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What Does The Color Red Mean

Red is the color that speaks heavily to our inner power. Red symbolizes passion, exhilaration, and excitement. So, what does the color Red mean for you? Why did the color Red draw you to BuildingBeautifulSouls.com? What secrets about yourself or others do you need to discover? Red knows the answer to these mysteries, and so much more.

Color Red Meaning Table of Contents

Color Red Meaning & Symbolism

In many cultures, particularly the Far East, Red symbolism is all about good fortune. In this region, wearing Red items at a wedding brings joy to the couple and blessings to the marriage. Balancing that, some philosophies and religions tie the color Red to destruction and the powers of evil.

Psychologically speaking Red denotes very powerful feelings including love, anger and exhilaration. This is seen in our language patterns such as calling a pan red-hot, declaring red-letter days, seeing red or being red-blooded.

Red has other effects on our perspectives too.

Experts tell us that Red encourages appetite not simply for food but for many other sensual experiences. Those who have too much Red in their environment, particularly children, may find themselves very stressed, discontent and even angry with no particular cause.

In Western metaphysical traditions Red represents the Southern Quarter of Creation and the suit of Wands in the Tarot. Magically the color Red is used in various workings for passion, strength, bravery, inventiveness, and banishing.

Dark Red tones have stronger masculine overtones while lighter Red shades speak to the sacred Feminine. When you are feeling weary, wear Red to re-energize and get motivated. Proverbial wall flowers can find a good ally in the color Red as it can potentially help them overcome shyness.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where there are a lot of Red accents? That’s because Red opens our pallet and stirs the appetite. Decorators have to be cautious however. Too much Red can stimulate negative feeling like anger. On eCommerce sites, the “buy” button is a Red hue because the color stimulates excitement and online retailers want you to feel jazzed about your purchase.

Finally, Red is the color of the Base or Root Chakra – where life begins. The Base or Root Chakra also governs our ‘foundation’. When it is clear, balanced, and healthy, it’s color is that of a beautiful Ruby – bright and happy. When the Root or Base Chakra color is a dark, muddy Red, it’s time to do some work around that energy center. This is particularly important if you’ve been feeling ‘off your center’.

What Your Favorite Color Says About You
The Red Personality

People strongly attracted to the color Red are outgoing and upbeat. These individuals find it hard to sit still, and have impressive libidos.

Red people thrive on attention and excitement. Boring is not a word remotely in Red’s vocabulary. The people who favor Red typically like to compete and they make excellent athletes who put 150% into all their efforts. Red wants to win – period. There is always a goal in Red’s life, one that they pursue with intensity.

There are challenges in the Red personality. For one thing, you leap before you look. Impulsiveness is part of your nature. Additionally, those with a Red personality generally have a quick and hot temper that sometimes turns into bullying.

While Red is a hard worker, sometimes that focus overwhelms all else. Avoid positions of authority where your aggressiveness and determination might be misconstrued. Conversely, deadlines are your middle name!

Spiritually speaking Red people are relatively neutral. For you, it’s all about the doing You can be quite single-minded when you want something, but need diversity to keep your keen mind happy. No matter what, Red must achieve to find happiness.

People who dislike Red don’t seem to have much passion or energy. There are fears or a sense that you are not “good enough” in some way. Being open with others is difficult. Anti-red people may need to really get away and rediscover their energy. Additionally, reclaim your confidence – you CAN win, but don’t believe that.

Color Psychology: Red

Generally speaking in clothing or the environment there are specific energy signatures you can expect from Red. Initially Red inspires greater energy and passion. It also has the signature of courage and valor. When wearing red (such as a power tie) it commands attention and motivates. Too much red, however, can turn into aggressive tendencies so use it with restraint.

In the work place red highlights improve energy. Red increases people’s blood pressure, particularly bright hues. Muted, earth-reds (like Red Ochre) can have the opposite effect and improve grounding and centeredness.

The color Red is especially suited to an environment with a lot of physical activity. Again, however, it must be used cautiously because of Red’s connection with sexuality, anxiety and as a sign of danger. To balance that, add a light shade of Blue to the equation.

The color which most complements and balances Red is Turquoise, although a standalone Green or Blue will also create balance.

Red has the longest wavelength. This translates to this color really grabbing our focus, which is probably why Red is universally used in traffic lights. Red stimulates some people to feeling like they want to fight or run away, and the instinct is very strong. Red can come across as welcoming or belligerent depending on how it’s used.

Feng Shui experts recommend keeping the amount of Red in a child’s room to a minimum. The best areas to use Red highlights is in the Southern portion of the home which governs your reputation and fame. Southwest is another good region as this rules love and marriage, bring warmth to that relationship.

Red Color Variations:

Remember that the shade of Red you choose changes its vibrational impact. There are slightly different meanings and symbolism for various shades of Red. A bright scarlet, for example, is very high energy and filled with a true joy in life. This is a very playful color excellent for your inner child. Maroon isn’t as bold as true red. There is restraint here. Burgundy is also toned down and has an air of authority and thoughtfulness. And pink is youthful, sweet, friendly but not as mature as darker hues. Where deep Red speaks of committed love and intense passion, Pink has stronger connections with friendship, intimacy and gentle intentions and copper Red has ties to earthy energies for grounding any excess fire.

Red Crystals List

Red crystals and stones help amp up the energies of love, passion, endurance, and courage. Use Red crystals and stones to help stimulate fertility and give strong foundations to new relationships, projects, businesses, and more.

  • Fire Agate – courage, protection, initiative.
  • Bloodstone – family ties, family loyalty, family love.
  • Carnelian – creativity, fire element, vitality.
  • Red Coral – fertility, mamma ocean energy, spiritual awakening.
  • Red Jasper – grounding, support during times of stress.
  • Rose Quartz – unconditional love.
  • Ruby – Kundalini energy, personal power, passion.

Red Flowers List

  • Red Amaryllis – strength, pride, lasting love.
  • Red Camellia – elegance, refinement, passion.
  • Red Gerbera Daisy – happy family.
  • Red Gladiolus – family blood ties, faithfulness, honor.
  • Red Poppies – magic, eternal life.
  • Red Rose – true love in every form.
  • Red Tulips – declaration of love and perfect love.

Quotes About the Color Red

Audrey Hepburn

“There is a shade of red for every woman.”

Bill Blass

“When in doubt, wear red.”

Diana Vreeland

“All my life I’ve pursued the perfect red. I can never get the painters to mix it for me. It’s exactly as if I’ve said, “I want Rococo with a spot of Gothic in it and a bit of Buddhist temple” – they have no idea what I’m talking about.”

Jack Lenor Larsen

“Of all the hues, reds have the most potency. If there is one electric blue, a dozen reds are so charged. Use them to punctuate white, burn into bronzes, or dynamite black.”

Derek Jarman

“Painters use red like spice.”

Chief Seattle

“When the last red man shall have perished from the earth and his memory among the white men shall have become a myth, these shores will swarm with the invisible dead of my tribe. The white man will never be alone. Let him be just and deal kindly with my people, for the dead are not powerless.”

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