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Libra and Cancer Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Cancer and Libra compatibility is sensual, graceful, and nothing short of exquisite. When these two spirits connect, it’s instant magic! It’s a lot like tasting chocolate and peanut butter together for the first time! Cancer and Libra are sentimental souls, resulting in a profound and deep connection. They form an unbreakable friendship and their home becomes a fortress of love.

The Cancer and Libra pair are a peaceful bunch. Cancer, like the crab, side-steps difficulties. Libra is on a permanent march for harmony! Bringing these two together in a union is like the revival of 1967’s Summer of Love!

Here, the love affair merges the archetypes of the Mother and the Judge. Cancer has the attributes of the benevolent, compassionate, all-nurturing mother. Cancer seeks to defend Libra and their growing love. They are the coordinator of the hearth and home. Libra is all about maintaining order. By fending off chaotic energies, peace reigns. Both parties contribute to the longstanding serenity of this love affair.

Libra and Cancer Table of Contents

Libra and Cancer Compatibility

In the Cancer and Libra love match, this duo has met their sensitive and emotional match! Cancer seeks a love that anchors them to the earth. Libra soars on the wind seeking a celestial love. Between them, they discover a love like no other on earth or in heaven!

Libra holds friendship as one of their main life values. If the Cancer and Libra relationship launches from friendship first, the connection intensifies. Cancer values family above all else, but loyalty too. When Libra shows Cancer loyalty through friendship, Cancer feels safer falling in love.

Both personalities desire to build a household together and raise a family. But, mostly, the home remains Cancer’s domain. The outer world where opportunities for socialization await remains the domain of Libra.

Libra demands a sensible and responsible mate. Cancer meets the criteria for responsible, but sometimes let emotions override their sensibilities. Such is the case when Cancer becomes an impulse shopper and breaks the family budget. It will take a lot of patience on Libra’s part. They’ll need the tolerance of the gods to deal with the bigger credit card balance!

The home front is where this couple’s commonalities shine! Both appreciate beautiful things. This duo insists each room in the home is overflowing with visual delights. Everything from the color of the wallpaper to the throw rugs in the living room is joint decisions. Lovely little trinkets, photographs, and art highlight every room. When Libra convinces Cancer to step out for a date or two, you’ll find them savoring delicious cuisine. Of course, the food will have to top Cancer’s gourmet home-cooking skills if it’s going to satisfy this duo!

Libra and Cancer Love

The planetary influences on Cancer and Libra play a role in how these lovebirds interact. Cancer’s Moon-ruled attributes align with divine feminine forces. It is a powerful energy explaining their emotional energies and mysterious nature. Despite the different planetary influences, Cancer and Libra compatibility remains high!

Cancer becomes passive and receptive to the influences of the moon. There moods ebb and flow. The same ebb and flow controls the balance between the physical and emotional world. Libra has a Venus influence, so they are sensual beings by nature. They love the intimate connection they can establish with Cancer. A Libra personality feels a sense of peace whenever Cancer opens up to them.

The moon’s influence makes Cancer one who nurtures and requires nurturing. The Sun is masculine energy while the Moon is feminine. So, Moon-governed Cancer hosts a soft, gentle, and compassionate nature. Even Cancer’s influential element highlights their passive and receptive nature. Venus’s influence makes Libra one who is a loyal mate, despite their social butterfly ways.

Cancer can become obsessive about alone time. When Libra is moving from one social circle to another, Cancer senses a waning attraction! The song “Don’t You Forget About Me,” is an ugly ear-worm playing in Cancer’s head. Meanwhile, limelight loving Libra hears Lady Gaga’s “I live for the applause!” It’s best if the parties in this love affair assume nothing. Rather than believe they know what their partner is thinking, it’s best to ask. Open communication and asking questions does away with erroneous, trouble-causing assumptions.

