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Capricorn Compatibility:
In Love & In Bed

Though I can’t prove it, I believe that all of Jane Austen’s male leads are Capricorns – especially that yummy Mr. Darcy.

Pragmatic, stoic and sometimes downright cold Capricorns do not, on the surface, seem to be romantic at A.L.L.

But, you know that eerie calm that settles in right before a Category 5 hurricane levels everything in sight and beyond? That is the demeanor of a Capricorn in love.

In fact, scientists have it all wrong. There is no eye in the middle of a hurricane. There is the heart of a Capricorn.

And when that Capricorn allows themselves to completely surrender to love, it is E.P.I.C.

So if you’ve chanced to fall for the indomitable Billy or Suzy Sea Goat Gruff, just know that at their core they’re skeered little, well, kids.

Capricorn Compatibility Table of Contents

Capricorn in Love

A Capricorn in love is perhaps the most mature of the signs when it comes to relationships.

You recognize that in order to build a lasting connection it requires on-going work and maintenance. Just like a garden, you need to keep the weeds clear so that flowers and fruits grow abundantly.

This is truly sound advice but it can also make for a rather lackluster sex life. Even rocks have smooth edges and it can be helpful to find those gentler curves with your partner.

There’s more than practicality involved in Capricorns pragmatic approach to personal interaction. When they fall in love they fall very far and very hard, often getting swept away in a torrent of emotions. Sense and sensibility is what keeps you afloat most times (hey, everyone misses the life boat periodically).

Long term relationships are hard for the ever-dutiful Capricorn. You are married to your job or your mission. Your investment in such things comes up time and time again in conversation and cancelled plans.

Guess what?

This is just another way you protect yourself against the risk called love.

Until you’re willing to really get in touch with your feelings it’s going to be very hard to find a suitable partner. Being efficient may create stability, but it won’t ever release your passions and create the immense joy that comes from a well-suited partnering.

In dating a Capricorn you’ll find they’re people of refined tastes who crave success. Be ready for his or her upward mobility (and be prepared to keep up).

Some of the more endearing qualities of the Goat are a wry humor, faithfulness and a relatively forgiving nature. Even so they often contradict themselves in matters of the heart. That means investing a fair amount of energy to get the Goat moving along toward something more intimate.

They always seem so cool-headed, but there are ways of getting at the warm heart underneath. Tenacity is your ally.

Capricorn in Bed

The phrase “horny goat” didn’t come about by accident.

A Capricorn lover is nothing but hungry. Unlike some people whose passions wane over the years your seems to just keep growing.

When you’re making love to a partner you feel as if the two of you become one. You pay attention to little things and respond to them without needing one word. A glance, a touch, a light caress speaks volumes to both of you.

This approach to physicality surprises some of your lovers. After all, they’ve come to know you as a bit of a traditionalist with ethics that hearken to simpler times. The beauty of this is that you held tight to the idea of respecting those you love and giving them a safe, secure haven. Your lover will never fear you because of this, and they will always know that hearth and home have a strong leader at the helm.

Capricorn does have a secret, however.

There is a moment…a button…when hit just right that all bets are off.

You remain so self-controlled that you repress a lot of sensuality and emotion. That means you may, from time to time, explode with a bout of sexual excessiveness that’s uncharacteristic. When you partner with a sensitive mate, however, there are ways to let off that steam in far safer and more pleasurable ways.

If you are lovers with a Capricorn know that this sign waxes and wanes like the tides. There will be times of intimacy and times of solitude.

This ties to previous relationships where your Goat couldn’t quite keep it together and went to a very kinky place. Now they worry or feel guilty, and it’s part of your job to release that negative cycle.

Perhaps there’s something you can explore together and turn that negativity into a whole new adventure.

