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Aries and Taurus Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

The Aries and Taurus relationship has two heady and stubborn creatures at the helm. Still, the road to friendship and love is methodical and slow. Taurus is like Aries after an emotional evolution. Look at Taurus like an Aries that has grown mature. The evolution of Aries results in a patient but powerful person. This evolved Aries is someone who knows when aggressive action is necessary. They also know when patience wins the day.

Taurus is an excellent mentor of Aries. Likewise, Aries is the de-evolution of a Taurus. They can teach Taurus it is still okay to cater to the inner child and impulse from time to time. It allows for great pleasure and spontaneity.

Aries loves adventure, both in and out of bed! They are on the go and full of energy. Taurus is all about what feels good and what is comfortable at the time. They see no need to rush off to greener pastures when the pasture they are in is a lush, deep green! Taurus hate change and insists on being consistent. Aries can’t stand it for long if change is not in the offing! Someone is going to rub the other the wrong way in this difficult love affair!

Aries will feel stuck and bored. Taurus will feel as if Aries is too pushy and demanding. Both parties in the Aries and Taurus love match will dig in their heels and refuse to move. If they can get over their stubborn streaks long enough to compromise, love emerges. That’s a big “IF” though!
Taurus can learn from Aries that change isn’t always a bad thing. Taurus can teach Aries how nice it feels to settle down and appreciate routine. Each party needs to use their strengths in the relationship. They must bend a bit so everyone feels satisfied.

Aries and Taurus Table of Contents

Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is a “slow and steady wins the race,” kind of person. Aries is “Move your arse because I refuse to lose,” kind of person. It is the true tale of the tortoise and the hare only now they’re a ram and bull in love!

A good deal of patience and a wonderful sense of humor can help this relationship thrive. Compromise times 100 is necessary. That’s if the Aries and Taurus relationship is going to turn challenges into romance. It’s time to tune into one another and listen with true intent. Catering to a partner’s needs makes for better Aries and Taurus compatibility.

Taurus is the lover of the zodiac. Aries can be the Byronic hero that Taurus has spent so much of their life dreaming of too. Thus, the merging of an Aries and a Taurus brings together the Byronic Hero/or the Heroine and the Taurean lover! There is a happy ever after for the pair, but it is not without its turmoil. The challenges can make the romance a whole lot sweeter or just plain bittersweet!

The key to making this relationship last is to slow down and take the time to let love thrive. The relationship starts out on fire! The heat is on and the attraction is strong! But there is no rush to long-term love. A bit of romance and plenty of loving interaction let love blossom and grow at a natural pace. Forcing the flower to bloom might thwart its growth. Worse, it might die off altogether.

Aries and Taurus Love

The road to love is slow with Aries and Taurus. You can just hear Paul McCartney now, “The long and winding road, that leads to your door….” Yes, there is a hot connection right off the bat. Yes, these two can’t keep their hands off one another. Taurus is sensual. Aries is sexual and hungry for physical interaction. The pair seems to match up in a perfect way. But, they don’t. This is just an illusion.

Taurus will demand more from Aries than they might be willing to deliver right away. Aries is all about physicality. They like to go from one adventure to another, so settling down is not on the menu of things to do. Taurus is ready for love and demands it. If you want to hook up with a Taurus, it’s all or nothing. Taurus is the romantic.

Aries is just a touch commitment phobic. The Aries and Taurus relationship might start out sweet but it can turn to bitter in a minute. If Aries caves to impulses, Taurus will grow annoyed. If Taurus gets stubborn about something, Aries becomes smug. These two can either rock each other’s world, or rock the boat, flip it over, and sink the ship.

Aries and Taurus Sex

Taurus demands the ultimate seduction take place. They are a creature demanding that Aries satiate every one of their senses. Aries rather ram right through foreplay and get to business. Taurus isn’t having it. “If you want the cookie you must eat your dinner first,” Taurus says! Aries pouts but knows there will be no cookies until they do as Taurus demands. Aries says, “But, chocolate milk sucks without cookies!” Taurus smiles with a knowing grin.

Aries is all about the physical act. Get it done and over with now! Now, for round two. Taurus is all about the experience. Take your time, and round two will be better than round one. Taurus teaches Aries the art of slow lovemaking. Aries teaches Taurus that the occasional romp is just as fun too. It’s a great stress reliever.

Aries is experimental, and Taurus is on board. Being flexible and accepting improves Aries and Taurus compatibility. But pain is not the game a Taurean will play. They enjoy sensual sex and gentle exchanges. If it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t appeal to a Taurus.

Aries is one who has a serious kink factor and a bit of adventurous desire to fulfill. Sex in a public place or where they might get caught turns up the heat for an Aries. For both partners to experience satisfaction, they must consider their partner’s desires.

Aries and Taurus Communication

The Aries and Taurus relationship depends on good communication for survival. If things go awry, it’s not long before the ram, and the bull are doing battle with words. The words they throw at one another can crush any chance of love surviving. They will need to be patient with one another.