Libra and Cancer Sex

Cancer and Libra might seem easygoing. As such, the question of their passionate nature emerges. Fear not! There are plenty of steamy nights and freedom in the bedroom with this sensual pair! Both Cancer and Libra bring intense emotions behind every touch! They declare their love with an emotional intimacy no other pairing understands!

Libra takes the lead in the bedroom as they have no trouble expressing their needs and desires. They have an innate, reassuring way of reaching out with Cancer. It lets their Cancer partner feel emotional safety. The sense of security is a prerequisite before emerging from their protective shell. There, Libra awaits, ready to welcome them with open arms. If anybody has the patience to wait for Cancer’s emotional evolution, it is harmonious Libra.

The code to getting the sexual relationship off the ground is in their time commitments. The amount of couple-time the Cancer and Libra love match dedicate to one another is critical. Greater amounts of private time ensure a more intense emotional connection.

Cancer is a slow-moving personality, preferring to play things by ear and going with the flow. Libra is an on-the-go energetic personality. They prefer to keep the pace of the relationship lively. They must meet in the middle when it comes to the pace their sexual connection takes.

What’s allowable on the acceptable menu of sexual moves will depend on what they find agreeable. Cancer and Libra are at opposite ends of the spectrum regarding bedroom preferences. Libra prefers an excellent physical connection before plunging into emotions. Cancer prefers an emotional connection before becoming uninhibited in a physical sense.

Libra and Cancer Communication

The love between Cancer and Libra is sweet. But, there is a chance it will sour if they aren’t careful. While having commonalities empowers this couple, differences threaten to separate them.

For one thing, Cancer is a total introvert. They love being at home and raising a family. Like the crab, they prefer the comfort of their shell. If they could, Cancer would carry their home around with them wherever they go. Libra, on the other hand, is a social bug. The Libra personality is the epitome of an extrovert. They love socializing with their huge circle of friends and acquaintances. Cancer is quiet and moody. Libra is outspoken and chipper. In this regard, the parties in the Cancer and Libra relationship are like night and day.

Differences, when not embraced by both, end up being a real sore spot in the Cancer and Libra relationship. When Libra wants to talk things out, Cancer is apt to hide true feelings. When Cancer is sulking or in a bad mood, Libra will want to turn that frown upside down. It’s easy for Cancer and Libra to irritate one another.

While the love is heartwarming, Libra thinks Cancer’s ideas of love are unrealistic. Cancer has an over-romanticized idea of love. Their demand for loyalty can cross the line and threaten Libra’s need for independence. Cancer can turn a simple social situation in a dramatic event. It’s even truer when the green-eyed monster makes an appearance. Libra, one who cannot stand when chaos rears its head anywhere, feels like running for the hills. Too much friction between them can later lead to harboring resentments.

Libra and Cancer Clashes

Quarrels and tension are a total and absolute turn off for Cancer and Libra. Even if the controversy is light, the parties in the Cancer and Libra relationship run. Libra has no tolerance for anything that makes waves. Disruption to Libra’s innate balance is like running fingernails down a chalkboard. Cancer feels similar. Fearing emotional injury, the slightest hint of discord Cancer in high-stress mode!

Because they avoid arguing, there is the huge possibility for silent resentments. The lingering emotions, finding no resolution, take on a life all their own. It might take months or years before the issue reaches a point of no return. But whatever negative emotions this couple holds onto has power over them. Resentments lay in silence waiting to threaten the future of the love affair.

Talking and resolving to be honest about feelings early on ensures a stronger match. Of course, this duo will have to mean what they say when they promise to talk about emotions. Saying they’ll be open just to appease the moment isn’t enough. It is sure to have lasting consequences when they don’t follow through.

Libra and Cancer Polarity

When dealing with astrology, all signs align with a polarity. With Cancer and Libra, the polarities are Yin and Yang, respectively. Yin is a feminine force. Yang is the opposite.

When all is in balance, Yin and Yang are complementary forces. Yin is sensitive, passive, and open. Yang is direct, forward moving and assertive. This natural balance contributes to Cancer and Libra compatibility.

