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What does April Mean?
April Birthstone, Zodiac Sign, Flower, Number & More!

April rolls in as the fourth month of the year. Most people greet this arrival gleefully as they know that all the rains result in a lush garden of flowers come May. This is truly a sign of Spring in all its glory.

April got is name from the Romans, but the exact connection remains fuzzy in history. If we look to the term perire in Latin, we may find a clue. This means “to open”. In looking at nature this designation is perfect since all the plants begin opening and flourishing.

The Greeks and Romans both dedicated April to honoring Venus/Aphrodite. The Greek name for this month, Aphrilis, illustrates this powerfully. Other groups like the Anglo-Saxons called the month “Oster” or what we now use as the name for Easter.

April is a special month on the Christian calendar. Easter is the period in which Christ ascended into heaven. The event ends a time of fasting and turns toward a bounteous celebration. The Pagan ways of commemorating Easter remained, however. Searching for baskets or hidden eggs is one example (as if to “find” spring itself). Why a basket? Because it’s a handy means of collecting the Earth’s returning abundance. Candy and other gifts follow, again supporting that upbeat feeling of Spring’s sweetness.

Of course we cannot overlook the industrious rabbit who is getting right to the matter of procreation. Spring has long been associated with fertility. It also has an air of romance in that it fosters new love.

One of the festivities of April gives this month an element of whimsy namely April Fool’s Day (4/1). Today people play all manner of jokes and tricks. Some businesses like newspapers might create a fish tale with disclosures in fine print at the end.

There are different opinions on how April Fool’s began. We know that Romans held Hilaria on March 25th as a part of spring rites. This event commemorated the God of vegetations rebirth (Attis). This may have translated into later celebrations.

History tells us that the French really solidified April Fools in the 16th century CE. At that time April 1 was still New Years. Come the change to using the Gregorian Calendar, however, New Years moved to January 1. This dramatic modification wasn’t readily accepted and many people continued to use the April date for their celebrations. As the populace adjusted, they called others who clung to April 1st for New Years as an April Fool, and as such they became the unwitting recipients of all manner of silliness. This custom traveled to America with the settlers. Folklore has it that anyone who did not greet their prank in good humor would face a period of bad luck.

April Birth Stone: Diamond & Quartz

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Diamond is the proverbial Queen of the gem world. The phrase a “diamond is forever” gives us one peek into the characteristics of this stone. Diamonds represent deep abiding love even in the most difficult of circumstances (it is the hardest mineral on earth). The first time diamonds were documented was around 3,000 years ago but they were probably known to humans much longer.

Diamonds come from various parts of the world including Brazil, South Africa and Australia. The Greeks called them “adamas” – indestructible. The belief was that wearing a diamond gave warriors strength. For women it increased beauty. The story among the ancient Greeks says that the diamond is a tear from a crying God. Romans thought they came from the stars.

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Metaphysically diamond resonates with the 7th chakra, which brings mind and body into balance. This sacred stone symbolizes honesty, perfection and opportunity. Having a diamond on your person offers clarity and the ability for effective problem resolution. The diamond’s energy attracts wealth, creativity, courage, peace and faithfulness. For best results tradition tells us to wear this gem on our neck or left hand (thus we come to the tradition of diamond engagement rings!).

The Quartz crystal is somewhat of a diamond impersonator. It’s facets and clarity probably fooled more than one hopeful miner. Quartz offers similar benefits as the diamond but only “dialed down” a bit. Spiritual leaders feel that Quartz greatly benefited humankind’s spiritual advancement.

We know that Quartz produces energy (think watches). This means that whatever magical vibration of your intent, Quartz magnifies it. This stone aids with manifestation. Tales of old said that Quartz was actually alive, and could be the reincarnation of a God or Goddess.

April Zodiac Signs: Aries & Taurus

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Aries begins April and remains in control until the 19th when Taurus begins. Aries energy is filled with ambition and resolve. This translates into effective vibrations in spells and rituals focused on personal goals, and sticking to them. Aries also embodies the characteristics of spontaneity, courage, optimism and frankness. These attributes have some down sides. When applied incorrectly they can lead to egotism, jealousy, foolhardy choices and ruthlessness. So direct the positive forces of April & Aries carefully.

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Taurus the Bull is a whole different creature. Taurus is strong, patient and appreciative. This part of the month’s energy focuses on patience, practicality and stability. This is a good time to look at what your efforts manifest. You may be surprised to see things really moving forward now.

As a sign filled with ideals about love and beauty, the last 11 days of the month are wonderful for reconnecting. Express your sensual side. Explore not only relationships this way, but also the world around you.

April Holidays

Celebrations recognized as month-long focal points include Cancer Control Month, Donate Life Month and Jazz appreciation month. Other any time April festivities include National Poetry Month, National Volunteer Month and Sexual Assault awareness month. For the foodies out there, this is National Cheese Month, National Soft Pretzel month and National Pecan Month.

Festivities whose dates change slightly each year include National Library Week (the first full week of April), National Day of Hope (First Wednesday), Children’s Day in Peru (Second Sunday) and National D.A.R.E Day (Second Thursday). We also have Patriots Day (Third Monday), National High Five Day (Third Thursday), World Immunization Week (last full week of April) and Take your children to Work Day (Fourth Thursday).