They will need to learn how to talk to one another. They also need to learn how to listen. There’s no room for stubborn here if they are going to make things work between them. The Aries and Taurus relationship will have plenty of stubborn encounters. Aries might just as well have a tantrum as they try with all their might to right fight with Taurus.

Taurus mirrors the same stubborn behavior, and they just will not budge. The Aries and Taurus love match are two right fighters. It means they are about to be in an argument where there is no right. Ever. Aries needs to take a chill pill. Taurus needs to loosen up. When both are open to communication and allow for each voice to speak, then compromise is in the offing.

Aries and Taurus Clashes

Clashes? Oh, dear gods, where do we begin? We are putting a ram and a bull in the same arena. We are throwing them into a pool of emotions and telling them, “Go ahead, have at it!” What do we think is going to happen? Of course, there’s going to be clashes in the Aries and Taurus relationship!

The challenges in this relationship are many. Taurus is a homebody and loves being comfortable. Taurus gets so comfortable in the relationship the individual will not move until someone lights a fire under them. Of course, Aries is just the person to do that! Aries loves being on the go and moving from one adventure to the next. Taurus has trouble keeping up with Aries’ and their energetic pace.

Taurus is about home and family. They are a soul craving tradition. Aries is seeking an adventure a day throughout life! Home is boring. “Who the hell wants to stay home?” Aries says! But it isn’t long before they find the posh environment of a Taurean home quite to their liking! If Taurus is clever, and they are, they will make the home environment adventurous too.

Aries’ is action-oriented, and this can help keep the relationship stimulating. Taurus is set in their ways, so they ground the pair and secure them in one place. There’s a balance to be had when each partner relies on the strength of the other.

Aries and Taurus Polarity

When speaking of astrology, the concept of polarity will come up. Polarity refers to masculine and feminine energies. These energies are also called Yin and Yang. Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. Every star sign corresponds with one of the afore-mentioned energies. Aries corresponds to Yang. Taurus corresponds to Yin. If the Aries and Taurus love match is in balance, these energies complement each other. With Yang energies, Aries takes the lead. With Yin energies, Taurus is happy to be receptive to Aries’ lead.

If the energies are out of balance, then there is a polarization of the energies. When polarization happens, Aries has excessive masculine energies. Excessive Yin energies make Aries domineering and aggressive. They can be moody, bossy, and mean. They might be sarcastic and pushy. They tend to become egocentric, egotistical, and sometimes narcissistic.

If Yin energies go out of whack on Taurus, then the make Taurus too receptive and passive. Taurus might become self-sacrificing, moody, and sulk. They can also become passive-aggressive while finding power in playing the victim. They might embrace learned helplessness. The relationship fails to thrive with polarized energies.

Aries and Taurus Aspects

When discussing aspects in astrology, it relates to Synastry. Compatibility is Synastry between two star signs. The aspect is the measurement of the distance between two signs. With Aries and Taurus, they are one zodiac sign apart on the wheel. The distance between Aries and Taurus means the signs have a semi-sextile aspect.

With star signs having the semi-sextile aspect it means it can be a glorious relationship. Or, it can be a relationship where the pair ends up hating each other’s guts. It all depends on the effort that this couple gives to cultivating the relationship. That’s the bottom line when talking about Aries and Taurus compatibility. It will take EFFORT.

Look at Aries and Taurus as if they live in the same neighborhood. They have houses right next to each other. Taurus lives on in a lovely one-floor ranch big enough for the Brady Bunch. Aries rents a small house big enough for two. The yard décor is different. The interior decoration differs. The lifestyles of these two star signs are worlds apart. But, they still manage to enjoy spending time visiting their neighbor. Aries can grow to like some of the preferences Taurus introduces them too and vice versa.

Where these two signs differ, there is much to learn from each other. A bit of difference between them keeps the relationship hopping. Excitement is exactly what Aries calls for to remain interested. Taurus can teach Aries the art of patience and slow lovemaking. Aries can teach Taurus the power and eroticism in the concept of carpe diem!

Aries and Taurus Elements

Every astrological sign corresponds to one of the four elements. In the case of Taurus, the star sign corresponds with Earth. Aries corresponds with Fire. These two elements do not complement one another. Earth has the propensity to smother fire. Fire scorches the Earth. For the Aries and Taurus relationship to work, they are going to have to walk a fine line of compromise and balance.

The Aries and Taurus pairing is different from one another indeed! But, that doesn’t mean it is impossible for love to bloom. It means there are a lot more hurdles than other relationships face. If the Aries and Taurus match conquers such obstacles, it is that much rewarding for both lovers!

Taurus’ earthy nature makes them grounded. They like to settle down and make themselves right at home. Movement is not their forte. In fact, their biggest problem is INERTIA. Herein lies the trouble already. Aries is a Fire sign, and they are all about the freedom of MOVEMENT. They prefer ACTION over INERTIA. Now, remember, we put a ram and a bull in the same pen. Remember what happens! Of course, an epic battle is in the making!

