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Are you looking to hook up with an Aries Woman? This is not at all surprising considering the simple fact that out of all the zodiac signs the Aries Woman is the most likely one you can trust. An Aries Woman is loyal until the end. Once in a committed relationship, she remains there, and quite comfortably I might add.

The Aries Woman
Her Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life

There is no doubt you’ll find her attractive all the time because she’s paying an incredible amount of attention to her appearance. She is all about looking good. In fact, her keyword is “appearance!” But, make no mistake about it; she’s a looker, but she’ll never settle for being just a trophy girlfriend or wife!

Now, while there are plenty of attributes to appreciate in an Aries Woman. Yes, she is the type of female who can keep you satisfied on every level. But, there are a few things you should know about her, this intoxicating creature before you dive in too deep!

Consider that she might be good at playing coy, but a wallflower she IS NOT! You should make sure you’re comfortable with her loud, coarse laughter and sometimes rambunctious attitude! She speaks her mind and has no problem doing so.

You better brace yourself for some interesting conversations and some unavoidable social discomfort too. She doesn’t care one iota where she is when she speaks her mind! Even with that kind of cost, you’ll find the Aries Woman worth your emotional investment. She’s the kind of lady that will give of herself give until it hurts, as it is her greatest joy to help improve the lives of those she loves.

Aries Woman Table of Contents

Aries Woman

The ruling planet for the Aries Woman is, of course, the “ACTION” planet Mars. This red planet reflects the primary color correspondence of those born under the sign of the Ram, and this color corresponds to the passion Aries Women crave! That’s right, they want ACTION and PASSION both inside and outside of the bedroom! Mars’ influence on the Aries Woman lends a fiery spark to all she does. When she puts herself into something, she puts all of herself into the project or relationship.

She demands to her partner to take her seriously. She expects all to “see” her as she’ll never serve as a “wizard behind the curtain.” As a man looking to cater to the Aries Woman, you must make her the center of your attention. Make no mistake! Don’t even look the wrong way at another female by mistake because your Aries Woman will let you know all about it!

Aries Woman In Love & In Bed
(Venus in Aries)

Okay, we know she likes action, passion, and to be the center of attention just by what we’ve examined so far. These factors apply in between the sheets so you can expect a remarkable bed partner. She is ultra-attractive and knows how to dress up in such a way that her sex appeal remains. She is likely to make the first move if the man doesn’t.

She’ll be aggressive if she’s growing impatient with a male who has drifting attention. She might just move onto new territory altogether, or she might go on a “seek and destroy” mission to find out who has her husband’s attention. In contrast, don’t weigh her down with love and intimacy too fast, or you’ll have her running the opposite direction.

The Aries Woman
Her Traits, Personality, Characteristics

Your Aries Woman is strong, ambitious, and all about having a good time. She loves the nightlife, even if part of a well-settled couple, and enjoys hanging out in clubs with friends, socializing, and dancing. You might talk her into some snuggle time. You better make cuddle time all about her when you do. Otherwise, you can expect an adventurous, life with an Aries Woman–in fact, she may be too much adventure for some men who might find her excessive energy levels downright exhausting!

The Aries Woman is creative but is also destructive. Mars is a god of War, but these same energies can are something the Aries woman can harness for her betterment too. It gives her extra energy, strength, stamina, confidence, fortitude, and ambition! Your Aries gal is competitive, and when turned to darker energy, jealousy ensues.

Difficulties arise for the Aries Woman dealing with heartbreak from the past, even within her current relationship with someone else. The influence of Pisces over Aries brings things full-circle. The Aries Woman will, therefore, deal with hidden heartbreak or pain from prior relationships or injurious events.

She is the only one that can free herself from the toxic energies that may otherwise continue to ruminate and fester. If she fails to address what’s troubling her, her primary need for “action,” has her going against the grain of her very nature. She will need to act on it. It is only natural for her to seek out a remedy to the situation.

Hearth & Home

It’s not unusual to find the Aries Woman busy at work or at home, and she’s often moving about taking care of everything she can manage. Sometimes she runs herself ragged because she continues to address her most basic need for action by filling the need with additional responsibilities, particularly, those of others. The Aries Woman can be so competitive that she attempts to compete against her own capabilities by challenging herself to top her latest achievements, even of the most mundane orientation.

Those who live with an Aries Woman soon know the limits she sets. The boundaries are something you should not cross. You will find the Aries woman makes her level of patience clear. She has boundless energy and enthusiasm, which makes her a wonderful mother who has no trouble keeping up with even the most energetic of toddlers.

She is the alpha female–and she is a natural leader–these characteristics make her the head of household, even if she marries or living with another. She may let the man think he’s chief, but that’s only because everyone else around them knows better!

Home décor includes plenty of shades of red, white, and lively color schemes. Nothing is boring when it comes from the creative palette and imaginative canvas of the Aries. You can bet the home has a fireplace or two to match up the fiery will of this passionate creature. She establishes the home environment in such a way to cater to her immediate demands for comfort and gratification.

