, but also regarding maximum health. She will also need to learn how to let things slide a bit if she is going to get a chance to relax. The Sagittarius female will need to step back, take a break, and to let some emotions go for her own emotional well-being and to eliminate stress. If she holds onto annoyances for too long, it can affect her mood and metabolic processes.

Career & Finance

Capricorn Women are money savvy, and they like to have a little nest egg in case of emergencies. They are practical in every regard. While they are happy to spend a bit of money on creature comforts, they will find no comfort if they have no money in the bank when they really need it. Her commitment to saving money makes her a great money manager. She’s excellent with personal budget control.

Regarding career, no matter what job the Capricorn woman chooses, she does an excellent job at it. If she starts out at entry level, she determines what needs doing to get her in the position of control and then does what she discovers is necessary. The Capricorn Woman likes taking the lead, so she’d do well running her own business, and she has an active mind that provides her with the ability to focus on the mission at hand. Any place that hires a Capricorn Woman will find she is a most resourceful asset to the company. She might excel in a job selling real estate, but she’d do just as well as a hedge funds manager or banker too.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman

Demonstrate the fact that you can be witty, and you have an incredible sense of humor. Don’t try to rush relationship with a Capricorn Woman simply because it will push her away rather than impress her. She will want to take things slow and make sure you are compatible with her before trying to get into an intense relationship with you. Her need to be in control will demand that you be willing to wait around until she’s ready to accept you into her life as a romantic possibility.

To gain her attention, it’s a good idea to show her you know how to enjoy the luxuries life has to offer. But, don’t try to buy her affections or overspend as it this too will send her running for the hills. Be willing to let her take the lead in the relationship right from the start. Actually, it won’t be like you have much choice in the matter when you’re looking to be with a Capricorn Woman.

Don’t expect her to waltz you into the bedchamber the first time you go out with her either as you’re only fooling yourself with this expectation. The woman born under this sign is too cautious about that, and you’ll have to work for it.

Once she grows comfortable with you only, then will you move into the proper stages of intimacy. Show her your intellect as she’ll find that a turn on and make sure you’re one for good conversation. If you can intrigue her, make her laugh, get her to smile, and you make her feel comfortable around you, you’ve got a shot with this demanding female.

Dating a Capricorn Woman

Anything that puts the Capricorn Woman in the lead or in control is the ideal pastime: This includes games like pool and cards. Mastering control of the self through pastimes is another thing that can soothe the soul of Capricorn Women. Thus, meditation, Yoga, and the pursuit of healing of modalities might be just the thing your Capricorn lady friend enjoys. Dance involves full control over the body, so it is yet another pastime you might find that she’ll enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll find this lady doing quiet things she enjoys in the home, whether it is arts and crafts, puzzles, models, or the like.

Capricorn’s practicality makes it so that when she sees others spending money carelessly or needlessly, it irritates her. Being the leader type, she may even say so depending upon her level of irritation. She will hold the same amount of irritation for those who prove otherwise who choose to waste time. A lack of productivity displeases the Capricorn woman in every way imaginable. Time is something a Capricorn considers one of life’s most valuable of assets.

You’ll also find the Capricorn Woman truly attached to that which belongs to her; in other words, to ask to borrow her things is to rub her the wrong way! Even worse is if you happen to “borrow” her belongings without even asking her permission first: Then she hits ticked off in three seconds flat!

For those who are critical, the Capricorn Woman doesn’t care to hear any criticism. If you fire off a round of sarcasm in her direction, she’ll be happy to teach you a lesson on social etiquette and politeness. The Capricorn Woman must have a clear definition of plans to adhere too. Why? Because, unless the surprise is a pleasant one, she doesn’t care for the fickle, unstable, or unpredictable.

Zodiac Compatibility
Best Match for the Capricorn Woman

Friends and Family

Capricorn Women are proud of their family members. But, they may be harder on siblings if they don’t take responsibility for their lives as adults or if she sees them as procrastinators or time wasters. She has little tolerance for those who refuse to take responsibility or for those who seem to be full of excuses.

She loves and cares for her parents when they are in need, and she is a friendly and amiable member of the family. She is a wonderful mother who is very protective. A Capricorn Woman will pass on her knowledge of what it takes to protect oneself from the negative forces in the world, as she wants to ensure her children are just as cautious as she is, if not more so, to ensure the lasting integrity of their emotional well-being.

Her great sense of humor makes her a delightful friend. Those few friends that are lucky enough to be part of her inner circle know she is loyal and dedicates herself to the friendship. She uses humor like it is a natural healing modality. There is nothing the Capricorn Woman will not do for the members of her family or her children. She can be an excellent, loyal, trustworthy, and even heroic friend, and she loves to adhere to family customs and traditions. A nostalgic soul, she senses the perfection of some older traditions and practices in which she still takes part.


The Capricorn woman and the Taurus can make a go of things as she’ll find the Taurean not only intriguing but just challenging enough to maintain her interests. They are affectionate with one another, and they have no trouble expressing their love.

The Capricorn Woman and the Gemini partner can also make a go of things, but things will not always go between the two. While the Earthy Capricorn can help, the Gemini might be a bit more grounded, the Airy Gemini can also help the Capricorn Woman lighten up if only just a bit. However, they can also irritate each other in a short period if they don’t move to separate corners of the love arena. They will have to let the jets cool in an intense argument.

The Cancer partner is a fine match for the Capricorn Woman. They both share a strong interest in family and well as the need for questioning beliefs to demonstrate their strength. The desire between these two can indeed be over the top, and there is a great attraction and love that can happen between this pair or kindred spirits.