Capricorn Facts & Metaphysical Associations

Dates: December 21- January 19
Symbol: The Sea-Goat
Key Phrase: “I Use”
Planet: Saturn
Birthstone: Blue Topaz (December); Garnet (January)
Number Vibration Numerology: 8
Element: Earth
Flower: Carnation
Color: Dark Green & Dark Blue
Day: Saturday
Chakra: Root or Base (Muladhara)
Chinese Zodiac Twin: Ox
Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Ox
Tarot Card Association: The Devil (Capricorn), The World (Saturn)
Healing Crystals: Agate, Amethyst, Cat’s eye, Garnet, Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise
Celebrity Capricorns: Janis Joplin, Richard Nixon, Michelle Obama, Champ Mohamed Ali, Kate Middleton, Denzel Washington

Capricorn Compatibility With All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries and Capricorn

Aries brings out your inner child with all their upbeat energy. The good aspects of this relationship fall in the fact that you both like social planning and structure.

Aries is, however, far more impulsive and finds the Goat a tad drab.

In business, Aries organizes and Capricorn encourages, but as a couple they’re not very successful.

Taurus and Capricorn

There’s a genuine partnership in the making here.

This relationship is very grounded and has a no-nonsense view on compatibility. It’s a tad mundane, and sometimes you both forget to have some fun (no everything is a crisis) but even so the trust factor here is off the charts.

You can team up professionally and still bring harmony into your sex life with little struggle.

Gemini and Capricorn

Agreements are NOT us.

Capricorn and Gemini have great aptitude in helping each other with projects because you, as a Capricorn, have the patience of a saint in supporting goals.

Your problem is that your Gemini partner comes at goals in his or her own terms, often winging it. That uncertain nature brings a lot of stress into the Capricorn’s life.

Stick to being co-workers.

Cancer and Capricorn

If your Cancerian partner can manage your protective nature when it comes to feelings this couple could fare quite well. You have no real need for a lot of fanfare.

A nice night by the fire or sitting at a pool suits you both fine. You’ll need to relax with your Crab and give them the family focus they crave.

With that in place this is a win!

Leo and Capricorn

It’s hard to resist the charm of an enthusiastic Leo, but you’re not quite as emotionally involved as he or she is in the relationship. You also have a lot of differences when it comes to your tastes and overall living style.

The Leo is a bit extravagant for your cautious Capricorn nature.

While both signs have strong feelings about fidelity, this connection turns out pretty muddy.

Virgo and Capricorn

You know from the outset of this relationship that Virgo is a good match for you. Both of you keep your feet planted in reality. There’s maturity to your interactions and more than just a little potential for the success of anything on which you work together.

The sex might be a little lackluster unless you use some of your planning aptitude to create unexpected romantic overtures.

Bring a little youthful joy into your relationship and watch sparks fly!

Libra and Capricorn

Yeahhhhh…not the best match on the Astrological dating game.

Libra finds your Capricorn practicality just too serious. Additionally you are a creature of tradition while Libra is more focused on the future. Your honest efforts come across as bossy to your Libra partner who prefers self-rule.

At the end of the day expect a lot of dissension, debate and eventually a falling out that could be pretty ugly.

Scorpio and Capricorn

There is celestial harmony between these two Sun Signs!

Both of you move cautiously into a relationship testing the waters one toe at a time. Trust is something “earned” not simply given by either partner here. It may be months before either one of you is comfortable enough for vulnerable moments.

As the Capricorn in this equation remember to give your Scorpio emotional sensitivity and things will progress quite naturally.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

There is a definite tug of war here on very basic, and important levels.

As a Capricorn you define life by what you know and by your work ethic. The Sagittarius outlines life according to beliefs and pleasurable diversions. You probably find the spontaneous Sagittarius reckless or immature.

It’s highly unlikely these two will ever move into a committed relationship.

Capricorn and Capricorn

You two have a fairy godmother intent on giving you a long and happy life! It doesn’t take a lot of magic either. You two were made for each other.

This is a very well-founded, honest team in which both people bring good observations to the table.

While a tad on the mundane side, a little frolicking makes this couple quite a success.

Aquarius and Capricorn

This is a hectic relationship in which both people lose focus on the relationship in the midst of day-to-day activity.

There’s really not a lot here in terms of romance and the sex isn’t so hot either.

The Capricorn practicality and Aquarius resourcefulness really can’t rescue this couple. You’re better off as work partners.

