Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

If you are looking for a match made in paradise, it’s when you see the Aquarius and Gemini relationship blossom! This pairing makes for a remarkable friendship but an even better love affair! It’s as if the creator who made these two personalities designed their intellect from the same mold! The Aquarius personality is famous for its innovative and futuristic thinking style.

The personality of a Gemini is complex. Gemini is prone to extremes; alternative zodiac signs cannot grasp the Twins mentality. Aquarius loves a good puzzle. Figuring out what makes their Gemini partner tick is better than a game of strip Mahjong.

What makes this relationship endure is both parties define personal boundaries. Aquarius might prove aloof and flighty, but Gemini has no problem grounding them. The ultimatum is one of “If you are with me, then you are with me, and no other people.”

Yes, Aquarius can prove a game player until the end. Gemini won’t tolerate the game for long. If Aquarius still has trouble buckling down, Gemini tells them they know where the door is and they’ll use it. Blissful and heavenly are two adjectives that define the Aquarius and Gemini connection, particularly in bed! Harmonious energies intermingle to create a dreamy-like connection unrivaled by other romantic pairings.

The joining of two massive intellects promises a stellar connection and excellent compatibility. Their joining is on a physical and mental level: This makes for an intense connection in bed! The Aquarius and Gemini love match is apt to be a soul connection too. It is a connection that will last through one lifetime to another.

Aquarius and Gemini Table of Contents

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

Aquarius brings the gift of spontaneity and surprise into the life of Gemini. The Gemini personality embraces every moment of this romantic thrill ride. They wait with baited breath for the next thrill and with eager anticipation. The weirder the encounters these two shares, the better they both like it. Love of the eccentric is a contributing factor to Aquarius and Gemini compatibility. You can almost picture them enjoying museum oddities on a date. What’s that? A date night at home? Yes, you’ll see them watching “X Files.”

Gemini, represented by zodiac twins, has a short attention span. Mundane activities bore the heck out of the Gemini mind. Starving for entertainment, when the Aquarius partner comes along, Gemini feels lucky. There’s always something to do, somewhere to go, or some of the most amazing moments to share.

No doubt the compatibility factor between these two starred eye souls is impressive. Both have grandiose thinking. Both can get a quick high over the mental euphoria they experience. The thing they must do is be attentive to the emotional level and intensity of the relationship. If they don’t, the relationship will be nothing more than friends-with-big-benefits.

Aquarius and Gemini Love

The Aquarius and Gemini relationship is steamy in the sex department, but slow to develop in love. More peculiar is the way they fall into the relationship. Trust is immediate. No questions go on between them. They get into the relationship without considering trust. It’s as if the trust is already present before it has a chance to undergo scrutiny by either party. Genuine trust is slow in coming, but it will arrive in time.

Even if Gemini insists on a modicum of privacy, Aquarius doesn’t question it. In fact, the Aquarius partner is more apt to want a bit of privacy too. Hence, this pairing keeps an eye on freedom and discretion. Everything else happens in as a natural unfoldment of their interactions.

There seems to be a mutual and silent understanding between Aquarius and Gemini. If either party is unhappy, they can head for hills without looking back. In fact, their modus operandi when they are in a dissatisfying relationship is to run. Knowing escape from relationship craziness is a door slam away is comforting. Yes, it’s a strange dynamic, but it works!

Aquarius and Gemini Sex

Aquarius and Gemini make an incredible sex match. They get arousal from the sound of each other’s voice and the deep, intensive stare into one another’s eyes. If ever a couple could orgasm without the need for physical touch, this is the pair! In fact, phone sex is on the menu for these to erotic and experimental beings. Their motto in the bedroom is, “If it feels good, let’s make it happen!”

The word taboo is the one word they don’t harness in their vocabulary. Most couples are drawing happy and comfortable lines in the sand about what is proper in the sheets. That’s not the case with this couple. Their unique relationship perspective lends to the intense Aquarius and Gemini compatibility. The Aquarius and Gemini personalities want to find a place to run buck naked. Of course, they prefer a place where the neighbors don’t call the cops!

Now, as far as being in the middle of the sex act and caught, Aquarius could care less. In fact, they would find that a fun memory to share with future generations. Gemini has a touch of modesty and might pull the shy card if caught naked in public. Note the Gemini is shier than the Aquarius by a narrow margin alone.

To spice things up, Aquarius and Gemini insist that they mate with a partner of high intellect. It lends heat to the bedroom and keeps life outside the bedroom from growing droll.

This couple masters the means of physical satisfaction fast. It’s as if they hold the pocket guide to the Kama Sutra under their belt! It takes no time whatsoever for these two seductive beings to learn what makes the other tick. If they do not nurture the emotional part of the relationship, this pairing fizzles and fades. Their Achilles’ heel is a relationship that’s over-sexed and under-nurtured.