Aries Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

The connection between the Aries Man and the Taurus Woman is an easy birth. It’s almost inevitable that there is an attraction between the two. It is true that there is a strong attraction between opposites.

The Aries man is impetuous and impulsive. He’s rash and impatient. Taurus is gentle and loving. The Taurus personality is one that thinks things through. The patience of a Taurus is legendary. What one personality lacks in the Aries and Taurus love match, the other has and vice versa.

The Taurus Woman promises a comfortable abode to return to each day. She’s an amazing homemaker as her home is her sacred environment. She’s a creature of pure comfort so only the posh and luxurious furnishings will do. Do you want a hostess with the mostest for a partner? Aries can’t do better than the Taurus Woman who will whip up the most fantastic food ever prepared in a home kitchen! Party guests will rave for months. There’s no shame in bringing a Taurus Woman home to introduce to Mom!

The Aries Man will serve as a source of encouragement for Taurus. The Taurus Woman loves beauty, but she is Venus-ruled and needs a lot of affection too. The Aries Man has no problem wooing her. A few sweet words, chocolates, and the perfect music selection are all it takes. The Taurus Woman is sensual and seductive. She’ll follow the Aries Man’s lead in the bedroom. She has no problem being receptive to her partner.

The Aries Man is the motivator in the relationship, and sometimes he’ll have to do A LOT of motivation. There may be instances where he feels he must drag Taurus out of the shadows to get her to take part in life. It might serve as a source of irritation if it happens too often. Taurus’ unwillingness to move influences Aries and Taurus compatibility.

This relationship goes back in forth with Aries’ impulses to and Taurus’ routine. The mood of the relationship will go from relaxed to erotic and back again. Both the Taurus Woman and the Aries Man have wicked tempers. Thank goodness it takes Taurus a hell of a long time to become irate.

May the gods help anyone in the way when an Aries and Taurus are doing battle! Neither party is prone to giving in or giving up. Their battles are epic and unforgettable. It can go from harsh words to the silent treatment for days.

While it’s true the ruling elements of the Taurus Woman and Aries Man clash, they can be supportive. Fire cannot burn unless it has a foundation to burn on. Even if fire becomes a fire tornado, it must touch down somewhere. Fire warms the center of the Earth. It means one element needs the other in some ways. So, Aries and Taurus need each other too.

Aries Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

The Aries Woman is strong, quiet, and tomboyish in some ways. But she is eloquent and elegant when the occasion calls for it. Taurus finds her beautiful right off the bat. That’s because the Taurus man can see straight through to this lovely female’s authentic nature. The attraction grows fast in the Aries and Taurus relationship.

Yes, this couple will face significant challenges ahead. The road to love for the Aries Woman and Taurus Man is more like a path they are carving. It’s a long drawn out road through the woods and bramble bushes as they swing machetes. No one has gone before them here, so nothing comes easy. Aries rams through the struggle, and Taurus tries to remain the calm one, like an eye in the storm.

The main hurdle the Aries Woman and Taurus Man will face is the struggle with their own emotions. Both experience emotions with incredible power. They demand loyalty. The first hint at flirtation and there are consequences. Jealousy comes screaming out this pair for all the world to hear. It’s like witnessing a 1000-year-old djinn let loose after 100 years of isolation!

Taurus won’t stand for a wandering eye in the Aries Woman. The Aries Woman won’t have Taurus even looking in the same direction as another female. Even though she likes the competition in a macabre kind of way, the Aries Woman has no problem putting a female in her place hard and fast. But, she assumes she puts an end to her opponent when it comes to the man she loves. She strikes quick like a viper challenged. Check and mate. Game over.

To keep the Aries and Taurus love match comfortable, the Aries Woman and Taurus Man must communicate. They must express their feelings and keep the conversation open. Hiding secrets hinders the atmosphere and trust in the relationship. Aries is already slow to trust and quick to anger. The Aries Woman is evolving in the department of emotional expression. So, Taurus might have to help her along the way. Affection and constant doting go a long way in this relationship.

The Taurus Man resists change. The Aries Woman demands it. They will both have to bend to make each other happy. A fifty-fifty compromise works well in this situation. Taurus will have to become flexible and fluid. Aries needs to grow a bit more rigid and stable. The Taurus Man will have to embrace exciting and adventurous things to do. The Aries Woman will have to give in for some quiet cuddling time at home by the fire.

Aries and Taurus Love Match Wrap-Up

The Aries and Taurus relationship can prove a love miracle! These two stubborn individuals can fall in love and have a lasting relationship. All it takes is patience and compromise. Add a dash of understanding and empathy too. Top everything off with the occasional need for forgiveness and tolerance. Then love blooms, and the height of Aries and Taurus compatibility is realized!

Surprising to see Aries and Taurus can make a go of it, huh? Are you wondering what other star signs might prove a surprising romantic couple? The joy of discovery is yours at Building Beautiful Souls! Your astrological Synastry education is a mouse-click away! Take some time to see who’s who in the world of romance and astrological compatibility!

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