Pisces and Capricorn

Remember that you have a fishes’ tail, Capricorn! That means there is part of your soul already linked to water, and you’ll find yourself drawn to the Pisces knack for intuitive responses.

Meanwhile you give the fish greater realism, effectively putting foundations under their dreams. You both have things you can learn from each other.

This relationship has just enough dissimilarities to keep it very interesting.

5 thoughts on “Capricorn Compatibility: In Love & In Bed

  1. Pisces married to a Capricorn man says:

    Married 14 years in erotic bliss!
    My Capricorn man is CONSTANTLY thinking, learning, doing, working, planning, consistent, hardworking, successful man, father and husband!
    My dreamy head in the clouds Piscean nature adores this is about my husband, he teaches me to have a routine, to focus, to make a plan and not to procrastinate.
    Our two totally opposite personalities really compliment each other, I help him to laugh, get lost in a romantic movie, go on a spontaneous road trip, look up at the stars and ask if they are real live beings and not just planets or Suns! We have taught each other so much that the other person does not naturally come by.
    My Capricorn man is a big teddy bear with a wicked hilarious sense of humor!! And as the years go by our sexual intensity and relationship is going into the outer limits realm unimaginable sensuality between us!!!
    Capricorn/Pisces = Marital bliss of two souls meant to be ?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Pisces MTCM;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      Congratulations on 14 years of bliss – especially the erotic kind! I’m a Scorpio so I think that’s the best kind of bliss! 😉

      Thank you for taking the time to comment! Your words are an inspiration to all Beautiful Souls!


  2. Pisces married to a Capricorn man says:

    Hello Bernadette!

    I’m happy you’re safe from Hurricane Matthew!! Thanks for writing back, I just had to comment in this section in case there are any Pisces out there thinking about getting involved with a Capricorn. I just love this zodiac connection and match between my husband and I!
    EVERYTHING you post is extraordinarily accurate on every level down to my personal sign, my childrens’, etc. I look forward to keeping up with your website and all you offer, hope you continue to enjoy your spiritual journey and continued success for you!!

    Thanks and much love, 🙂
    Pisces Married to a Capricorn Man

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Pisces MTCM;

      Thank you so much for the feedback! Happy to know you are enjoying the zodiac info shared here! And, thank you for the well wishes! They are appreciated more than I can express!

      Here’s to wishing you and the Cappy hubster many more years of wedded bliss!


  3. Ilya Samsonov says:

    Capricorn Male married to Pisces female who is 8 years my junior. We are both former athletes who met in law school. I was in Russian special operations, she is American. She healed me. She had her trauma which I seem to have healed. There is such an incredible psychological and emotional connection with these signs. Love and lust are off the charts. Occassionally communication difficulties arise, but we almost never truly fight while maintaining highest passion levels. She is very artistic and I find that beautiful.

    I had always been attracted to Pisces woman. The best sex of my life was with Pisces and Scorpio women. Pisces for intimate and soulful, slow sex. Scorpio for lusty 0 to 60 type sex.

    All of my best friends, Male or female, are Cancer signs. My best female friend is Cancer sign and extremely beautiful–but we never became romantic or sexual partners. Sexual energy towards Cancer sign for me was never present, but deep friendship energy was.

    This convinced me Capricorns work best with water signs. A Scorpio for lust, A Cancer for friendship, and A Pisces for love.

    Sex with Air signs is usually very dull, IMO. I have had good experiences with Aquarius women where at least we had fun for short duration, but Gemini sex is truly awful. Libra are just dull.

    Sex with Earth signs is better than air. Taurus women seem to have good stamina. Virgos are sensual. But this doesnt approach chemistry with any water sign.

    For fire signs, I really had excellent sex with Aries woman but we could not get along at all. Good 1 night stand with Sagittarius is 50/50 proposition, but in my case (before I met wife) both were married and cheated on partner with me. Sex with Leo can be fun if you let them lead. They can feel fun to conquer. Leo women also seek to have affairs with you.

    But ultimately, Capricorn is best with water signs.

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