Cancer is the passive and receptive individual in this pairing. They complement the Yang energies of the social, extroverted, and ambitious Libra personality. If out of balance, however, the Yin and Yang energies polarize.

Polarization causes imbalances in the Cancer and Libra personalities. If Cancer polarizes, they become insensitive, closed off, and passive-aggressive. If Libra experiences the effects of polarization, sweet, harmonious Libra becomes domineering. They can also become bullish and condescending.

To re-balance energies following polarization, Cancer must embrace Yang energies. Doing so will make them sensitive, open, and more receptive. Likewise, Libra can follow suit by embracing more Yin energies. It will help them restore their natural ambitious, direct, and driven attributes. In the meantime, a lot of understanding and patience goes a long way in helping this couple’s love thrive.

Libra and Cancer Aspects

In astrology, the distance between two signs on the celestial wheel is the aspect. The aspect is degree-measurement astrologers use to determine sign compatibility. In the Cancer and Libra love match, the parties are three zodiac signs apart. The aspect the distance forms is a square.

When a square aspect is present, it creates a sharp or harsh 90-degree angle. Imagine the two lines creating this angle. One line is horizontal and the other vertical. This means there is an ongoing tug of war or push and pull form of tension in this relationship.

The square aspect suggests Cancer and Libra are going in two different directions. They are either moving away from one another or toward one another. When moving away, there may be an emotional distancing between the two. When moving toward one another, there’s the chance of banging heads for sure!

The Cancer and Libra connection has tensions stemming from deep emotional scars. When this pair joins in a loving relationship, these scars reveal themselves. It’s as if it’s a chance to address the issues once and for all. Ever hear the saying, “No rest for the wicked?” Well, while Cancers and Libras are not wicked (unless they want to be “wink”), there’s no resting on their laurels! This love match takes a lot of dedication and works to make it last!

Libra and Cancer Elements

All zodiac signs correspond with one of four elements. Cancer aligns with Water. Libra corresponds with Air. At first, one might wonder how water and air influences work together. Cancer is all emotion. Libra is all intellect. It is the literal collision of heart and mind. At the same time, when focusing on strong attributes, this couple can make a real go of things.

The sign of Cancer makes an individual intuitive, sensitive and responsive. The sign of Libra makes a person assertive, confident, and ambitious. When Cancer gets lost in an emotional storm, Libra serves as a beacon of light. When Libra puts too much focus on ambitions, Cancer is a guide putting back in touch with matters of the heart.

Cancer must develop an understanding of Libra’s need for socialization. Libra must cater to Cancer’s need for some alone time once in a while. Both parties need to be open with emotional expression as to avoid miscommunication. An odd couple is a good description for a Cancer and Libra match. But, it doesn’t mean there’s no chance for love! When the Cancer and Libra love match show appreciation for one another’s strong suits, love blooms. In fact, it’s a pairing leading to growth on an intellectual and emotional level for Cancer and Libra.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

The Cancer Man and Libra Woman make for a social and passionate pair. This love affair holds promise providing they remain tuned into one another. The Cancer Man is one who has few words for emotional expression. Libra will need to translate his body language, actions, and gestures to understand what’s on his mind. It’s not that he’s non-emotional. It’s more like words can’t convey the true intensity of his emotions.

The Libra Woman is a giving soul, making her a match made in heaven for the Cancer Man. She’s beyond romantic, which makes her even more appealing. The Cancer Man loves her poise and natural grace. She’s always fashionably dressed. A Libra Woman insists on looking her best at every social engagement. She’s lovable and seductive so the Cancer Man finds falling in love an all too easy thing to do!

The parties in the Cancer and Libra relationship understand each other in ways others do not. They know the emotional intensity each partner feels and the need for a faithful partner. This duo remains true to one another and commits to the family they build.

What makes the Cancer Man find the Libra Woman even more appealing is how she knows him so well. His actions don’t always align with what he is feeling, but he doesn’t have to dole out explanations. Cancer knows he’s not always the easiest guy to be around.