Health & Well-Being

Aries Woman needs to be careful with their health. She will need to pay attention to regions of the head, neck, and shoulders. Consider the Ram’s head and horns indicative of the body area that requires the most attention. The women born under the sign of the Ram will find health issues correspond to the regions the sign rules.

Diseases of the eyes and ears are common, and sometimes women can suffer from alopecia or thinning hair. Migraines, cluster headaches, and brain disorders are sometimes possible. Issues with facial bones, the jaw, cranium, and facial/head nerves can erupt. Conditions related to gum disease, tooth pain, and sinusitis are also common.

Career & Finance

The Aries Woman is ambitious and dedicated to the jobs they work. Aries women are creative creatures, they come up with innovative methods for making a job go smoothly. The occupations that Aries women excel in include those that gain attention or those involving action.

Aries women might find excitement working as a security guard or police officer. They also excel in the military, and they do well in the advertising and media sectors. Whatever job she fills, she’ll need to take the lead if she’s going to be content. If you put the Aries Woman in a role where she must follow, it will hinder her creative expression. It can also lead to future resentment or a sense of being held back.

Aries is ambitious so making money is not an issue, but they are also so adventurous and big risk takers. If lucky, the Aries Woman might find a good broker and end up risking and winning big on the stock market. Otherwise, it is likely the Aries Woman is an excellent and dedicated worker.

She will put away money in savings for a time when she might require financial support. Or, she might when out of balance, become a spendthrift or even a gambler. The chances of finding great interest in gambling will increase if she wins a bit of money at a casino.

How to Attract a Aries Woman

Attracting the Aries Woman takes a bit of work, but if you know the secrets to do so, you are far more likely to have success at gaining her attention. She wants to be the center of all recognition, so let her be the boss. Want to go out on a date? Ask her what she wants to do and where she wants to go. She likes taking the lead and will be happy you let her do so.

Now, when you do ask her out, it is no time to pussyfoot around! Be direct, approach her, and layout your question on the table for her consideration. The worst she can say is “no,” right? Don’t be afraid to be passionate, playful, and take the time to flirt. Once you gain her attention, make sure you remain truthful and genuine, and for the sake of all things holy, don’t let things simmer down. No passion and your Aries Woman is out!

Remain genuine and truthful with your Aries Woman if you want to keep her. You’ll lose her with incredible ease if you are lying to her or you are unfaithful. She’s got a life to live, and most of it is likely mapped out in her mind because she is such a high action person.

Do your best to stick to the storyboard plot she’s mapped out for herself or get lost at the wayside as she forges forward without you! She doesn’t like catering to weakness, even if it’s your own. Sometimes, she might pick up and move to more fruitful pastures if it seems her love life is going to waste for any reason.

Dating a Aries Woman

Aries Woman is all about fun, excitement, adventure, and they love a good adrenaline rush! Rock climbing, parachuting, hang gliding, and tennis, are sure to interest the Aries woman. Racing, motorcycle riding through the back roads, surfing the big waves of the ocean, and skiing the biggest mountains ring of adventure for her too.

Bungee jumping from the tallest bridge or structure–this and anything involving risks appeals to the daring Aries Woman. Things that include competition, games, sports, and even if only in a social setting amongst friends, she will still love the competitive nature of games. Watch out, though, the Aries Woman can prove to be a very sore loser as losing at anything isn’t part of her preferred reality.

She has little patience for people who don’t do what they promise to do. She also has little patience for relationships that are fulfilling in every regard except sexually. If the passion disappears, so does the Aries Woman. This woman can be impatient, stubborn, and sometimes jealous.

But, if she sees these characteristics in others, it angers her. It makes her intolerant. Then it becomes a quick case of “seeing something in others you don’t like about yourself.” Her two biggest pet peeves by far are A lack of PASSION and a lack of ACTION in any situation.

Zodiac Compatibility
Best Match for the Aries Woman

Friends and Family

Aries women are good friends to an extent, but you must know that they will demand a lot of your attention. Aries Woman needs recognition, and will not “sit this inning out on the bench.” If you are going to befriend an Aries brace yourself with some extra work in maintaining the relationship.

The Aries mother is one wholly dedicated to her children, and she is one who will encourage them to continue their education–to encourage their competitiveness! She sets clear boundaries, so her children behave well. As a mother active in her children’s lives, she is right on top of what is going on in the kids’ day-to-day lives. She will figure out if something is amiss because of her closeness with her children.

The Aries wife is loving, but she must have a mate that meet her needs–someone who is prepared to handle this brilliant but difficult, passionate, but high maintenance woman. Are you that person? You’ve got to be ready to treat her like she is your world; listen to her, hold her voice sacred, and honor her like the Queen you know you’ve fallen in love with too!

To be a successful husband, you can’t be a couch potato. You’ll find the Aries wife is having a good time with friends without you! Aries women don’t wait around for men to catch up to speed. You either keep up, or she loses you in the fray!