The Virgo and the Capricorn pairing is one that works well. They both see a need for building trust before diving into more intimate waters, and they respect each other, which goes a long way in any relationship.

The Libra partner is a harmonious match for the Capricorn as the partner. Libra is more than willing to serve as the passive partner to the more projective, must-be-in-control Capricorn. As long as both are open to the emotions of the other, this pairing has the potential to make it for the long haul.

The Capricorn Woman can make a go of it with the fiery Scorpio partner. The two are both dependable, intense, and looking to conquer new boundaries, which they can do together. Likewise, the Capricorn makes a match with the Pisces partner. Capricorn has a special way of uplifting Pisces, and the Pisces partner helps the Capricorn remain more in balance.

Capricorn and Aries are less than compatible. They serve to annoy one another, and unless trying to embrace what irritates them the absolute most and overcome it, this pairing is unlikely to work out. They are both stubborn and too pushy to make a lasting effort of things. Likewise, the Capricorn and Aquarius are unlikely to hit it off romantically unless they discover a bond they can both focus on in the relationship.

The only way the Leo partner and a Capricorn Woman are going to make a go of romance is if they have the same focus and intent for the relationship. Otherwise, this is a problematic pairing because both want to be a leader and their headstrong ways will result in clashes of epic proportions.

Capricorns do not make great pairings with other Capricorns. Why? Because, they might share the same vision of the future and support one another, but they can also fight over who will be in the lead; very stubborn in nature, the two will clash too much to make a long-term relationship last.

Astrology & Zodiac Gifts
Capricorn Gifts

When buying for a Capricorn Woman, there are three things you need to fulfill with the gift you choose. Her love for all things beautiful, her desire for comfort, and her die-hard sense for practicality. If you opt for jewelry, remember she likes the classic, simple, traditional, and beautiful. The practicality of it is that the jewelry will go with casual attire along with her more formal selections. A watch with a designed-band and easy-to-read face also makes a suitable gift.

Choice pieces with a single diamond, pearl, or even a strand of small freshwater pearls and you are sure to make her smile. If you want to buy clothing for the Capricorn, shop for a diverse accessory like a neutral color silk scarf that she can use with several outfits. Looking to buy a gift to spice up the bedroom and meet the Capricorn Woman’s desire for the posh and luxurious? Satin sheets will do the trick!

Capricorn Woman
Facts, Mythology, & Metaphysics

The Babylonian deity Ea, in the myth, corresponds with the sign of Capricorn. The god Ea is a guardian deity who, during daylight hours, watches over the land, and who later goes back to the ocean at night. He has a goat body and tail thereby linking the story to the sign of Capricorn. The sign also goes along with a story from the ancient Greek mythos wherein a nymph named Amalthea cares for a mountain goat. This same sign also corresponds to the goat-footed God Pan or Aegipan, the lord of the woodlands, and it also aligns with the tale of Pricus, an immortal Sea Goat well-liked by the divine and who holds the power to control time.

The Devil Card in the Tarot deck aligns with the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which in many ways depicts her need for being in the lead and in control. If she is out of balance, then the card also depicts the consequences thereof which can lead to addictions, problems, and relationships that result in codependence.

Regarding the chakra system, the Capricorn sign aligns with the Root Chakra. The Root or Base Chakra aligns with the Capricorn Woman’s deep need to feel safe always, comfortable in a relationship, and secure before she lets you in her life. The sun sign aligns with the number eight, which resonates with the energies associated with control, authoritarian natures, the pragmatic and ambitious, and the ego.

Capricorn Dates: December 22–January 19

Symbol: The Sea Goat

Glyph Meaning: half goat and the other half referencing a sea creature.

Sanskrit: Makara, which means “Mountain-goat.”

Key Phrase: “I USE.”

Quality: Cardinal

Alchemy: Fermentation

Anatomical Rulership: knees, skeleton, bones, genitals, skin, and hair.

Angel: Orifiel

Animals: Goater Dog

Dream Archetype: The Trickster

Balancing Quality: Entertainment, Spontaneity, and Friendliness

Birds: Falcon and Owl

Birthstones: Ruby

Celtic Tree of the Month: November 25 – December 23 (ELDER) and (BIRCH) December 24 – January 20

Meaning of the Celtic Tree: The Seeker and The Achiever

Chakra: Muladhara or Root

Chinese Zodiac Twin: The Ox

Compatibility: Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus

Detriment: Moon

Day: Saturday

Element: Earth

Planet’s Exaltation: Mars

Fall: Jupiter and Neptune

Feminine Deities: Kojin-sama, Hestia, Brigid or Vesta

Flower: Fuchsia or carnation

Gender: Feminine

Healing Crystals: Cat’s eye, ruby, quartz, garnet, agate, and turquoise

Herbs: Hemp, thistle, snowdrop, comfrey, hemlock, sorrel, nightshade, hellebore, rue, belladonna, and valerian

Keyword: Achievement

Masculine Deities: Hermes, Mercury, Dionysus, Bacchus, and Set

Metal: Lead

Musical Sound: the note of D

Number Vibrations: 8

Oils: Comfrey, carnation, thistle, and frankincense

Planetary influence: Saturn

Primary Colors: Blue and rich or dark green colors

Secondary Colors: Dark brown, black, and indigo

Primary Need: Administration, management, leadership, and to be in control

Scents: Pine, Sweat Pea, Magnolia, and Wintergreen

Seasonal Association: The Season of Winter

Tarot Card Associations: The Devil Card

Trees: Spruce, Yew, and Cypress

Celebrities: Zooey Deschanel, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Princess Catherine: The Duchess of Cambridge, Michelle Obama, and Ava Gardner.