For dependable holidays you can consider International Children’s Book Day (4/2), National Caramel Day (4/5), National Beer Day and World Health Day (4/7), Siblings Day (4/10), International Day of Human Space Flight (4/12) and the Universal Day of Culture. Moving into the second half of April there is Emancipation Day (4/16), Blah, Blah Blah Day (yes, really I’m making a note of this for April 17), National Garlic Day (4/19), Earth Day (4/22), St. Marks Eve (4/24), Hug a Friend Day (4/26), World Day for Safety and Health (4/28) and Honesty Day (4/30).

April Flower: Daisy & Sweet Pea

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There are two flowers associated with April namely the Daisy and Sweet Pea. Daisy is a wistfully sweet flower on which young girls would often divine the intent of their current relationship by “loves me, loves me not”. The white petals speak of purity and childlike innocence. When you give a Daisy to a friend you are saying that you will keep their secret dutifully.

The other flower for April is Sweet Pea. This flower has an odd dichotomy in that they were sometimes given as a farewell between lovers while also representing bliss. Gardeners love Sweet Pea because they deter flies (if something is “bugging” you – use Sweet Pea in your magic).

We can thank Keats for properly naming the flower. In the late 1700s it was a symbol of Edwardian England. People loved the delicate fragrance. If you want your Sweet Peas to grow quickly plant them on Good Friday. Brides carrying Sweet Pea assure themselves of truth, diligence, strength of character and good intentions

April Month Number: 4

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The Four corners of creation, the Four Winds, Four phases of the Moon, Four Elements and seasons – these are stable constants on which we can depend. That stability is the very foundation of the number in Numerology the sacred number Four is predictable – you never have to guess with this energy around.

The vibrations of Four have strong ties to the material world and our foundations. When we match concrete efforts with the energy of Four amazing things can happen. Pythagorean Theorems claim that Four marks perfection, and represents the Divine.

In nature we have the Four-leaf clover that conveys luck. Each of the Four leaves has a different meaning – Luck, Faith, Hope and Love. In the Higher Arcana of the Tarot, Four is the Emperor whose power rules over prosperity and power in the Earthly realms.

April Colors: Red & Pink

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Traditional colors for April tie to the two zodiac signs this month. Aries is red and Taurus is pink. Red is powerful and sometimes daunting. It embodies our passion both physical and emotional. In any environment red ups the energy and speaks of strength and personal pride.

Red is a masculine hue. Perhaps this is why red cars often attract a man’s attention. Red acts and leads with determination. There is nothing remotely shy about this color. When it surrounds be ready for in-your-face messages.

Pink, by comparison, is far gentler. Rather than boisterous, pink symbolizes compassion and a heart full of giving. It is the hue of friendship. Because Pink is a lighter form of Red, there is still an ambiance of intimacy here filled with sensitivity and tenderness. Pink makes us feel comfortable and positive. It calms aggression and anxiety.

People wanting to get in touch with their emotions and improve their ability to empathize should add more Pink to their environment. It’s also a great tone for improving our connection with our inner child who knows how to thrive in simplicity.

April Symbol: Wilson Warbler

Besides April’s flowers and birthstones there is a bird associated with this month, namely Wilson’s Warbler. The Warbler has happy feet, often seen dancing among the willows particularly near water. The rhythm of their be-bop matches their song. This music is how you can find them, as they are adept hiders otherwise.

As a Spirit Animal or Guide, Warbler brings a message of socialization and cherry days. Express your feelings – say what you mean and mean what you say and if you can dance at the same time, all the better. Warbler is all about communication and the way in which you deliver messages. Persistently focus your energy on your talents then let them shine in your social circle. Believe in the value of your voice and vision.

April Full Moon

People called the April Full moon by many names. One, Pink Moon, seems very common. It’s thought that this comes from pink flowers that dot the land around this time of year. Other names include Egg Moon (when chickens start laying) and Fish Moon because in the Northern regions the fish began swimming upstream to mate.

April Facts

  • The Festival of Flora (the goddess of flowers) was held in April by Romans. Part of the tradition for this event was donning brightly colored clothing instead of the traditional white (238 BCE).
  • General Hospital premiered on ABC in 1963.
  • Cigarette advertisement was banned on both radio and TV in 1970.
  • Steve Jobs forms Apple Computer Company with Steve Wozniak in 1976.
  • The children’s cable channel, Nickelodeon, began in 1979.
  • The Titanic hits an iceberg in 1912.
  • The first McDonalds opened in 1955.
  • An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hits San Francisco 1908.
  • President Henry Harrison died just one month after his inauguration 1841.

April Quotes

“April comes like an idiot, babbling and stewing flowers.” ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

“April hath put the spirit of youth in everything.” ~ William Shakespeare

“Well- apparel’d April on the heel of limping winter treads.” ~ William Shakespeare

“The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.” ~ Mark Twain

“Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.” ~ Thomas Tusser

“April’s rare capricious loveliness.” ~ Julia Dorr

“There is o fragrance in April breezes till breathed with joy as they wander by.” ~ William C. Bryant

“Winter’s done, and April’s in the skies, Earth look up with laughter in your eyes.” ~ Charles G.D. Roberts

April Birthdays

  • Debbie Reynolds and Hans Christian Anderson (4/1)
  • Tony Orlando (4/3)
  • Raphael (4/6)
  • Jackie Chan (4/7)
  • Joseph Pulitzer (4/10)
  • Tiny Tim (4/12)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (4/15)
  • Wilbur Wright (4/16)
  • Conan O’Brien (4/19)
  • Anthony Quinn (4/21)
  • William Shakespeare (4/23)
  • Ella Fitzgerald (4/25)
  • Jay Leno (4/28)
  • Michael J. Smith (4/30)