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Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra):
Healing, Meditation, Meaning, Stones & Crystals

  • Motto: I Understand
  • Mantra: Silence
  • Color: Purple or White
  • Element: Thought
  • Zodiac Signs: None

There’’s a reason this is called the Crown Chakra: it’’s at the top of your head, and really resonating with this Seventh Chakra and its energies is, well, a crowning achievement! Known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara (“the lotus of a thousand petals”), it’’s where we connect with the Divine and the Angelic Realm.

Crown Chakra Table of Contents

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) Symbolism & Meaning

All the other chakras are about accomplishing Stuff here in these bodies of ours. The Crown Chakra is different. It’’s where we get to realize we’’re all part of the Whole Shebang -– one with the Universe, one with other beings, and life’’s a whole lot more than the physical everyday things we run around doing.

Seventh Chakra’s House Rules begin with this one: drop the ego.

The ego is what we need to be a person in a body in a life. When you transcend the ego, it means that you totally get that you’’re just a drop in this Universe-huge ocean, and that it’’s okay to be swimming in there with everyone and everything else. It’’s the Big Crossroads: between Life and Death, between Time and No-Time, between the Divine and the Human.

The Crown Chakra also helps us drop the fixing and the solving and the judging. When we’re connected to the Seventh, we just sit with the Bliss Thing, and there’’s gratitude, and joy, and complete awe that here we are and we’’re part of the One Song. (That comes from Wayne Dyer’’s idea that the Uni-Verse is One Song. Kinda catchy, no?)

And one of the best parts about grooving with the Seventh Chakra is the complete understanding that there isn’’t separation between You and Them. Your compassion level goes through the roof. You realize that feeding someone else is actually feeding you; that helping and guiding and loving even strangers is just like giving yourself a big ol’’ hug.

And I don’’t know about you, but my Hug Tank could always use some free refills!

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) Healing & Cleansing

So does the Seventh Chakra ever get out of whack if it’’s all Divine-y? Heck yeah!

Leave the 7th Chakra open and uncontrolled and you may have so many contacts with the Outer Limits that your friends think you’’re certifiable.

You may decide that you are the only one with the Red Phone to the Big Guy/Gal Upstairs (religious fanatical type). You may be so ungrounded your friends think your mother was a helium balloon and your father was an anti-gravity machine.

Or, if you shut it down too much you feel disconnected in a different way: it’’s a lack of purpose, feeling like Nobody’’s Home in the Heavens, nothing matters but material things, and playing the Universal Blame Game way too often. Death is the scariest thing in the world to you. And if it’’s really bad, you may end up abusing other living things – WAY off the good stuff charts.

What about the physical stuff? Oh, it’’s there. Your muscles, pineal gland, pituitary gland are all under the Seventh Chakra’’s guidance. So when the Crown ain’’t nothin’’ but a baseball cap, you’’ve got your balance and coordination problems, mental disorders and seizures, muscular diseases like MS, chronic fatigue, light sensitivity…if it’s really out of kilter (either too much or too little), you may see things on the autism spectrum showing up.

Seriously. Not. Good. –This all makes sense because it’s your most Divine chakra. It’s kinda’ like Momma’. When Momma’s not happy, NOBODY’S happy!

So how can we regain our Crown Chakra energy?

Meditation, first and foremost. Silence is healing. Deep meditation so that the world drops away will get you climbing the celestial ladder back to Blissville. Prayer, too, helps. And prayer here is not a whiny list to God about what’s wrong and what you want. Prayer here is more like the little kid reaching for a big person’’s hand. Hey, are you there? Can I connect?

You may want to do a little bit of a smudging cleanse. Classic smudging is sage or cedar, but even burning a little bit of frankincense and pulling the smoke over your head and face can help here.

As far as the food goes, the purer the better. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, lots of water. If something is grown where it gets lots of sunshine and fresh water, that should be your go-to nourishment for a period of time.

Not so much on the animal protein; please; that brings you right down to Base again.

Some people even say fasting will help, but be careful with that; for some people, that will bring out all your toxic stuff! When you’’re preparing food, things like anise and basil are good to add in.

Massage – ever heard of Indian head massage? It’s called champissage, and it will really help to open and balance your Seventh Chakra (and the Fifth and Sixth get their turns in there as well). Definitely a good thing if there’’s someone who is skilled.

Water is really good for getting the Crown cleared. Of course you get to slip into a nice warm bath, and there are so many oils that will help you go on a successful Bliss Hunt: cedarwood, elemi, frankincense, galbanum, helicrysum, jasmine, lavender, myrrh, neroli, rose, rosewood, sandalwood, spikenard, or vetiver are all known to support Crown Chakra. Choose a couple that you love and drop some in the bathtub with you. Burn either a white or violet candle.

And yes, those affirmations are vital.


I am a loved part of the Universe.

I am connected with all things.

I always have a clear connection to the Divine.

Source and Spirit are always available to me.

All is forgiven on all levels. Serenity is my eternal gift.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) Balancing & Realignment

So, when your Crown Chakra merely feels a little tipped to one side, what can you do?

Sit in silence. No, that’s not silence with ambient music. It means sit in the silence – no chanting or humming. Just sit, and breathe, and listen to the world breathing around you. If you’ve never done it, you’ll be amazed at how centered you get.

Visualization to make sure your Crown fits? Of course. See a soft, clear stream of white light coming from the top of your head and spilling over you like a fountain. Let it surround you like an egg. Just feel yourself taking in all that loving, white light – like feathers, like warm snow, like mist. Lose the sense of your body, and just float and Be.

For color, you can choose white or violet; either one are zinging with Seventh Chakra energy. Personally, since this Chakra is about more Divine and less worldly, I’d suggest silks, satins, floaty stuff rather than stiff or heavy, but it’s your closet.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) Activation

Hey, remember that the Sanskrit name means lotus? Well guess what – the classic Lotus Position in Yoga is the thing for you! If you can do a full Lotus (that the pretzel-y thing with your legs) or a half-Lotus (one leg just on top of the other), either one will work. Lightly rest your elbows on your knees, palms up, with the thumb and second finger touching.

Working with Crystals for the Crown Chakra is just so much fun, because it’s the really high-vibe stones that you look for. That means you get to play with, in no particular of Awesomitude: Amethyst, Apophyllite Quartz, Blue Sapphire, Cacoxenite, Cavansite, Celestite, Charoite, Clear Quartz, Danburite, Fuchsite, Goshenite, Herkimer Diamond, Lepidolite, Moldavite, Moonstone, Obsidian, Peacock Ore, Purple Fluorite, Selenite, Snow Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Stilbite, and Sugilite (WHEW!)

So there you are. We’ve brought you a new you Chakra-wise from top to toe (well, from Root to Crown, anyway). May you be in the world balanced, blissful, beautiful and brilliant, with all your Chakras humming in seven-part harmony!