Aquarius and Gemini Communication

When in a romantic pairing, Gemini demands someone who will educate them. They need to learn things as it is part of what they crave in this lifetime. Aquarius has much to share with Gemini. The give and take make them a power couple and their romance is something others will envy. The attraction in the Aquarius and Gemini love match is electric and palpable.

Sometimes others have trouble understanding the imaginative conversations this couple whips up! That’s because things on the fringe and bizarre subjects are all the rage. Gemini loves the way Aquarius thinks as it gives them plenty of intriguing topics to discuss. The Aquarius personality is a Visionary and one who sees innovations ahead of their time.

An air-ruled sign, the intellect of the Aquarius is hard to match, but Gemini pulls it off without a hitch. Besides, Aquarius’ motto is “I know.” Gemini’s motto is, “I think.” Now, you get a near match better than that! It’s as if they are the opposite sides of the same coin.

Gemini stays open to the ideas Aquarius shares. Aquarius loves the way Gemini can feed their mind and ego. Their conversations flow from rationale to crazy in a heartbeat. These two can debate like no other. May the Gods help us if they get into politics!

Aquarius and Gemini Clashes

Since the two of these seductive creatures pay so much attention to sex, they neglect emotion. When it comes time to talk emotions, it might feel awkward to do so. Both parties are freedom lovers in this pairing. The Aquarius personality doesn’t want to bring the relationship down.

Bringing the relationship to the next level of commitment leads to clashes. This is true when one of the parties in more for commitment than the other. It’s important this pairing approaches the subject of commitment with care. Fear of responsibility and loss of spontaneity may send the partner running. Then hurt feelings result. The complexities of emotional entanglement leave a sour taste in the mouths of those in an Aquarius and Gemini relationship.

Aquarius and Gemini Polarity

Gemini and Aquarius are a unique pairing indeed. They share the same polarity of a Ying or masculine energy. Yang personalities can be excellent leaders, but they don’t follow well. They demand action as part of their life. They might even be aggressive in pursuit of their goals. Forging forward, sometimes regardless of consequence, this couple is carefree.

Having two yang-oriented partners in a relationship has its dangers. Both parties want to take the lead in the relationship. Both of the parties are comfortable enough in their power to lead. What’s unfortunate is neither party in this otherwise-flawless trio likes the backseat: A follower these two or not.

Yes, having two yang energies in a relationship might be a problem, it can prove beneficial. Both energies are progressive. The yang polarity is forward moving and projective. This means two strong energies are working in unison. The couple can support one another when the chips are down. They can lift each other when the world tries to beat them down. Then they fight back like twisted ninjas in the night! Here come the throwing stars at every sneering naysayer in their path!

Here, outside forces have no power. The Aquarius and Gemini love match erects impenetrable walls for fending off naysayers. Whether the relationship has a chance or not, only Aquarius and Gemini know. As far as this couple feels, the rest of the world can get off the planet. The ride isn’t for them anyway!

Aquarius and Gemini Aspects

The aspect in astrology is an expression of the distance between Aquarius and Gemini. This distance is in relation to the zodiac wheel. Here, the aspect is SWEET for sure! That’s because these two remarkable and intelligent starry children are in a trine. What’s a trine? It means they are four sections apart on the wheel of the zodiac.

A trine also means they feel as if they have come home to their soul mate. Why? Not only do they share the same polarity, but they also share the same element as well. Yes, no one knows, and Aquarius like a Gemini and vice versa. Of course, with Gemini already a twin, they are going to find a twin personality attractive too!

Friendship and kinship are a natural element born of the connection. The relationship can endure this lifetime and then some. Even if the romantic thing flops like tomorrow morning’s pancakes at iHop, the bond lives! Umm… anyone hungry for pancakes now?

A trine aspect leads to a rich connection. It also contributes to Aquarius and Gemini compatibility. These two can communicate without speaking. Telepathy is a strong suit in the Gemini Twins, but also with the Aquarius-Gemini combo. A look, a glance, or a simple touch conveys a thousand words no one else notices or understands. A smirk or smile from across the room shares a sarcastic comment that leaves them both laughing. A roll of the eyes communicates dismay at the idiocy they are both seeing. A wink is a hint it’s time to run. Yup, it’s time to seek that naked hideout after all!

Aquarius and Gemini Elements

As mentioned above, these starry-eyed Sun signs are under the influence of air. Why are their conversations so heady? How do they talk for hours so smooth like they are trivia masters about to be on an episode of Jeopardy? The air element, baby! That’s right, Aquarius and Gemini are under the influence of the air element.

The intellect and thoughts are something the air carries. A thought stays unspoken or falls on the lips from a whisper. Either way, the air that carries it to its destination. Aquarius and Gemini are of high intellect. The air influence also explains their telepathic connection.

Now having air as an influence can be great in an Aquarius and Gemini relationship. It can also be a pain in the arse. For one thing, excess air (and I’m not talking gas here), can make these two Sun Signs seem a bit crazy. They can become fickle and aggressive. They might not be clear on wants or desires. Or they might be so adamant about wants they become domineering and arrogant.