Aries Women seems to have the best relationships with those that fall under the sign of Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, or Gemini. These signs can withstand the sensitive nature of the Aries Woman, and they can keep up with the fast-paced, adventurous nature of the Aries gal too. Aquarius has an innovative mind and loves to talk, this makes for a nice match-up between a tech-savvy guy with innovative, insightful teachings of both male and female spiders.

Cancers and Capricorns are often a bit on the emotional and empathetic side of the coin. Those attributes are some excellent qualities, but not when you hook up with an Aries Woman. Put these two signs together with an Aries Woman, and you position her as a “man-eater.”

Astrology & Zodiac Gifts
Aries Gifts

If you buy clothing for your Aries Woman, make it sexy but discreet; She always wants to look good but likes clothes that allow her to share her sex appeal. If you are opting for flowers, long stem red or white roses just can’t be beaten. If you want to give her a gift of food, chocolates are sensual, or you can opt for some spicy or hot foods and sauces.

Want to cater to her ego? Give her a full paid day at the spa where she gets a head to toe makeover and a massage too! Or, plan an adventurous trip for the two of you–something she’ll never forget.

Aries Woman
Facts, Mythology, & Metaphysics

Jason and the Golden Fleece is one myth associated with the Ram. Some Egyptian tales have deities depicted with a Ram’s head in artwork. The Ram symbol also hearkens back to many Egyptian deities represented by the animal or its horns. Some correspondences include Amun the Ram God, Banebdjedet the Ram God, Horem Akhet (believed to be a god-like sphinx with a head of a lion, man, or a ram), Andjety, Kherty the Slaughterer, Heryshaf, an ancient god of the Riverbanks, and Khnum the Egyptian God of the Nile. Then there are references in Egyptian culture to the Ram of Mendes being equivalent to Osiris’ Ba (Soul). Aires is a sign of new beginnings and regeneration.

The Emperor represents an ancient priest drawing a blessing from the heavens and thus is working with magic and the hermetic laws of “As above, so below.” Aries has a strong continence like The Emperor is not emotional or melodramatic. This is the perfect description of the Aries Woman.

The Emperor is the fourth card in the Major Arcana. You might want to consider the energy vibrations of this number, which corresponds with authority, organization, skills, and professionalism.

Regarding numerology, Aries corresponds with 7 and 9, with 7 meaning dealing with reality, delusions, illusions, and deception. The sign links to idealism and mysticism. Meanwhile, the number 9 comes to signify rites of passage, initiation, closure and new manifestations and taking on the role of leadership. The chakra of this sign is Manipura, the center of the action energy wheel.

Aries Dates: March 21–April 19

Sign: The Ram

Icon Description: The symbol depicts Ram horns

Additional Colors: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Jade

Agreeable Signs: Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius, and Leo

Alchemy: Calcination, one of seven transformation processes.

Angel: Ruler of the Day’s First hour: Samuel.

Animals: Ram, bull, tiger, owl, vulture, sheep, magpie, and leopard.

Balancing Quality: Cautiousness

Birds: Robins and magpies

Birthstones: Diamond, but also Sardonyx, Rubies, and Garnets

Celtic Tree Symbolism: Pathfinder

Celtic Tree: Alder Tree

Chinese Zodiac Twin: Dragon

Crystal Work: Bloodstone, Diamond, Amethyst, Topaz, and Garnet.

Detriment: The planet Venus.

Dream Archetype: The Warrior

Energy Wheel/Chakra: “Manipura,” or The Solar Plexus.

Fall: The planet Saturn.

Feminine Deities: Sekhmet, Isis, Nephthys, Minerva, Athena, and Diana.

Four Airts: Fire

Gender: Feminine, Passive, Positive

Herbals: Allspice Blackberry, Blessed Thistle, Cayenne, Dragon’s Blood, Garlic, Hops, Lichen, Lupine, Mustard, Onion, Pepper, Radish, Red Clover, Rosemary, Thyme, and Wild Rose.

Incense/Perfumes: Frankincense and Dragon’s Blood, Jade Green, Pink, Orange, and Yellow.

Key Phrase: “I am.”

Keyword: “Looks.”

Male Deities: Mars, Amon-Ra, Aries.

Metal: Iron

Music Note: G

Numeric Resonance: 9 or 7

Oils: Black Pepper, Cloves, Frankincense, Ginger, Pine, Basil, Cinnamon Allspice, Dragon’s Blood, Thyme, and Rosemary.

Physical Rulership: Face, Skull, Head, Brain, Pituitary Gland, the Mouth, Facial Expressions

Planet’s Exaltation: The Sun.

Plants/Flowers: Tiger Lily, Geranium, Thistle, and Honeysuckle.

Primal Need: Action.

Quality: Moveable, Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Mars

Sanskrit: The word Mesha, means, “The Ram.”

Seasons: Spring.

Tarot Cards: The Emperor (IV).

Top Colors: White or Red of every shade.

Tree Associations: Hawthorn, Chestnut, Spruce, Thorn, and Holly.

Weekday: Tuesday

Female Celebrities: Reese Witherspoon, Kiera Knightley, Emma Watson, and Sara Michelle Gellar.