He’s all too aware of his mood swings and volatile temperament. But, the Libra Woman gives him just the right amount of space he needs to recover emotional balance. He also adores her authenticity and never worries she’ll try to manipulate him.

The Libra Woman feels confident in her choice of a partner when pairing with Cancer. Cancer and Libra compatibility intensifies when Libra realizes the Cancer Man is a homebody. She has no problem getting him to stay home for a night of cuddling on the couch.

The Cancer Man cooks amazing meals as he finds it a natural way to nurture those he loves. He even takes care of the kids while the Libra Woman needs time away. It’s no wonder she finds it so easy to fall in love with him. He’s charming but quiet and she finds his shy presence soothing at the end of a hectic day.

Sealing the bond between Cancer and Libra is their psychic-like connection. Cancer hides emotions, but Libra can pick up on them by tuning into her intuitive nature. She may not know exactly what’s wrong but can sense when something is off. It gives the Libra Woman a chance to question her Man about what’s on his mind.

All is well when the vibes are harmonious. But, if Cancer lets his darker nature loose, he might reveal rigid tendencies. The simple fact is he’s territorial. Most times he keeps it under wraps, but if he suspects Libra might stray, he’ll make his upset known. Sometimes the Cancer man confuses the Libra Woman. When he shifts from one mood to another without notice, it makes Libra feel like a tightrope walker. Thank goddess she’s all about balance.

Cancer Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

The question whether the Cancer and Libra compatibility factor is high or not can be put to rest. There’s a beautiful connection between these two souls. With the right amount of patience and understanding, paradise awaits.

When the Cancer Woman and Libra Man first meet, the relationship’s evolution is slow. Neither party is in a rush to take the plunge into love. The Cancer Woman is shy, so it takes some time for her to let Libra in on any level. The Libra Man is patient with her because of his empathic, friendly nature. He’s got all the time in the world and finds her charming enough to be worth the wait.

In the Cancer and Libra love match, the parties challenge and inspire one another. The Libra Man is strong and sensitive. The Cancer Woman begins to see him as her long-lost Prince Charming. He gives her the security she craves and a safe place for emotional expression. When she feels safe, she blossoms. It is then the Cancer and Libra relationship let loose any inhibitions in the bedroom.

A Libra Male is creative and sensual. As such, role play and fantasy are a huge part of the bedroom experience in this relationship. When he works his way into her heart, the Libra Man turns love into a spiritual experience.

But, even in the face of high compatibility, this relationship has challenges. For one thing, Cancer is a nurturing soul. Libra is analytical and sometimes critical. Criticism is in direct opposition to Cancer’s caring nature. When the Libra Man becomes over-critical, Cancer sees it as condescending and trite. If Cancer is too soft or smothering, Air-ruled Libra feels like taking flight. Like the butterfly, if Cancer tries to keep them captive, they run the risk of ruining the butterfly’s wings.

The Libra Man is frugal. He analyzes every penny he spends. Cancer is an emotional spender. They buy things that appeal to their sense of beauty. She also loves buying emotionally-moving gifts for others. It satisfies her need to nurture and her predilection for emotional expression. What it doesn’t satisfy is Libra’s well-planned family budget!

Cancer seems unstable sometimes when she has rapid mood swings. While it may be tolerable for a while, stable Libra begins to find the shifting moods irritating. Libra needs balance always. Without it, arguments ensue. Libra can be aloof and cold when angry. They may say things they later regret. With a Cancer Woman, it’s impossible to take back what Libra expresses in the heat of anger.

Libra and Cancer Love Match Wrap-Up

Cancer and Libra compatibility promises a long and lasting love. The pair consists of two mature, caring adults. Libra brings stability, structure, and sensibility to the table. Cancer brings deep emotions and inspires Libra to be all they can be. The two make terrific mates. When they have children, they bring an exceptional balance to parenting efforts. Yes, they have challenges in this pairing. But, it’s not anything some tolerance and love can’t overcome!

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