Air element signs are all about starting original ideas. Aquarius always has trouble following through. The trouble follows through is from the under-developed dreamy nature in Aquarian star-DNA. Gemini has the Twin power in their stellar genetic makeup. When this couple works together, the results of their creations stellar!

Too much air influencing this couple can make conversation sound crazy. They might become too chatty and even start to annoy one another. Excessive air energy is welcome in the bedroom if it is fueling the stamina of the pairing. If it’s all pillow talk and little touch it will ruin the moment for sure!

Air is a changeable element. Thus, the Aquarius and Gemini love match needs constant change. The continual change is to keep the relationship hopping. Without change, the air grows too stagnate and so does the relationship. It can be exhausting keeping the spontaneity going. They will have to learn to develop a balance between who needs to turn up the excitement button.

Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

The Aquarius man is one who runs from commitment. What makes his relationship perfect with a Gemini woman is there is no need to run. Both personas prefer a bit of space and personal freedom. They form a wonderful friendship that can often lead to sexual benefits.

They might start bonding over coffee and conversation. The Aquarius man and Gemini woman soon learn they enjoy similar authors, artists, and entertainment. Chatting is a pastime they will never give up. They will text back and forth until they develop Blackberry thumb.

Taboos are non-existent in this relationship. They will try anything once, and if they like it, they will do it again. Experimentation is exciting. They could write their own modernized version of the Kama Sutra. A version with moves that would make a contortionist cringe.
It’s all good as it feeds into Aquarius and Gemini compatibility.

Nothing is off the bedroom menu. One might look at the bedroom as a giant sampler platter with every delectable hors d’oeuvre on the menu. The tray will be empty in the morning folks!

With some inappropriate behavior and adventure, Aquarius and Gemini heat up the bedroom. Both are happy to delay romantic interludes for pure romps in the hay and meaningless sexual fun. These two personalities are not in a rush to get sentimental or emotional.

Keep in mind the vision of commitment. It might not look traditional. Some Aquarius and Gemini pairings stay together for life without marriage. Others might leave the relationship open. In some pairings, a commitment to live with each other while seeing others is acceptable.

Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

The Gemini man will find the Aquarius woman’s intellect a match made in heaven. He’ll also appreciate her independent nature. It makes it non-clingy and more fun to be around. He may find some of her eccentric likes a bit odd, but they do not deter him from growing fond of her fast. He loves the fact she is spontaneous. Unpredictability is the heart of Aquarius and Gemini relationship.

The Aquarius woman doesn’t much care what others think of her. It’s none of her business. She’s too busy looking to live life to the fullest. She’ll blast right past those living on automatic pilot. There’s no time to waste as each lifetime is far too short for this innovative girl.

The Gemini man knows right from the start there will be no bossing this woman around. He is not that type of guy anyway. Thanks to a laidback persona, he has no intention of doing so. These two free thinkers respect each other’s personal space and life decisions. Gemini wants to draw closer to the Aquarius woman at some point so they can develop an emotional bond. He will have to wait for the perfect moment not to scare her off.

These two make perfect lovers. She loves to experiment, and new moves are always on the menu. He loves the shock factor she sometimes integrates into love-making sessions. They will talk for hours before heading to bed. Both parties need to experience a mental turn on before turning down the sheets. Sex can be playful and gentle. It might be downright naughty and perverse in the Aquarius and Gemini love match. Yes, folks, vanilla, and chocolate are both on the menu!

An Aquarius woman finds the many talents of the Gemini attractive. She appreciates his flexibility when it comes to commitment. Although she can find him a bit fickle in the decision-making department. Being a Gemini his dualistic nature makes him a bit unpredictable and prone to extremes.

A Gemini man knows how to turn on the charm and the Aquarius woman falls for it quick. Of course, she doesn’t lose total sight of her sensibilities. She stays distant enough to be in control. Yet, she is close enough to enjoy the touch and interaction with her Gemini companion. An open relationship between this pairing makes the connection feel free. It is more enticing than a commitment relationship promises. No commitments, no strings, and no performance anxiety. Now that’s some serious personal freedom folks!

Aquarius and Gemini Love Match Wrap-Up

If you were to give the Aquarius and Gemini pairing a star rating this couple would get a full five stars. The promise of lasting friendship is born through their connection. From friendship, the relationship grows into a friends-with-superb-benefits situation. On occasion, the Aquarius and Gemini compatibility leads to commitment where both personalities agree. If romance blooms, it too can prove successful. The two parties in this open relationship need to emphasize emotional interaction. The introduction of emotion might prove awkward, but the relationship will thrive.

Looking to learn a bit more about zodiac signs and compatibility factors? I hope you’ll take the time to check out all the star-related info here on Building Beautiful Souls! Now you can find out what couples make the hottest connections! Why not take the time to see what makes those special people in your life tick? You might even discover you are more compatible with someone than you thought!

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